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Chapter 9:

The plan was actually quite simple, but knowing Percy's luck it would never actually be simple. The Avengers were going along with Nico, Piper, Jason, Connor and Travis. They would take one of SHIELD's ships. Percy knew what they would run into, they had been training for a week and Percy was dying. All he was thinking that they were wasting all this time training, but he knew if they went in with no training then they would all die. Percy was also tired. He had been having nightmares. They all had a message, if Percy dared to try and defeat Circe than there would be war. To be honest Percy was tired of war, he'd been through two already and wasn't exactly looking to be in a third. But he was willing to take the risk.

Percy was sitting on the couch watching a Yankees game with Steve and talking battle strategy.

"Di immortales." Percy cursed under his breath. He wasn't good at strategizing. That was what Annabeth did, he had the power she had the brains. "Do you think this will work?" Steve glanced up from the map,

"I don't know I'm kind of new to this whole uh Greek Gods things. If you say those soldi- I mean campers are good enough to do some damage then we should be fine. But Percy, will we be able to kill monsters?" Steve ran a hand trough is hair.

"You should, I had some upgrades to your stuff. Now that their celestial bronze it should kill them." Percy rolled his favorite bead in between his fingers, his first one; he did that when he was nervous. Jason walked in from the kitchen; the 4 demigods had been staying in Stark towers for the past week.

"Hey guys its dinner time." That either meant pizza, sandwiches, Chick-fil-a or pasta. Percy and Steve stood up and walked into the kitchen/dining room area. It was pizza, but Percy was cool with it. Percy still ate like an 18 year old boy, he was always hungry. Once he sat down he the team the run-down of tomorrow.

"We have to be on the ship by 8:00, so I'd advise you to wake up around 7:00," Tony dropped his pizza and looked up like he was just told he had to sell his brand new car. "so we can eat and get ready. Pack any gear you will need, an extra pair of clothes, toothbrush etc." Everyone nodded and it became silent. But then Clint spoke up,

"So what was Percy like at camp? Was he all macho?" Everyone almost spit out their food and starting cracking up. Percy felt his face go red.

"Far from it," Piper said gasping for air, "the first time I met him I was expecting some big guy but instead it was this dork head who tripped over his toga."

"No the best was when Percy lost his pants in that one capture the flag game!"

"Or when you got turned into a guinea pig." Everyone was cracking up, it felt good to laugh, and Percy hadn't truly laughed in forever.

"The best was the time when we had that midnight attack and Percy ran out all ready to fight in his finding nemo boxers." That was added in by Travis who was crying. Tony looked at Percy that had a look that said I'm judging you as he said,

"Finding Nemo? Really? How old were you 12?" Percy sheepishly looked down at his pizza.

"Uh it was 2 years ago." Everyone laughed. They stayed there for almost 2 hours telling embarrassing stories about Percy. Eventually they decided to call it a night. Percy walked to his room smiling; it felt good to be in a family again. A real family.

Percy actually slept a whole night without a nightmare. He woke up around 5 not being able to sleep anymore, he was too anxious. He walked out to the kitchen to find Steve eating some pancakes.

"Why are you up?" Percy asked.

"I always wake up early before missions. Just an old habit from the army. What about you?"

"Just too anxious." Percy said pouring himself a bowl of Reese puffs.

"I understand." Percy sat down and ate his breakfast. He and Steve started to talk about the Yankee's lineup. At around 7:00 everyone came down and ate breakfast. At 7:40 they all got in their cars and drove to the boat. Fury was waiting for them,

"Good Luck everyone. I want updates daily." He walked away. They all got onto the boat and loaded their gear. Percy went to get the boat on the right track and went to find the team. No looking back now. Percy thought to himself.