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Tony Stark's niece Lyra Stark was another version of himself, the only differences being they held little resemblance and she was born and raised in London. Due to Tony's late father's 'lifestyle', the great Howard Stark had a wife before Tony's mother; just before Stark Industries took off and became huge. They weren't married for very long but they had a son together, Tony's half-brother Charles Stark who was ten years older. Howard's first marriage crashed and burned and his first wife moved back to England with their son. Tony had not really known Charles all that well, as he was not a man for attention like Tony, but Tony would visit when he checked up on the European branches of Stark industries (which Charles had managed) and they also met up for major family events. Tony had avoided those regularly though once Charles had married his wife Emily. Tony and Emily, had a lot of tension and the two of them could turn a whole room sour so Tony had decided to take a step back from such events.

Two years after Charles and Emily were married they welcomed their only child, a daughter named Lyra Elizabeth Stark. Tony had been amazed the first time he saw this tiny red-haired baby, with eyes that were neither green nor blue and had a whirl of other colours hiding within. She had been so pale, like porcelain, that Tony had almost been scared to hold her just in case she was truly made of it. She held traces of looks mainly from her mother but there were hints of Tony's own grandmother (his father's mother) in her and so he knew she would be special. Tony knew, though he may never have children of his own as he was a mess of a human being, that he would love and protect this one the best he could.

The Stark family across the pond had been happy for a while, then Charles' wife took off with at least a quarter of his fortune and left him on his own to raise their daughter Lyra. It was strange how it had happened there had been no note explaining why, in fact she was herself up until the point she wasn't. Tony would always try his best to visit them after that because they needed to know that Tony, the only family they had left, would be there for them.

Tony always says Lyra was the only kid he ever liked, he worried that she would turn out like her mother, but she only got some of her looks and that was where the similarities ended, everything else was pure Stark. Unfortunately, Charles died suddenly once Lyra had turned sixteen and left the poor girl an orphan.

Tony took it upon himself to make sure he was there for her like he promised. She was his responsibility now, Tony was all Lyra had left and he would be damned if he didn't do his best for her. In fact, if it wasn't for her, he doubted he would have ever come out of that cave in Afghanistan.

A lot had changed since that fateful day in Afghanistan. But now Tony had his new project, Stark Tower and now that he and Pepper were getting serious, she suggested he get a new assistant, so they weren't living in each other's pockets. Tony was sad to not have Pepper as his assistant anymore but he completely understood what she meant. Living and working together was too much. Tony searched for months for a new assistant but they were never quite what he was looking for. Then he had a realisation, why didn't he hire the one person he trusts as much as Pepper, he needed to hire Lyra! She was twenty-four years old now and since, selling her father's shares of Stark Industries to Tony she was just another bored billionaire. Every time they talked she had mentioned how she just wanted something to do, no matter how mundane a job was, but no one would hire a billionairess. He knew she would probably jump at the chance to have this job, so he gave her a call and here they were a couple of months later. Working together like a well-oiled machine. Tony took Lyra everywhere she was like another Pepper but with some Stark sassiness thrown in, so Tony was always entertained. So, when he got a call from Nick Fury, telling him that he was needed for the Avengers how could he not take his perfect assistant along! Tony just didn't know how much this decision would change the Stark family forever.

Tony had recently been recruited for the Avengers 'boy band' and they were all now on this crazy flying airbase called a helicarrier. Really, S.H.I.E.L.D., that's the name you want to go with? Anyway, the Avengers were just coming back from Germany with Loki, the slightly crazy adopted brother of another God called Thor, who they just so happened to run into and thankfully was on the side of the Avengers.

Lyra had heard all this from the kitchen near Tony's lab from some agents that were stood around gossiping. One thing she had become accustom to, was that when Tony got back he was going to want his usual Coffee and club sandwich, so Lyra was currently preparing such delicacy's in the kitchen. She decided to take a bit longer than usual making Tony's snacks, so she could overhear more of this gossip, as it was the only way she actually knew what was going on around here. She heard Loki was been taken to his new home of a state of the art prison cell and she knew he would have to be taken past Tony's lab, so she would wait in here for a while. Lyra really did not want to run into someone like Loki.

Now that Lyra thought the coast was clear, she strolled down the halls of the helicarrier with Tony's sustenance in hand. She hated how drafty the carrier could be, especially at night, like now it felt like sub-zero temperatures. The floor would also ring out with every step, as it was made of that soulless military steel; at least she would know if anyone was trying to sneak up on her. . S.H.I.E.L.D. had given her an agents suit to wear, as they did Tony but he just refused. Lyra actually rather liked it, as it made her feel like a super spy. Every now and then Lyra would catch her reflection in the glass of a window, she was tall and slender but with soft curves, so she had to admit she looked good in this suit. Sometimes the suit made her feel more like a super model rather than a super spy. Noticing her hair in a passing reflection she saw a coppery strand of wavy hair resting on her shoulder that had come out of her loose ponytail. She puffed out a breath, she would have to fix it when she wasn't carrying food for Tony.

