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Her emotions, like the plunges on a rollercoaster, jumped from betrayal, to hurt, to despair, to fluttering hope.

Doomed. Forbidden from having children with mortals. Secret. Swear to me. Can't know, no one can know.

The words echoed in her head, blurring themselves in her ears, repeated until they were burned in her brain. When she closed her eyes she could see Poseidon's expression, so hurt and devastated and hopeless. His voice had been broken when he told her. Told her the truth, or so he said. At this point, she couldn't be certain what was really true any more.

Sally didn't know whether to be proud that the very allure of her had caused a god to break a sacred oath or hurt that he had put her (and her unborn child) in so much danger.

She sat alone, hurt and confused, the reality of her situation washing over her until she thought she would suffocate.

A crash of angry thunder drew Sally's eyes to the window where she was startled by the furious storm clouds that had suddenly obliterated the sky. Rain fell down in hard fast sheets and blades of hot white thunder blossomed from the heavens and snaked down to the earth. A clap of thunder so loud the windows shook followed the white lightening and another even more impressive one soon chased down this loud display.

Sally suddenly felt sick to her stomach. Maybe it was her ability to see through the Mist or Poseidon's earlier warnings resurfacing but she knew that this was no ordinary storm. Like a child's temper tantrum, this storm was fueled by pure anger and spite. Sally had a sickening feeling that, had she been near the coast, she would witness the sea and the sky at war with each other.

Sally remembered Poseidon's exit earlier. She had begged him to stay with her but he had left, full of resolve, to make everything better. She didn't see how he possibly could, not without revealing that he had broken his oath, but had been fully convinced that surely there was something he could do.

A sense of fear gripped Sally as she began to fear the worst. What would Zeus do if he found out the truth? Surely Poseidon wouldn't betray her, but what risk was he putting himself in by trying to right this situation. Certainly there were ways you could hurt gods. She stared out the window again, and watching the lightening snake down to earth gave her the peculiar feeling that perhaps this storm had something to do with her predicament. This feeling was not one of girlish fantasy but rather intuition that, perhaps indirectly, she was somehow responsible for the war the raged between the sky and the sea. And for the first time since the beginning of the summer, Sally was filled with crippling guilt, regret, and fear that she had made a fatal error by being introduced to this new world.

Overwhelmed by these feelings, Sally curled up on the couch, disassociating herself from the world. As the storm raged outside, the rain washing out the roads, the trees shaking in fear, and the windows rattling In protest, Sally lay in the fetal position, too consumed by her own internal pain too notice.

The familiar feel of hands roughed from the salt of the sea drew Sally out of her solitude. Posiedon's hands gently stroked her back and his stormy eyes met her. They were full of regret and sadness but he seemed fine. Whole and just as he always had been. Except maybe a bit more defeated than before.

"Did you?..." Sally asked but she couldn't finish her sentence because she didn't know what he could do. To her there were only negative endings. She didn't know the limits or boundaries as he did.

"I tried." He voice was low and soft. "Indirectly, without giving anything away, I asked Zeus to lift the pact. I tried to reason with him, to appear rational about it but he snapped. Said I was questioning his authority and trying to go behind his back as I have been since the beginning." Posiedon rolled his eyes.

"Is he angry?"

"In his own childish way. It's nothing that will leave permanent damage. We are in no danger or risk of harm…"

Just his usual drama queen antics?" She gave a faint smile, referencing the playful way Posiedon would teasingly describe his younger brother.

He smiled in response, his eyes stayed firmly on the ground, focused on an idea rather than an animate object and his hands idly traced the curve of her fingers. Resolve unseen by Sally brought his eyes to hers in the snap of a moment. They were a stormy gray, sad and desolate, displaying all of the hopelessness and despair and untamable beauty of the ocean.

"Sally. Sally, I never wanted to hurt you. I never wanted to impose this on you. Especially now. I never intended to break my oath. In the last few decades I have never even come close. And it wasn't lust or desire that tempted me. It was you. The indefinable, whole entirety of you. Because I have never met anyone on this Earth that is like you, and I have been around for quite a long time. I never wanted to hurt you. Or anyone. But if I could choose anyone to have had this happen to, I would choose you. I would always choose you. If not because I know that you are the sole person who I trust can handle this and all the consequences, then because I want to leave you forever with a piece of me."

And when his lips met hers, it was a different kind of closeness she felt. One of sadness and sympathy and just a bit of defeat.