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"Emmet!" WyldStyle gave a last, frantic series of knocks on the construction worker's apartment door, her breath coming out in ragged gasps and her heart racing in fear.

She received no reply.

She felt someone grab her shoulder and try to gently pull her back, but she tore her shoulder from the grasp and banged her fist against the door in desperation, chest rising heavily.

"He's not here – he wouldn't worry us like this is he were," Benny's frown could be heard in his voice and WyldStyle turned, fear burning in her dark gaze.

"Well where is he then Benny?"

Benny didn't answer.

Batman watched from his position in the back of The Dog as WyldStyle and Benny entered, the later seemingly gushing sentences while the former led the way towards where UniKitty was sitting, lightly coloured tail wrapped around her hunched form, her eyes unseeing.

She had looked like that a lot recently; like she hadn't slept in an age.

Batman doubted she had smiled at all in the last 48 hours since Emmet was declared missing.

It was odd, really. The Special had given his usual, cheerful goodbye at the end of the day and went on his way, his promise to return tomorrow lingering in the air. They hadn't worried when he didn't turn up on time – Emmet was Emmet and it didn't really surprise them – but when an hour turned into two and his appearance still hadn't been made, Benny and UniKitty started to worry, and it quickly caught on throughout the group.

They had tried his apartment quickly, only to find it empty and in top quality. They had checked coffee shops and work sights before turning to the other Master Builders, asking if Emmet had been seen in any of the various worlds.

No one had seen him.

They calmed themselves down though, deciding to give him the rest of the day and tomorrow morning to resurface; he could've easily decided he needed some time to himself to rest and relax.

But by lunchtime the next day, he still hadn't shown. They repeated their steps, declaring the construction worker missing and asking the citizens of each world to keep an eye out for the missing Special.

That had been two days ago, and there was still no sign of Emmet.

WyldStyle and Benny seemed to be the most hopeful of the group – still returning to the abandoned apartment twice a day to bang on the door some more, hoping that he'd answer with a crooked grin, stumbled apology and WyldStyle would scold him for scaring everyone.

But it hadn't happened, and Batman was sure they'd have to go out and find him themselves if they wanted to see him again.

Batman drifted his gaze towards the large pirate on the opposite side of The Dog, and a mutual understanding shot between the two. Simultaneously, they got to their feet and made their way towards where UniKitty was. WyldStyle and Benny had just joined the princess.


WyldStyle was quick to interrupt the pink princess, "Nope. He wasn't at his apartment."

UniKitty's face fell, and WyldStyle sat next to her, her head in her hands as she thought over the possible places where Emmet could be.

"I don't understand; he went home Thursday night, but was gone by Friday morning… how does that even work?" Benny asked, his voice tinged with despair.

Batman joined them and shrugged a single shoulder, "The kid was kidnapped."

WyldStyle raised her head, hope blazing a small fire in her eyes, "We just have to find out whom by and we have Emmet back."

Metal Beard scoffed as he joined the group, "I highly doubt it be that simple; first, yer have ta figure out who did it. That's hard enough."

But WyldStyle simply looked towards Batman, the idea firm in her mind, "But we have Batman; he's solved numerous crimes before – he'll find Emmet for sure."

Batman couldn't help but smirk as his ego inflated, "She's right."

UniKitty gave a small cheer, prancing to her feet in hope. Benny grinned.

"I wouldn't give yer hopes up, but we'll give it a shot. We'll head over ta Emmet's apartment ter'morrow and see what Batsie here can find."

Batman gave a small frown, "I resent being called Batsie."

But the others were too indulged in their hope to hear him.

Emmet groaned as his vision returned, giving a harsh cough that stung his parched throat.

Where am I?

The question lingered on his mind as he looked around, taking in nothing but the pressing dark that lingered on all sides.

He couldn't move.

Panic rose through him instantly, and he desperately tugged up his arms, feeling cold metal press into his limbs and tightening around his chest and head.

His breathed became rapid and he blinked quickly, desperately trying to gauge something out of his darkened surroundings.

But he couldn't.

He was alone.

And he was terrified.

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