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In response to a reader's request (Tavaril - who reads the author's notes and told me so) for more information, I am going to give a bit more information on Hadrian's and Daphne's familiars.

Hadrian: He has a Vaylish that he has named 'Bob'. I know unimaginative name, but if you knew me in real life you would know that I name everything Bob. My laptop is named Bob, my truck is named Bob…I wanted to name my youngest Robert so I could call him Bob, but the wife said no. Anyway, back to the Vaylish.

Vaylish as a species have two forms. A lesser form, which greatly resembles a spider monkey, but is about 3 inches tall. This is important in that it makes them seem harmless and insignificant. But in times of great stress or danger, they can morph into their greater form which greatly resembles that of a great ape, except with longer claws and fangs, and they become extremely fierce and protective of their 'pod' (family). Being bonded to Hadrian, Bob considers him to be his alpha, and Daphne to be Hadrian's mate. If you have seen the movie '4' then think of the puppy the main character had, that morphed into that fierce dog like creature during the final fight, and you will have a good idea what the Vaylish are like.

The back story of their bonding will come out later in the story, but in short, Hadrian went to visit the Thorim race (we will meet them very soon) and came back with Bob.

Daphne: If you want to get a good picture of an Ice Sprite, then think of Tinker Bell from Disney's Peter Pan, only smaller. That will give you a good idea, only they are shorter, and unless looking at them closely, you will only see a bright ball of light with wings. It is only when you look closely (with sun glasses) that you will be able to see a feminine form, dressed in white gauzy dresses. Their wings are larger than their bodies, up to twice their total body length. Tink is the largest of the Ice Sprites, being just under an inch tall.

Ice Sprites don't have any super cool powers, except they can 'ice travel' similarly to what Hadrian can do. Alone they are like a wasp, annoying and pretty easily taken care of, but in a group (Daphne has 6 with her) they can quickly become a problem. Each of them carries a small knife like tool – more details on this coming soon.

Daphne's bond with Tink is not the normal familiar bond. On their way to the mating ceremony between Anax and Kastoni, there was an avalanche that almost caught the traveling party. Daphne saw the Ice Sprite was trapped and ran to save it, which caused Amnock to have to save her.

I hope that answer's some questions, or if it creates more, please let me know, and I'll try and answer them.


'thoughts and dreams'

'bond speak'


The next morning, Daphne woke a bit earlier than usual. She knew she was still trying to adjust to the new time zone despite having spent the last week in England with Lord Conrac and Lady Lonel, buying their school supplies and visiting various sites in the country. Meeting the muggle queen was an experience that Daphne and Hadrian had both enjoyed. It was quite formal, but Queen Elizabeth had told them a couple stories of when she was a younger woman, and some of the experiences she had when she was a student.

Meeting with Lord Goretusk and Chief Ragnok at Gringotts was equally interesting, if somewhat tedious. They had had to go over the Potter accounts and put several things in order. They then changed the name on the account to Snowlock and added Daphne to all the vaults. It had taken a considerable amount of Goblin magic and time, but now the Potter vault and accounts no longer existed, and everything that used to be under the name of Potter, now existed under the name of Snowlock. Chief Ragnok had let Hadrian know that he would be handling the Snowlock accounts personally, and let them both know that as members of the Wyvern Council, they were now considered Goblin Friends, and could call upon Gringotts for anything and it would be granted; anything from money withdrawals and exchanges to different currencies, to asking for aid in the form of Goblin warriors. That realization surprised both Hadrian and Daphne.

Daphne got out of bed and after a quick use of the restroom, changed out of her pajamas and into her work out clothes. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was only 5:15 am. She sighed and realized she had almost 30 minutes until Hadrian would be ready to join her for their Waking Kata. She grabbed a scrunchie out of her trunk and used it to tie her hair back as she walked out of her room and down the stairs to their common room.

She stopped for a moment and looked at the still empty book shelves, and thought about going and getting her trunk so she could start unpacking all the course books, and the extra books they had purchased and start arranging them on the shelves. Just as she turned towards the stairs leading back up to her room, she heard the soft clang of metal on metal coming from their workout room.

Curious, though having a pretty good idea who was in there, and what was going on, Daphne made her way over to the door, and opened it and looked around the room. Inside she saw Borash and Hadrian sparing on the workout mat. They were using the training gear Lord Goretusk had asked the Goblins to provide. The giant scimitar that Borash was using, and the long sword Hadrian had, were both to full scale and weight, but were enchanted to never hurt their opponents beyond letting the person, that was hit, feel a stinging sensation.

