New World, New Time

Chapter 3: Blowing off steam


For those of you who are wondering, picture this 'training room' to appear like the Danger Room, from the 90's X-Men animated series, and not the JLU one. The difference here, is that Steve will only be battling against 3-D holograms, and not training androids. I felt he might be a little hesitant to destroy an android, given he was friends and teammates with Jim Hammond, aka the Original Human Torch. Also, he hasn't met any hostel androids, such as *Adam*, didn't appear in the Marvel U until after Steve's supposed death, and he has never had run ins with.

Hal could only smile, as he watched Steve easily and single-handedly defeat level after level of opponents, from base-lined humans with handguns and knives, to *Marvels* with extraordinary powers and abilities. From judo, to karate, Steve showed he had what it took to more than hold his own, in a fight, much to the Lantern's approval. While Steve trained against the holograms, Hal watched from the control room, fifteen feet above, where he could monitor Steve's progress, without getting in his way. To say the least, he was impressed by what he saw. I doubt even Bruce did this well, on his first run. Hal thought to himself. In the ten plus years of the Justice League's history, the team had seen it's fair share of martial artists and brawlers (I'm not including members of the Justice League of America, nor Justice League Dark in that equation, but instead using canons who most from the DCU, who may or may not ever gain membership onto the main team, as AU's give me the freedom to do so), but he would be hard pressed to remember any who showed the same skill and finesse as he was seeing from Steve at that moment.

Curious as to whatelse the other man could do, Hal decided to test his skills. With his permission, ofcourse. "Hey Steve." Hal spoke, after pressing the intercom button. Steve didn't miss a beat, slamming a right haymaker into the temple of one opponent, while planting a roundhouse kick into the side of the head, of another, not bothering to take his attention off of the fight, as he responded. "Go ahead, I'm listening." Again, Hal couldn't help but smile, and think of how perfect of recruit his new friend would make for the team. "How would you like to test your skills against another Super Soldier?" With that question, both men were smiling, eager to see just who was more worthy of that title. "Sure, I could use a workout." Steve said, as he grabbed the wrist of the last opponent, and tossed him over his shoulder, slamming him onto the pavement, and finished the fight with a quick punch to his jaw. With that last statement, Hal dialed the room's difficulty level up to nine (the highest level being ten, with Darksied, Lobo, Doomsday, and Volthoom being some of the few on that short list), changing the appearance from what had been a parking lot in Gotham City, to what looked like an abandoned construction site, complete with cement trucks, and the skeleton of what looked like a skyscraper, as tall as any Steve had ever seen before. Knowing an attack could come from anywhere, Steve steadied his breath, focusing his concentration to his eyes and ears, before picking up on the familiar sound of a gun's safety being disengaged. Sniper. He thought, quietly, focusing on where the sound came from, and allowing his instincts to guide his movements. Like a radar, his hearing guided his body to make a one-hundred and twenty degree turn to his right, and raise his shield a hair over above his eye line, in time to deflect a rifle round.

Acting purely on instincts and training, Steve charged off in the direct of the shot, quickly spotting his target, who was exactly two miles away, in what looked like a luxury apartment complex or office or some sorts. Effortlessly, and without slowing down, Steve leaped over the nine foot tall chainlink fence that surrounded the site, flipping forward at the top, and then landing safely on his feet, on the other side, before taking off again, without missing a beat. To make things interesting, or atleast in his own opinion, Hal added civilians into the scene, whom Steve had to side step and run around, all while never once losing sight of his target. Even though his target was so far away, Steve could makeout what he was wearing, and judged that from the way he was running, he still had the rifle in his hands, as well as other weapons upon his person. He judged that the target was male, by both his built, aswell as the way he ran, and not because he was a male chauvinist. His time fighting along side the likes of *Miss America*, Sun Girl, and other female heroes had taught him to appreciate, and not underestimate, female fighters. He also had the pleasure to work along side female soldiers and freedom fighters from several different countries and cultures aswell, adding to his respect and admiration of the so called 'fairer sex'. Still, once again I seem to be getting off track of the tale I need to be telling you.

