Southern Heat

Chapter Sixteen

Jesse sat at the table inside a small drab room. He stares at his reflection in the one way mirror. He couldn't quite understand how he came to be here. The tape he had made was supposes to keep all the heat of him and on the Reverend. It had always been the plan to let him fall for everything if they were ever caught. He hasn't said a word since that Yankee cop put the cuffs on him and read him his rights and he wasn't going to say anything when they come in to question him. It's not that he's scared of JP Livingston, he just wants to screw with the Yankee cop and her fancy partner.

Rick, Kate and Will stands in the observation room, watching Jesse. "He's relaxed." Rick says, as Will rolls his eyes.

"You want to state something…."
"Will! Let it go." Kate says, turning to Rick. "Are you ready?"

"Wait, you're going in there with him."

"Yes, he's my partner." Kate says, turning to Rick.

"Actually, I think it would be more productive if Will goes in with you. He's relaxed Kate. He thinks he can either talk his way out of this or put it all off on the Reverend. And beside I think he thinks he's smarter than us."

"Okay." Kate says, turning to Will. "Are you ready?"

"Sure." Will says, trying but failing to keep the cockiness out of his tone. Shaking her head, Kate leaves the observation room. Will follows closely behind her.

Kate opens the door and walks into the room. Jesse watches her until he sees the other man that was with them when they came to arrest him. "Where's your side kick? The famous author can't hack it with the big boys."

Kate doesn't reply as she and Will take the seats opposite Jesse. Rick was right. He was expecting the two of them to question him and adding Will was enough to throw him off. Kate opens the file lying before her. She enjoys the heightened tension that comes from the silence. Most suspects can't handle it. Finally she looks up. "I see here that you've been on that side of the table quite a few times Mr. Williams."

"All for bogus charges, the cops in this town got to past the time some way."

"So you're saying they pass it by harassing you?" Will asks. Jesse looks at him. "You have two felony assault charges, an attempted murder charge, and three solicitation charges. And that's only on the first page, Mr. Williams."

"None of them stuck, did they?"

"And that has me curious, why didn't they? How can a guy such as you get past two felony assault charges and an attempted murder charge? You must have a very good lawyer." Kate says, as Jesse turns his attention back to her. "And that's the case, isn't it Mr. Williams. You have a very good lawyer. He works for one of the most prestigious law firms in Dallas. But I'm curious how can you afford their prices." Jesse doesn't answer. "I mean I looked over your financials Mr. Williams. You've basically got nothing. Everything you have, came from your former wife, my murder victim."

"So?" Jesse replies.

"I'm curious, what is the connection between you and Reverend Sanders?"

"I told I don't have a connection. I never spoke to the man after Tiff ran off."

"It doesn't add up, Mr. Williams. You claim to have no contact with Reverend Sanders once your ex-wife left you. But according you and Captain Mills no one inside Reverend Sanders's church is allowed to associate with anyone outside of it. So that leaves the question of how did you end up married to my victim?"

Jesse simply looks at her but doesn't reply. "You see this is what I think. You're some how connected to Livingston International, but what I can't figure out is how Reverend Sanders figures into it. He's the odd sock if you will." Kate says, watching Jesse.

"You know, I think I can explain the connection between Reverend Sanders and Jesse for you Detective Beckett." Will says, as Kate glances at him. "I've done a little digging into your connections to Celina, Mr. Williams. You really don't have any. You were not born here but you are connected to this town aren't you Mr. Williams. You are also a victim of the accident that killed your ex-wife's parents." Kate just looks at Will. "The difference is your father was only passing through this town that night. He was trying to get home to you and your mother before your sister was born isn't that right, Mr. Williams." Will says, looking at Jesse while Kate turns her attention back to her suspect. Jesse doesn't answer him. "You went to work for JP Livingston and when he mentioned needing to make some "charitable investments" you thought about Reverend Sanders's church back here in Celina. And you didn't care if the accident was actually Reverend Sanders's fault, that accident killed your father, which destroyed your family and you wanted revenge." Will says. They both watch as Jesse's jaw clinches.

"When JP Livingston approached Reverend Sanders about his charitable investments, Reverend Sanders turned him down, but then you talked to him. And you showed him all the articles from the county paper from that accident and you reminded him that perception is everything but it is especially true in a small town." Kate says, going along with Will.

