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The guild was unusually quiet for an unknown reason. Which is already weird since fairy tail was never a quiet guild. Ever. Everyone in the room seem to be , more like dumbstruck. There in the guild sat Natsu and Lucy on the stool. That wasn't a surprise, but something seemed different-

"Natsu" Lucy giggled out when she got a small peck on her cheeks from the dragon-slayer.

Natsu grinned, blushing slightly when the blondes eyes fluttered slowly as she stared at him with a strange look that made him blush even more.


The men's jaws dropped at the sight. A part of them thought they were having a weird dream ('more like a nightmare' Laxus couldn't help but comment in his mind) as they continued to witness Natsu become beet red just from a glance from the celestial Mage. The same Natsu who is childish and destructive like themselves, was acting like a little girl staring at her crush from afar.

"...I think I'm starting to see things" Bickslow commented.

Macao nodded his head in agreement "Same here, I don't know about you guys but I'm seeing a lovestruck puppy begging for more affection from its master"



"...I guess I'm not seeing things after all"

It wasn't that they didn't know that the two mages weren't already dating. No, far from that. Everyone knew that they were dating(and very glad they are). You could walk in the streets and ask a complete stranger only to receive the same answer. So no they were not surprise that they were going out, but the fact that they were acting like a...couple.

They kept glancing at the two mages who seem they can't keep their hands off each other (insert gagging noises) the guys were slowly starting to get annoyed at the sight. How come the idiot pinkette was able to get a girlfriend before any one of them!? This was outrageous! A scam!

"Tch, those idiots should keep their hands to themselves" Gajeel grumbled. He was the most annoyed since he was unable to express his 'feelings' to a certain bookworm.

The rest the the boys grumbled in agreement. With a scowl on his face, Loke 'accidentally ' poofed next to the affectionate couple as they were leaning in for a kiss. The thought of being interrupted, Natsu started yelling and throwing items towards the spirit only to miss and accidentally hit Gajeel who threw it back resulting in hitting Freed who hit Elfman- let's just say that a fight began like everyday.

While the boys (because calling them men would be an understatement to lots) were 'playing' around as Mira puts it (levy sweat dropped "I'm pretty sure they're fighting for real") Unlike the girls who sighed in content at the sight they saw moments ago. Who would of thought that Natsu would become so lovey-dovey out of nowhere.

The female members soon gathered around Lucy and grinned at her. Cana snaked her arms around the blonde with a smirk on her face.

"So I see that this plan of yours worked?" Her left eyebrow quirked up, having the same smirk on her face.

Lucy sighed "I guess you can say that"

Her plan did kind of work. Natsu did get jealous, but she was very close to losing him in the process. She was angry with herself more than anything else. She felt stupid for not noticing that Natsu was also hurting. She knew that if it was the other way around and found Natsu with another girl half naked she would've lost it. She probably wouldn't have even listened to him or hate him for the rest of her life.


Her eyes wandered towards her dragon-slayer and stared at him in regret. He didn't deserve someone like her, he needed someone better. Someone like Lisanna- she was the perfect girl for him. She had pale flawless skin along with her snow colored hair, her eyes were a beautiful sky blue color which gave out a innocent look and she had a curvaceous body- she had to admit that before going out with Natsu she was kind of jealous of the youngest Struass sibling. She knew Natsu way before Lucy even knew him and plus they were really close to each other so what else was she suppose to feel.

She had always wondered why Natsu didn't pick Lisanna over her. Not only was Lisanna beautiful but she was also calm and kind to everyone. Lisanna was the perfect girl, Lucy couldn't help but wonder many why Natsu didn't choose her?

"Just remember, he loves you" a voice interrupted her thoughts. Lucy flinched from the sudden voice but soon smiled awkwardly towards the person. Lisanna grinned at Lucy as patted her head.

"Me and Natsu are just friends. I never actually felt anything more than brotherly affection towards him, and I'm sure that he felt the same." Lisanna reassured, with a wink she added "Plus I'm interested into a certain human possession magic user" and with that she went towards Bickslow who was knocked out on top of a table.

Blinking for a moment, Lucy smiled at Lisanna. This was a reason she couldn't hate the animal takeover. She was so kindhearted.

Levy titled her head to the side as she looked at Lucy, her eyes stared questionably at the Mage "Ne Lu-chan.."


"Why are you wearing Natsu's scarf? Especially since it's 100 degrees outside?" Was the innocent question.

Lucy in response, stayed frozen on spot. Her face was blank as she stared back at Levy.




(Poof!) Lucy's face became as red as a cherry. Her eyes avoided any type of eye contact.

'Ara?' Cana thought to herself as she grinned over at her friend. She sneaked up every so slowly from behind and yanked the scarf. With a laugh she saw a hue of red explode on Lucy's face, making her look adorably innocent...well at least compared to herself(she smirked at the thought).