Knowing full well that Hal had placed these 'obstacles' in his way to better test his ability to protect them, as well as see how he would act under pressure, Steve's tactical mind went to work on the different scenarios and their out comes, before making the decision to run into an alleyway, where he caught a glimpse of a building with a fire escape. Though it would cause him to momentarily lose sight of the target, it would give him more room to work with, at the same time. Once directly under the fire escape's ladder, he pulled it down, and quickly ran up the length of the six-story building, reaching the rook in under fifteen seconds. Steve once again let his senses take over, as he scanned from the building he last saw his target, before spotting the man, just standing on the roof of a neighboring building, waiting, rifle in his hands. An invitation if I ever saw one. Steve thought to himself, smirking. Not wanting to waste time, he ran off, leaping from roof top, hitting a flagpole which he used like a high tension spring, launching himself more than twenty feet straight up into the air, before flipping and executing a perfect double summersault, and landing feet first, on the adjacent roof.

The two men stared each other down, neither one saying a word or moving a muscle, while assessing each other for any visible weaknesses. As Steve looked at and studied the man in front of him, he though the outfit her was wearing was, well in his definition, 'queer'. Now I understand that you, the readers, would think he meant gay or homosexual, but in the era where Steve is from, that word had a slightly different meaning. To him, the word is used to describe something strange or out of place, which would definitely be an apt description of someone in orange and blue chain mail. Not that his red, white, and blue chain mail stands out any less so. Still, it is a look that he finds strange, especially with a mask with only one eye, as it automatically drew his attention to the Target's right side. Was this to fain a vulnerability that wasn't actually there, or was he in truth blind on that side? He also notices all the visible weapons, the semi-auto pistols, the sword, the collapsible staff, and the sorted knives and daggers, not to mention the rifle in his hands as well. The firearms looked more advanced than any he was familiar with, so he wasn't sure of their caliber, the amount of ammunition held in their clips, or range were, a fact that kept him on guard.

There was an eerie silence, which seemed to drag on for an eternity, even for a being who had lived as long as myself. They looked upon each other, both tightening their grips on their specific weapons, the sound of a wind blowing around them, and then, like lightening, the Target brought his weapon around, took aim at Steve's chest, and fired a single round, which was blocked and deflected by his shield. He charged at the Target, with a burst of speed few humans would be capable of matching, like a living battering ram. The Target leaped over him, twisting his body so that when he landed, he was facing Steve's back. As soon as his feet touched the roof's surface, he went to squeeze the trigger of his weapon and unleash another shot. However, before the round could leave the weapon's barrel, Steve turned on the heel of his shoe, threw his shield, and sliced the weapon directly down it's center, causing it to explode as soon as the bullets' casings were ruptured and the striking of the opposing metals ignited the gunpowder held within. This all happened so fast, that the Target didn't even have time to drop the weapon, when the shield, which suffered no loss of momentum, struck him dead center in his chest, knocking him off his feet. "Do yourself a favor, friend. Don't get up." Steve said, as he reached out his hand, prepared to catch his returning weapon, confidant that the fight was over.

To Steve's surprise, aswell as my own, the Target rolled onto his shoulders, put the palms of his hands on either side of his head, pushed himself up and forward, and onto his feet (think Shawn Michaels), in one fluid motion, his reflexes and agility almost as fast as Steve's own. He then drew both of his pistols, one from his right hip, the other from a holster on his chest, took aim, and started to fire off rounds. This forced him to side step the shots, and caused him to miss catching his weapon, which flew right past him, landing several feet away and out of his reach. He inwardly berated himself, for allowing himself to get over confident and careless. Acting on instinct, he stepped inbetween and around each shot, quickly advancing on the Target's position, until he was within striking range.

He threw a right hook to the Target's jaw, hitting him dead center and causing him to stumble backwards. Seeing his opening, Steve dropped down and knocked the Target off of his feet with a leg sweep, which he quickly followed up with a crushing punch to the ribs, causing him to sit up, and allowing for Steve to finish the fight, with a quick and powerful straight right, hitting the Target square in the face, with an audible 'crunching' sound. Seeing that the fight was finally over, the Target and city scene vanishing to reveal the Training Room, Steve finally allowed himself to relax. He hadn't realized how hard he was breathing, a tell-tell sign of how difficult his opponent had been for him. It had been a very long time, since anyone had managed to push him like this. He doubted even the *Red Skull* managed to give him such a difficult fight.

