"You know, now that I think about it, I remember this one time where me and an old friend-"

Lloyd groaned and leaned back in his chair, throwing his head back and staring up at the ceiling as Emmet gave an amused chuckle. It had been a week since the Special had been admitted to the hospital, five days since WyldStyle had decided that therapy was a no and Lloyd was finally visiting his friend with Garmadon.

His Dad had done most of the talking however, with the Green Ninja sitting in his chair and sharing amused looks with Emmet as the older man babbled on about some other adventure he had gone on, some long, twisting tale Lloyd doubted was actually true.

Emmet was looking far better than when Lloyd had last seen him; the bags under his eyes less dark and a slight color back to his cheeks. He was smiling more frequently and, even though he froze in fear when someone moved to touch him, he seemed to be heading on the right track with his recovery.

He was currently sitting in his bed, pale orange shirt thrown over his shoulders and unbuttoned, showing his bruised chest and bandaged stomach. His legs were covered with a flimsy pair of loose pants and his hair was finally combed to the side neatly, still sticking up in the back as usual.

"How long until you can leave?" Lloyd interrupted his Father's story, ignoring the annoyed glare sent his way, and Emmet tore his polite gaze from Garmadon to Lloyd's.

"Tomorrow… Chris wanted me to stay longer, but he seems pretty sure that Lucy will look after me. I think he just wants me out of this room so he can have it in case of emergencies," there was no mistaking the small amount of guilt that entered his voice, and Lloyd didn't hesitate in reassuring him.

"Hey, there's no trouble with being afraid of meeting new people; the last stranger you met almost killed you!" he winced as the words came from his mouth, and he watched in guilt and concern as Emmet's face slackened and his eyes widened slightly. The construction worker managed to fight the fear that rose through his chest and he forced a smile towards the young ninja.

"Yeah, I guess he did."

The three sat in an awkward silence, Emmet staring at his hands as his smile slipped from his face, and Lloyd bit his lip before turning to his Dad, "Hey, Dad, you don't mind leaving us alone for a little, do you?"

Garmadon didn't even answer, getting to his feet and glancing at the quiet Special before he slipped out of the room. Lloyd waited until he heard the door close before he turned back to Emmet.

"I'm sorry, I truly am. I didn't mean to-"

"Lloyd, its fine. I'm just tired is all; I can't sleep with- without remembering it all," Emmet breathed a shaky breath before forcing another smile, grinning at the still unsure ninja.

"Okay, if you say so… but I am sorry," Lloyd got to his feet before shooting Emmet a smile. "I have to go; training session and all. Good luck with moving back home!"

Emmet gave a small thanks, leaning his back against the wall behind his bed when Lloyd left, leaving him alone. He closed his eyes, shifting as best he could, cursing his broken arm and stab wound.

It was almost suddenly that he heard his own scream in his ears and he felt the same burning pain that flared up his arm when Ra's had stepped on his arm, twisting his heel into the limb and shattering it beneath his foot.

Emmet felt his body lunged forward and he was only just aware of the tight feeling in his chest and the tears burning his eyes, his scream still echoing in his ears as his arm burnt white hot pain.

"Emmet? Emmet, you need to calm down," the voice was familiar and reassuring and Emmet whimpered and opened his eyes, staring at his concerned girlfriend through his own tears. One hand was stretched towards him, hovering slightly as though scared of touching him, and the other one was wrapped around the coffee she had left to go and buy.

"Lucy…?" his voice cracked and he let out a harsh sob, his tears falling rapidly as he cried. The pain in his arm subsided the constant, dull ache he was always feeling, and Ra's' cruel smirk left his mind. He watched with his shoulders shaking as WyldStyle sat down her coffee cup and sat on the side of the bed, arms opened as though she was going to hug him.

"Do you want a hug?"

Emmet shifted and froze, staring at her open arms as both fear and longing coursed through him. His longing to be wrapped up in his girlfriend's arms won, and he buried his face in her chest, her arms resting around his shoulders in a loose but comforting embrace.

