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(Chapter 1)

The guild hall was lively as always, people smashing their beer filled mugs on the old wooden tables and laughing loudly to be heard over the rest of the noise. I was sitting on one of the beat up bar stools, chatting with Mira who was busy wiping dozens of glass mugs with a dry rag before putting them away.

I rested my chin on my hand which was propped up by my elbow on the counter and idly played with the condensation that had built up on the outside of my glass.

"So do you know where Natsu's at Lucy?" Mira asked, as she dried the wet glass mugs. I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders.

"I thought he came here since he wasn't in my bed when I woke up, but I guess not" her face became as red as Erza hair. I looked at her confused, It soon dawned on me what I said and felt a sudden blush appear.

"N-no not like that! I mean that Natsu always sneaks into my room when I'm asleep, but nothing else happens!"

She sighed in relief "good because you guys barely started dating two month ago, it's too early for 'THAT' you should wait until marriage" sighing I looked at the guild door waiting to see my pink headed dragon slayer, just thinking about him makes me remember the first day we started going out. It was best day of my entire life!

As I was about to daydream the guild doors slammed open and there stood my boyfriend standing there in all his glory Natsu Dragneel. I quickly stood up from the stool to run up to him and give him a hug, only to stop myself when I saw Natsu arms wrapped around a brunette girl waist. She looked pretty despite her petite body.

"Oh and who is this Natsu?" I asked trying to hide my annoyance

Natsu looked at me a grinned widely "this is my new girlfriend Natalie Scott" the bar suddenly became quiet. I stood there frozen solid unable to move.

Erza seems to be the first one to speak "Natsu..." She was looking at the ground so I wasn't able to see her expression. She would probably pound him to death! I have to tell her that he's not worth it before it's to la-...

"CONGRADULATIONS!" She exclaimed with a dazzling smile.

WHAT THE HECK! Why did Erza congratulate him? She knows that we're dating, everyone knows that we're dating! Isn't anyone going to knock some sense into them?

Gray also started to step closer with a look of confusion written all over his face, m-maybe Gray will do it.

"Wow Natsu! You surely scored one hot girl!" He exclaimed, bam! it felt like my heart's been stomped a trillion times. Soon everyone started to congratulate him on his 'hot' new girlfriend. I finally had enough and slowly started walking towards the two 'couple'.

" N-Natsu? W-what about us?" my voice quivered

He looked at me with his trademark smile "what about us?" He answered back. Everything and everyone seemed to disappear, only me and Natsu stood there looking at each other in complete darkness.

"D-didn't you say that you loved me? N-Natsu don't you remember?" I choked out, tears sliding down my cheeks nonstop. His smile never faltered as he looked at me.

"Nope! I'll never love you Luce, your just a friend of mine nothing more nothing less, plus your not that pretty like Natalie!" was his reply. He soon started to disappear leaving me in the darkness, crying loudly.

'H-he never loved me?!' I thought to myself, the thought kept on repeating in my head. I'm all alone again, just like when mother died. I'm all alone. No one cares about me, I'm just a weak celestial Mage. It's nothing big...

"Should we pour her a bucket of water?" A voice asked.


"We have no choice she doesn't want to wake up" sighed a female voice.


I suddenly felt cold and wet, and I soon started to disappear.

(End of dream)

"Kyaaaaa!"I opened my eyes. I looked around to find myself in my apartment drenched in water! What happened?

"Hey Lucy are you okay" asked a voice behind me, I turned around to find Erza looking at me in worry.

"Yeah Lucy,we kept trying to wake you up from your sleep but you didn't budge so I poured a bucket of water on you" Happy exclaimed holding up an empty bucket.

So everything was just a dream? None of that never really happened? Me and Natsu are still together?! YES! I'm so happy I could cry!Wait a minute...how the heck...

"WAIT! How did you guys get in here?" I asked, they started looking around the room trying not to make eye contact with me.

"W-well you see, your door was locked and we were trying to get in so..." Happy started as he stared at Erza.

Erza also tried to avoid my gaze " so I might have broken your door down..." There was an awkward silence. I let out a tired sigh and started getting out of bed.

"It's okay you guys but you'll have to pay for it Happy" I said.

Happy gave me a shock look "what! Why me?"

"Well 1) you didn't stop Erza and 2) because she's Erza, she'll probably kill me" I explained muttering the last part.

"Your so mean Lucy" Happy pouted.

Erza looked at me in relief "ok."

"So where's Natsu?" I asked looking around to see if my boyfriend was somewhere around here.

"Oh he's at the guild with Gray" Happy chirped.

"Oh" was my response.

We never hang out as much as before. And he sometimes ignores me when I'm at the guild to talk to his guy friends, I don't even think he knows I'm there! I'm probably invisible to him. If only he could give me the attention he gives his friends. I hate to admit it but I feel kinda jealous, I never told him this because I didn't want him to think I'm one of those girls that want all of their attention.

