Leaning in the open doorway to the porch, Felicity tugged her robe tighter against the chill of morning air. Slade's black and orange mask rested on the patio table, the sun reflecting against the muted metals. He was stretched out in a deck chair, a half-empty glass of brandy curled in his fingers. Even from here, she could tell he wasn't asleep; he was pensive and silent as he took a moment of solace with his thoughts. Padding closer, she gingerly smoothed of lock of his dark hair, bending to press a gentle kiss to his temple. He shifted and she slid into the chair next to him, cradled in his lap. A soft smile slipped over her features as his hand wrapped around her waist, fingers splaying over her rounded belly. Within her, the baby leapt; whenever he touched her, the little one moved swiftly within Felicity to acknowledge the intrusion into her sacred space.

A grin spread across Slade's face as he pressed a gentle kiss between Felicity's neck and her shoulder blade. Chasing the fluttering kicks of his child within her womb filled him with such a feeling of pride and contentment. Exhaling softly, he rested his head back against the chair. For the first time in a very long time, he was at peace. Last night he'd donned his suit of armor to put Felicity's assassins to bed once and for all. Tracking Dr. Weston down, he'd killed her swiftly and without mercy then left her decapitated head as a warning to colleagues who sought to put their bank accounts ahead of their morals.

"Are you alright?" Felicity asked softly, her fingers twining with his. "There's a lot of blood in the front hall." She said quietly.. Perhaps he'd an animal of some kind had gotten in or he'd been out hunting last nigh. Felicity was fairly sure it was the latter though she wasn't she really wanted to know. Either way, she intended to wash the remnants away before Joseph got up. Thankfully, he was eighteen years old and rarely left his room before noon.

"You know very well that blood isn't mine, love." Slade chuckled darkly, "Sara called and informed me that Dr. Weston was hired by Moira to kill you after the baby was born." He'd gotten that call last night during dinner and it had taken every ounce of strength he possessed to hold himself back. He wanted take out not only Dr. Weston but any person he encountered along the way. It was a testament to how much he loved Felicity and how greatly he'd changed in the last few months. He had controlled the rage and had put an end to only the monster who was trying to hurt his family. Slade sighed, "We're going to have to find you another doctor. Perhaps run a better background check before we hire them."

Felicity's eyes fluttered closed for a moment, Slade's arms tightened protectively around her belly. She was glad they did, she yearned to protect this little baby. Now, perhaps, she finally could. Shifting slightly, she turned to face him, "Is it over, then?" She yearned for an existence with no more destruction, no more violence, and no more bloodstained footprints in the hallway. "Moira's done then?"

He nodded, "Anatoli packed her up and brought her back to Russia this morning. I watched him put her on the plane myself. It's all over now, love. I promise you that." Pressing a chaste kiss to her lips, he smiled, "You've nothing to fear now. We can go about our lives and never have to look back."

A sob tore through her as she buried her face against Slade's chest. The overwhelming relief washed over her and she was powerless to stop the onslaught of emotion. Felicity had been so strong for so long, raging against her hormones. The crushing fear had cost her so many hours of sleep. Knowing that she was really, truly safe meant the world to her and she could no longer contain herself.

Slade was incredibly distressed by her reaction. He was ecstatic at the news but…she had just burst into tears. Holding her close, he rubbed her back, "What is it, love? What's wrong?" Kissing her cheek gently, he smoothed her hair. "Whatever it is, I'll fix it. Just talk to me, Felicity."

Laying her hands on the sides of his face, she gave him a watery smile. "Everything is perfect, Slade." Tears continued to trail down her cheeks, "These are happy tears. I'm so relieved. We can put this all behind us and move on with our lives." His thumb smoothed her tears away and she kissed his fingers gently, "Finally, it's just you and me and our children."

He raised an eyebrow, "Children?"

Felicity chuckled, "You didn't think we were going to stop at just one, did you?" She pecked him swiftly on the lips. "I want to fill these rooms with family. Our family, Slade: you, me, Joseph and our kids." Resting her forehead against his, she grinned, "Is that alright with you?"

"I can't imagine anything better, love." Slade had such a deep love for this woman in his arms. He'd never thought that being this fulfilled was even humanly possible. The deep loneliness and despair that had ravaged his soul when he was marooned on Lian Yu was a distant memory now. How could he dwell on the violence of the past when he had a future that was sure to be full of laughter and love? Shifting slightly, he sat up. He really didn't want to replace another uniform because of bloodstains and he needed to help Felicity clean up the hall.

Resting a hand on his chest, Felicity felt him still beneath her touch. "Go grab a shower and put on a nice suit." One hand was placed at the small of her back as she hoisted herself up off his lap, with just a little assistance from Slade. After all, his baby was the one putting her so off balance.

Slade peered at her suspiciously, "Why?"