Reaching the door of the lab she awkwardly manoeuvred the door open and stumbled in, making sure not to drop what she was carrying. When she had regained her stance, she saw that both Tony and Bruce had not noticed her awkward entrance as they were too busy examining this staff looking thing on the table.

''Glad to see you are still in one piece, uncle Tony.'' Lyra said whilst placing the plate and mug on his workstation.

''Thanks, sweetheart.'' Tony replied vacantly whilst staring intensely at the staff on the table, as he began to sip his coffee.

Lyra noted how Tony didn't seem to be himself ''Did Germany go to plan? You seem a little...lost, for lack of a better word.''

Tony smirked slightly, breaking his stare from the object ''Never could keep a secret from you could I, princess? It was actually really simple, which if you ask me is suspicious. We also had to get Loki back at one point because his thunder thighs brother bust into the chopper and kidnapped him. But luckily it was just a misunderstanding, so he threw Loki's ass back into the chopper, and we picked up the hitchhiker thunder God to become part the team. His names Thor by the way, he seems like a cool guy, definitely the sane one of the family.''

''Wow, that sounds eventful.'' Lyra replied, trying to sound surprised that she hadn't already heard all this from gossiping employees.

''Hey, where is everyone?'' She asked looking around, noticing the lack of the other Avengers. ''Are they ok?'' Lyra had already met the rest of the team, Steve and Natasha. She obviously had not yet met Thor and then the last member, Clint; was under Loki's control.

Tony shrugged ''I don't know where Steve or Natasha is but Thor is in the holding cell room, trying to talk some sense into his brother. Can't blame the big guy for trying.''

''Where is it that room, anyway?'' Lyra asked ''So I can stay as far away from it as possible.''

Tony pointed at the window behind Bruce that had the blinds closed ''He's in there, we can see him through the window, but he kept staring and his face was just pissing us off, so we shut the blinds.'' Tony finished, while taking a bite of his sandwich.

Lyra looked over at Bruce to see what he was doing, as he had yet to say a word. He was tinkering around with the sceptre where it was glowing ''What even is this Bruce?'' Lyra asked referring to the sceptre.

Bruce then looked up, pushing his glasses up his nose ''It's the sceptre that Loki has been using. It has the same power as the tesseract he stole but in a smaller form. He's been using it to control people, but I have no idea how yet.'' Bruce went back to work, he wasn't much of a talker but despite what others thought about the 'monster' inside, Bruce was always such a gentle soul.

Lyra had no time to ask any more questions as Nick Fury stormed into the room, looking at his wits end. Behind him, walked in what was a mountain of a man, he was very muscular, shoulder length blond hair and adorned in fine armour. Lyra was going to assume that man was Thor.

Fury spoke up, announcing himself more than was needed to the room ''Alright, listen up! Thor and I have spoken to Loki and it's like talking to a brick wall. Each of you bar Bruce for the obvious reasons will try to get through to him, because we all know that asshole is up to something. Use whatever tactics you want, I want results people! Natasha is about to go in now, followed then by Steve if Natasha doesn't murder him. Tony, you will be up last and try not to overly piss him off.'' Fury finished with a glare in Tony's direction.

Tony smirked ''Fury, whatever do you mean, I am a delight to speak with.'' That statement oozed the Stark trade mark sarcasm.

Fury glared at Tony then turned with a flurry of his coat, storming out of the room while muttering something about Tony being so damn annoying sometimes.

Thor examined his current surroundings and noticed Lyra, he would introduce himself as a man should ''I do not believe we have met, my Lady.'' He said in his soft booming voice and with a bow of his head ''I am Thor Odinson, God of thunder and Prince of Asgard.'' He offered her his hand in greeting.

Lyra placed her delicate hand into Thor's huge rough one ''It's nice to meet you Thor, I'm Lyra Stark, I'm Tony's niece and assistant.''

''Tis an honour to meet you, Lady Stark.'' He kissed the back of her hand as he held it more gently than she thought he was capable of.

Lyra smiled, a small blush hinting at her cheeks, as she wasn't used to being greeted as such ''It's ok, you can just call me Lyra, no title needed.''

Tony piped up from behind them ''I think the title is totally needed.'' He said with a grin ''My Lady.'' Tony finished with a sarcastic bow, which earned him a roll of Lyra's eyes.

