From the Remnant Library Archives

There is an old legend in Remnant. A legend of a mysterious man in a dark blue scarf, known in history as the Blue Sage, or like he called himself, the "Doctor".

The first recorded sighting of this man was in the beginning of human history. When humankind was born into an unforgiving world and was plagued by the creatures of Grimm, the Blue Sage first appeared. It was written this mysterious man helped teach humans to harness the power of Dust to light their way in the darkness, therefore earning him the title of the "Blue Sage".

This man stayed for merely a short time in Remnant before disappearing, never to be seen again. The only clue of his whereabouts was that a strange, blue box was sighted just before he disappeared. What this box is, and its relation to him is unknown. Although disappearing long ago, there have still been unconfirmed sightings of the Blue Sage throughout Remnant`s history, especially in the modern-era.

Who and what is this mysterious man in a blue scarf? Doctor who?

Many humans have asked these questions throughout history yet after time goes by, the legend of this man has faded and is almost forgotten...