Daphne watched for a few moments, picking up by the grunting Borash was making, that Hadrian wasn't up to his usual level. The last week of traveling and not keeping up on their practices hadn't done them any good and she was more than a little scared of what Amnock was going to say to her when they next practiced. She decided that she had better spend some time that evening on the mat going over the latest knife dance she was working on, and then see if Amnock would work with her early tomorrow morning.

She closed the door, and headed up to her room to get her trunk so she could start unpacking books. She figured she could at least get a start on them before she joined Hadrian on the mat.


Hadrian was still grumbling about the drubbing Borash had given him when they entered the Gryffindor common room at 7:30. He was more than a bit grumpy, and Daphne could feel through their bond that he was embarrassed by his performance at both sparing and during their kata.

They found Hermione on the couch in front of the fire with her nose buried in a text book. It took three tries to get her attention and ask if she was ready to head down to breakfast.

"Let me go see if Neville is ready to go as well." Hadrian moved off and headed up the stairs to the first year boys dorm room.

"What are you reading Hermione?" Daphne looked closer at the book. She looked down at the page and tried to make out what she was reading.

"Hogwarts, A History. It's my favorite book!" Her eyes took on a gleam that spoke of her zeal for the book. "It's fascinating! Did you know that in 1437, a sixth year name Grace Higglestone, was named head girl?"

"I…didn't know that…" Daphne didn't know if that knowledge would be useful in some way in the future, but if Hermione was excited to know about it, then she certainly would let the girl enjoy knowing it. "Are you ready for breakfast Hermione?"

"I am." She began trying to put her book into her over stuffed book bag.

Daphne looked at the bag for a few moments and then finally asked "Do you have all your text books stuffed in there Hermione?"

Hermione looked a little embarrassed, but admitted that she did. "I'm not sure what classes we will be having first, so I wanted to be prepared." She looked down a little uncertainly.

"Classes don't start until 9:00, and we should get our schedules during breakfast. Hadrian and I plan on coming back for which ever books we will need for the morning. Why don't you let me have Amnock put your book bag in our common room for now, and you can come back with us to get whatever you need after we eat?"

Hermione could see the logic in Daphne's plan, and readily agreed. Daphne joined Hermione on the couch and they began comparing their previous evenings. Hermione was curious about their quarters, and seemed a little reluctant to discuss how she was getting along with her dorm mates. Daphne didn't push her, but filed that bit of information away for later.

"Almost there, Neville was just finishing getting dressed."

Daphne stood, and smiled at Hermione's look of confusion. "The boys are almost here."

Just then, Hadrian and Neville came down the stairs and made their way across the common room towards the two girls.

Hermione looked at Daphne in surprise. "How…how did you know?"

Daphne smiled at the girls' inquisitiveness, and replied "Hadrian and I are bond mates, remember?" She could see the bushy haired girl file that fact away, and had a suspicion that she would be looking up bonding in the near future.

Neville greeted the two girls, and the four students made their way over to tunnel that lead out of the common room and exited. Borash and Amnock followed silently and unobtrusively behind.

Neville noticed that there were only two Yeti present and turned to Hadrian and asked "Where is your third guard?"

"Dorvan? He stood watch last night, so he is sleeping this today. The Yeti have worked out some overly complicated rotating schedule so there will be two Yeti with us at all times, one for each of us. And the third will keep watch during the night. Dorvan volunteered to take the first night watch so Borash and Amnock could accompany us to our first day of classes." Neville nodded and kept walking along with the others.

"I think we go this way." Hermione was pointing down a long flight of stairs.

Borash grunted and Amnock nodded as well. "Amnock agrees and Borash said that you seem to have a good sense of direction Hermione." Borash turned and looked at Hadrian and made several more grunting noises. "Okay, okay…what Borash really said was that he agreed, but I know deep down he meant to say that you have a really great sense of direction."

Neville nervously laughed at Hadrian's antics. "Loose interpretation again?"

"Yep, yep!"

The children laughed and continued on their way, and soon they found themselves outside the Great Hall, and made their way inside. There were very few students present, and even fewer teachers. Daphne saw that Susan and Hanna were already sitting at the Hufflepuff table eating their breakfast, and made her way over to them.

"Do you guys mind if we join you for breakfast?" The two girls looked up and smiled.

"Please do!" Susan piped up as soon as she had swallowed the food that she had eaten.

The four joined them, and Amnock and Borash moved over to the wall to stand watch. Amnock was by the door, and Borash by the wall on the other side of the Gryffindor table.

