Worth It

Waking up in his room, on the floor where it appeared he had been unceremoniously dropped Remy smiled and decide it had been worth it. As he picked himself up and walked to the bathroom he shared with Nightcrawler, Remy continued to smile like a fool despite the fact that he needed some aspirin for a killer headache. He knew this was going to happen so he had sure that he had some in stock in the bathroom as well as making sure that he would have another encounter with the woman of his dreams.

After downing the pills he sauntered back to the arm chair by the window that looked out over the grounds only to notice a note left on his desk. Picking it up he read the words hastily scrawled in Rogue's handwriting, it said:

Swamp Rat, don't think I care
because you woke up here;
I just didn't want questions from Logan.
You're Welcome

Smiling to himself, Remy's tongue ran along his lips as he read it and heard her lovely southern drawl and her petal soft lips. He smiled savoring the moment. Even if she claimed she didn't some part of Rogue cared about him. Of course she had to claim selfish reasons for moving him but the fact is that she could have shut him any number of places where he wouldn't be found until he woke up and wandered off.

His current headache was certainly worth it to learn more about the illusive young woman. Rogue was the reason he was here. Not in like the reason he was breathing or anything, although he didn't rule out the possibility that one day she might be his reason for being, but for now he was here because she was here.

He had joined the X-men only a few months ago. Nearly all of the younger girls were taken with him including Rogue's friend Kitty. But Rogue didn't fall for his accent, why would she? She had one too, his just had more French than hers, a distinct advantage when dealing with impressionable young girls who swooned for an accent. Remy was not hesitant to take advantage of the accent or his gift of befriending nearly anyone and used them to sway the population of the school to nearly his every whim, the girls were the first to fall in line, except Rogue. She didn't trust him for some reason. But it had always been Rogue he had wanted.

And by this point he thought there was a pretty good chance that she was slowly falling for him. That had been the second reason why he had repaid her the favor she had once given him. What better way to get a girl to fall for you than by giving her the truth within your mind without saying a word and he had done just that.

Remembering earlier in the afternoon, Remy happily remembered the encounter in his armchair by the window; it was a silent Saturday around the mansion; Scott and Jean were off doing whatever they did alone, Kitty had run off to see Lance as soon Logan had gone out for a ride on his motorcycle. This left Remy alone with Rogue and the younger kids who were all infatuated with themselves and barely noticed the older members of the team. Remy smiled as his finger traced along his lips remembering the feeling he had had twice now.

Since he had entered the Mansion, Rogue had spent as little time around Remy as was possible. She would leave the room if he entered and she were alone. It hurt him to some extent that she thought he would hurt her. Sure there was that time a year and a half ago when he had given her a charged card; but he hadn't known her then. He had been doing a job and he found the one thing on Earth he wanted to steal more than anything else and didn't know how to go about.

Sneaking into the den Remy saw Rogue curled up with a book, like usual. Glancing up she saw him and put away her book and exited the den, smirking Remy followed her down the dim hallway that led to the kitchen, everything was part of a plan.

Before she got to the kitchen Rogue made a sharp turn into a room Remy had never been in before. He'd assumed she'd want to be around people and would head towards the more populated parts of the mansion. Shrugging to himself he followed her, the setting didn't change his plan. It would just change how quickly he was found, maybe this was better.

As he entered the room Remy had barely a moment to register that it was completely empty except for a few chairs, a settee, and book shelf before Rogue's hand grabbed his shirt collar and pushed him up against a wall "Why are you following me?" she demanded in her wonderful accent that was music to his ears.

"Not following you cheri, just wandering around my new home. You know I've never been in this room before. Learning new things all the time. What about you and me call this one our room?" He said wiggling his eyebrows at her as though there would be some secret tryst taking place in this one room.

"I'm going to say this once Remy," she said glaring up at him "I want nothing to do with you." She really was beautiful, a deadly kind of beautiful. Just like an ice storm, beautiful if you are inside and warm, deadly if you are caught out in the weather.

"Ah but Rogue, we both know that's not entirely true." He said leering down at her and invading her personal space, he could see the fear in her eyes as he got closer and closer to her. He stopped a breath away from her nose and continued "And besides I have it on good authority that I owe you a small little favor from not too long ago. And it's something you want," he said running a gloved finder down the side of her face.

He could feel her involuntary shudder beneath his finger. And watched as she licked her lips, his smile only widening as he gazed at her lips. His eyes flicking back to hers, he watched as doubt began to enter her mind.

He tried to smile reassuringly at her as his hand brushed through her hair, careful not to touch skin to skin, at least not just yet. "Rogue, I would never do anything to hurt. You're too important, Cheri.

She relaxed a little, but not much. Remy wasn't surprised that she was still on edge a little bit. "I don' trust you Remy," she said trying to sound strong and confident but he could hear the edge of fear. The way the fear crept into the edge of her voice suggested that she was still second guess her choice of location for an ambush.

"Ah, Cheri I would never do anything to hurt you." Remy said wishing there was some way he could take back how that first meeting had ended. He had been so intrigued by her and hadn't know what to do so he reacted the only way knew and that was to charge and run.

"You still tried to blow me up." She said moving a step further away from him. Her eyes never leaving his. Remy knew she could throw him, their last encounter in close combat fresh in him mind.

"That was nothing Rogue, wouldn't have done any damage. I just wasn't expecting to see you and you took me a bit by surprise. I found myself in a situation I didn't know how to get out of and my reaction is to charge and run. But I would never hurt you cheri," His eyes imploring her to believe him. "You're something to protect Rogue."

Her reaction to what he said was immediate she pushed him back into the wall and shook her gloved finger in his face and said "I'm going to say this once, so you better get it Swamp Rat. I. Don't. Need. Anyone. To. Protect. Me."

"Physically, non chere you don't. But emotionally you need someone who won't treat you like you're made of glass." Remy said looking in her eyes. "And that's what I want to protect. The strong beautiful woman who is capable of so much love that she could save the world." He really was falling hard for the Southern Belle.

"Remy" her voice was barely above a whisper. No one had ever said such things about her and she never would have guessed that the man who tried to blow her up would say or see them.

"Cherie, there is something you need to know and I don't know how to say it so please forgive me." He said drawing a deep breath and mentally preparing himself for what was going to come.

Before she could say another word or he could second guess himself Remy brushed his ungloved finger across her cheek and began to feel his power drain immediately. Cupping her face Remy captured her lips with his. He kissed her as desperately as he had ever kissed any woman, though with much more love. He had so little time once they touched before he would fall helpless at her feet and he needed to make it count.

The kiss was the most intense kiss of his life, her lips trembled beneath his and he had enough time to taste her lip balm. It tasted like honey and melons, it was the best taste of his life. Throughout the entire kiss he fought as long as he could to stay conscious but in the end her power won out and he collapsed at her feet.

"That's how you should be kissed Rogue with love and consciousness." Remy said looking about his room now that he was awake and he was certain the headache he had was worth it