Chapter 1


"Get Up!" I heard someone shout. Yawning I opened one eye and wondered what was going on. Suddenly I heard Yushin voice yelling at someone to get out of his room. Sitting up I shook my head and mumbled "Idoit". Deciding I better get up and get going for school seeing as I had volleyball practice this morning. As I was packing my bag for practice my door open glaring up I saw a person in an apron standing in my door way, the person was tall and thin as I kept looking up into the person face shock and surprise took over inside of me as my heart started racing. Could it be Nobara was standing in front of me? The girl who had stolen my heart when we were in fifth grade, it was because of Nobara I was never lonely, I could always smile even though I couldn't play with the other kids. Nobara was always number one for me she is my world. I started playing volleyball because of her because I wanted to stand next to her and share that number one spot with her.

Even though inside I was jumping for joy to see her on the outside I played it cool and cold, I wanted her to recognize me. "Ah Haibuki-kun right" I nodded my head; a smile appeared on her face as she got excited. "Yah I got it right! I remembered your name. Im Sumiyoshi Nobara, I'll be working as the dorm mother from now on. Nice to meet you." She didn't remember who I was, but she will in time I'll make sure of it, I'll also make sure she mine and mine alone. Standing up I walked past her out the door heading for the school to start practice.