"Sara called me this morning to let me know that she and Oliver are getting married at city hall this morning." Giving him a winning smile, she snuggled against his side as she ushered him into the house. "We're going to support them. And I figured while we're there, why don't we make this official as well?" Leaning in the doorway, she smirked, "You don't want to be one upped by Oliver Queen, do you?"

Blinking incredulously at her, Slade suddenly threw back his head and laughed. Leave it to Felicity to jump the gun and propose to him. "No, love, I don't want to be one upped…" The sooner she was his wife, the better. Dragging her back into his arms, he kissed her deeply. He could have easily stayed like that all day but the time was getting away from them and he wanted to look his best. It was his wedding day, after all.

Very reluctantly, Slade disentangled himself from her arms in order to get ready. Stepping under the hot spray of the shower, he thought back the first moment he'd ever seen Felicity Smoak walking out of that club in that white dress, illuminated in a soft halo of streetlight. At that time in his life he was so blinded by rage and anger that he couldn't see the truth right there in front of him. Just one day with her and she'd torn open wounds that were festering in his anger, giving them the opportunity to finally properly heal. With her gentle touch and her unrelenting charm, she'd forced him to face his demons. Despite the odds against him, he had rallied. Now, she would be his wife and the mother of his children. Whatever cosmic force had allowed him to know this kind of happiness, he thanked his lucky stars today.

While Slade prepared for the day, Felicity roused Joseph from bed before attending to her own personal needs. Sneaking into the back of the closet, she pulled out the dress that she'd been saving for this very occasion. Padding into the guest bathroom, she took extra time to blow-dry her hair so it curled naturally down her shoulders. Slipping into the maternity dress, she smiled broadly. Sara was right, this hot little number was going to drive Slade crazy. Brides traditionally wore white to signify purity and virginity; Felicity didn't pretend that she was either one of those things. The dress itself was a deep burgundy that highlighted her natural complexion. It fell just to her knee, hugging her baby bump just so. The décolletage was just enough to hint at the cleavage beneath without being risqué. Everything a about this dress was perfect. Twirling in the mirror, she smiled. It was time to start her new life as Mrs. Felicity Wilson.

Slade stood beside Joseph as he waited for his bride. While he was helping him tie his tie, Felicity descended the stairs in what felt like slow motion. She was a vision. Every cell in his body ached to draw her into his arms and ravage her right there in the hall. The only thing stopping him was the fact that his son was standing at his side and there was a bit of a time crunch. Nevertheless, he knew once he got her home that saucy number didn't stand a chance. "You look amazing, love…" He kissed her hotly. "Come on then, we don't want to be late." He ignored Joseph's sniggering as they piled into the car and headed to town hall.

Oliver Queen stood in the hallway with Dig at his side awaiting an audience with the judge while Sara finished getting ready in the bathroom. She didn't want him to see her outfit so she'd snuck away to change while he finished filling out the paperwork. He was eager to see what she had waiting in store. Thea and Roy were settled on a bench, chatting quietly as Slade, Felicity, and Joseph meandered in. Oliver kissed Felicity gently on the cheek, shaking hands with Slade as cordially as he could muster. "I'm glad you could be here."

Felicity hugged Oliver close, "We're not just here for support. Slade and I decided to take a page out of your book and make it official as well." She nudged him playfully, "Sara said you were disappointed that we weren't on for a double-wedding anyway." Catching the look of surprise on Oliver's face, she winked, "You boys play nice. I'm going to check on Sara." Knocking gently, she smiled as she was admitted into the bathroom. Locking the door behind her, she could sense the tension in Sara's shoulders, "Are you alright?"

"I need help…"Sara sighed, "And maybe a lobotomy." Turning, she lifted her hair out of the way, "Will you help me into this thing?" Standing in front of the mirror, she peered at herself as Felicity zipped up the wedding dress that her grandmother had gotten married in. It had taken a little doing but she managed to get it out of storage and had paid a king's ransom to have it dry cleaned and pressed for this morning's ceremony. "This is crazy, right?" The dress was made of expertly sewn silk over a gorgeous silk shift. The sleeves were long and delicately adorned with beads. The whole gown adequately covered the scars on her arms and back and made Sara look like a princess.

"Not at all, you look beautiful." Felicity replied. Gently resting her hands on Sara's shoulders, she smiled, "Now, I'm not an expert on hair, obviously, but maybe we can pin it up a little bit. I think I have some bobby pins in my purse." She helped Sara coif her hair just so. She could tell that the simple routine of it all was putting Sara more at ease. "I didn't think I'd ever see today…me marrying Slade. I'm afraid that if I blink I'm going to wake up and realize this was all a dream."

