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[Alive But Barely Breathing Part V]

The shrill ring of Kate's phone in the bedroom wakes the couple from their sleep, both trying to get the sleeping bag open so she can answer the phone.

She practically scrambles from the living room and rushes to the bedroom, answering the call on the final ring.

It's the precinct.

As Kate takes care of business Rick stretches out his arms and back, his bones and muscles aching from being on the floor for a majority of the night. He's stiff and his lower back feels numb, but he moves past that and slowly stands then heads to the kitchen to brew them both some coffee.

Running a hand through his hair, he casts his eyes toward the bedroom and sees that she shut the door, before pulling out two clean mugs from the cabinets. Pouring in the freshly brewed coffee, he brings his to his mouth and takes a cautious sip. Kate's mug is on the counter, steaming as it sits there.

Rick keeps his eyes on the door in anticipation for her to come out.

It takes what feels like forever.

By the time she eventually walks out to join him in the kitchen, his coffee is completely gone, and hers is more cold than hot.

"Who was that?" He wonders, pouring himself more coffee before leaning against the marble counter.

She takes a seat on one of the barstools, her shoulders slump forward, hands and fingers link together, and her brow furrows. Whatever conversation had occurred over that phone call has her flustered to the point of moping.

"Gates. She called to tell me— well, ordered would be the better term— to not come into the precinct today, and also, for the following two days after that." She sinks forward, hands covering her face as she sighs.

"But that's a good thing. Gives you time to rest, heal, and come to terms with everything."

She looks up at him with a flash of frustration masking her face. Her look says it all, more than words ever could.

"Kate, you deserve to have a few days off after everything you went through," he says as he crosses over to her. "You weren't even supposed to go in, but you did and look what happened. You owe it to yourself to take the time off."

He feels her tense as he strokes her back, his hand gliding up and down, the tension slowly releasing as he works her muscles. Kate runs her hands over her face before tangling her fingers in her hair, a deep sigh leaving her lips.

She finally relaxes under his touch.

"I need to go in," she states after a few moments of silence.

Rick decides to play along; he digs and scratches and claws for information, wanting to understand why she is being so stubborn. He already has an idea as to why she's acting this way, but he wants to hear her say it.

"Why?" He whispers.

"I— because..." She has difficulty finding the right words to explain herself, but falls short.

He watches as she tenses up again, her breath coming in strangled intakes. He presses a kiss to her temple, lips lingering.

He gives her the time she needs.

"Because I need to put this damn thing to rest once and for all." She turns, and Rick sees that she's holding back tears. "I am not going to be able to do that if I'm not at the Precinct, going over the files, over every angle of this case."

"It's only three days off, Kate. That's not a lifetime. Who says it can't wait?"

She doesn't say anything.

Reaching up, he palms her cheek and gives a sad smile. "We will take him down. He will pay for what he has done. And your mother will get the justice she so greatly deserves, but that doesn't mean now is the right time. Okay?"

He's right. And she needs to listen to him.

Kate nods her head. "Okay."

When she meets his gaze, she notices how proud he is of her just by the glint in his eyes.

He's proud of her. Proud of how she fights against every instinct in her bones to keep digging. And a small part of Kate is proud of herself too. She will bring Bracken down and she will give her mother justice, she just has to wait a bit longer.

She can do it. She can.

Claiming her lips with his in a brief kiss, Rick gently rests his forehead against hers. "How about some breakfast? Hmm? I'll whip up anything you'd like."

Kate pulls away, her lips curling in a grin. "Anything but your disgusting s'morelettes."

He feigns a hurt look with his hand over his heart. "How dare you. They are not disgusting. You just don't appreciate the genius of them."

"Sure, that's the reason why they're completely repulsive," she sarcastically replies, rolling her eyes but smiling all the same.

He smirks, waggling a digit in her direction. "Oh, but one day you will learn to love them. One day."

He doesn't give her time to retort because he turns toward the fridge, his back to her as he grabs all of the items needed to make breakfast.

Kate watches her fiancé move about the kitchen, and that's when his words truly hit home for her.

She can wait. She has to.

If she doesn't, who knows what could happen. She needs to heal and recover. She must learn patience, before she will be able to defeat her demon.

One day. One day she'll be free.

So, as she follows him as he shuffles to and from before her Kate feels the tension disperse from her body all together.

She will overcome this.

It'll just take some time.

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