"I'm sure Reverend Sanders probably still grumbled but he knew if another round of articles were to come out about how he had that accident staged to bring Tiffany and her parents into his congregation, he knew it would ruin his life and his "church", so he agreed." Will says, as there's a knock on the door and it's opened by one of the Celina detectives.

"I'm sorry to interrupt." He says. "Detective Beckett, there is a phone call for you. It's from New York."

Kate looks at Will and then nods. Standing up, they follow the Detective out of the room. Rick is standing at the door. He follows Kate, Will and the Celina Detective over to one of the empty desks. "Thanks." Kate says, picking up the phone.

"It's on line three." The detective replies.

Nodding, Kate pushes the button to connect that call while Rick moves in closer to her. "Detective Beckett." Kate says, as the call connects.

"Yo boss." Espo says. "Your hunch paid off."

"What did you find Espo?"

"I sent uni's to sweep all three airports. I coordinated with the Newark PD to cover that airport. And the Newark PD found a 9mm handgun in a trashcan outside their terminal. They rushed it to us and CSU has it now and they are processing it to see if it matches the slugs Lanie pulled from our victims. I haven't pulled our Uni's back until we have confirmation as to whether it's our murder weapon. But if it is, I have to say that is the lousiest dump job I've ever seen for a murder weapon.

Newark PD said it was laying on top of all the trash."

"I suppose we're lucky the trash hadn't been pulled."

"Newark PD said that the airport PD said that, that particular can gets skipped a lot."

"Good work, Espo. Let me know when you get the report back. As it stands now, I only have the word of Reverend Sanders that our suspect is the one that pulled the trigger. The rest of the evidence is less than circumstantial. Without the murder weapon, we've only got a case of he said, he said."

"Understood, boss."

"And Espo, have CSU take the gun apart and look for DNA. I doubt with it being in the trashcan for close to a week there will be any usable prints left if there were any in the first place."

"I'll call them as soon as we finish. Is there anything else?"

"No, good work and thanks."

"I'll call with the results as soon as I have them." Espo says. They hang up.

"I'm guessing you heard all that." Kate says, turning to Rick.

"Yeah, but why the DNA tests?"

"I was looking at Jesse's knuckles and he has a small cut on his right forefinger. It's a gamble but he may have gotten it while cleaning a gun."
"Even if the gun is the murder weapon, without finger prints to prove that the gun is his, you need something to connect it to him." Rick says.

"Yes, and if there's blood on any part of that gun then we can test to see if it matches his."

"I don't think, he's going to give up his DNA?"

"We won't have too. We already have it."

"His house, his toothbrush or hairbrush."

"Exactly." Kate says, turning to walk back to the interrogation room.

"Another thing, I noticed you're not asking him any questions. I know you're just getting started, but…."

"I don't believe he's going to give us anything. We have Reverend Sanders's statement, and once these tests come in, if it gives us the right evidence we won't need a confession from him."

"We'll have all the proof we need once the tests come back, if it gives us the right answers so wouldn't it be prudent to try and get him to confess as well." Will asks.

"We could spend days trying, but I don't think he'll break. It's not that he's afraid of Livingston. It's that he thinks he's smarter than all of us. He's beyond arrogant. So he's not going to talk."

"Are you going to tell him about Reverend Sanders's statement?" Will asks.

"No." Kate says

"Alright, I'll be watching." Rick says, as they stop by the door leading to the observation room. Nodding, Kate gives him a soft smile before she continues on into interrogation with Will following behind them. One thing he can see about Kate's relationship with Rick, they play well off each other. Jesse is sitting in the same place when they walk back into the room. They take their seats as Jesse glances between them. 'Let's continue." Kate says. "So, Mr. Williams you're father was killed in the accident that left your late ex-wife an orphan, when did you find that out?" Jesse only looks at her

"It's a simple question." Will says.

"I found out right after I met her." Jesse says.

"I guess that's how you both ended up together then?" Kate asks.

"It brought us closer but it wasn't the only reason I was with her."

"But she still left you, why?" Kate asks.

"Like I said, she was hell bent on exposing the Reverend. She wanted the world to know what he really was."

"Captain Mills seems to think she was satisfied and happy living with her aunt." Kate says.

"The Captain wouldn't know a lie if it came up to him and punched him. Tiff had to make him believe everything was alright. Her aunt watched her every move."

"So if she was afraid and she played along, why the change of heart?" Kate asks, as Jesse looks away for a moment.

"The news story that the Dallas TV station did on small town churches. She hated having to pretend that everything was alright when they interviewed everyone."

