Chapter 1:

Demigod luck just plain out sucked. Percy just couldn't get a break, it seemed like every godly being wanted him to be in pain. First they take her away from him, then halfway into his freshman year of college at NYU Paul and Sally died in a plane crash. Knowing a certain god of the sky Percy marched up to Olympus and went off. He cursed and yelled at all the gods, sadly even Poseidon. He didn't care; he hadn't talked to any demigods in a year and a half. Zeus and the other gods didn't feel pity on Percy. They banished him from camp and Olympus. Percy dropped out of school and stayed alone every day. Then it all changed when he got a call.

He had just woken up from another dream. It's always the same. He can never get away from her, even in his sleep. The dream always starts the same way, right before she died.

It was pouring out, the rain was making it hard to tell the monsters from who right next to you. Percy could feel Annabeth's presence right behind him. He also knew that without Frank, who had fallen to a gorgon, it would impossible to make it into the boundaries of camp. They had made it so close to home now it was all falling out of their reach. Right as he finished off a Hellhound he heard a loud gasp from behind him. Whipping around Percy saw his worst nightmare; Annabeth had been stabbed in the stomach. By the way she was coughing up blood Percy knew she wouldn't make it. Percy picked her up, adrenaline rushing through him. "Hold on wise girl, I will get you home."

"Percy, it's not worth it." She said through deep breaths. Percy set his jaw and started forward. Becoming a raging storm Percy pushed forward. Seeing the all clear Percy ran into camp. "Get me a medic NOW!" he yelled tears welling up in his eyes. But before anyone could come he felt a hand touch his cheek, then she died. The dream always ends as he drops to his knees screaming, no cursing the gods. Even 2 years later he couldn't get away.

The ringing of the phone is what woke him from his nightmare. Grunting Percy pulled the sheets off his body and reached for his phone. 2:49, who the hell calls someone at 2:49, Percy thought. "Percy Jackson here." He said trying to sound awake.

"Oh Mr. Jackson, this is Agent Phil Coulson. I have been told to ask you to come in and meet with my agency."

"I'm sorry but I don't meet with secret agent men, especially when they wake me up."

"Mr. Jackson I hate to do this but if you don't meet us at the Café down on Main Street tomorrow at 11 I will have to use two agents to uh escort you to our agency."

"Um how about no, Thanks but no thanks. Bye." With that he hung up the phone. Knowing he would never go back to bed Percy went into his TV room and watched reruns of anything on TV. The whole time he couldn't stop thinking about what the agent had said. Before he knew it Percy had dozed off to sleep.

When Percy woke up Pretty Little Liars was on the TV for some reason and he had a giant kink in his neck. Yawning Percy got up and made himself some coffee. Remembering his late night visitor Percy went and checked his phone. He had a text from an unknown number saying, remember Mr. Jackson, be at the café on Main at 11. Checking the clock Percy was happy to see it was 10:45 and he wasn't even dressed and ready. Percy through his whole body on the couch and began to watch the game he recorded last night.