Sara peered at herself long and hard in the mirror, "I know exactly how you feel. Marrying Oliver, this dress…I feel like I've entered a parallel universe." She let out a shaky breath as she finally headed toward the door. There was nothing to fear but fear itself; she had to remind herself of that. "I'm so happy that you're safe and you can finally get your happy ending." Hugging her close, she looked very smug, "Also, I was right, that dress is hot on you." Grasping her hand, she exhaled, "Come on, it's now or never."

"I say now. Slade would not be okay with me," Felicity teased. Striding out across the floor, she slipped back into her love's arms as Sara hesitantly made her way out of the bathroom. Felicity cuddled against Slade and she extended her hand to her stepson-to-be. Joseph moved to her side, sliding one arm around her back. She pulled him close, happy that he was with them as well.

Oliver met her halfway across the floor. She had never been one for fancy dresses or 'girly' things of any kind; that had always been Laurel. Still, it was her wedding day and that meant something. She was wearing his grandmother's ring, it was only right that she wore her grandmother's gown. "Hey…" She said softly, biting her lip as she watched Oliver's eyes sweeping over her. "I know, I know. It's—"

"Perfect." Oliver finished the sentence for her, tugging her close. "Come on, let's do this. No cold feet," Stepping into the judge's chambers, he proudly pledged his life to Sara in front of God and man. Once it was signed, sealed, and official, he took his bride in arms and kissed her until Thea started worrying aloud that they hadn't come up for air in ages. With congratulatory hugs and kisses, they made room for Felicity and Slade to take their marital vows.

Joseph grabbed Felicity's arm before she stepped forward. "Hey…I know I'm not the father of the bride or anything. But the groom is my father. It would be my honor to walk you down the aisle." It was a very short aisle, the distance from the door to the judge's desk, but the offer was not lost on Felicity. Holding her arm gently, he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, "She's all yours." Shaking hands with Slade, he smiled, "Even if she is too good for you."

Laughing appreciatively, Slade tugged Joseph closer and hugged his son tight. Having his child here and accepting of the way things were meant more to him than he'd ever believed it could. Turning back to Felicity, he nodded, "Don't I know it." Grasping both her hands, he gazed lovingly at her as the wizened judge began the ritual. The ceremonial rites were exactly the same as when Sara and Oliver had used but for Slade they held deeper meaning as he recited them to Felicity. He vowed not only in front of the law but on his own life that he'd always do right by her and their children.

Surrounded by those she called family, Felicity had never felt such powerful emotion. She couldn't help but get a little teary pledging her life to Slade. After the judge pronounced them husband and wife, she threw herself into his arms and knew that she belonged here forevermore. In that moment, she was absolutely certain that she could never be as happy as she was now…

That was until three months later when Felicity settled in her hospital room, snuggling the brand new baby girl that she and Slade had created together. Rose Wilson emerged into the world at the stroke of midnight weighing just over eight and a half pounds and measuring twenty-one inches long. Felicity didn't care what anyone said, Rose was the most gorgeous baby who had ever lived.

Sara and Oliver had been at the hospital the entire time for support and—in the event that Slade got out of hand—backup. They offered their heartfelt congratulations and brought a plethora of colorful 'It's a Girl' balloons. Felicity had noticed a glimmer of longing in Sara's eye as she held baby Rose, cuddling her close for as long as Felicity could stand to be parted from her brand new baby. Dig had called to check in with promises to stop by tomorrow. Joseph had stayed far, far away from the delivery room but as soon he was assured that absolutely nothing uncomfortable was happening he had eagerly to check out his baby sister. After giving her the gold-stamp of approval and bringing Felicity a lovely bouquet, he headed home to sleep. Exhausted and proud, Felicity smiled happily as she kissed her husband for the first time as a mother. "I love you so much," Her voice was hoarse and tired.

Slade rested beside her, in awe of his amazing wife and this tiny person that they'd made together. Holding it together while she labored and toiled had nearly ripped the heart of him. He wasn't sure that he could ever go through that again…but looking at this perfect little being they'd created he knew it was all worth it. "I love you too, Felicity. And our daughter as well." Any man who ever dared toy with his precious little girl was in for a world of hurt. He pushed that thought aside as he noted how Felicity's eyelids were drooping. "You need your rest." Pressing a gentle kiss to the top of her head before bending to kiss the newborn, he slipped Rose into his arms. "Sleep now, love. I've got her." Settling into a rocking chair, he cradled the tiny pink bundle close to his chest as he stared out over the twinkling lights of Starling City.

He sat there for hours, just holding the baby against his chest and marveling at how perfect his life was at this moment. The sun rose slowly and steadily as a new day dawned over the little family Slade and Felicity had created. Felicity stirred, instinctively reaching for Slade. In an instant he was by her side, for now and forever. As she accepted their daughter into her arms once more, they drank in the sight of the vibrant orange glow of the sunrise illuminating their lives. Felicity kissed Slade with all the strength in her body knowing every dream she'd ever had came true and that finally, she had found her happily ever after.

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