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After Olive and Fletcher figured out, that they should be mad at China and not at at each other for trying to manipulate each other, they try to make their relationship work for real this time but what if it doesn't work like expected? Are they really meant to be and can China help them, with their relationship?

Olive's POV:

Fletcher and I just let China alone with jumping off the A.N.T. Building into the cactus garden after we realized that we shouldn't be mad at each other. It was stupid to test Fletcher. He did like me and he just wanted to show me that I had no reason to be afraid. I hoped that it'll stay that way because I really liked him. I didn't realize at first, and yeah, studies prove that it's hard to keep a relationship at 14 for a long time, but I did want to give it a real chance. At least I thought that I really should do that. Even Fletcher deserved that chance. Okay, even Fletcher wasn't something I could say anymore. I really like him and it just had to work.

''Olive?'' Fletcher suddenly brought me out of my thoughts and I quickly shook my head.

''Yes?'' I replied, trying to stay calm. He made me all bubbly inside, and I actually hated that, especially after Dixon. But I couldn't help it.

He gave me one of his adorable half smiles and then said to me, ''I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I didn't sincerely apologize and that's what I really should do. I shouldn't have done that.''

I sighed and then replied, ''Fletcher, I acted stupid, too. I should have trusted you a-''

Fletcher cut me off, ''No. You had all rights to do that after I was in love with China for so long but she really doesn't mean anything to me anymore.''

Inside, I made a happy dance again, as he said that like the first time he said it.

I walked the last step to him and then told him, ''I forgive you, as long as you forgive me too. I acted stupid too. I just didn't want to get dumped again after the thing with Dixon, even though that's no excuse.''

I looked down at that and then I felt Fletcher's hand on my shoulder, causing me to look up again.

''Hey, I understand you, and I forgive you too. I really want to make this work, and I know that we can do that.'' He said to me and I nodded, smiling.

Then we hugged. I loved our hugs.

We just stood there for a while, hugging as suddenly the window went open again and China quickly climbed through it and closed it.

Probably because of Angus.

''Awwww, you guys made up!'' She exclaimed happily, and Fletcher and I broke apart, a bit mad that she ruined the moment.

''Well, but I'm still mad at you for what you did to me!'' China quickly added and Fletcher and I looked at each other afraid.

And then, we ran away, hoping that China wouldn't catch us.

That girl was pretty quick if she wanted to be, and we really had to worry. She seemed really, really mad.

We ran and ran and at some point, China was out of sight and we caught our breath in the courtyard.

I was pretty exhausted and Fletcher was too.

I sighed and told him, ''I guess that I'll go upstairs and talk to China. Maybe we shouldn't have been that mad at her. She also just tried to help.''

Fletcher nodded and added, ''Yeah that's true. Well and I still have to talk to Angus. That guy goes crazy with China now and he really doesn't seem to get anything. Besides, we kinda still wanted to play that new g-''

I rolled my eyes at him but interrupted him, ''Just go. Have fun.''

Fletcher smiled at me, kissed my cheek and then said to me, ''I see you tomorrow.''

With that, he walked away.

My cheek was tingling from his kiss and I sighed happily.

''Wow, I never thought that you would really be head over heels for Fletcher. I mean it's cute but also kinda weird at the same time.'' China stated, coming up to me and I looked afraid at her.

China laughed and told me, ''Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything. I guess we're even now?'' The second sentence she said more as a question.

I nodded and we hugged. I was glad that everything was good now.

As we broke apart, China asked me, ''You really do like Fletcher, don't you?''

I nodded and replied, ''Yes. I do like Fletcher out of some crazy reason that I can't explain.''

China and I chuckled at that. Then she looked up to the sky, and I now realized how late it already was, since it was so dark.

''How about we go to our rooms and get some sleep? It was a really long day.'' I asked China, who nodded immediately and yawned.

''Sounds good to me.'' She replied grinning, and then we made our way to our room.

Fletcher's POV:

After I walked away from Olive, I made my way to my room that I was sharing with Angus. Poor guy. He didn't have luck with any girl. Well, I also needed a while to find the right girl, but Angus... Well, it was his thing who he was running after, but China? That would probably be even more impossible than that China would have feelings for me. I shook my head chuckling. I couldn't believe that I chased after China all of that time, even though Olive was also there. Olive was so... different to China, but also somehow better.

She wanted me too, and I really meant it as I said that I'll always be there for her.

She meant a lot to me. Like REALLY a lot.

I smiled at the thought, just as I opened the door to my room, where Angus was sitting on his bed, playing a game on his laptop or whatever he was doing.

''Hey Angus.'' I greeted him and he looked up, not looking sad at all, even though he got dumped by China again. I'll never get this guy.

''Hey, Fletcher. What's up?'' He replied, in a good mood .

''Nothing, I was just with Olive in the courtyard a- Aren't you even a bit upset that China dumped you again?'' I replied, just blurting the question out.

Angus shook his head, grinning.

''Why should I be? I just try again and fail again. Like you always did, until you stole my Olive!'' He exclaimed, now getting a bit mad and I just rolled my eyes.

That boy really was unbelievable.

''Olive is not yours! Olive is together with me and we're happy! Get over it, Angus!'' I exclaimed, a bit mad.

Olive was mine, not his. She was my girlfriend an I really liked her.

Angus couldn't even understand, what I felt for Olive.

Angus didn't say anything. He just shrugged and went back to his game.

Normally, I would've asked if I could play with him but I was angry at him now for saying what he said.

Well, it was Angus but still.

I sighed and sat down on my bed, thinking about what happened today.

Olive really thought that I was still in love with China.

Well, I really got over China overnight, but now, all I could think about was Olive.

Her beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes and the crazy, sometimes mean but still amazing personality.

I was glad that I kissed Olive on the cheek that night, even though it was more an accident.

I sighed happily at the thought and Angus looked weird to me.

''I do understand that you're totally in to her, but if you're already stealing my girl, could you stop daydreaming about her when we're in the same room? Draw a picture and distract yourself or something like this.'' He told me.

I rolled my eyes at him and just wanted to say something back, as I had a second thought.

The idea with the picture sounded definitely amazing.

Maybe I could draw one for Olive, to show her how much I like her.

I put out my new paint supplies and put everything up at my easel. What could I draw for Olive?

Then suddenly I got the perfect idea. She just had to like it.