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Chapter 1: Head Above the Clouds

The Gummi ship ran its' course through the endless space, going towards the next space gate. The interior of the gate looked like they were in a swirling hurricane of some sort, and there were giant boulders and building pieces swirling in its' wake, along with all the Heartless and Unversed. After some navigations skills, the team found the keyhole, opened it up, and went through the gate.

They found themselves above a new world, which looked like part of it looked like structures above the clouds, while underneath contained some sort of medieval type of earth world.

"So what world is this?" Kirito asked Yui as he gazed out the window. "Let me see…got it! The destination we'll be arriving in is called Skyworld." Yui answered, looking up at the monitor. "Skyworld?" Sora questioned, "So it's a world in the sky?" "Well, partly." Yui replied, "It's a world containing the land in the sky, the earth, and then there's the Underworld." "So this world also has an Underworld, too, huh?" asked Kirito, recalling Hercules' world.

"I wonder what kind of people live down there?" Asuna asked Goofy as they got up and over to the transporter. "I dunno. But I'm sure it's gonna be great!" Goofy replied eagerly. "If we're gonna be in the sky, how're we gonna get around?" Donald asked. "We'll think of something." Sora replied. "I was afraid you'll say that." Kirito sighed, "Honestly, try thinking ahead on these things, will ya?" Once all three of them got onto the transporter, Yui locked in the coordinates, and got on the transporter before it teleported down to the surface.

Once they appeared, the team found themselves on a large stone platform surrounded by clouds, which had turned golden from the sun's rays. The view of the sky seemed endless, and from a far off distance, they could see even more stone platforms and broken columns that use to be part of buildings.

Kirito whistled in amazement. "Wish Leafa could see this." he said. "It does feel like Alfheim Online." Yui agreed, "Though a lot more room. Plus you can't see the ground from up here."

Donald and Goofy walked towards the edge of the stone platform. Donald made one too many steps, and almost tumbled off. Goofy quickly grabbed him, and almost fell off as well. Asuna came to their aid, grabbing Goofy's feet before he and Donald fell beneath the clouds. She pulled them out with all her strength, giving Goofy some footing so he could pull Donald out, too. Together, they came back to the surface.

"You guys okay?" Sora asked, rushing to them. "Yeah, nothing to worry about." panted Asuna, turning to Donald, "But we better watch our footing next time." "Did ya see anything down there?" Sora asked Donald. "Uh-uh. Too cloudy." Donald answered. "I wonder how deep the clouds are?" Goofy pondered. "Let's…not find out." Asuna replied.

Seconds after the trio got to their feet again, parts of the cloud in front of them started to puff up like a geyser field, and Heartless appeared from the clouds. "Heartless!" gasped Sora as the airborne Heartless appeared before them while Shadows revealed themselves on the stone platform. On Kirito and Yui's end, more monsters appeared out of the clouds. "…and Unversed!" Kirito added, seeing the crow-like Unversed in front of them, followed by Flood Unversed appearing on the platform too. The team drew their weapons and charged.

The battle was fierce, not only composed of Flood and Shadows, but the airborne enemies were Air Pirate Heartless and Archraven Unversed. While the Heartless on the ground were easy to beat, the ones in the air weren't as easy. They kept flying high distances from them before diving down to attack them. The team only could get at them when they attacked, so they had to react in time before they flew away. To add to the problems, the Heartless and Unversed kept coming up from the clouds and from the ground every time they knocked some out.

After several minutes, the team found themselves back to back as more Heartless and Unversed surrounded them. "Ugh! There's no end to them!" Asuna pouted. "Stop coming at us!" squawked Donald. Kirito charged ahead and knocked out a couple Shadows each. But he failed to notice the Air Pirate dive bombing at him from behind. "Kirito, watch out!" Sora called out.

Kirito turned just in time to see a light arrow pierce right through the side of the Heartless, making it disappear. Startled, Kirito looked towards where the arrow came from, then looked up to see something he could never believe.

An angel was flying towards them, with wings that shined a mystic blue glow to them. He held a strange gold and blue, stringless bow in his right hand. As he drew in closer, he could see that he looked like a young, teenage boy.

He had blue eyes, short, brown hair that grew in several tufts, and a golden laurel crown. He had on a white tunic with red and gold hems, fastened on by a red and gold fibula on his shoulder. He also had a brown belt with a golden buckle, dark blue shorts beneath his tunic, and long, brown sandals with beige bands and white fur on top. He also had gold and bronze bands on his arms, wrists and thighs, and two gold rings that hovered around his right arm.

"An angel?!" Kirito gasped as a couple Air Pirates flew towards the attacker. The angel readied himself, magically produced a string of light from his bow along with a light arrow, pulled back the string, and shot twice. The arrows shot down and magically curved themselves, directing at the Heartless, piercing right through them and making them disappear.

Everyone was in amaze as the angel descended in front of Kirito and landed onto the ground. He raised his head to him, giving off a smirk. "Hey there, need a hand?" he asked, raising his hand to wave. "Uh, yeah." Kirito replied, still not believing that an angel appeared before him. Recovering, he shook his head, and nodded firmly before turning his back and raising his Keyblade. "Hope you can fight as well as you can shoot." he told him. "Of course!" the angel responded, splitting his bow into two swords and holding them at the ready.

With their numbers added, the team went to work on fighting against all the Heartless and Unversed. The angel was well skill in both fighting close range with his twin swords, to putting them together to form the bow and shoot at enemies.

Sora found himself working side by side with this angel. "So you're an angel?" He asked, slicing a couple Floods. "Sure am!" answered the angel, shooting down an Archraven, "I'm Pit, servant and guardian of the goddess Palutena." "I'm Sora, and, uh, I'm one of the chosen wielders of the Keyblade." Sora greeted him, trying his best to make a title for himself, "My friends here are Kirito, Asuna, Donald, Goofy and Yui."

