Okay, story time. So this was originally on LJ so I could include pictures, and it was also on FF but it was just so I could tell you all when I updated it on LJ. Anyway, somehow I couldn't get the pictures to work, so I decided to just scrap the pics and post it here instead. So if you are confused because you've seen this before; that is why! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story!

Kurt set up his tripod in front of his pristine bed, dusting himself down to make sure he looked presentable for the camera. In front of him are five boxes of McDonalds produce, adding up to fifty chicken nuggets. Kurt sighed; how did he manage to get himself into this one? He cleared his throat, and pressed play on the camera;

"Hey guys. As I'm sure you all know my name is Kurt and I will be attempting…key word is attempt there…to do the fifty chicken nuggets challenge. This was suggested to me by you guys who can't seem to understand the word no, so I hope you all appreciate the pain I am about to put myself through. Okay, I'm going to set the timer to twenty minutes…see you all on the other side!"

Kurt really loved making YouTube videos. Even ones he deemed stupid like this one. He found a great deal of acceptance online; people enjoyed his quirky style and sense of humour. All Kurt's videos were straight-up talk-straight-into-the-camera vlogs which made him really successful. Some of Kurt's favourite comments included phrases like; "I see you like my big brother", "I feel like you're talking right to me!" He truly couldn't get enough. YouTube was even starting to supply him with money for making videos, which really helped his plans for college.

Kurt is pretty content with his life right now; he has some amazing friends (sure, he isn't the most popular kid in school, but he has some incredible loyal and supportive allies), he's almost graduated high school, he has his YouTube career, he lives in New York, and he hopes to stay in the city to go to the college of his dreams. But most importantly, Kurt has the most incredible subscribers anyone could ask for, which he constantly reminded them about;

KurtTheVlogger: Just another tweet to let you guys know how much I appreciate your love and support; you truly mean the world to me!

The only thing that made Kurt's life even better was Blaine. Blaine Anderson is another YouTube star who makes daily vlogs showing the audience around his life. He truly loved what he did, especially since he didn't attend college and focused on videos instead. His audience had only grown over the years; it seemed people really loved watching a young, native guy from LA show them around his daily life. Blaine didn't have a "proper" job; he left high school after senior year and never looked back. His ten million youtube followers made sure of that. Everything from doing the laundry to attending cool YouTube events was documented on Blaine's channel. It was only recently that Blaine heard the greatest news of his life;

DailyBlaine: Just heard the news; I'M THE MOST SUBSCRIBED PERSON ON YOUTUBE! You guys are the best; I'm going to celebrate now…alcohol may be involved. #shhh

Every time Kurt or Blaine tweeted, it caused a frenzy all over twitter and tumblr; people really loved the two most subscribed YouTubers. So you can only imagine the reaction when they interact;

DailyBlaine Congrats Blaine! You totally deserve it; sending you a lot of love from the east coast xxx

Kurt and Blaine had been friends for almost a year now; only ever speaking online. The two had started talking thanks to their new found fame, but became fast friends once they discovered their mutual hobbies and interests. The pair often texted and called each other about the new issue of Vogue or a new YouTuber they had just discovered. The even sometimes made videos dedicated to each other, causing the comments to go crazy. They had even reached the point in their fame that viewers started to ship the two together, and call them 'Klaine'. Blaine and Kurt both made sure to stay well away from Tumblr; some of the fanfiction they saw terrified them.

Kurt and Blaine frequently live streamed with each other, so they could catch up and talk with their subscribers at the same time. Recently, all the comments were asking if they were in a relationship, but they just ignored those. Some subscribers were convinced they were secretly together, and it was all some kind of conspiracy. The two boys liked to laugh about this sometimes. No, they weren't together, nor did they plan to ever be, but they did find it sweet that their subscribers cared enough to want them to be happy together.

It wasn't like they hadn't thought about being together. Both Blaine and Kurt were attracted to each other, and ever since they had met, they hadn't even looked at another potential love interest, in fact, they flirted like crazy, but it would never work out. They lived six hours apart and had a lot of commitments-Kurt more so than Blaine as he was still in school-so they just couldn't meet each other, even though the both wanted to more than anything. This made viewing comments about how they are soul mates and should meet even harder for the pair. Eventually, this caused Blaine to snap in a video;

"So I'm currently in my office as you can see… unless you're blind, then I'm very sorry for being so offensive… and I've just spent the morning replying to your tweets, responses, etcetera, and honestly guys, I'm getting a bit tired of all the comments asking if me and Kurt are a couple. By the way you should check out Kurt's channel 'KurtTheVlogger', he's amazing. But no guys, we are NOT dating, for the millionth time. We are both exceptionally close, in fact, I would call him my very best friend, but we live six hours apart and are very busy people. It really wouldn't work, would it guys? Now, I wanted to talk to you about the cinnamon challenge…"

KurtTheVlogger: DailyBlaine is right guys, we're not together-sorry to disappoint. That doesn't mean I don't love the idiot though.

Kurt was the most important person in Blaine's life, and vice versa. When Kurt was being bullied in school because everyone found his videos, Blaine was there to support him and provided a virtual shoulder to cry on. When Blaine got a random streak of hater comments that really brought him down, Kurt was there to pick him back up and give him the motivation to make more videos. The two were YouTube's power bromance, and almost everybody loved them; they were made to be in the spotlight.