"So she decided to write the book, expose Reverend Sanders and his church and along with that the connection to JP Livingston." Kate says but Jesse doesn't reply.

"How exactly is Reverend Sanders become involved with Livingston International?" Will asks, as Jesse looks at him. "Is it like it was stated before? JP Livingston approached him and Reverend Sanders turned the offer down, so you were sent in to make him see that light as it were." Will asks, but receives no answer.

They go on for another thirty minutes to an hour with Kate and Will trying to get Jesse to admit anything pertaining to the murders with no results. Will is getting frustrated and Kate is as well but not for the same reasons as Will. After listening to some of Will's questions, it's clear that he's not getting anywhere with his investigation and he wants to use this interrogation to lead to new investigative avenues, otherwise he's going to be on his way back to DC and then to a new field office since his stint up in Boston was coming to a close when he caught this case.

Kate is looking for another line of questioning when there's another knock on the door. Turning when the door opens, she's not surprised to see the same detective waiting for them. "You have another call, Detective Beckett." He says, glancing at the two men sitting with her.

"Thank you." Kate says, standing up. "Mr. Williams we will be back shortly." Kate says, turning to leave. She walks towards the same desk she used before with Will and Rick following behind her. Rick moves in beside her. Picking up the phone, she pushes the button for the line that's blinking. "Espo?"

"Yeah boss, I had CSU rush the tests on the gun. It is the murder weapon and like you asked, I had them check for DNA. There was minuscule amount of blood on the slide mechanism. They ran a DNA test on it and they got a match." Esposito says.

"How, they didn't have anything to compare it to? The comparable samples are here with us."

"The match was already in the system."

"To whom does the sample match?" Rick asks, as Will looks at him while Kate just shakes her head with a slight smile playing at her lips. Rick smiles at her.

"The match came back to a Jesse Williams, our victim's ex-husband."

"That proves he committed the murder then." Will says.

"That proves that his gun was used. We have to tie him to the gun and the place where the bodies were found. Espo, have Ryan track down the video footage around the time of the murder. I want to have a documented timeline from the time the murder happened until the gun was dumped in Newark. So you'll need to coordinate with the Newark and airport PD to get a complete timeline. In the mean time, I have an arrest to make." Kate says, looking at Will and Rick.

"I'll tell Ryan." Espo says.

"And tell Gates as well."

"Do you want me to contact Mrs. R and tell her that you've arrested...?"

"I'll do that Espo." Rick says.

"Alright." He says. I'll see you both in a few hours then."

"Good work Espo." Kate says, before she hangs up. "Rick, you're with me."


"Will, he's been with me for every arrest I've made for five years. He's going in with me." She stands up and turns to walk back towards the interrogation room, leaving Will standing beside the desk. Rick opens the door for her. Jesse looks up when the door opens. He opens his mouth to say something but quickly shuts is when he sees Rick following Kate into the room. "Mr. Williams, would you please stand up?"

"Why?" Jesse asks.

"You are under arrest for the murder of your ex-wife Tiffany Williams and the murder of Whitney Parker Peyton Rodgers." Kate says.

"Wait, I didn't kill anybody."

"I don't need to ask you any questions. I have the gun you used to kill the victims. I have your DNA on that gun and I have a statement from Reverend Sanders stating that he never told you to kill either of them..."

"I have him recorded."

"We listened to the tape." Rick says, as Jesse looks at him. "Oh and we had the FBI analyze it. They were able to find all the evidence needed to prove that the tape had been tampered with before it was given to the police." Jesse looks at them and they can see that he's trying to find a way out of this predicament.

"She wouldn't let it go, even when she found out that he didn't arrange the accident that killed her parents. She hated living with her aunt. That woman was a cold bitch to her, treated her like she wasn't worth the dirt that sticks to gum that's stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Mable hated being saddled with her. She wanted to prove that Reverend Sanders was dirty. When JP found out that she was interviewing people that left the church, looking for dirt he panicked. He told me to handle it. I went to the Reverend. I figured Tiff went to him before she left, to confronted him about all the hell Mable put her through growing up. He knew about how she was treated, hell the whole town suspected, but no one did anything about it. When I confronted him, he insisted that he didn't know where she was."

"How did you find her?" Rick asks.