Over the next couple of hours Lyra had brought countless cups of coffee to Tony and the other Avengers. Especially after they had had their turn with Loki, they needed something to help calm their frustration.

In the few times Lyra had met Steve Rodgers, he had always come across to her as a calm and collected kind of guy. Yet after an hour with Loki, he had burst into the lab red faced with rage, starling everyone as he punched a whole into the wall.

A metal wall.

He regretted it instantly when pieces of the shattered metal bloodied his hand and made it look mangled. Steve insisted it looked worse than it actually was, but still it needed bandaging up. Lyra had taken all the pieces of metal out of the super soldier with some tweezers, cleaning up the blood and bandaging it up so that he wouldn't aggravate it in the short time that was needed for it to heal.

Steve had announced to the room that Loki's mind was crazier than a bag of cats and that we should be preparing ourselves for the worst. Natasha had gone in next, she had ways with words so hopefully she could talk some sense, or at least get him to spill some secrets about what he was planning.

She wasn't gone for long but when she came back, she said nothing to the hopeful room and rather just shook her head. Not even Natasha could get anything out of him. Lyra felt sorry for Thor, he was getting more and more downtrodden the more time went on.

Natasha went and sat in the corner of the room, staring at the wall with a frown. She obviously wouldn't show it with being a deadly assassin, but Lyra could see that the loss of Clint was getting to her and that she hadn't managed to get anything out of Loki had made her feel like she was failing to help Clint.

Lyra handed her a cup of coffee ''Here, you look like you need it.''

Natasha smiled a bit ''Thanks.'' She said, taking the coffee.

''From what everyone has said...'' Lyra began ''Clint is a good man, I'm sure he will be back on the team in no time.''

Natasha nodded ''Yeah, I hope so too.''

''Well looks like I'm up.'' Tony said from across the room. ''I'm gonna take my walkie in, just in case the nut job tries to pull anything. Because let's face it, with my mouth, he might actually try to kill me.''

Lyra picked hers up off the belt on her suit and held it up ''I've got mine if you need me to get the rest of the team's backup, but try not to get yourself killed.''

''I'll try not to!'' Tony calls as he leaves the lab with his cup of coffee.

Tony entered the holding cell room where Loki was being kept prisoner. He strolled up to the circular glass cell with his coffee in hand. The room was bare beside the surrounding railings of the room and the cage itself. There in the centre of the room, in the glass cage he belonged in, was Loki. The Norse God of mischief and inter realm lunatic. He just stood near the front of the glass with his hands clasped behind his back in his less battle like amour with a smirk on his face.

Loki opened his mouth ''I was hoping you would show up, Stark.''

Tony walked up to the cage sipping on his coffee ''Yeah, I get that a lot; once people meet me they just want more. But you better start talking because I'm a busy man.''

Loki didn't respond to the statement and paused for a moment ''So tell me Stark, are you here to continue the pointless effort of trying to convince me not take your world for my own? I would hope you would have more sense than that.''

Tony shrugged. ''No, what's the point there is nothing I could say that hasn't already been said. I basically just came here to annoy you. Like for instance I'm glad you have ditched the stupid amour and gone for the more refined crazy God look. Also, what was the deal with that helmet? I felt like I should call Santa and let him know one of his reindeer were on the loose!''

Loki grinded his teeth, he may not be familiar with Midgardian culture but he perfectly aware of what reindeer were '' Very funny Stark. But I think that is no way to speak to your future King.''

Tony scoffed ''Are we still on the whole king of the world thing. You are such a cliché, all the bad guys want to take over the world, I'm bored now. Why can't you just do something different, something that will surprise me.''

Loki smiled a devilish smile ''When I am King Stark, I am sure it will be a surprise to you. I know you expect me to fail but I will not. This world will thank me for my leadership, you people were made to be ruled and who better than I.''

Tony mocked thought for a moment ''Errm I don't know, maybe just about anyone else. If I had to be ruled by a Norse God then I'd prefer Thor. Though I guess you're used to hearing that.'' He was getting under Loki's skin, he could tell because Loki's lip curled and twitched. Tony drank what was left of his coffee as Loki stared him down with hatred in his eyes.

Tony had expected more of a reaction from Loki with the Thor comments. Thor had told them about the strained relationship he had with Loki. Tony had hoped to provoke Loki to the point he would become enraged and spill his plan. In Tony's experience people tended to reveal too much in the heat of the moment, but so far Loki was keeping tight lipped.

It seemed to Tony he was going to be here a while so he was going to need more fuel. He used his walkie to get in touch with Lyra ''Hey, could you bring me another coffee?''