As he slowly stood to his feet, his legs shaking from the exertion and not having been pushed so hard, in such a long time, Steve could not help but smile. He was a soldier, a fighter, and he needed to be out on the field, not laying in a bed. "Here. I believe this belongs to you." Hal said, as he walked up behind him, handing Steve his shield. "Thanks." Steve replied, accepting his weapon, before putting it back on his left arm, after finally managing to steady his breathing and heart rate, aswell as his legs and body. "I have to say, I didn't think you would do so well against Deathstroke, especially considering that was your first time facing off against him." Deathstroke? An odd name, but I guess no more so than *Destroyer* or *Whizzer*. You humans can come up with the oddest of names for yourselves and others. "Deathstroke?" Steve queried, a raised eyebrow showing he was thinking along the same lines as myself, prompting an answer from his new ally. "Yeah, Deathstroke. He's a mercenary who has managed to nearly killed the entire Justice League. By himself." Hal replied, which actually gave Steve pause. For someone to manage such a feat, against a team of Marvels, well that was mind blowing, to say the least. I quickly probe Hal's mind, and see images of this 'Deathstroke' doing exactly what he described, using brains, skill, and cunning that none of my enemies ever came close to. He is definitely a foe to be wary of.

Wanting to learn as much as he possibly could about this new world and it's people, Steve spent the next few days combing over history books, the internet, with help from Cyborg, Hal, and others, all in hopes of finding out all he could. While there were varying similarities to our world and this one, there were also just as many differences aswell. Without the likes of *Master Man*, and *Baron Strucker*, the Allies had an easier time defeating the Nazis and their Axis, not to mention that there didn't seem to be any sign of Hitler's *Sleepers*, making Steve wonder if the Marvels in his world had managed to find and stop them from destroying it. I can sense him trying to push that thought out of his head, in favor of learning about this world, just incase he was never able to return to his own. He loses himself in the books and articles, taking timeout only to eat, sleep, and shower, the latter being a relief to his hosts. Three days pass when Superman finally returns from his mission, and after being filled in on what had happened during his absence, he decides he would like to meet the team's time-lost guest.

Clark was surprised, as was the rest of the team, when they learned about Steve's training results against the Deathstroke scenario, and while Hal and others were eager to give him an invitation to join the team on the spot, both Clark and Bruce felt it might be too soon for him. They felt that he still needed time to himself, to absorb the impact of what had happen to him, being displaced from not only his own dimension, but era aswell. 'Let's give him time to heal and adjust to this world, before we try and make him decided something so major and life altering. After all, we're not sure we'll be able to find his world, let alone return him to it.', was their response to the overly eager Hal and the others. Much to their displeasure. Some of them were worried about the first meeting between Steve and Clark, considering that they all saw the way Diana looked at Steve, and worried Clark might see the other man as a threat, even though Clark continued to assure them that he had no more romantic interest in her, and saw her only as a friend. In fact, her name never even came up in their conversation, though that did little to convince anyone.


Clark walked upto Steve's door, and knocked, not about to enter another person's room, without their permission. He was raised to respect the right of privacy of others, after all. "Come in." Steve replied, and seconds later, the door opened, revealing the Red, Blue, and Yellow costume of Superman. Steve had seen pictures of him in news articles he had read, as well as the multitude of pictures that were on display just around the Tower itself. He gave the man a polite nod, turning away from the tattered uniform of 'Captain America', leaving it ontop of his dresser, and giving him his full attention. From what Steve had heard of the man, Clark was one of the most powerful beings in this world, respected and somewhat feared by nearly everyone, friend and for alike. He had also heard that the man was incredibly humble, and did everything he could to try and help people. Now Steve considered himself good at reading people, a trait he had learned early in his life as a means of surviving his childhood, and from just looking at Clark for a few seconds, he came to the conclusion that this man held him no ill-will. Clark's face and features seemed to mirror this, as he had a soft smile on his face, his right hand was extended. Seeing this, Steve accepted the hand, and gave it a firm shake. "I just wanted to welcome you aboard the Watchtower, officially. You can call me Superman." While he infact held no ill-will towards Steve, he didn't want to just hand him his true identity or civilian name. After all, it took him five-years before he felt comfortable enough to tell the rest of the team that he was a reporter named 'Clark Kent'. Trust was difficult to earn, and was something that both men valued, so it didn't bother Steve that he would be expected to earn it.

"Steve Rogers." He responded, before pulling his hand back, and stepping back to allow Clark to enter the room. Much as Clark had expected, Steve hadn't done much to change the look of the room, keeping the walls bare and the floor clean and tidy. There were clothes in the dresser, and closet, as well as brown-leather jacket on a coatrack, courtesy of Hal and Barry, as well as a book shelf with three books of history, from Bruce. Beside the remains of his costume, were his dogtags and shield, as well as a framed black and white picture of an attractive blond. Steve himself wore a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt, round-neck, and the boots he had been found in, which were surprisingly good condition. Steve had never been one for having a lot of personal possessions, he always preferred collecting friends and memories instead.

