The Puppet Master

Chapter Two

"Lock sept!" Yuki murmured, light flooding from his body and flowing out of him, surrounding him and floating all about him, before he extended a hand into the air. A barrier formed all around the area they were in, concealing the group from the outside world, lest they be seen.

"I did it!" This was Yuki's second time constructing a barrier of this size. The situation was similar to last time, except their opponents were much tougher this time. He was a bit rusty because Reigna backed off them for about a month… But he guessed the short lived peace was over now.

"Little brat!" Elegy took out her whip as Luka's blade bounced off of Cadenza's, and they slid apart from each other.

Elegy lunged to strike Yuki—who was completely caught off guard. Luka rushed to stop her but he was too far away because of Cadenza. The attack was stopped not by Luka, but by the unfamiliar girl standing next to her.

"What the hell d'you think you're doing, Neikan?" Elegy snapped with malice at the girl, who was gripping Elegy's wrist in a tight, steel hold.

Luka rushed to Yuki's side, "Are you okay?" he asked, stroking Yuki's cheek tenderly.

"I—I'm fine," Yuki stammered, his golden eyes tearing away from Neikan and Elegy, "Why did Neikan protect me?"

"I don't know," Luka glared at the two women, who were whispering heatedly to each other.

"Don't you dare bruise up my next puppet!" Neikan was hissing into Elegy's ear, 'Focus on the bloody cross!"

Elegy huffed.

She wanted to get back at the little parasite for stealing Zess from her. If it weren't for the human girl, Zess would still be on their side!

Reading Elegy's expression, Neikan snarled, "Keep your petty problems out of this," she snatched her hand away from Elegy's wrist, "You'll have your revenge, but not today. Do you understand me?"

"Are you two done gossiping over there?" Cadenza growled, holding his sword up and facing Luka, "We're kind of in the middle of something here."

Elegy begrudgingly backed off Yuki. She knew that if she messed with Neikan, she'd get shit from both Reigna and Luze.

Elegy and Cadenza both lunged towards Luka, and the duras had to literally shove Yuki out the way of their attacks. The delicate blond landed flat on his butt and had to scramble the rest of the way out the range of their attacks and get to his feet, dusting himself off as he watched Luka take on both the Opasts with a concerned expression on his feminine face.

With the bloody cross preoccupied, Neikan saw her opportunity.

One minute she was beneath the cover of the trees, the next she was standing right behind Yuki. Yuki jumped and spun around to face her, but he was too slow.

Neikan grabbed Yuki's face in her hands and roughly yanked him close. Before Yuki could register what was going on, she pressed her red lips against his in a biting, and almost painful, kiss.

"Hey! Don't touch him!" Luka growled in fury, and attempted to intervene, but was stopped by both Cadenza and Elegy. If it was only just one of them, he could easily take them down and get to Yuki. But their combined powers were enough to stall Luka, for the time being.

Which was why Neikan chose the two.

Yuki struggled, clawing at the hands that were holding his face, but the girl's strength was too much. Usually he wouldn't hit a woman, even if it was an Opast, but just as he was about to use one of his martial arts moves to get her off him, a strange dizziness overtook him.

The edges of his vision began to get blurry as the girls gleaming red eyes glared back at him; he was caught in her spell. Completely hypnotized, he stopped struggling against her. His body wouldn't obey his thoughts, his hands fell to his sides, and he stood, motionless.

'M—My strength… it's fading…' He panicked inwardly, his head spinning like a top, before everything went black.

Neikan smirked and released the boy, allowing him to fall flat on his face in the gravel.


Luka managed to severely injure Cadenza and get past Elegy. The next thing Neikan knew, he was running at her, sword up and ready, to slice her into pieces.

She gulped and braced herself; she hadn't brought any weapons except a small dagger. That was a toy compared to Zess' sword.

Suddenly, a figure flashed in front of her, and the sound of swords bouncing off each other rang in her ears. She took a step back and opened her eyes to see what happened.

"Luze!" there was relief in her voice, "You came, why?"

"I figured you'd need me," was Luze's simple reply, not looking back at her.

"You saved me, thank you!"

Elegy and Cadenza were in shock, staring at the girl like she grown a second head. Her personality just did a total 180. Where did the narcissistic, arrogant bitch go? She suddenly turned all sweet and thankful when it was Luze who was helping her.

And they swore they saw a hint of a smile on Luze's lips; but it was probably their imagination.

Elegy helped Cadenza up and waited for what they had to do.

"What do we do?" Luze asks, eyeing his brother warily as Luka focused his worried attention on Yuki, who was lying on the ground behind Neikan's feet.

"We're done here," Neikan informed him, bouncing on the heels of her feet in barely contained excitement, "Let's head back."

Luze nodded as Neikan bent over and picked Yuki up around the waist.

"You're not going anywhere with him!" Luka growled, and attempted to attack, but was blocked by his younger twin, who sent a blast of gray energy at him; to distract him. It clouded his vision, and he had to close his eyes against the force of it.

Luze and Neikan disappeared in a flurry of rose petals, taking Yuki with them. Cadenza disappeared as well, and Elegy turned into her true form and flew away quickly.

Luka was left standing in the middle of the dirt path; alone.