Hadrian took Daphne's plate and started loading food onto it. Hermione watched as he seemed to pick up a fork and went to put some sausage on her plate, only to stop, and put it back and then put a few rashers of bacon instead. Daphne smiled at Hadrian in thanks and picked up her own fork and began eating. Hermione filed the observation away, wondering if what she had just seen was another product of the bond the two shared.

"Snowlock! What are you doing sitting at the wrong table! That'll be 10 points form Gryffindor for each of you! And another 20 points for being out of uniform!" Unknown to the students Severus Snape had entered the Great Hall and upon seeing them eating breakfast, had decided to put them in their place. His humiliation at their hands last night, was still very fresh on his mind. "Remove yourself from here and…"

"Severus!" Professor McGonagall's voice cut him off in mid rant. "There is no rule stating students must sit at their house table, other than at feasts, and they are only required to wear their uniforms during feasts and to classes. Your point deductions are reversed, and I am advising you to see to your own house before seeing to mine."

Professor Snape tried glaring at Professor McGonagall, but wasn't able to stand up to the glare he was receiving from her. Abruptly he turned on his heal and stalked off towards the Slytherin table, his cloak billowing out behind him.

Hadrian cocked an eyebrow at the retreating professor and watched him for a moment. "You have to admit, that billowing cloak is a good look for him. Makes him look like a bat. A giant evil bat…"

"Hem hem…" Professor McGonagall cleared her throat. "Be certain to show proper respect Lord Snowlock."

"Yes mam." He tried to look contrite. But Professor McGonagall had had enough experience with children that she could tell he was anything but. In fact, he was wearing an all too familiar look on his face that Minerva had seen many times on his father's face while he was as student here. Realizing she was allowing her mind to run into dangerous waters, she quickly changed the subject.

"Here are your schedules for the year Lord and Lady Snowlock, and here are yours Mr. Longbottom, and Ms. Granger. Classes begin at 9:00 sharp, so I suggest you finish breaking your fast, and then go get ready."

There was a chorus of "Yes mams" from the students, and she left them to their meal.

Susan and Hanna had taken out their schedules from their packs and were comparing them with Daphne and Hermione, while Hadrian and Neville continued eating their breakfast.

"Herbology first thing, and then Transfiguration. Lunch and then Charms followed by History on Monday Wednesdays and Fridays." Hermione was getting excited, and her hand gestures and tone of voice reflected it. We have Double Defense, lunch and double potions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with Astronomy on Wednesday nights." She looked over to Susan who was studying her own schedule.

"It looks like we share Herbology, History and Astronomy. Shall we all try and sit together?"

"I like that idea, we should also form a study group so if anyone is struggling we can help." Daphne looked around and saw everyone liked the idea. "We can even use the common room in our quarters for the study group. I think Hadrian and I have most of the books we might need, and if we need more, we can send a sprite to my parents and see if they can send them too us."

"Wait! You guys have your own quarters and common room?" Susan was surprised, and delighted at the prospect.

Hadrian nodded. "We needed special quarters for the Yeti to rest in. They are sensitive to too much heat, and the Headmaster and another professor created a room that is more to their liking so they can rest in comfort. Our common room isn't much, but it will give us plenty of quiet to do our homework without being bothered by other students. Would you guys like to come and take a quick look at them now? We can key you into the wards on the room while we are at it."

Everyone liked the idea, and quickly began eating their breakfast so they would have plenty of time to visit the Hadrian and Daphne's common room, and make it to classes on time. They were almost finished when Headmaster Dumbledore stood up from the head table and got everyone's attention by using his fork to strike his goblet three times.

"Students, please allow me a moment of your time to introduce to you to Professor Horace Slughorn." A rotund walrus of a man a few seats down from the headmaster stood with a smile on his face and waved to the student body. "Professor Slughorn has graciously agreed to come out of retirement to help Professor Snape teach potions. He will be taking the first through fifth year glasses, and Professor Snape will be taking the sixth and seventh year glasses, thus enabling Professor Snape to focus more on his potions research. Please give him a warm welcome with a round of applause."

The cheering from the student body was both loud and enthusiastic. The Weasley twins had even stood up and were dancing an odd celebratory jig on the other side of the Gryffindor table. While surprised, this caused both the headmaster and Professor Slughorn to smile wider at the warm reception given to the returning professor.

Professor Snape on the other hand merely scowled deeper into his goblet and tried his best to ignore how well the students received the news that he wouldn't be teaching them. "Dunderheads, the lot of them…"