"I came to ask you a question, Mr. Rogers. What are your intentions?" Clark asked, which surprised Steve somewhat. "I'm afraid I don't understand the question." He responded. Though Clark's voice held no malice, Steve was understandably on guard, unsure was to where this was going. Sensing that he may have been a little to blunt, Clark decided to restate his question. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be so forward. What I am wondering is, what are you planning to do, once you get yourself situated. Will you rejoin the military, or do you plan to try and settle down, now that there aren't any wars?" Steve relaxed, finally understanding what Clark was getting at. "I've been wondering the same thing. I'm a soldier, who by your standards, is obsolete. There are no wars, and from what I've learned about this world, there are already other Super Soldiers that America can call on, not to mention so many…..what do you call them….meta-humans?" He received a nod from Clark, before continuing his answer. "I don't see there being a place in the Army for me, anymore, nor do I think can just go and live my life, without people being more than a little wary of me. Let's face it, I mean here I am, basically an alien to you, my allegiance unknown. I seriously doubt the Government will let me just live out in the populace, without learning all they can. And I have no intentions of breaking any laws."

As far back as he could remember, all Steve ever wanted to do, was help people. Growing up, he had gangs and mobsters all around him, terrorizing people and stealing what little money they had, if not outright murdering them. Because of his polio and asthma, he had been an easy target as a child, and causing him to get into a lot of fights that he would lose. Still, he never gave up or tried to run away, refusing to 'take the easy way out', he instead did everything he could to help people, from helping his mother and neighbors with their laundry, to standing up to bullies, Steve refused to be walked on, or pushed around. Hence why he had been so determined to join the Army and fight the Nazis, or matter the fact that he wasn't guaranteed to even survive the tests, much less the war itself. However, now that the War was over, and he was in a world that he was not only unfamiliar with, but that had never even heard of him, well he wasn't sure as what he should do. The only thing that was certain, he couldn't just sit by and allow himself to do nothing.

While Steve felt unsure as to his place, Clark felt that he could still make a difference, still be a hero. "You know, I heard about you're training session, the other day. It proves you still have something to offer, if you're willing to take that risk and fight." Clark's words struck a cord within Steve, who simply nodded, to let the other man know that he understood, and would think about it. Feeling that, that was all he could hope for, that Steve understood that he was still valuable, was all that he could ask for, and decided to leave it at that. He gave a nod in return, before turning and walking out of the room, leaving Steve to ponder his words.


Diana had returned from Zola's, her own mind settled and decided on what it was that she wanted. She was determined to make Steve realize that she wanted him, and to see if he shared those feelings. Seeing him as a fellow warrior, she had invited him to a training session, just the two of them, taking on the Leagues greatest and toughest opponent; Darksied. As they walked into the Training Room, Steve could tell that this was more than a 'training session', that there was something his 'friend' wanted to say or ask, but didn't seem to know exactly how to just come out and say it. "Umm….Diana, if there is something you feel you need to say, you can just say it. I won't hold anything against you." He said, as he walked into the room, wearing a an updated version of his costume. Gone was the mail-armor, and fire-resistant undershirt, replaced by a skin tight, black undershirt, and pants, covered a blue jacket, similar in fit and feel to the old fatigues he use to wear when posing as an ordinary soldier. The jacket had a white star on the center of the chest, with red and white bars going around his mid-section and lower back, in a downward motion. He had red military boots, replacing his 'swash-buckler' ones from his old costume, as well as a steel hard helmet-like mask, this one with the eagle wings painted on, instead of actually sprouting out from. There were also stripes on his left shoulder, almost like a sergeant would have, but white instead of yellow. (Yes, I am describing the costume from the Avengers movie). The suit was suppose to be as tough as his old, resistant to bladed attacks and fire, but felt even lighter, making moving easier for him.

Diana merely smiled, a smile that made him feel like he should either bolt away as quickly as possible, or that her side was the safest place on the planet. Both options scared him, and at the same time, drew him closer to her. His face took on a slight blush, and he felt his heart fall into the pit of his stomach, as he thought about what he should do, when the doors closed behind him, and the room began to change, to Metropolis, to the night of the Leagues first mission together. Before he could say anything, the silence was broken by an ear-splitting screams of people, and the battle cries of 'For Darksied!' shouted by hundreds of Parademons, attacking. At that moment, Steve's instincts took over, and in a flash, he charged forward, his legs carrying him straight towards a Parademon, in a head on collision. Though much stronger than him, the winged monster was knocked unconscious when it's head slammed into Steve's shield, and easily batted away, with a cry of pain. Diana was flying through the air, her sword stabbing and slicing through the enemies as though they were made of paper, the spurting of blood the only proof otherwise. They made their way through the horde of enemies, each challenging and killing their opponents with quick and precise strikes. Both were warrior, soldiers, who were no strangers to having to kill when nessicarry, although Diana seemed to enjoy it a bit more so than Steve did, if the smile on her face was anything to go by.

