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Warnings: emotional and angry sex, violence, cheating.

She was glued to a book about Frank Lloyd Wright. Percy didn't think she'd be able to tear herself away for a million bucks. It was quite a find, after all, books about twentieth century architects published in ancient Greek were not readily available on the open market, and to have one printed just for the love of your life was not cheap. Percy should know, that was exactly what he'd done. He'd coughed up big bucks that he didn't really have for that one little book.

Maybe he hadn't even done it purely from guilt.

She did look happy, though, with her eyes darting across the letters, her pencil furiously scribbling her notes and ideas on the margins and in the pad she'd put beside her. And seeing her so happy made Percy happy too. After everything they'd been through together, a little piece of happiness was the very least they deserved. And there was a huge, unforgettable part of him that craved nights like this; where the two of them could be alone, at peace, warm and cosy and content in the knowledge that Gaia lay at peace beneath their feet, Tartarus was a fading memory far out of their lives, and no giant would be bothering a demi-God for a few millennia. New Rome was a safe haven Percy and Annabeth would give any limb required to protect. So there was absolutely no need for Percy to say;

"I'm just going out to see Grover."

Annabeth forced her eyes from the book, and looked at Percy with apprehension. "Oh, you want me to come with you?"

Percy tried not to let his relief show. It was clear that going with him was the last thing Annabeth wanted; she may love Grover, but she loved learning about architecture more. Thankfully, as her tagging along was the last thing he wanted too. Percy didn't question his own conscience as he gave his prepared excuse, knowing it would leave her feeling let off the hook.

"Nah, he just wants some guy time, you know?"

Annabeth smiled in her own obvious relief, and said, "Tell him I'll be there next time! And give him my love!"

Percy nodded, but a clawing of nervous anxiety, however expected, snatched the smile from his face. So he just walked out of the house, not even trying to continue say goodbye. He barely remembered his keys.

He froze once he got outside. He was barely three feet from the door, behind which was the woman he'd loved since he was twelve. What the hell was he doing? He should turn back around, tell Annabeth that Grover had cancelled, offer to do something nice like run her a bath or even just watch her work. He should take her to bed, maybe try for the baby they'd been talking about. He should kiss her to show her how much he loved her.

He stepped away from the door, made his way down the familiar street, past the familiar buildings. No one stopped him. No one questioned him. No one glared at him like he was an asshole.

Percy sensed him before he saw him; the hair on his neck and arms prickled and his heartbeat increased, and when he caught sight of the man, his breath caught in his throat. In darkness like this, Percy could believe his pale skin glowed. Of all the demi-Gods, this was the one who seemed truly ethereal. Even that first time they'd met, when this man had been a scraggly twelve year old boy, Percy had known he was special, somehow out of this world. But that was a stupid though.

A tension in the other man's shoulders told Percy he had been noticed. That didn't surprise him; no creature capable of death could take a child of Hades by surprise, and Nico's senses were fine tuned to recogniser Percy. Probably even more so than Annabeth's.

He turned to face Percy without hurry. He had his hands buried deep in his black jeans, and a he wore a melancholy expression Percy had come to expect from him.

"I got your message," Nico said, voice emotionless. Cold.

Percy didn't reply. He was too busy staring.

"Why did you want to see me?" Nico asked. And this time Percy didn't reply because there was no reasonable answer to that question.

Nico's eyes narrowed, "Are you here to torture me?" he asked, his whisper a jagged blade of malice that Percy knew he deserved.

"Are you?" Percy replied.

Nico snorted and spun on his heel. He walked away from Percy, as though it were exactly that easy to leave at that moment, and Percy panicked at the sight.

"Don't turn your back on me!" he shouted, furious, taking hurried strides to catch up.

Nico stopped, but didn't even look back. "Turn my back on you?" he repeated, pure anger filling his tone.

Percy only knew one way to respond to anger from someone he cared about. His own anger grew. "You wanted to see me!" he shouted, "and now you're just fucking off?"

It had the only effect on Nico that Percy could expect. Sometimes he forgot how similar they were. He wasn't the only one who'd forever been in trouble at school. Nico finally turned back to him, but only to punch him in the face. Percy stumbled back, thought 'finally' and threw his own punch. Nico dodged it easily, so Percy lashed out with his foot. He caught Nico on the thigh and the younger man stumbled but didn't go down. Percy cursed. He could feel Riptide growing heavier in his pocket, and he was sorely tempted. One slice of that milky skin, one flowing stream of red on the dust at his feet and this would all be over. He could get himself sorted, focus on his love for Annabeth.

