Thank you for choosing to read this story! It is about Travis and Hanna because I feel there are not stories about them, and I adore their relationship. Takes place after 4x22 (tonight's episode)

Chapter 1

Hanna was really sad because her date with Travis was ruined since the SOS that night made her have to leave early. Of course she was happy she got to kiss him to make up for it, but she knew that it was just a kiss to make them both a little more satisfied with their ruined date. She knew that Travis wouldn't be interested in her anymore. She had been flirting with Officer Holbrook, or Gabe, a lot, but it was dumb, because he was an officer and it could lead to a lot of legal trouble and put her in an Aria situation, and the Aria situation with Ezra had led to a huge heart break recently. Besides, she didn't even like Gabe. She knew she had a really big crush on Travis, but she couldn't do anything now because he probably didn't want to take her out anymore.

"Hanna," Emily said smiling. "I think we both need a break from this whole A situation. Spencer is still in lock down with that Dean guy, her drug coach, and Aria is still in heart break mode because of Ezra. Do you want to come with me to Spencer's lake house? She said we could just hang out there while she's working with Dean, as long as it doesn't turn into messing around on her nana's couch, which it won't, because it'll just be us two."

Hanna said, "Well, okay, I guess. I don't really have any other plans because Gabe won't associate with me, the little girl who kissed him, and Travis is totally over me, and I ruined our date! Ugh, I really do need a break from all this dating stuff and all this A stuff. I'm just making myself feel bad when guys reject me. It started with Caleb, led to Travis, Holbrook, and now here I am, rejected and sad."

Emily smiled a little bit more and said, "I don't know, Hanna. Relationships can be kind of unexpected. Somebody who really likes you won't give up on you so easily. Someone who really likes you will do a lot to be with you. They'll fight for you. Anyways... Come on, let's go. I'll drive us to Spencer's lake house."

They both got in Emily's car. The swimmer drove them to Spencer's lake house. They got out of the car, and began walking to the lake dock and closer into the building. When they were out on the front porch of the lake house, Hanna turned to Emily because she smelled something different.

"It smells like... lasagna," Hanna commented.

Emily shrugged her shoulders and said, "Why don't you go inside? Here's the key. I forgot my purse in the car, and I don't really trust it to be out here alone, so I'm going to go back to the car, okay, Hanna? Just go settle inside. Later."

The blonde nodded her head and walked inside of the lake house, and the lasagna scent got bolder and bolder. But when she looked inside, it was even odder. A fancy dinner table was set up, and Travis sat there, looking more handsome than ever in a light grey button up. Hanna, in shock, stepped closer to the handsome male.

"Travis?" she choked.

"This is for you," he said, handing her a beautiful red rose. "Did you really think I was going to let that date slip away from my hands? I would never ever let you get away, Hanna. I've never met somebody like you, and I needed to make this work. Did you really think I would be done with you?"