Retaliation Against The Coon

By Shadowgate


It had been four years since she was attacked at an airport.

What did she do to provoke the attack? She asked the Coon about one of his friends Mintberry Crunch.

Now she was determined to strike back at the Coon. Why was his ego so high that he just acted out whenever? As far as she was concerned his ego was certainly high but his character low.

Marilyn Alexander Wright and her parents moved to South Park. Her parents were in full support of her finding the Coon and beating him up since she'd grown stronger. She was now 10 years old and had taken karate lessons for the past three years.

Her advantage was that the Coon would have no idea she had come to South Park to seek revenge for the attack at the airport.

After she and her parents had moved into South Park she waited a week before she'd go out at night dressed in a costume. This way she could settle in with a new school and a new neighborhood. But now that week has past and she was ready to take on the night.

She'd be known as SheVengeance.

Her goal was revenge and the scars on her face among other things motivated her.

She wanted the Coon to suffer.

Upon her first night she saw two boys in costume. One was in a very dark costume the other had a tool belt on.

She quickly moved to confront them.

"WHERE IS THE COON?" She asked.

She had their attention.