Author Notes: This being FanFiction I'm borrowing a ideas that I've seen elsewhere and interpreting and adding to them as I go. I do try to be as original as possible beyond the initial concept. Currently it's just a Harry Potter that's heavily influenced by the Star Wars genre and not a full crossover. That may eventually change though I'm not as familiar with the Star Wars canon. This story has and is going to have fairly significant time skips and a lot of the events in canon are either skipped or summarized in a just few words. There's little or no bashing, in fact many of the typical targets are regulated to extremely minor bit parts. There's also not a whole lot of dialog, at least in first year. If you prefer lots of dialog and a slower pace, My Friend Tom, my other story might be more to your taste.

I write for fun. Unfortunately I don't proofread for fun. I do go through everything at least once after writing it but know from past experience that I will still miss some things. If anyone is willing or wants to help fix some of my many blunders please let me know. I have a large bucket of comma's left over that I'm sure belong in there somewhere.

This was a bit of an epic writing session for me. First draft, 22K words in three days along with finishing off chapter 23 of My Friend Tom. Of course it'll take longer to post as I am a slow proofreader and, as I write this, the majority of the story has not even been gone through once. There are eight chapters for 1st year. I have a good idea of where I am going with 2nd year but there will be a hiatus whilst my attention wanders before I get started on that.

Chapter 1

- There is no try -

Harry was seven and a half when he first got his first proper taste of Star Wars. He'd seen glimpses of the movies playing on the television but had never been allowed to sit down and watch them. In fact since he was five he hadn't been allowed to watch TV since the day Dudley had thrown a tantrum about what to watch and the television had continued to show the program Harry had wanted to watch no matter what channel it was changed to. He'd also seen some Star Wars books in the library but they hadn't caught his attention and most of them were in the section aimed at the older students.

It was Christmas evening and Harry found himself sitting in his cupboard struggling to read the novelisation of Star Wars that Dudley had discarded in favour of his many other toys. Once again Harry hadn't received anything, he had not been surprised and now he was pretending to himself that this was a gift given to him. That was the main reason he was trying to read it. Generally he didn't bother with homework or studying, most of it was easy but getting good marks was only asking for trouble. It was better to lag behind and have to struggle to catch up. Angry and irritated teachers didn't withhold meals.

Despite himself he quickly got interested and even went to the trouble of consulting his school dictionary for some of the words. Like all his school textbooks it was an older second hand version rather than the one recommended by the school, but it sufficed.

Things changed a few weeks after his third rereading of the whole trilogy. He was no longer having to look up any of the words in any of the books, either the one he had at home or the two that he had read in school library. Laying curled up on the ratty mattress he was looking up at the underside of the stairs. As always the cupboard was dimly lit by the light coming in through the vent in and cracks around the cupboard door. It was the same light he usually read by as he wasn't allowed to turn on the cupboard light and waste electricity. That was just one of the many things Harry didn't understand since his uncle and aunty never bothered to turn off the hallway or kitchen lights in case Vernon or Dudley wanted a late night snack.

He was whispering words to himself and making whooshing sounds as he waved his hand around imagining that Darth Vader was walking down the underside of the stairs towards him and he was actually standing on the bottom step.

"No Vader. I will not let you take me to the emperor. I have been trained by Yoda and have powers you don't know."

He made a few more waves of his imaginary lightsaber.

"Ha. Your force grip doesn't work on me. Mine is stronger."

Harry spotted a spider walking along the side of the cupboard.

"You would send your monsters at me? I will defeat them as well!"

He glared at the minion of Darth Vader and turned his right hand into a clenched claw imagining himself squeezing the spider.

He was utterly shocked when he felt a warmth in his chest and the spider was crushed by an invisible force. His first thought was horror at what he had done, the spiders had never hurt him and he had just killed it. He had seen both Vernon and Dudley kill plenty of spiders, Vernon with brutal efficiency, Dudley with gleeful malevolence, so the death wasn't shocking. But the fact that he was responsible for it this time was. He had always felt sorry for them. He didn't want to be like his cousin or uncle.