Erza and Mira know how I feel about this whole thing. They told me that they would gladly beat Natsu up for me, and I kindly refuse their offer. I just wish there was something I could do so he could notice me!

"Why are you here Happy? Aren't you always with Natsu?"

He frowned slightly "well I came here to see you Lucy since you didn't come to the guild today. So I wanted to spend the day with you" he finished off with a goofy smile. Awe! That was so nice of him to say!

"plus Erza told me that she'll buy me fish if I accompanied her here!" and the moment was ruined,thanks Happy, thanks a lot.

"So Lucy want to go to the Mall with me and Mira?" Erza asked trying to change the subject.

"S-sure what time do you want to go?" I questioned as I walked to my closet to get some clothes to wear.

"In about 30 minutes I guess" she shrugged her shoulders. I quickly went into the bathroom and took a fifteen minute shower. I then wrapped a towel around my body and started to dry my hair.

I came out of the bathroom all dressed up in my red skirt with a gray belt wrapped around my waist and a black shirt with a gray cross on it. Then I put my hair into two pigtails. I also used a bit of my pink lip gloss and some eyeshadow with mascara.

Erza nodded in approval "good, now let's go. Mira going to get mad if we're late" she said dragging me out of my apartment with Happy right behind us. We were able to make it on time as we reached the mall we saw Mira waiting for us with a smile.

"Hey Lucy, hey Erza!" She happily exclaimed engulfing us in a hug.

"What about me?" Whined Happy flying towards us.

Mira let us go and engulf Happy into a small hug "hey happy!"she said cheerfully. She let go of the feline and looked at us with a glint in her eyes.

"Now let's go SHOPPING!" She squealed dragging us into various stores, she first entered the clothing store, then the jewelry store, and afterwards the shoe store. My feet were KILLING me! It feels like they broke off and stitched back on. We FINALLY sat down at a table to take a break and eat something.

It was about 9:00 pm Erza and Mira decided to go back to the guild and get something to drink along with Happy, he said something about Carla and fish. I decided to go home and go to sleep.

walking towards my house I suddenly stopped on my tracks as I spotted my favorite bookstore still open! Well this must be my lucky day after all!walking into the store to take a peek inside.

Everything was so cool in here, there's so many bookshelf with many books. I went into the magazine section to see if my favorite magazine was out.

I kept looking at a pile of magazines until a certain pink one catches my eyes. I grabbed it and scanned through the pages, hmmm it looks pretty interesting to me. Oh and it's for free too! I told the employee about the magazine to double check it was free, as I got the ok I quickly put it in my bag and walked out the store saying my good byes to the manager and employee.

(Normal POV)

Unlocking the doors to her apartment door, Lucy came in holding her bags with the things she bought today. She went towards her room and started organizing her newly bought clothes and shoes into her closet. Afterwards she went to the bathroom to put on her pajamas. Once she was done she jumped on her bed holding her pink magazine in hand.

"Finally! Now I wonder what's in this?" She asked to no one in particular. The title was called 'Go Girls Magazine'. Hmm sounds pretty cool now let's see what's inside hehe.

She opened the first few pages and read many entertaining thing. It's technically a guide for girls! On the first few pages it read 'How to get a Boyfriend' 'what to wear on your first Date' or 'How to kiss your Boyfriend'(weird one O.0). But a certain entry caught Lucy eye. As she looked at the heading it read 'How to make your boyfriend Jealous!"

'Ohhhhh this sounds interesting' thought Lucy as she started to read.

Have you ever had a nightmare of your boyfriend leaving you?

'Yes' she thought to herself remembering her dream.

Do you feel insecure all of a sudden?


Is your boyfriend spending less time with you?

'Right on the spot'

Do you get jealous when he hangs out with his guy friends more than with you?

'Uh huh!'

Well girl, you could either tell them how you feel. They might feel horrible and will apologies to you right away. They might even buy you ANYTHING you want!

'Well then it's decided I'll tell Natsu tomorrow!' Lucy squealed thinking of the things Natsu would do to apologize for ignoring her. She kept reading the rest of the entry.


"Huh there's more?!" She shouted out loud.

Or we could make this more interesting ne?

'Whats more interesting then having your boyfriend buy you stuff!'

You could give your boyfriend a taste of his own medicine for ignoring you.

'Give Natsu a taste of his own medicine?' A sly smiled played on her lips 'well why not?'

And by that you should get him...JEALOUS! It's the best way! Jealousy is the best policy.

'Could Natsu even get jealous?'

All men get jealous so don't have doubt! Even the biggest idiots get jealous! So don't worry ladies! Now let's begins the first five steps to make your boyfriend get jealous and make them understand how you felt when you were ignored. Are you ready girls?

A sadistic smirk appeared on Lucy's face as she closed the magazine and started to drift off. Her smirk never left her face as she fell asleep with her magazine on the drawer next to her.

'I can't wait for tomorrow! Let the game begin...' Was her last thought

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