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"You did what?!"  Hermione Granger exclaimed sitting straight up and staring at the two young men in front of her. 

"Now Hermione, don't get bent out of shape about this, we're only trying to help you."  The red head stated, blushing furiously. 

"Ronald Weasley, I would like to know how this is helping me, and why exactly do I need help?  I am perfectly happy where I am."

"Well Herm, all you do is sit inside and work on these potions.  You never go out, look at you, your getting to be as pale as… as Snape."  He spat the name out with a grimace.  "Besides, you need to get out an meet someone, it can't be comfortable for you to tag along with Ginny and Me and Ron and Parvati, don't you feel a bit like a fifth wheel?"  This was from Harry Potter, trying to smooth things over, but not succeeding very well. 

"Well, if you feel like I am a fifth wheel, then tell me so and I won't come with you all on your dates anymore.  I'm sure I can find something else to do, and obviously you don't want me there."  Truthfully Hermione would feel grateful to not have them dragging her along, she really did feel like an extra, and a pest on top. 

"Oh, 'Mione, that isn't what I meant at all, we just want you to be happy." 

"I know Harry, I know, but can't you to see I am happy, I love my work.  Working for the Ministry is great, and I can spend as much time as I want working on potions, potions that are very important to our fight against the remaining death eaters.  I really don't want to mess things up by being in a relationship.  Besides, we're only 22, I think that we have plenty of time to worry about relationships later." 

"Look Hermione, can't you at least try it, for a month, if you don't like it still, then you can stop.  But just humour us for a month, Please."  Ron looked at her with big eyes, and stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. 

"Okay, Okay, I'll try it for a month, but if I don't like it after that, then I am not going to do it any longer."

"Alright, that's great 'Mione."

'Yeah, I'm sure.' She thought as she looked down at the book in front of her.  "So, explain to me exactly what this is, and don't leave any details out, if I find out something surprising  later on, then I am cutting this short, understand."

"Okay, here's the deal.  We entered you in a sort of wizard's personals, but it isn't like the personals in the paper, where you have 30 words to sell yourself.  What it is this form that you fill out, it asks questions like your favourite colour and what books you like to read.  We have already filled it out for you,"  Harry went on quickly seeing that Hermione was about to say something, "don't worry, we answered it truthfully for you, and we had Ginny help.  Anyway, once the company gets your list, they go through all the other forms and compare them to see who you are the most compatible with, then they send each of you a little journal like the one you are looking at.  They don't give out your name, or any of your information, they just send the journal.  With the journal you can write to the person they think is best for you.  You write in it, and the person you are writing to can write back.  It is kind of like email in the muggle world, or maybe like a chat room, you can do it either way." 

Hermione nodded, "Okay, so I write to this guy, and all.  What if we aren't compatible or something.  And will it matter where I am when I write?  I mean can I be at the Ministry and write, or can I be at Hogwarts, or even in Russia or something? And what do you mean I can write like email or a chat room?"

"You can write from anywhere, it doesn't matter how near or far away from the person you are.  If you turn out not to be compatible then send an owl to this address and let them know that it isn't working, they will then change the spell on the books and match you with someone new."  Ron handed her a small piece of paper with an address in London on it.  "As far as writing either way, basically if the person is there at the other end they can write back to you instantly, but if they are not there, then you can write them a letter and they can read it when they open their journal."

"So I take it that since I have this journal that they have already matched me up with someone right?  And they already have a journal too?"

"Yes," Said Ron, "and you can start writing them today if you want."

"Right, well, I'll think about it, but I probably won't start tonight.  I promise though, I will actually give it a try soon, and I will give it an actual full month before I decided that it is dumb.  Okay?"

"That's great Herm, look, we have to go, Ron's expected to be at a press release with the Chudley Cannons, and I promised Ginny I would take her to Muggle London today, so we'll see you later, alright."

"Yeah, and 'Mione, don't forget to keep us updated about how the journal is going."  Ron gave her a wink, but before Hermione could respond they apperated. 

Hermione looked around her small flat and sighed.  "Atilla, you can come out now."  She called, looking for the small grey cat.    Atilla came out of the kitchen, looking very proud of herself for having gotten away without being found by the boys.  She looked like any other cat, except that her grey coat was a bit speckled, and she had larger than normal ears.  Those were the only signs that she was half Kneazle.  Hermione sighed, "I don't know why you insist on being so secretive around Harry and Ron, they aren't bad, even if they do do stupid things sometimes."  She sighed and looked down at the journal, "well, what do you think Atilla, should I try it?"  Atilla trotted around the book, sniffing it a couple of times and then sat back on her haunches and nodded.  "Well, if you say so," Hermione said doubtfully, "I guess I'll give it a try."

She picked up the book and a quill, sat down on the sofa, and opened it up. 

Hello? She wrote in it.

Hi, who are you?  Came back a reply.

Umm, at this moment I'd rather not say how about you call me Cassandra.

Cassandra, that is a pretty name, you can call me Ajax, so, how old are you? 

Umm, I really don't think my age is particularly important, and have you ever read the story of Cassandra?

That means you are an old hag, not that it matters, I'm only here for one reason.  And no, I haven't read the story of Cassandra, do you think I haven't got better things to do than read?  Why? 

No reason, just curious, why do you think I am an old hag, and what exactly is your one reason for being here? 

Obviously you are old because only the old ladies won't tell their age. 


So, what are you wearing Cassandra?  Tell me what do you look like?

Sorry?  Did you just ask what I am wearing?

Yes, or better yet, tell me what are you wearing underneath your clothes, I'm starting to get hard just thinking about it. 

Excuse me, I really don't think that what I am wearing is any of your business!

Oh come on, the only reason people join these things is to get a little something going, to feel good. 

Well, obviously I have joined the wrong group.  Good Bye!

Hermione slammed the journal shut, "Oooh I am going to be so mad at Ron and Harry the next time I talk to them.  Tomorrow I am sending this business, what's their name, The Wizards of Love, an owl telling them that I am certainly not compatible with the person they set me up with, and I'm sending a piece of my mind too.  Can you believe it Atilla, all this guy wanted to do was, what is the muggle term… have cyber sex." 

Hermione sat and fumed for a little bit longer, then she made herself a pot of tea and curled up to read the new copy of Ars Alchemica that had come that morning.  It always made her feel better.   Atilla climbed up on her lap and curled up purring, Hermione petted her absently, and smiled. 

Later, stretching and removing Atilla from her lap Hermione looked at the clock, it was after midnight.  "Oh, I need to go to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow for work, the Ministry is sending the best potion master in the UK to check my work tomorrow.  I wonder who they're sending."

Hermione walked over to her bedroom and got ready for bed, as she lay back and shut her eyes she had one last coherent thought.  'I hope they aren't sending Professor Snape as the potion master.'