As he carefully collected its remains with a rough envelope made from a scrap of paper he apologised in a whisper, "I'm so sorry little spider. I was just playing and I didn't mean to force squeeze you so hard. I didn't even think it would work. I'll bury you in the yard tomorrow morning by the lavender bush. It smells kinda nice there and Dudley rarely plays in that corner."

After carefully placing the envelope on the top of his school books Harry sat back down and tried to make sense of what had just happened. The next night Harry scrunched up a piece of paper and with hand a clenched claw attempted to squeeze the paper ball. Nothing happened.

Nothing happened the next night either though he tried even harder. He alternated his attempts with rereadings of the books. He even borrowed the other two novels from the library and snuck them home to read in his cupboard. Nothing was happening but Harry was not deterred, frustrated yes, but he had no intention of giving up. This could be his ticket out of here.

Harry's school work suffered, he struggled to get up in the morning after staying up hours each night, usually till his eyes closed on their own accord due to sheer exhaustion. He heard one of the teachers talking about him to his Aunt asking about his activities and bed time. His Aunt made it sound like he did nothing but play around and cause trouble every night so his teacher suggested sending him to bed earlier. His Aunt reluctantly agreed and so to his surprise actually cut short his chores that night. Harry was so glad of the change that he actually cut short his attempts and reading that night and felt a lot better for it the next morning.

The following night Harry almost whooped with joy when the ball of paper crushed to half its original size. He had learnt two lessons and carefully made note of them. He really could control the force. Being tired made it difficult.

With his new found knowledge and confidence Harry worked out a plan. He needed to learn how to improve his skills and he needed to get fit. He was kicking himself for not realising that earlier. Yoda had forced Luke to do more than just force training. Why hadn't he picked up on that earlier?

Harry found that moving things with his mind was so much simpler than squeezing them, though he continued to practice that as well. Once again he mentally kicked himself for not thinking things through. It was obvious in hindsight, Darth Vader was already a master when he was doing the force squeeze. He should have started off with the same things Obi-Wan and Yoda had started teaching Luke. Sensing things whilst blindfolded and levitating stones.

- There is no try -

Harry's school work reached an all time low by summer break which was when Petunia threatened that he would go without dinner for a week if his teacher called her to complain once more. Harry couldn't afford to go without the meagre scraps they were providing him. He had already moved on to using his newfound abilities to unlock the cupboard and steal food at night to supplement his diet. Twice a day Harry was exercising now, in the mornings whilst in his cupboard he used an old set of weights discarded by Dudley to strengthen his muscles and mind, doing reps with his arms whilst he levitated as many of the spare weights as he could manage over his mattress. In the evenings after the rest were asleep he would sneak out of the house and going running and jumping, leaping and twisting pushing himself to faster speeds and higher leaps with his force. He'd hurt himself a number of times at the beginning, walking to school with a twisted ankle was no fun at all. Still he had persevered and had even scrawled Yoda's words on the underside of the stairs so he could stare up at them at night. "Do... or do not. There is no try."

Harry put more effort into his school work. Just enough to have the teacher no longer be disappointed in him. However that all changed when the science teacher introduced electronics to the class. Suddenly Harry realised that struggling though on maths was not going to be enough. The Jedi didn't just rely on their force powers. They used lightsabers and space ships and whilst they might not exist yet on Earth the Jedi wouldn't forgo whatever technology was around. He wasn't going to be Yoda hiding in a jungle or Obi-Wan hiding in a desert, they were the old people. He was young, he wanted to be Luke fighting the bad guys with laser guns, lightsabers and space ships.

Soon Harry was doing a lot better in all his classes. He had learnt to focus and when he put his mind to something he found himself able to get a lot further a lot quicker than he had ever before. It was the end of the school year when Harry used a new power successfully for the first time and it changed everything.