He threw his shield at one, slicing the wings off of it's back, while running forward, dodging laser blasts, and flipping over one that attempted to dive-bomb at him, it's face smacking into the street and knocking itself unconscious, before Steve would twist his body in mid air, so as to land on the back of it's neck, breaking it with a sickening crunching sound, before he ran off again, catching his returning shield in his right hand. It was in this moment, that he understood what Diana was trying to do, she wanted him to forget his troubles, and in her warriors' mind, this was the best way to do so, in the mist of a great battle. He couldn't help but be grateful towards her. Meanwhile, Diana herself had snared five Parademons in her lasso, and was hurling them around, using them as a make shift mace, or ball and chain, and slamming their helpless forms into a another group, crushing their bones and bodies in the process, before letting them all fall to their deaths, on the ground below.

They worked their way through the enemies, and as they took more and more down, Steve could feel his frustrations and worries disappear. Like Diana, he was at home, on the battlefield. He still wasn't enamored with the act of ending a life, or recklessly endangering his own, but there was a thrill unlike any other, when he pushed his limits against a worthy and more powerful opponent, that was unlike anything else he had ever experienced before. It was intoxicating.

The two of them quickly cleared their way through the swarm of Parademons, before coming face to face with their objective, the self proclaimed god, Darksied. He stood in the center of the street, looking like a giant stone statue, red eyes blazing with a fury that would cause most grown men to urinate in their own pants. I could literally feel his powers, from where I was, and I wasn't even in the same dimension as Steve and Diana, never mind that they were only facing a hologram and not the real being. Still, despite this, both Steve and Diana were feeling excitement, at the prospect of this, both eager to test their own limits, as well as that of their opponent's. Once again, for Steve, time seemed to stand still, as he watched his teammate streak forward faster than his eyes could follow, reaching out to slice their opponent in half, only for him to catch the blade with his massive left hand, his strength clearly superior to her own. "Diana!" Steve shouted, before rushing in to save her, which went against all of his training of 'assess the situation before rushing in blindly'. He hurled his shield, as he saw Darksied's eyes light up, in an attempt to block the blasts from striking her, however the blasts swerved around her, and around the shield, instead striking Steve, and sending him flying back several feet, landing flat onto his back. "Steve!" She called out, as she struggle to maintain her grip on her sword, a noble, but unsuccessful effort. The giant easily pushed her back, before yanking the weapon away from her, and sending her flying over to where Steve was laying, with a simple backhanded slap.

The rest of the team, Bruce, Arthur, Clark, Hal, Barry, and Victor, were watching everything from the viewing station with mixed feelings. Clark, Victor, and Barry wanted to go in and help them, while Bruce, Hal, and Arthur knew this was something that they needed to do. "Clark, wait! This is something they need to do themselves. Besides, the program's safety will kick in and shut down the simulation, when they get struck with 'lethal' hits that their weapons or armor can't block or deflect." Batman stated, as he tried to reassure his teammates.

Back down below in the Training Room, Steve's shield was still flying at Darksied, and struck him right in the face. Sadly, this had no noticeable effect, and the weapon fell straight to the ground, with a 'clang'. Like with the Deathstroke hologram, this Darksied one never spoke, and instead simply stood and looked at his opponents, as they slowly made an effort to stand. Steve felt like he had been struck by a truck, going over one-hundred miles per hour, while Diana was feeling slightly better, thanks to her greater durability and denser body. "So…any ideas?" Steve asked, his body screaming in pain, as he tried to stand. "Yes. Hit it until it falls, or we do!" She shouted, before flying off to engage the giant once more. "You're one crazy woman, but I may be even more so, for following you." He said, smiling like a lunatic, and rushing in behind her. I rescan Steve's mind, just to make absolutely certain this is the same human who I fought beside, in the Invaders and All-Winner's Squad, as this seemed so out of character for him. Even his unstable and dangerous successor, *William Burnside*, never charged off into battle with such reckless abandonment. To my dismay, it is the same man.