Even as those thoughts passed through his mind, Nico hit him on the side of the head with a right hook. Percy swore loudly as his vision blurred and he lost control over his own body. By the time he came back to himself, Nico was lying flat on the floor with Percy's hands on his wrists and weight holding him down at his hips.

Sometimes when Percy's mind lost control, his battle instincts took over. Nico was lucky to be alive.

But the pale man didn't look like he appreciated his luck. In fact he was glaring daggers at Percy, who felt it necessary to check over his shoulder for any reinforcements Nico might be summoning from the dead. They were still alone, but Nico's glare sent a shiver through Percy's torso. He hoped the son of Hades hadn't learnt the power to kill with looks.

But however much Nico appeared to hate Percy, there were plenty of clues to the contrary. Nico was breathing hard, though Percy knew the short fight shouldn't have winded someone as fit and healthy as Nico. And he'd stopped fighting, despite clearly knowing a dozen ways to dislodge an opponent in Percy's position. And his erection was pressing against Percy's crotch.

And Percy couldn't even complain about the latter. His own was mirroring it.

"So," said Nico, "what now Percy?"

Percy couldn't answer. He'd never answered that direct question. That's why their encounters always started with a fight. Words weren't needed in a fight, and if they never said it, maybe they could pretend it never happened.

He tightened his grip on Nico's wrists, hoping to see them bruise. How dare he do this to Percy? After Percy chose to take the weight of the world on his shoulders to protect Nico, after he'd risked his life and soul at Nico's word and advice. After Nico had proven himself untrustworthy and devious, how dare he worm his way into Percy's happy-ever-after like this?

"More fighting, then?" Nico hissed, with just a minor grimace at Percy's grip. "Do you think you're delaying it, or is this all just foreplay it for you?"

Percy felt more fury at those words. He let go of Nico's wrist and aimed for his throat. Nico was quicker though. The instant his hand was free he slammed it into the side of Percy's head, dislodging him. It took barely a second for him to reverse their positions.

Percy felt his back scrape the ground. His stomach seemed to go for a walk to see Nico above him, face wild and beautiful like an avenging angel. He might have begged for a kiss. But Percy Jackson did not do things like that. Instead he squirmed, and couldn't rip his eyes from Nico's lips.

Nico was still breathing heavily, his eyes darkening with obvious arousal. Surely he needed this as much as Percy? Surely he wouldn't make Percy wait any longer?

But there were tears in Nico's eyes as well as arousal. He'd barely trapped Percy beneath him before a sob escaped his throat. "What is this to you, Percy?" he demanded.

Percy didn't respond. He couldn't. He pushed his lips together, hoping that might help to hide his emotions.

Nico cleared his throat, probably to disguise another sob. "I can't just let you blame me anymore," he said. "This ends."

He scrambled to his feet, leaving Percy confused on the ground, dazed with lust. "Good bye, Percy," Nico muttered.

This time Percy scrambled after him, he didn't use words. He grasped the younger man's arm and spun him around. Then he attached his lips to Nico's.

He groaned in relief even as a part of him rebelled. It was another step down the path, another layer of his betrayal. Percy shouldn't be the one who made this move. He didn't turn their encounters sexual. He'd always resisted the words and resisted the pull of this man until it was too late. He would only give in when Nico had pushed him until he had no choice, given him challenge and longing and adoration by the gallon until Percy could either run or participate. This was new. He didn't kiss first.

Maybe Nico felt the shift too. He hesitated a moment before he kissed Percy back, but when he did, he kissed with abandon. His fingers grasped at Percy's short hair and buried in his tee-shirt. His tongue slipped into Percy's mouth as easily as Percy walked into his own home. Percy's own arms were wrapping around Nico's slim body, tugging him in closer.

Suddenly Nico pushed him away. Percy panicked. He couldn't handle rejection. He was going through enough turmoil already, trying not to think too hard about his own actions. But Nico only followed him, and then Percy felt the shock cold of shadow travel.

After a world of darkness, Percy gasped. Nico had taken them to something that looked like a motel room. Percy had flashes of worry. Nico had betrayed him before, however unintentionally. He'd put Percy in serious danger. So right now, Percy should do something to find out where they were, check he was safe, make sure no one was about to attack him. He didn't.

He kissed Nico again. The confusing, beautiful, terrifying man. It was stupid. It was crazy. He should leave. He should run back to his wife. He pushed Nico back until the younger man dropped onto the bed. Then he scrambled on top.

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