Cana looked shocked as she stared at the blondes neck. Everyone looked over in confusion at the commotion the two mages were making.

"W-what is this?..." Cana murmured quietly, the only one that heard her was Levy who was also standing in confusion.

Mira decided to speak up"What is what?"

"THIS!" She pointed at Lucy's neck to prove her point. She glared up at Natsu, marching over to him with such speed that would put Jet to shame. She dragged him back to where she stood before and pointed once again towards Lucy's neck.

The guild could only stand there in both confusion and dumbstruck. They knew that Cana was drunk (The males snorted "when isn't she?" but piped down when they received a glare from Erza) but she wouldn't act like this.

Erza decided to intervene with the commotion the three mages were making "Cana calm down and tell us what's wrong if you may" now bystanders would think that Erza was being calm and collective but those in the guild knew that she wasn't giving anyone the authority to refuse her. That was unless you wanted to be found dead the next day.

The brunette begrudgingly let go of the dragon-slayer " He didn't do what I told him to do" she grumbled out, her arms crossed over her chest as she pouted "I was hoping for somthing more showy showy, not this mosquito bite."

Puzzled looks were written on everyone's face, well everyone except Natsu who suddenly turned pink. Before anyone could question the drunk, she brought Lucy (who was trying to escape secretly) up and made sure that everyone was able to see. Gasps were heard all around.

"W-w-w-what!?" Erza exclaimed, her face became as red as her hair.

"Oh my" Mira said, her hand covered her mouth in surprise.

"Gihihi so salamander does know what to do"

"Why does Lucy-san have a bruise?" Wendy asked in concern, unaware of the many guild members choking on their own saliva over the innocent question "do you want me to heal it?"

'The innocent soul!' Wailed the males in their heads.

Lucy chuckled nervously as she told Wendy that she was fine. Wendy was hesitant at first but reluctantly nodded her head. This situation made the guys grab Natsu and the girls drag Lucy to different sides to gossip-I mean- discuss about the change of events.

"So Lu-chan~" Levy singsong "what does this mark suppose to be?"

With a blush, Lucy tried to explain everything but was failing over the fact that she kept stuttering and whispering many parts. Levy sighed at the sight, she was about to change the subject until Cana jumped in between the and hugged one on each arm.

"That would be my doing!" She laughed out, sounding much like an evil witch. Sweat-dropping the girls decided to get seats and listen to the drunk ramble on. Lucy seemed puzzled at Cana remark.

"What do you mean Cana?"

With another swig to her barrel of beer she said, "Natsu came to me yesterday talking about you and Gray *hic* going on a mission blah,blah,blah, then i taught him about marking what's his, so no other man could look at you and blah,blah,blah then tada~ here you are!..though I'm kinda disappointment that he gave you such a small one" she sulked in the corner after the explanation, mumbling about 'and after giving him a lesson about it, Baka'

Lucy was at lost of words. Her Natsu, did all that...for her? He asked Cana for help just so he could prove to people that I'm taken. That I'm his.

Lucy's eyes soften as she had decided on her resolve. She walked over to Natsu, who was getting strangle by Elfman, and pulled him out of the 'congratulating' circle. Natsu could only look at her questionably.

"Luce-" his words were silence by plump lips. His complete shock was unable to respond quick enough, when he was about to return the kis Lucy decided to pull away with a grin on her face.

"Natsu Dragneel, you really are an idiot" With a smirk forming on his lips, inches away from her own.

"I'm you idiot aren't I?"

And once again their lips collided together, but this time it was much more longer and deeper. Their guild mates could only look in satisfaction and disgust as they stared at their friends making out in the middle of the table.

"Ne. I've been wondering...where Gray?" Levy asked, as she looked away from the two couple. Mira simply shrugged her shoulders, continuing taking pictures of one of her favorite couple and putting them in the "NALU " album.

On the other side of the room hid Gray as he secretly made sure no one noticed him as he sneaked out of the guild. Especially Natsu, since that rampaging Tabasco freak is still trying to murder him over trying to 'steal' his girlfriend. Such an idiot.

As he made it outside, he didn't notice that someone was walking in the same direction as him. Accidentally bumping into the person, her quickly apologized and helped the person up only to find himself in front of his stalker.


Heart filled eyes stared at the man before her "GRAY-SAMA! NATSU-SAN WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU BEING IN THE GUILD TODAY AND LEAVING AT THE SAME TIME! THIS MUST BE FATE!" She exclaimed, her arms latching herself onto him. Even when he tried desperately to remove her.

A "GYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Could be heard all over town. Inside the guild, you could see a certain Fire dragon-slayer smirking in victory.

'Never mess with a Dragon-Slayers mate'

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