"Mama, you've corrupted my bird."

Gala looked up as her youngest son strode into the room. "Viktor, darling, what do you mean?"

"You," Viktor pointed at her, "have turned my owl into a gossip. I know because Mina told me." Gala held her dainty hand to her chest as she feigned shock.

"You only realised this now? Boris has been like that for years now." Viktor looked at his mother scandalised, causing her to laugh at him heartily. "Come darling," She held her arms out to her son, "tell me, how is your English lady?"

Viktor hugged his mother with a smile on his face. "She is good, she is good. I asked if she could visit and she can so I will plan that. She is staying with a friends' family and apparently her friend spooked Boris and he attacked. She laughed at that but then so would I if I had witnessed it." He flashed his dimples when he smiled this time. "Says hello to you and Papa and that she can't wait so see you both again and has expressed her wish to meet my brothers. Don't really know why she wants to do that, but Mina, she is stubborn." A fond look graced Viktor's handsome face.

Gala smiled slowly at her youngest boy as she looked at him talk about Hermione. "That is wonderful news to hear my boy. And why shouldn't she meet your brothers? They are both lovely men." The look she received from him suggested that he begged to differ, especially as he was the youngest of the three and therefor was constantly on the receiving end of the torment.

Gala pointedly ignored the look as she leant forward in her seat. "Now Vitya, your inheritance, you have gone through it yes? Your father mentioned he could feel the presence of another veela in the house and I know that neither of your brothers were home last night. Have you found your mate? Is it Her-my-own-nee? If not, you better not be stringing her along, she's too lovely a girl to use like that and don't think I won't take you over my knee if you are. I would not be opposed to grandbabies you know, your dear mother isn't getting any younger and your brothers have not yet had the mating call." The look on Viktor's face when he heard her name told Gala everything she needed to know even without the threat, but she waited for him to vocalise it, just to make sure. It was better to be thorough you see.

Viktor's face when she brought up little ones wasn't one of disgust either she noted, but one of hopeful anticipation.

Viktor counted her questions in his head and took a breath before he replied. "Yes, yes, yes, I would never do that to her mama and really mama? Really? I haven't even claimed her yet and you are already talking about grandchildren? Could you not even wait for me to broach the subject with her before bringing up the topic of little ones'." The goofy smile that graced his face as he said that showed he wouldn't be upset if little ones were crawling around the manor in the coming months.

His mother hummed at him before she replied.

"This is most excellent news! Most excellent news indeed! When do you plan to have her over? Are you going to tell her she is your mate when she gets here or are you going to wait a little for her to settle in? Do you want your father and I to be there when you tell her? I was once in her position you know."

Viktor shook his head. "No mama, I don't want you and papa to be there when I tell her, that is something between her and myself and I'm going to give her time before I drop it all on her lap. I want to ensure she doesn't think I just want her here because I am a veela. And while I know you were once in her position I think your presence will only make it more difficult for me to tell her" As Viktor talked he sat in the chair next to his mother fiddling with a piece of brightly coloured fabric.

"Vitya? What is that?" Gala tried to take the fabric wrapped around her son's knuckles but he moved his hand away before she could grasp it.

Viktor cleared his throat nervously before he answered his mother. "It is a ribbon Mina gave me before the third task." He looked at the coloured fabric. "It was from the dress she wore at the Yule Ball." He smiled softly at the fabric before raising his eyes to look at Gala, shrugging as if to say 'it is special to me'.

Gala merely smiled back at her son, shaking her head. He hadn't even seen his mate since his heritage awoke within him and already he was smitten with her and protective of the tokens she had given him. Not that she judges her youngest son, his mate was truly a wonderful, kind hearted girl and Gala couldn't wait to watch the romance between the two of them unfold.

It did not hurt anything in Gala's opinion that she believed that the two of them would make such beautiful chubby babies for her to fawn over and spoil with love and kisses and sweets. It was her right as their future grandmother.

Gala: means "calm"

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