Luka's sword slid out his hand and clattered to the ground. He attempted to control his emotions, something that he always did and was so good at, but he couldn't help himself when it came to Yuki's safety; which was now jeopardized. Because Luka failed to protect him. Now the enemy had him.

He lifted a fist and struck the nearest tree, his expression pained, but not from the impact. The bark splintered and cracked, the tree splitting upon the hard force of his punch, "Yuki…"


Luka didn't have to look up to know that Hotsuma, Shusei, and Kuroto finally arrived on the scene, and was running towards him. They must've heard all the explosions and came to investigate.

Shusei slid to a halt and surveyed the destroyed forest all around them before he directed his gaze to the duras, "What happened?"

"Where's Yuki?" Hotsuma demanded, his fists clenching by his sides.

"...They took him."

"WHAT?!" Kuroto and Hotsuma both hollered, tempers rising at the thought of Yuki getting taken by anyone.

"Who took him?" Shusei asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"Elegy, Luze, Cadenza," he heard Kuroto's heart hammer at the mention of Cadenza's name, "And some other Opast I didn't recognize."

"Sounds like everyone but Reigna… He must've summoned a new Opast," Shusei sighed.

"She's strong," Luka added, eyes staring off into the distance.

"Great," Hotsuma snarled and clenched his fists, "Another damn Opast we've got to deal with, how the fuck are we going to save Yuki?"

"Let's get back to the mansion and tell the others," Kuroto suggested, stuffing his hands into his pockets, "I'm sure that Takashiro will come up with something."

They all nodded in agreement.

Neikan made sure that the chains on Yuki's wrists were nice and tight before she stood up, dusting off her short black dress, "He'll probably remain unconscious for a few hours," she turned and smiled sweetly at Luze, "When he wakes, he'll be completely under my control."

"How does it work?"

"The kiss," she tapped her slender fingers against her lips, "Using the kiss, I connected him to me, and channeled my influence in him. It takes a while to get the host under my control; it has to shut down his bodily functions and his emotions. That way I can control him to do whatever I want. And since it's the Light of God, it'll take twice that long," she shrugged her shoulders.

Luze smirked; he was impressed.

"How do you plan to use the Light of God?"

"What's better fun than watching the Giou clan squirm?" The girl let out a chilling laugh, "I'll make Yuki fight and kill as many Zweilts as I can force out of him. The Zweilts won't have the heart to kill their precious Light of God, so it'll be easy!"

Luze smiled, "You're devious and manipulative, I love it."

"Thanks for noticing," Neikan hooked her unto his and smiled, showing her fangs, "C'mon, let's go to my room and we can have some fun."

Luze shook his head, "Not tonight," he declined as they made their way out the dark cellars, "I have to talk with Reigna, and you need to rest your body. I know that doing all that made you exhausted."

Niekan pushed her red lips into a pout, "I am not tired," she grumbled.

Luze shook his head, "Yes you are. Now rest, you need it."

Neikan sighed, she knew her not-quite-lover-but-deeper-then-a-fuck-buddy was right, and that's what irked her, "Fine," she detached her arm from his as they made their way back into the hall and closed the door behind them, making sure to lock it as well, "But be back when he wakes up. I'll show you what I can make him do."

Luze nodded and smirked, "I look forward to it."

They parted ways.

Luka tuned out Touko's and Lia's annoying sobbing as he leaned against the office wall, waiting for what Takashiro had planned. All the zweilt, including Luka, Takashiro, and Tachibana were seated all around the main room of the Twilight Mansion. Everyone was quiet, there was a gloominess hanging about the room.

Hotsuma was fidgeting where he sat, Shusei and Tsukumo looked relatively calm but worried, Touko and Lia were crying and holding hands, Senshirou and Kuroto were both standing with their arms crossed, Sairi, like Luka, was hovering in the back ground and listening intently for what Takahsiro had to say.

Takashiro sat with his fingers intertwined together in front of his face. He looked at Tsukumo, "can you sense him anywhere, Tsukumo?"

Tsukumo shook his head, closing his eyes and lowered his head in barely concealed shame, "He's probably somewhere inside a barrier, or too far away. I can sense anything of him."

Takashiro sighed, "Alright," he stood up, "Looks like we have to just wait."



"We can't just leave him!"

"What if they kill him!"

Takashiro held up a hand for silence, ignoring all the protests, "We have no way of tracking them. I know they won't kill Yuki yet, since that Neikan Opast seemed to have want to use Yuki for something, from what Luka told us. If she could, she probably would've killed Yuki right then and there, so I doubt that's what her motive is."

"Then what is their motive?" Lia asked and sniffed, "Why do they want to use Yuki?"

Takashiro sighed, "For our downfall."

Silence met his words.

"We'll see this Neikan again, soon," he stuffed his hands into his pockets, "Tomorrow, the Zweilts will go to school like normal. Anyone asks about Yuki, say that he's sick. We might hear or pick up on something, who knows," he shrugged "It's the best we can do right now."

Rage boiled inside of Luka; even though he knew what Takashiro was saying was true, and made the most sense. He turned angrily and stormed out of the room. He marched up the stairs and into Yuki's room to cool his head.

He took a seat on Yuki's bed, the young male's sweet scent lingered on the sheets. It comforted Luka, in a way. But it also made it feel that Yuki was so far out of his reach.