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Olive's POV:

''Yes, he does. The thing in the cinema really was an accident, Olive. He is totally crushed and he didn't know, how to cope with all of this. He really wants to leave the A.N.T. Farm tomorrow , because of all of this.'' China replied and I looked at her shocked, again.

I totally forgot that. I had to hold him up, from going away tomorrow.

Especially now, that I knew the truth and I knew, that he did want me. I couldn't let him go!

''I have to find Fletcher and talk to him!'' I cried and then ran out of our room.

China cried after me, ''Good Luck!'' but I didn't even turn around.

Fletcher couldn't go beause of me. Not, after all what he did because of me.

I ran to his and Angus room but neither him or Angus were there.

Where could he be? Did he already leave today?

No, his things were still there.

I started to think and then it seemed to make click. I knew where he was. I took the room- a – vator and to the courtyard.

There was sitting Fletcher, his head down. I almost broke at the sight.

I didn't really know, what to say or to make him look up, so I said the first thing that came in to my mind.

''Hey Fletcher.'' I greeted him, hesitant.

Shortly before at the courtyard

Fletcher's POV:

I was just sitting at the courtyard alone, being totally finished and just waiting for tomorrow to come. I had already called my mom and she had told me that I should sleep a night over it and not to rush anything, but I was pretty sure. I didn't want to stay here. Not after all that happened. I couldn't believe the whole thing still. In the matter of two days, everything crushed down, and that only because of my love to Olive. I didn't regret it to love her, but I shouldn't have showed my feelings. That only caused huge troubles now, and I couldn't make it undone.

I groaned at the thought and buried my head in my hands.

I would call my mom tomorrow again and she had to pick me up.

I couldn't stand this anymore. Not after what happened.

I was brokenhearted and nothing would help. Except, maybe- No, Olive wouldn't forgive me. She hated me and she said that herself.

Wow, I never thought that something like that will happen.

I should've had stayed single and not had dated one of my best friends.

Feelings for other people suck and I just had to learn that once more.

I groaned again, just as the room- a- vator made ping and someone walked out.

I ignored it, hoping the person would just walk on.

Then suddenly, someone greeted me hesitantly, ''Hey Fletcher.''

My eyes went wide and I looked up to see Olive standing there.

She didn't look better than me at all and she had also really red puffy eyes, now that I could see her better.

What was she doing here and why was she so shy? Olive was never shy.

That was one of the things I loved about her.

Why was she even here?

Well, but I didn't really have the strength to fight again and simply replied, ''Hey.''

I didn't look at her. I just kept looking down and Olive sat down to me.

''China told me what really happened.'' Olive stated and my eyes went wide.

Great. Is she now going to make fun of me and tell me how stupid I actually am that I didn't even get one date right?

I knew that I was stupid, but it was already bad enough to hear one time out of her mouth that she hated me.

I didn't need that and even more again.

Well, but Olive didn't laugh at all. She just still sat there, not saying anything.

''Why aren't you laughing?'' I asked her bitterly, and this time, I looked up but immediately regretted it, as I stared in to her hurt, beautiful blue eyes.

''Because, I might be sorry too, and I want to know from you if what China said is true. Was it really all an accident? I saw the picture you painted for me. Did you really mean what was there on the note?'' She asked me and I looked at her in shock.

She already seemed kinda sure about it but she wanted to hear it from me.

I sighed, then a took a deep breath and replied, ''Yes, it was an accident Olive. I really wanted to make this work between us and I just totally screwed it up. I didn't do anything with you the whole week because of the picture and because I just wanted to make everything perfect. Well, but I totally screwed everything up and the picture isn't even that good. Seems like I'm not that talented.''

Olive's POV:

He sighed, took a deep breath and replied, ''Yes, it was an accident Olive. I really wanted to make this work between us and I just totally screwed it up. I didn't do anything with you the whole week because of the picture and because I just wanted to make everything perfect. Well, but I totally screwed everything up and the picture isn't even that good. Seems like I'm not that talented.'' My eyes went wide at this. I could see that he really meant it, but it was stupid that he thought that the picture wasn't beautiful. It was more than beautiful. It was beyond that and he should actually know that.

''That's not true. I know that I never really complimented any of your things or something like that or really gave you a credit for them, but the picture was really just, wow, Fletcher. I loved it and the note as well.'' I told him.

Fletcher looked even more shocked at me and I gave him a weak smile.

I really meant what I had said and I wanted him to believe me.

Even though I didn't want to believe him at first, but I did now.

I was stupid to think that he was lying, and I could see that now.

Fletcher did want me and I only returned his feelings.

Or at least, I thought that he wants me.

Did he really still do that?

Worries were coming again. What if it was too late?

I sighed and stood up and Fletcher looked confused at me.

I added to him, ''Well, I wanted to know the truth and to tell you the truth about my feelings. I still really like you, and Fletcher, I don't want you to go. I don't know if it's too late for a relationship, but please don't leave the A.N.T. Farm because of me. I would miss you like crazy.''

Then I walked up to the side where he kissed me on the cheek for the first time and sighed, feeling tears in my eyes again.

Was it really all over? I didn't want it to be over. I wanted us to be a couple again.

The thing with the cinema only happened yesterday but it already felt like an eternity.

After that picture, I couldn't just go back to normal and pretend like nothing happened, but if that was the only chance that Fletcher would stay here.

''You know.'' Fletcher said and stood up, walking up to me, while I looked confused at him. ''It actually gave me two things that I wanted to do at the movies with you.''

I looked confused at him. What did he mean with that.

''What for things?'' I asked him, confused.

Fletcher now stood right in front of me.

Then he replied, ''First of all, I wanted you to have the best evening of your live and an unforgettable date with an unforgettable present, and second, I wanted to -''

He suddenly stopped and I looked even more puzzled.

''What second? Flet-'' But then I suddenly was cut off, by Fletcher.

He had put his arms around my waist, and drown me closer to him and then had kissed me, cutting me off.

My eyes went wide but then immediately went shut and I kissed back.

Fireworks were exploding in my head and Fletcher smiled against my lips.

It was even better, than I imagined and our lips moved in perfect rhythm with each other.

My arms were meanwhile around his neck and we just stood there for a while, kissing.

It was magical and like the picture, he drawn me. Just perfect.

As we broke apart for air, Fletcher told me, ''And second, I wanted to kiss you.''

I rolled my eyes and punched him playfully in the shoulder, while he winced.

Then he took my hands and said to me, ''Olive, I do still love you and I want us to be together again. Would you give us a second chance. I promise, to make it better this time.''

My eyes went wide again but I was happy. That was music in my ears.

I pecked him on the cheek and replied, ''I'd love to, and I love you, too, Fletcher.''

Then he leaned in and kissed me again, while I kissed happily back.

I was completely wrong. Fletcher was the perfect boyfriend and I could see that now.

I didn't want to have anyone else but him, forever.

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