Petunia had just left the school at a brisk walk with a bored Dudley and a worried Harry trailing behind her. Harry could tell she was furious and was just waiting to get out of sight of the school before she began berating him. Harry knew why she was so angry. The teachers had all congratulated her on how well Harry was now doing and offering them their full support in helping Dudley learn from his example. Harry probably shouldn't have heard all that but he had found his senses also improving with practice, this was a power not from one of the novels but rather from one of the many illustrated Star Wars encyclopedia and activity books he had also read. He had been sitting at one end of the hall with all the other students in his year and those parents still waiting their turn. Dudley was reading a comic and Harry had been listening to the teacher speak to Aunt Petunia halfway across the noisy hall. He hadn't even been that interested in overhearing her and was just curious if he would be able to use his new hearing skills to pick out her and the teacher's voice amongst all the other closer and louder voices.

"As for Harry. Well I am very pleased to see that we have seen no more signs of the lack of motivation and interest we saw at the beginning of the year. Whatever you said to him obviously worked wonderfully. In fact if he continue improving at the rate he is I wouldn't be surprised to see him amongst the top five next year. It was only his overall marks that held him back this time. I must admit at one point myself and a few of the others teachers were a little concerned he was cheating but we undertook some individual tests and monitored him carefully and am glad to report it's nothing of the type. Can I ask how you encouraged him to improve?"

Petunia replied but Harry wasn't quick enough to change his focus to catch what it was and only just caught the teacher continuing.

"I understand. Modifying behaviour is never a simple thing. I would however suggest that you try to start implementing those same techniques on Dudley if you haven't already. His behaviour and performance have not improved as much as I would have liked. In fact…"

Dudley choose that time to start digging in his backpack for a packet of chips and using that as an excuse to elbow Harry causing him to lose focus and he didn't bother to regain it. He already could tell he was going to be in trouble from what little he had heard and his Aunt still had three other teachers to talk to.

Petunia turned and strode into the public park closest to the school. It was a overcast and drizzly day and the park was deserted. She spun on her heel and opened her mouth when Harry lifted his hand to give a small wave.

"You don't need to worry about my school results Aunt Petunia."

Petunia blinked. She was sure she had come her to talk about them, but now she was wondering why she had bothered.

"I'm not worried about your school results harry."

"What? But..." Dudley asked in a confused manner. He had been looking for to laughing when his mum lay into Harry about getting a better mark than him.

"You don't care about my school results either Dudley."

"Oh…. right.. yeah I don't care." Dudley gave Harry a stupefied smile. Harry thought it suited him.

Both his Aunt Petunia and Dudley stood still for a moment staring at him before Harry realised that they were still somewhat hypnotised by his use of the force. He wondered how much he could get away and then decided what the hell. He'd go for broke.

"We'll go home now and you'll both decide not to bother me as much anymore. Aunt Petunia you will tell Vernon that you'd prefer to have me around less and doing less of the house work as you are tired of having to redo my shoddy work. You will ask me to spend more of my time outside the house or doing my own thing. Dudley you will ignore me as much as possible and leave all my stuff along."

Petunia nodded at Harry , "Harry. I want you to start spend more time outside and not getting under my feet."

Dudley just turned and his face returned to it's normal whiny expression, "Can we go home now mum? I want to watch TV! I'm bored!"

Petunia nodded and left the park with a brisk walk, "Come on Dudley. Harry, dinner will be at 6:30. Don't be late."

She strode off leaving a slightly surprised and very pleased Harry behind.

That evening Harry confirmed that Uncle Vernon was just as weak-minded as his Aunt and Dudley. He wasn't sure how weak-minded a person needed to be before his powers would work so endeavoured to only use it on only the most foolish of people. He wouldn't describe any of his teachers as lacking in judgement or good sense, one of the dictionary definitions for weak-minded, and didn't want to say anything weird and ruin his reputation just after it had finally improved.