Diana flew around her opponent, successfully dodging under and around his slaps and punches, while Steve finally began to study and examine him, trying to get his pattern memorized in his mind. Swipe, left punch, right punch, another slap, and then….now! Darksied's eyes began to glow red once more, and then he released his blasts, although unlike before, this time the attacked headed in a straight line, aimed at Diana, who managed to block them with her bracelets, holding the attack, and giving Steve the opening he had been waiting for, to regain his shield. He quickly dashed forward, and slid down like a baseball player making a dive for home base, snatching the weapon up off of the ground, before digging the shield into the ground, to halt his trip. While his instincts told him to throw the shield to decapitate his opponent, he instead launched his body like a battering-ram, going into a squat, and using the muscles in his legs to launch his body forward, his shield out in front to protect him, and smashing into Darksied's knees. Now what Steve had been hoping to accomplish was to gain the giant's attention, long enough for Diana to think of and execute an attack that would have defeated their foe. Instead, despite his great effort, he only bounced off the massive opponent's body like a small car hitting a speeding train, before rolling to a stop, nearly thirty feet away, unconscious. Diana quickly joined him, as Darksied turned up the force of his assault, and blasted the Amazon into the far wall, where she also slumped to the floor, losing consciousness aswell. Everyone in the Observation Room sighed and shook their heads, the outcome pretty much what they had all expected, as the Training Room shut down, and Barry and Hal rushed off to carry their teammate and guest to the Medlab. "Well, the human atleast lasted longer than I thought he would." Came the words of Arthur Curry, as everyone filed out of the room.



OK, first off, I want to go ahead and apologize for not telling you in the second chapter, about the corrections I made to the first. I simply forgot. I'm human, and as such, allowed to make some mistakes. Second, I am sorry for being so late in getting this chapter out, but I just could not for the life of me, make this chapter work, and had to rewrite it several times. While still not 100% satisfied, I believe this is about as good as I could get it, without taking atleast another week or so. Now, for those of you wondering why I pulled the old 'breaking through the 4th Wall' with that explanation about the term 'queer', instead of explaining it here, I was genuinely worried that if I had not done it lik that, people would have thought that I was either homophobic, or that I was attempting to make Steve as such, and immediately stopped reading the story, and flagged it then and there. Hopefully the explanation there helped out.

Definitions and items:

Adam: An android created by Professor Phineas Horton, creator of the original Human Torch. He is listed as Adam II and Adam III, on Marvel Wikia. Adam killed William Nasland, the hero known originally as the Spirit of '76, and the second Captain America.

Marvels: The Golden and Silver Age definition for met humans.

Miss America: Madeline Joyce. Member of the Invaders and All-Winners Squad. Married to the Whizzer, Robert Frank. Died giving birth to their second son. First appeared in Marvel Mystery Comics issue 49.

Red Skull: Usually referring to Johann Shmidt, the second man to use that name. First appeared in Captain America Comics issue 5. Is still Steve Rogers' current and best known archenemy.

The Destroyer: Roger Aubrey. The third man to use that identity. Like all three, he was exposed to a variant of the Super Soldier Serum, making him nearly superhuman. He also had the ability to shrink down to twelve inches in height, a power he used as Dyna-Mite. Currently leads the V-Battalion. May have been the first Marvel character/hero to be openly gay. First appeared in All Winners issue 8.

Whizzer: Robert Frank. A WWII era superhero who could run at super speeds of excess of 100mph in his prime. Was once thought to be the father of Avenger members Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, though this was later debunk. He was married to Miss America, Madeline Joyce, and fathered Robert Frank jr., the original Nuklo. First appeared in USA Comics issue 1

Master Man: Wilhelm Lohmer. An American Bundist of German Decent. Because of his activities as Master Man, the United States Government revoked his citizenship. After being revived after the war, he lost his powers, and was betrayed by his wife and his superiors. After attempting to kill himself, aswell as those who betrayed him, he was found and rescued by an Acolyte of Cable. He died saving Cable from the Hellfire Club. His first appearance was in Giant-Sized Invaders issue 1.

Baron Strucker: Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. Founder of the Organization known as HYDRA, former Nazi officer, and descendant of Prussian nobility. First appeared in Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos issue 5.

The Sleepers: Three robots designed by the Nazis, and were to be activated should they fail to conquer the world. The were all ultimately destroyed by Captain America and his allies. Their first appearance was in Tales of Suspense issue 72.