"JP was getting anxious about the interviews she had done. We hadn't heard anything for months but he wasn't satisfied with just letting it go. He wanted all her information. One night, I caught a clip about returning troops from Afghanistan and in the background I caught a glimpse of Tiff. It was the first lead I'd had in months. I had to do something. So I went back to the Reverend and I told him that I had found her. He told me to handle it how I thought it needed to be handled but that he wasn't involved with it. So I headed off to New York to track her down. I founded her living outside Fort Drum. When she saw me, she panicked and ran. With a little time, I was able to weasel out some of her friends and they told me that she had a boyfriend. I waited around for several days, and he finally showed up. I confronted him about being with my wife, but he didn't back down when I told to stop seeing her. He left after that and I followed him for a couple days. But he got past me.

I knew that Tiff wanted to go to the City. She talked about it a couple times, about how she wanted to get away from her aunt and the Reverend and see some of the world. She had a list of places she wanted to go and New York City was at the top. So when I figured out that her boyfriend had left I figured I would go there, see if she was stupid enough to try and hide from me there. It took me about another week to pick up their trail and when I did it was the night he proposed to her. I watched him do it, right out there in the middle of Central Park.

When they left the park, I followed them. They went to dinner and then took a walk through Time Square. They were never by themselves long enough for me to approach them until late that night. Well I guess it was early that morning. I snuck up on them. They were hanging all over each other, kissin and everything, it was disgusting. They were so distracted with each other, that I was able to walk right up to them. He stared at me, shock written all over his face. Tiff started to plead to let them go and I wanted to hit her so bad, but he stepped between us. I yelled at him to move but he refused. I threatened to kill him, he still wouldn't move. So I had to shoot him. When he dropped, Tiff screamed and then she took off running so I had to kill her too." Jesse says, sinking into the chair.

"If you were only there to get her research why didn't you stick around to find it?" Rick asks.

"Hello, I had to dead bodies on my hands. I had to get out of town. And besides with her dead, no more investigation, no more book. The issue was solved." Jesse says, sitting back.

"Mr. Williams, please stand up." Kate says, getting up. She and Rick had both sat down when Jesse started to talk. "You are under arrest for the murder of Tiffany Williams and Whitney Parker Peyton Rodgers. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to have an attorney present with you during questioning. If you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by a court of law. Do you understand these rights?"

"Yes." Jesse says quietly. The arrogance leaving him as Kate snaps the cuffs around his wrists. She leads him out of the room and hands him over to the waiting officer. "Put him in a separate cell from the Reverend." She says, as the officer nods. Will walks out of the observation room.

"I guess that concludes my investigation as well."

"You're not going to pursue Livingston International?"

"No, I'll recommend to keep a couple of agents here to watch JP Livingston, but I don't think there is any chance of getting something criminal on him. He's more immoral than illegal. Besides, eventually the SEC will step in if they think he's being unethical." Will says, as Kate nods.

Will turns away as Kate turns to Rick. "I guess I should've taken you in there in the first place."

"Oh you were right, he wouldn't've broken without being forced to face the fact that we had all the evidence we needed to convict him. So what are we going to do now?"

"I have to make arrangements to get them back to New York." She says, looking at him.

"This means we're flying in coach, doesn't it."

"NYPD will pay for the flight and they're not going to spring for first class Rick. If you want to upgrade..."

"I'm not leaving alone in coach with those two." Rick says, as she opens her mouth. "You can handle yourself, I get it. I'm still not leaving you alone with them."

"Thanks." She says, stepping up and laying her hand on his chest.

"What do you say we get out of here? Maybe go do something in Dallas."

"I have prisoners to make arrangements for."

"And that will take what a phone call to Gates. And then a conversation with Captain Mills about arranging transfer of the evidence we collected from our victim's house."

"They also need to be guarded while they're..."

"They can stay here with the officers guarding them. We'll come back to get them in the morning before our flight."

"Castle, we..."

"It's one night Kate. We've been here for several days and if anything happens we are forty five minutes away."

"What did you have in mind?"

"I… I don't know." He says, looking a little shocked that she said yes and he doesn't have anything in mind for them to do. "Honestly, I thought you would shoot me down." He says, as she looks at him.

"I do that a lot don't I." She says, laying her hand on his arm while he shrugs. "I'll make and effort to be more spontaneous, okay."

"Alright, I'll Google things to do in Dallas and see what we can find."

"Okay. I'll get busy on the calls and get the ball rolling on going back home." She sits down at the desk she used to talk with Espo. He settles in beside her. Googling attractions in Dallas while she makes her calls. A little bit later, she's finishing up her call to Gates. When she hangs up, she notices him sitting beside her and she smiles as he looks up.