There was a long pause before a response came ''Are you sure it's safe for me to be in there?''

''Yes of course I'm sure, what is the psycho going to do? He's in a state of the art cage... and the door will be open by the way…to the room not the cage.'' Tony put his walkie back on his belt, Loki was still staring at him.

''Better keep the tank running because if you're not going to tell me something useful, then we are going to be here a while.'' Loki didn't respond and rather just rolled his eyes.

The door at the back of the room then shifted open. Tony turned to see Lyra walking towards her but Loki had yet to notice her presence, he was too busy staring daggers into the back of Tony's head.

When Lyra walked into the room she felt so awkward, the tension in the room was very uncomfortable. She just focused on Tony and tried to avoid looking at Loki at all.

''Here you go.'' She said passing Tony the fresh coffee.

''Thank you, sweetheart.'' Tony replied with a wink. Loki picked up on this, now suddenly more interested in the woman in the room.

Lyra didn't see the other mug anywhere ''Where's the other mug?''

Tony had just finished taking a sip of the new coffee ''Oh, it's on the control panel there. '' Lyra then turned to see where. It was right next to Loki's cage. Why did Tony have to leave it in such a stupid place?!

Lyra quickly walked over and picked up the mug, feeling another set of eyes that obviously belonged to Loki watching her. In her haste to leave as quickly as possible, she accidently looked up and instantly she caught eye contact with Loki, who smirked at her. Her mind couldn't process what to do so she ended up staring back at him, as his eyes left her and scanned over her entire form with great interest. Lyra wanted to run away but she couldn't find it in her to move.

Tony noticed that Lyra was acting a little strange, so he decided to help her out, he put a hand to her arm and helped her to turn around, her eyes slowly moving away from Loki's who had now gone back to examining her face.

''It's ok, you can go now.'' Tony whispered to her reassuringly. Lyra just nodded rather quickly due to all her nervous energy.

She walked from the room, feeling a rather intense pair of eyes fixed on her rear as she left the room.

Loki couldn't help himself, even after he she had left the room he was still staring at the door where she had just exited. It wasn't often Loki saw a woman that caught his attention, but this one certainly had.

Tony saw the look on Loki's face, it held interest and not the kind Tony wanted to see on Loki's features when his niece was concerned. Tony banged on the glass in front of Loki's face ''HEY! You keep your eyes off her!'' Tony spat in warning.

Loki then returned his gaze to Stark, a smirk touching at his lips. It had appeared he had now found something or rather someone to use to get under Tony's skin ''Why should I, Stark?''

Tony said nothing he just glared and sipped his coffee.

Loki continued ''She's a very beautiful girl Stark, she is unlike any others I have seen on Midgard.'' Loki's eyes wondered back to the door where she had exited. He thought back to her walking away, the way her hips had swayed softly as she moved.

''Yes, she is.'' Tony replied getting more riled up ''Scumbags like you aren't worthy to look at her.''

Loki sensed the fire in his tone '' It sounds to me like she is more than just your assistant, tell me Stark, do you bed her, is that it? She does seem a little young for you though, but I won't judge. We all have needs after all.'' Loki smirked.

Tony tried not to laugh ''You need to get your mind out of the gutter.''

Loki didn't understand ''My mind is not in any gutter.''

Tony chortled ''I think it is, you just suggested that I bed my niece. I don't know what you guys on Asgard are into, but on Earth, that's just creepy.''

Loki smiled but it was one of mischief ''So Stark, you have a niece and a very beautiful one at that. Maybe there will be a place for her when I am King.'' Loki's smile then turned into another smirk. Tony didn't like it.

''What the hell is that supposed to mean?'' Tony demanded.

Loki stepped closer to the glass and smiled ''Every King needs a Queen.'' The blood then drained from Tony, he wanted to punch Loki and wipe that stupid grin off his face.

''You stay the hell away from her, or I'll fucking kill you.'' Tony spat. Loki knew he was now firmly under Starks skin.

Loki chuckled slightly ''You could never kill me Stark, no matter how hard you tried. But when I defeat your little band of lost creatures, I think I shall take her as a trophy of my victory.''

Tony was a little confused, though deep down he had an inclining to what Loki meant ''what do you mean trophy?''

Loki then smiled the widest he had so far, he bent down so now he was close to Tony's face, the only thing separating them was the glass ''I mean, I am going to take her as my Queen and then I am going to relentlessly fuck her until the only thing she knows is my name. She will be forever at my side, mine and only mine in both body and soul.'' Loki pulled away from the glass and stood up straight, he would never usually speak of a woman in such a vulgar way but if it angered Stark then he would.

