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Number Four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey was a perfectly normal house on a perfectly normal street in a perfectly normal town. And that is how the residents of number four liked it. It had been well over six months since anything 'abnormal' or even 'freakish' had happened. In fact it was the lack of freakishness that the normal residents of number four liked the most.

It was on a perfectly normal evening when perfectly normal people ate their perfectly normal dinners with their perfectly normal families that something 'abnormal' happened.

There was the sound of a pop heard on the street in front of number four Privet Drive, followed closely by a second pop, and then a third. Standing on the street looking at number four were three people. The oldest was tall and had a long flowing white beard that reached well past his waist. He was currently dressed in deep purple robes with pink moons and stars decorating it. If one were to watch long enough they would notice that the moons and stars rotated slowly in random patterns. The second person was a shorter woman dressed in deep red robes who held an air of authority and wore a monocle on one of her eyes. Severe was a good word to describe her. It was rare, but when she did smile she was actually pretty. She was not smiling at the moment. The third member of the trio was a battered and scared man with one leg. In place of his missing leg he had a peg leg that ended in a clawed wooden foot that thumped softly as he walked. One look at this man and you could tell he was a warrior. The one eye he had left was flint hard, his face was scarred and he was missing half his nose. Not only was he a warrior, he was a survivor, and his scars were his witnesses and badges of honor testifying of the severity of the fight.

The three made their way up the driveway and then the front walk and stopped on the front porch. Albus paused to take a deep breath.

"Good auror, bad auror?" Moody's eye riveted on the front door while his magical swirled around looking for any signs of danger.

"I do not believe now is the time for games Alastor" came the response from the aged headmaster.

"Good! Bad auror it is!" Before Albus or Amelia could stop him, Moody stepped forward and with a quick flick of his wand blasted the door in. Pieces of wood were still flying down the hall and into the living room where the Dursleys were currently watching the telly, when Moody stepped into the hall and started up the hall towards the shocked and scared family.

Albus' eyebrows raised up to his hairline and he looked at Amelia who just gave a slight shrug of her shoulders and followed the scary warrior into the house. Albus sighed and stepped forward himself. He followed the bellows and screams to the living room where he found Amelia trying to keep Moody from causing too much more damage. In the space of five seconds he had stuck a rather corpulent man to the ceiling and from the purple look on his face and the fact that his mouth was moving with no sound coming out, silenced him. The woman was currently trying to hide what looked like a young baby whale behind her too skinny body. She too must have been silenced as her screeching voice cut off in mid rant.

Amelia laid a hand on Moody's arm to stop him. "That's enough Mad-eye."

Moody looked at the horse-faced woman and growled, but he didn't do anything else to her.

"Perhaps a spot of tea is called for." Albus tried to diffuse the situation before things got any more out of control. "Sit Petunia." He gave the woman a look that brooked no argument. Three more chairs appeared and the new comers sat in them. The baby whale still hid behind his mother and whimpered.

With a casual wave of his wand, Albus righted the coffee table and a set of china appeared and he purposefully started pouring tea for himself, Amelia, Moody and Petunia. With a small hesitation he poured a fifth cup for Vernon Dursley, who was still stuck to the ceiling.

After a brief moment and a sip or two of tea Albus looked up at Petunia and spoke. "Alastor is going to remove the silencing spell now Petunia and you are going to tell me where your nephew is." Moody grumbled but pointed his wand that the pale faced woman and muttered under his breath. Petunia found she could talk again.

"Now then, where is Harry?" Petunia found herself facing down three very angry wizards.

"I…I…don't know…." came her stuttering answer.

"You don't know?"

"No, I…see…he…he…he likes to stay out late at the playground and won't be back until later." She rushed through her answer. "Now, that that is all cleared up, please leave." She looked uncomfortable, but was gaining confidence when no one spoke. "Yes, leave or I shall call the authorities." She started to stand to see them to the door.

"Sit" That one word caused her to stop her movement and look around fearfully.

"Let me introduce myself Mrs. Dursley" the woman in the group spoke. "My name is Amelia Bones, I am head of the DMLE, which is the Department for Magical Law Enforcement."

Petunia looked confused for a moment. "Think Scotland Yard, except magical" came the explanation before Petunia could ask her question.

"And why does this matter to me? To us?" Petunia was getting her attitude back.

"Because this afternoon there was an attack on Diagon Alley, in London and witnesses place a small boy matching Harry's description in the alley at the time of the attack."

"I knew he was a hoodlum and a menace, he probably started it! You should take him and lock him up with the rest of you freaks and leave us normal people alone!" came Petunia's rushed rant.

It was at that moment that Albus started to fully realize just how large of a mistake he had made when he had placed Harry to live with his mother's sister. Everything he had hoped for, a loving family, female nurturing, a positive male role model for Harry, was nothing but dust and ashes. He felt another great weight settle onto his already stooped shoulders. He already had so much to atone for, but somehow this mistake felt heavier than the others. He had done this. He had condemned Harry to these people.