"What?" He asks, catching the smile.

"Just noticed how you're beside me even when we're not working at the precinct." She says, nodding towards where he's sitting.

He looks down and then smiles. "Yeah, I guess I am. Are you finished?"

"Let me talk to Captain Mills and then we can go."

"Okay." She gets up and walks towards Captain Mills's office while he continues to search for attractions in Dallas. Thirty minutes later, she walks out of the Captains office. "Let's go." She says, standing up, he follows her out of the station.

"Are you ready to have some fun?" He asks, as they pull away from the station. She looks at him and smiles.

The next morning, Rick slowly wakes up. Reaching over, he finds Kate's not in bed with him. Sitting up, he looks around the room as he squints his eyes against the sunlight coming in through the open blinds. Pushing the covers back, he crawls out of the bed and shuffles over to the window. He's in the processes of closing the blinds when Kate comes in. "Hey." She says. She sees him flinch as he turns to her. "Sorry." She says, lowering her voice. "Here." She says, handing him a cup of coffee and some pills.

"What's that?"

"Well, that's coffee and the pills are vitamins, actually B-vitamins. And once you've had a shower and something to eat. I have some water for you." She says. Her tone still low.

"How did we get back...?"

"I drove us back."

"Did we...?"

"No, you actually passed out as soon as we got back to the room."

"Ah, Kate. I'm..."

"It's okay Castle. I had fun last night. But we need to get everything together and get to Celina to pick up the Reverend and Jesse so that we can make our flight, so maybe you might want to get in the shower."

He nods walking towards the bathroom. He's about halfway there when he stops and turns. "Did I ride a bull?"


"I distinctly remember a bull."

"It was a mechanical bull and I wouldn't let you." She says, as he looks at her. "You were… well you weren't drunk but you had had a few and I didn't want to see you get hurt."

"But wasn't there someone there, a guy, he..."

"There was a guy there and he tried to convince you to ride. I wouldn't let you so I rode in your place."

"You rode a bull and I missed it."

"I doubt you missed it. You videoed it on your phone." She says, a smirk on her face. He starts looking around for his phone. "We don't have time for you to watch it, prisoners to pick up and a plane to catch, besides I'm not sure I can handle how that's going to affect you, so we'll watch it later."

"Promise." He asks, looking at her.

"I promise, shower." She asks, nodding towards the shower.

While Rick's in the shower, Kate calls Captain Mills. After a couple rings, she's put through. "Morning, Detective Beckett." Captain Mills says.

"Good morning, Captain Mills. I'm calling to let you know that we'll be leaving our hotel in about thirty minutes to an hour. Can you have the prisoners ready in that time?"

"They'll be ready and I'll have my best officers escort you and Mr. Castle to the airport."

"Thank you." Kate says, as the water turns off in the bathroom. Rick comes out of the room with a towel wrapped around his hips. She glances at him and then sucks in a breath.

"Detective, are you there?" Captain Mills asks.

"Sorry, yes I'm here." Kate replies, turning away from Rick and turning her attention back to her conversation. "Was there something I needed to know?"

"No, I only stated that I would see you and Mr. Castle within the hour."

"Yes, we'll see you then." Kate hangs up and then turns around to find Rick setting on the bed with his shirt on but unbuttoned and his jeans on. Beside him is the cowboy boots he bought the night before while they walked around the Ft. Worth Stockyards.

"Are you going to where the hat too?" She asks, leaning against the dresser and crossing her arms.

He looks up and smiles. "Maybe, I don't make a ruggedly handsome cowboy, ma'am?" He asks with a bad Texas drawl.

"Ruggedly handsome, I can see. Cowboy, not so much." She says, standing up and walking over to him. He looks up when she stops between his legs. "But I love you exactly the way you are." She says, leaning over and kissing him.

When she pulls back, he looks up and smiles. "I love you too. But I can so see the cowgirl vibe on you, the tight jeans, boots and hat, along with the chaps and the lasso, completely sexy."

"I might get the costume one day." She says, leaning in to kiss him. He pulls her closer but she pulls back. "Captain Mills is expecting us."

"Alright." He sighs, pulling away and releasing her. "Are our bags packed?"

"I did that while you slept in."