- There is no try -

That christmas Harry received his very first presents from the Dursleys. A collection of Star Wars related books including the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. Of course he chose all the books and used the force to suggest to Aunt Petunia that it would be nice to buy them. At this time Harry was pretty sure that there must be a real Jedi or at least someone with the same powers as him out there using the movies and books to spread his knowledge to those interested. That he had been unable to find any non-fiction reference to the powers suggested that he also should keep his powers secret. He hoped he was not the only one with such powers that had discovered the truth.

He had joined the Star Wars fan club and got the newsletter but had been unable to find anything that suggested that anyone else had similar powers. The few that spoke openly about their powers came across as childish or liars and Harry didn't want to be associated with them. If there were others like him out there he was sure they would be more capable of finding him than he would be of finding them. He did however send in a couple of letters for the newsletter with what he thought were very subtle messages in how wonderful he thought it would be to have such powers to help solve the worlds problems. Nothing came of them.

Undeterred Harry continued his training and learning. With the guidance from the roleplaying game he decide that he currently was a youngling and until he was training with a sword he couldn't really call himself even a self trained initiate. Some research led him to believe that one of the Filipino martial arts like Arnis or Escrima would be closest to what he wanted, however being that there was no such school nearby he satisfied himself by having Aunt Petunia enrol him in both a Karate and a Kung Fu class. As with everything he now put his mind to he put in many hours into the study of both. He initially thought it would be confusing to learn the two different styles and had planned to drop one once he had decided which we most appropriate. However they were distinct enough that in the end he decided to keep up with both.

It wasn't until his tenth birthday that he first started thinking of himself as a true initiate rather than a youngling. He had advanced relatively quickly in both his martial arts and they had started instructing him on the use of weapons. The sword was only one a few that he was been taught but he considered it enough that he was finally learning the majority of what he should be. At school he was top of his year in maths and science and in the top five for the rest of his subjects. He was aware that he could have done better but even with his reduced need for sleep there just didn't seem to be enough hours in the day after all his force and physical training or subjects that had no real relevance to the Jedi way. He now slept no longer than six hours a night and found that he was fine with as little as four as long as he didn't continue it for more than two nights at a time.

Anyone visiting No 4 Privet Drive for the first time in a couple of years might not have recognised the family that now lived there. After much soul searching and watching Star Wars IV many times he had followed Obi-Wan's example and did his best to help his relatives. A few suggestions had been all it had taken for Dudley to start eating properly and study harder. It had been harder work to change his Uncle into the person he was now proud to call family. It wasn't until Vernon had received a glowing performance review and a significant promotion that Vernon stopped fighting against Harry's suggestions teaching Harry a valuable lesson on how much easier it was to use his powers to influence someone when you weren't fighting against their natural instincts.

Harry's careful experimentation with this led him to discover that his powers also worked on animals and that he could even use it wordlessly on both animals and people and though it was significantly less effective when he did it that way it was a lot less obvious. A significant advantage. His testing with animals also led him to the discovery that he could speak to snakes. Strangely, as he discovered after much confusion, he worked out that it wasn't that the snake that could understand his English, rather that he could speak the language of snakes. No matter how many books he research he couldn't find any connection between that and Star Wars or even the so called real world supernatural powers. Not in the way he could do it. It was a true mystery. The snakes for their part couldn't explain it and it was almost as if they weren't fully aware of themselves until after he first spoke to them.

Harry now had two small Kingsnakes that lived in a large tank in one corner of his room. A room that he had been able to call his own for a few years now. His cupboard was just a bad memory and one that didn't disturb his dreams at all. The two snakes, who he had named Han and Leia, were his best friends though thankfully no longer his only friends. He had even struck up an almost friendship with his cousin Dudley. Dudley had been most impressed with Harry had introduced the much reduced but still bulky boy to karate. Dudley was keen to try boxing but there were no appropriate classes in the area and Harry had suggested karate as an interim measure. The kids at school were friendly with him for the most part but Harry never saw any of them as close friends. He had different interests than them and was a little too focused for them to be comfortable around him for too long.