WyldStyle didn't move, happiness and hope blooming in her chest when Emmet buried his face in her chest, and she carefully wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a loose embrace. He still stiffened underneath her, and she loosened her arms even more, the longing in her chest to rest her head on his almost overwhelming.

"He's never going to leave me." Emmet's broken voice shattered her thoughts and broke her heart, and she leaned back, arms still resting on his shoulders slightly as she looked him in the eye.

"Neither am I. He's only in your mind Emmet," she whispered her response, and Emmet sniffled, raising a hand to wipe his eyes and nose.

WyldStyle took her chance, leaning forward and pressing a soft, loving kiss on his forehead. She felt him stiffen but she continued, resting her own forehead against his and staring into his eyes. She watched with a soft smile as his fear subsided and he closed his eyes, leaning into her slightly and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I want you to move in with me."

The request stunned WyldStyle and she leaned back instantly, staring at Emmet in both joy and wonder.

He seemed suddenly embarrassed and glanced down at his hands that had fallen limply into his lap, "Only if you want too… of course. I'm terrified of being alone and… I love you."

WyldStyle felt a happy sob tear from her throat, and she ignored his sudden touch phobia, wrapping her arms around his shoulders tightly and bringing him against her chest. He did stiffen at her touch, his body going rigid before he returned the hug stiffly.

"I love you too Emmet. We'll pick some stuff up from mine on the way home tomorrow… how's that sound?"

Emmet grinned up at her slightly, closing his eyes and sighing contently into her chest, his overwhelming happiness drowning the still present fear that resided in his gut.

Batman slammed the metal door to Ra's cell with a loud clang, both he and Bat Cop sharing a relieve glance before leaving. Ra's had been forced into one of the highest security cells Arkham Asylum had, whole both Talia and Nyssa were placed in smaller, not as secure rooms, but both were assured that there was no way either of them could break out.

Batman grabbed his grappling hook as he made his way outside, glancing at the Cop before he left, "Emmet's let out tomorrow; you coming or not?"

Bad shook his head, "WyldStyle invited me but I think the kid needs his space before he gets crowded by too many people."

Batman nodded in agreement, "That's what I said; MetalBeard and Benny think the same. Space Dude's trying to convince the Cat to give the two time alone before we bombard him."

Bad only grunted in response and climbed into his police cruiser, Batman shooting his grappling hook and flinging out of view.

Emmet stood on his feet, the pain in his gut strong as he tried to stand up straight. He was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, his shirt buttoned up and he stood rigid, glancing wearily at the unfamiliar people as WyldStyle signed the release forms.

"Give me a call if anything seems out of the ordinary!" Chris seemed adamant that he wanted to help Emmet recover as best as possible and WyldStyle smiled, grabbing her boyfriend's hand in hers and ignoring the initial reaction Emmet's body had at her touch.

Chris smiled at Emmet, keeping his distance, fully aware that WyldStyle was the only one he allowed to touch him, "Get better soon Emmet; I'll be over in a week to check up on you."

Emmet nodded numbly and scooted slightly closer to his girlfriend as a stranger passed by, and WyldStyle sent him a reassuring smile.

When they finally arrived back at his apartment, he wasted no time in making his way upstairs, fumbling with the key until WyldStyle, who had a bag of clothes and other necessities thrown over her shoulder, took the key from his hands and unlocked the door for him.

She pushed it open and held the door open for Emmet, who almost stumbled in and grinned at the sight of his apartment.

"It's awesome to be home again."

WyldStyle gave a small laugh, "I think Benny dropped by earlier this week to water Planty."

Emmet smiled softly and made his way to his couch, sitting down and sighing as he sunk into the couch. WyldStyle threw her bag into his room and crouched down next to him, moving his hair out of his face and staring at him almost sadly.

"You know it's going to be a long road, right?"

Emmet shifted uncomfortably and nodded, whispering his response, "I know."

The two sat in silence as the sun sank over the horizon.

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