Moody's reaction was far different than Albus. Albus was feeling guilt and remorse, Moody was feeling anger. Anger hot and heavy. Very similar to the anger he felt when he faced a dark wizard. 'Is there such thing as a dark muggle? And how much prison time will I get if I kill them? What if I just…maim…them?' dark thoughts swirled through his mind.

Amelia's reaction was a mix of shock and anger. She was too professional to allow herself to contemplate homicide. Instead she ruthlessly stamped the thought down and looked long and hard at the woman.

"How long Mad-eye?"

"Three minutes."

Amelia looked at Petunia Dursley again. "Mrs. Dursley, you have exactly 2 minutes to tell me why Harry Potter has been in London alone for over six months."

Petunia knew she was caught. There was no way out. Perhaps she could shift the blame to her husband and maybe, just maybe she and little Dudders could come out of this without too much trouble. "It…i…it was Vernon's idea. He said that we didn't want to be infected with Harry's freakishness and that we needed to get rid of him."

"And when was this?"

"After he turned his teachers hair blue, and covered it in ice….last October."

Albus took his half-moon spectacles off and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He then sighed "Nine months…from what we can tell, he's been on his own in Diagon Alley for almost six months, and now you tell me you dumped him in London alone almost three months before that?" There was a very disappointed tone to his voice.

"It's not like we wanted the little turd here anyway! Always whining about being hungry or hot." Petunia looked incensed and angry.

Distantly she could hear the sounds of sirens and for a brief moment thought her troubles were over.

Amelia cocked her eyebrow at Moody. "Two and a half minutes."

"Here is what is going to happen Petunia. The muggle police are coming. We notified them of your possible connection to a severe case of child neglect and abandonment. When they get here we will turn over the investigation to them and let them handle it. But rest assured, even if you get off in their system, you won't in ours. If I don't think your punishment fits your crimes, I will come and arrest you and you will be tried in the magical courts."

It was then that several Bobbies entered through the broken door.

"Mad-eye's work Amelia?" One of the officers dressed in a suit asked.

"You know Moody, Samuel" was Amelia's reply.

"Yea, overeager."

"Insolent whelp, should never have let you pass training." There was a smile on Moody's face despite the growl in his voice.

"We'll take it from here Ami, I'll post you the results as soon as we get them."

"Thanks Sam. Dinner Sunday? Susan was asking about you the other day. I think she misses her Uncle Sammy."

The officer smiled, "Sure, pick me up at 2:00?"

"Will do" Amelia, Albus and Moody started moving down the hall.

They were stopped by a question from Samuel. "What about the one stuck to the ceiling?"

Amelia looked at Moody who just grunted. With a loud scream and a crash, Vernon fell from the ceiling and smashed into the coffee table flattening it and the tea service that was still on it.

"That works." Samuel turned to the scene in the living room. "Cuff him."

The two wizards and the witch made their way out to the front lawn and stopped.

"Well that was singularly unhelpful." Amelia looked around.

"It told us how young Harry came to be in the alley." Albus offered.

"True, but it still doesn't tell us anything about where he is."


Harry felt himself hurtling forward in space. For a moment he was worried he might be sick from the lights and sensations flashing by. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the cold he felt, and his stomach settled. He wondered where he was being taken, or rather where he was going. He remembered wishing for somewhere safe, but had no specific destination in mind when he left.

It was with a suddenness that surprised Harry that his journey came to an end. One moment he felt himself moving forward, and the next his feet connected with the ground and he felt himself falling. Falling and being welcomed into the loving embrace of a very cold and very deep snowbank.

'Well, I guess that's a small improvement.'

Harry stood and brushed himself off. He took a moment to look at his hands. They were red and blistered, and he could tell he needed to put something cold on them to help draw the heat out. He reached down to the snow and picked some up. He inspected his legs and saw that they were burned along the front from his trainers up to about his knees. It didn't look too bad, but it sure did sting. He spread some snow on his legs and then stuffed some up what was left of his pant legs and hoped it would stay in place. He wasn't having much luck so he sat down and covered his legs in snow and then leaned down and put his hand in the snow as well.

It was only then that he got a chance to look around. He was in the mountains. Everywhere he looked around him there were more mountains. All of them covered in snow. It was only after a moment that he noticed what looked like an old building sitting in the middle of a small valley below him. It wasn't very far off and he thought he could make it there easily. Perhaps once there, he could get some help and find out where he was.

Harry slowly stood and started making his way down the mountain as best as he could. It took him almost an hour and a half to make it to the doors of the building. But then again, he had had to stop twice and put more snow on his burns to help them to stop hurting. When he reached the door he took ahold of the large metal knocker and swung it hard as he could. He could only do it twice because touching the knocker hurt his burned hands.

After a brief moment the door opened and a short, bald oriental man dressed in what looked like and orange toga came out. He looked at Harry for several long minutes with a look of confusion.

"I…I…I need help" Harry looked at the man who simply looked back.

Finally a look of understanding came over the man's face and he spoke again. "Come and rest for the night Winter's Child, then in the morning you can continue your journey."

'Continue? Journey?' Harry knew this wasn't going to be good. "Ah bollocks…"