Tony now knew he was just trying to make him snap, Loki was trying to play him the same way Tony had been trying to play Loki. So, he took a deep breath before replying ''Sorry to burst your bubble but that will never happen.''

''I would not be so sure, Stark.'' Loki then pretended to get lost in thought as he slowly paced ''I think she will be an excellent Queen, as well as an excellent...mother.'' Loki knew he was well and truly under Tony's skin now, he could tell by way Tony was clenching his fists tight by his sides.

Tony could say nothing he only glared, willing Loki's head to explode, Loki could see that but he carried on pushing him. Tony needed to learn that pushing Loki at this kind of game had consequences ''What's the matter Stark? Did you really think when I take her as Queen she will be there to only look pretty and writhe underneath me? Oh no, no, no Stark she will be bearing my heirs, growing them in her womb, ruling by my side. Tell me Stark, how many heirs do you think she will give me?'' Loki smiled, he had finally pushed Stark too far, he was practically foaming.

Tony's nostrils flared and his eyes were glazed with rage. If Tony knew Loki wasn't just trying to piss him off, then he would press the big red button that would send him crashing back down to Earth. It was working though, Tony was now well and truly pissed off.

Tony just turned and walked away he knew that rising to the bait was what Loki wanted. It was clear Loki wasn't going to give up any information, he was just biding his time and frankly Tony had better things to do than waste his time here.

The last thing Tony heard before leaving the room was Loki's dark chuckle.

It was the early hours of the morning, the helicarrier was silent, as most of the crew was asleep. Lyra was one of the many asleep in her small room in the helicarrier. It was just as cold and metal as the rest of the place but at least she had a big comfy bed. She slept soundly without a care until her bedroom door slid open with a huge bang, starling her awake. Grabbing her sheets, she held them tight against her, as though they would protect her from what was going on, as her heart pounded in her chest.

As her mind adjusted to what was going on, she calmed slightly as the person who had thrown open her door was her uncle Tony in his Iron Man suit. He moved without hesitation to her bedside, her eyes fixed on him until she heard gun shots outside in the halls, making her eyes dart to her doorway. Tony lifted the visor of his helmet and attempted to get Lyra's attention but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the doorway, looking for the approaching danger.

Lyra then felt cold metal on her skin, snapping her back to Tony. His armour covered hands were on her face, forcing her to look at him ''You need to get dressed and run, there's a chopper waiting for you that will take you some place safe, do you understand?!'' Tony said firmly as her ocean eyes filled with fear, but she was listening.

''Y-yes, I understand.''

Tony leant forwards and placed a kiss to her pale forehead ''Be quick, love you princess and stay safe.''

Then Tony was running from the room, his suit clanging on the metal floor as he ran down the halls towards the danger.

Swinging her legs out of bed, Lyra grabbed her S.H.I.E.L.D. suit, zipping it up with shaky fingers. She had no idea what was going on, but she was certain it had something to do with Loki. The helicarrier then jolted knocking her into a wall, she braced herself to avoid not going into it face first. Once the shaking had stopped, she put on her boots as quickly as possible and ran from the room, not having time to do anything with her messy red bed hair.

As Lyra ran, pieces of her long red hair were flying about behind her. When she had to stop to hide behind a post, some of the hair fell over her eyes, blocking her vision. She now regretted not tying her hair back, long hair and a dangerous situation didn't mix well. Moving her hair back, she peeked from behind the post to see aliens, roaming the halls shooting agents with their guns. Lyra moved back behind the post, her heart beating faster than she thought it could go.

Waiting until the weird looking alien's moved on, she then began running again, running towards the air field where she would be taken to safety. She came to a forked corridor, but she had never been out to the air field this way, so she guessed and went left. As she ran down the halls she quickly realised that she made the wrong choice, as there were some aliens and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with eyes the colour of the tesseract. Turning as fast as she could, Lyra bolted back the way she came and took the other corridor, fully aware that there was the sound of boots chasing her, echoing around her ears.

Ahead of her, an open door to the air field was in sight. The running behind her was becoming faster and louder, as the enemy became closer. Lyra went as fast as she was able to, not caring how hard she was breathing or how much her lungs burned.

But she wasn't quick enough, the sound of the hostile running became too fast for her to outrun. Hands grabbed her shoulders, throwing her into a wall, purposely making sure she hit her head. Lyra fell to the ground, her eyes blurring over, trying to fight the impending darkness. The last things she was aware of was an authoritative pace being walked in her direction as the other footsteps fell away. Then there was a figure above her with a silhouette that matched that of Loki. She couldn't fight the aching in her head any longer and darkness took over.

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