"I needed to rest. It was a busy night last night." He says, as she grins. "Let me finish getting ready and we can go." He says, as she steps back and he stands up. He leans in, kissing her quickly before he saunters off to the bathroom a smug grin on his face. He comes out a couple minutes later, shirt tucked in, hair combed and slightly scruffy which she notices and it sends a surge of desire through her. "I'm ready." He says, sliding his phone into his pocket after his wallet.

"I've got the bags." She says, walking up to him.

He leans over, kissing her as he takes one of the bags from her. "I'll help." He says before she opens the door and he holds it for her. An hour later, they are in Celina overseeing the loading of Reverend Sanders and Jesse into the transport van. Will walks up. Slowly he moves his eyes over Rick. He shakes his head as he reaches Rick's feet and sees the boots.

"Got them last night." Rick says, noticing how Will's looking at the boots. "Kinda cool, huh." Rick says, as Will looks up and then shakes his head.

Kate notices Will's face and says. "Will, what did you need?"

"I'm just letting you know that I've been ordered to close the operation down for Livingston International. We are going to turn everything over to the SEC and let them take it from there."

"What's next for you?"

"Not sure, orders haven't come down yet." Will says, glancing at Rick.

"Well, I hope things work out." Kate says.

Before Will can say anything. Captain Mills walks up. "Detective Beckett, we're ready to go if you and Mr. Castle are ready."

"Yes we are. Thank you for your cooperation while we were here." Kate says, holding out her hand.

"It was a pleasure." Captain Mills says, taking her hand. They shake hands and then he shakes Rick's hand before he walks away.

"Bye, Will." Kate says, turning to follow Rick to their rental. They leave Will standing outside the station, watching them go.

The trip back home was uneventful. By the time, they landed in New York. Ryan had pieced together Jesse's movements on the day of the murder and leading up to him dumping the weapon in the garbage can outside the Newark Airport. After officially filing the charges and writing up her reports Rick and Kate leave the precinct for the night.

The loft is quiet when they get home. He opens the door for her when they arrive and the both decide to leave their luggage by the door. "Alexis, Mother." Rick calls as they walk into the loft.

"I don't think they're home." Kate says, looking around the loft.

"No, I guess they're not." He says, turning to her. "Are you hungry?" He asks.

"Not particularly, I think I want a long soak in our tub." She says, looking at him.

"Do you want me to join you, Detective Beckett?" He asks, walking over to her.

"If you want..." Rick falls quiet as Alice comes downstairs.

"I'm sorry, I was upstairs and I thought I heard someone come in." She says.

"No, I'm sorry. I wasn't very quiet coming in. I'm not used to having... Did we wake you?"

"No, I was doing some thinking." Alice says, walking over to the island where Kate and Rick are standing. "We had the memorial service today and tomorrow, Justine and I are going home and I need to decide what I'm going to do once I'm there."

"I'm sorry we missed the service. We tried to do this as quickly as we could." Kate says, looking at Rick.

"Yes, we did. And we were able to catch the man that killed Parker." Rick says, walking over to his aunt.

"You caught him?"

"Yes, we did. He's behind bars right now and will be formally arraigned probably tomorrow sometime." Kate says.

"So, he can get out on bail."

"I seriously doubt it. He's a known flight risk and has no ties to New York. The DA will push to have him remanded until the trial." Kate says, as Alice nods.

"Did he tell you why he did it?"

"He didn't say specifically." Kate says, as Alice nods again.

"Thank you, to both of you. I know we haven't exactly treated you and your mom very well…."

"That doesn't matter." Rick says, walking over to her. "Parker deserved justice no matter how we've been treated." Rick says, as she looks up.

"Thank you anyways." She says, looking at him and then at Kate.

"You're welcome." Kate says with a sad smile. She didn't know exactly what Alice was feeling at the moment, but she understood the feelings of loosing a loved one.

"I think I'm going to go back upstairs." Alice says.

"Will you be okay?"

"Yes, I'll be fine. Your mother and Alexis are out for dinner with Justine and her husband."

"Are you hungry? I can fix…." Rick says, turning for the refrigerator.

"I'm fine, really." Alice says, laying and hand on Rick's arm. "Enjoy the plans you were making, I'll be okay upstairs." She says, nodding to them. She let's go of his arm and they watch as she walks back upstairs.

"I wish we would've made it back for the memorial service." Rick says, looking at Kate.

She lays her hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently. "I think we need to relax." She says, slipping her hand into his and leading him towards their bedroom.