Sora jumped up to shoot an Air Pirate that came from behind Pit, while he rolled under Sora to get at a Shadow from behind. The to stood back to back again, looking at each other, grinned, then presumed the fighting. It took a few more minutes, but the Heartless and Unversed swarmed slowly died down until there was nothing left.

The team placed away their weapons, panting slightly from the battle they just endured. "That was quite a welcoming committee." Kirito stated sarcastically. "Heartless, Unversed, and a teen angel." Yui added, who sat on the ground, leaning back to back with Donald, "The only good one out of the group was the angel." "Yeah, thanks a lot for the help." Asuna thanked Pit. "It's no problem. It's my duty to protect those who're in danger." Pit replied cheerfully.

"So were you just passing by, or was there another reason you flew all the way over here?" Kirito interrogated Pit. "I was ordered to come here by Lady Palutena." Pit responded, "She noticed all the monsters appearing in the Skyworld. We presumed it was the Underworld Army attacking, but those enemies seemed much different. So while flying, I noticed you guys fighting here, so Palutena guided me here to aid you guys in battle."

"It's a good thing you did." Sora responded, "I wasn't sure how long we would've lasted here." "Yeah, it did look like you guys were being given a hard time." Pit chuckled, "Speaking of which, how in the world did you end up here? I mean, shouldn't you be, I don't know, down below, with all the other humans?" Sora and Kirito looked to each other nervously. Why do these kind of questions always come up?

"It's kinda hard to explain." Sora responded innocently. "You can can say we got to this platform by unusual means." Kirito added, doing his best keeping a straight face. "What do you mean unusual?" Pit asked, eyeing each of them, "Oh wait! Did your duck friend fly you up here?" Donald looked startled that he could come to that idea. "No, he couldn't fly anyway." Yui responded. "Okay, lemme guess again." said Pit, scratching his head, "A cannon? No, it wouldn't shoot you up this high. Maybe riding the Underworld Army! I doubt they would let you guys ride them."

They came from a world beyond our reach, Pit. said a woman's voice that only Pit could hear. "A world beyond?" repeated Pit, looking up, "C'mon, Lady Palutena. That sounds crazy if you ask me! I mean, how could they have come here? With wings?" No, but with the Keyblade, they could. Palutena corrected Pit. "Wait, you mean those keys those guys were using are that powerful?" Pit asked.

As Pit continued talking to Palutena, the others watched as Pit walked around the platform, apparently talking to himself. "Who's he talkin' to?" Goofy asked. "He said Palutena, so maybe he's talking to her." Yui answered. "But I can't hear her." Sora retorted, cupping his hands to his ears to listen all around. "Maybe it's an angel thing?" Yui asked. "Dunno. But it does look and sound weird having him talk to himself." Asuna responded, watching Pit rub his head in embarrassment while talking.

Pit ended his conversation with Lady Palutena, and turned to the group. "I just got done talking to Lady Palutena. She wants to meet you guys in person, so she's gonna bring us to her temple." "How's she gonna do that?" Sora asked. "Wait and see." Pit replied, looking up into the sky. Everyone followed his gaze.

Suddenly, a shining ray of light shined down upon the group. "Here we go!" Pit declared, and he was immediately pulled up by the ray of light. Everyone else followed Pit, feeling the unknown force pulling them up higher. It first started slow, then they were rocketed up to their next destination; Palutena's Temple.

Chapter 2: Palutena & the Power of Flight

After a bright light, the team found themselves on a floating island, and in front of the largest stone temple they had ever seen. It had many greek-style towers among it, including one that almost looked like the Greek Coliseum, only brand new. The central temple had a statue of a woman on top, holding a staff and shield, with wings that could almost reach the full diameter of the temple. There were other floating islands in the sky around the large temple, and they also had smaller temples and towns among them.

"This place is enormous!" Asuna gasped, spinning around to look at the entire scenery. "Kinda makes ya wonder what the interior looks like." Kirito asked. "Pit, you actually live here?" Sora asked the angel. "Of course. This is where all Palutena's guard live and await to be called upon. C'mon, I'll show you to the Main Hall."

He led the team towards a pair of double doors, guarded by two muscular-looking guys with golden helmets and wings, and a pin of a woman's face on their left arm indicating their allegiance. "Who're those guys?" Sora asked Pit. "Centurions. They're the soldiers of Palutena's guard." Pit answered.

As the team drew in closer, the centurions eyed the six others with Pit. "These people are with me." Pit declared, indicating Sora and the others, "Lady Palutena is expecting them." "Of course, captain." one of the brutes responded, "We'll open the gates for you." The two moved to the doors and opened them up for the group.

"Captain?" Kirito questioned, hearing what the brutes called Pit, "You're a captain?" "I'm the captain of all of Palutena's army." Pit answered carelessly, grinning as he turned to them. The six looked to Pit, surprised. "Seriously?" Asuna gasped, "But you're still a kid!" "I've been through a lot more than the rest of the of the army." Pit explained, "Plus, I'm a lot older than I look."

"So how old are you?" Kirito asked. Pit pondered on the question. "That's a good question." he responded, "I know I'm over 25, but I don't know exactly." "Over 25?!" Sora repeated, walking up to his side, "But you look like my age, and I'm only fifteen!" "Hey, angels, gods and goddesses all look younger than what they actually are." Pit answered, then he whispered, "Which reminds me; don't asked Lady Palutena about her age, and don't even call her 'ma'am', got it?" The others nodded in response, not wanting to upset a goddess.

Pit opened a pair of golden doors into the main hall, slash throne room. The floor looked like polished silver, along with the walls, with the exception of the stone columns. It had a high ceiling, and lights shined themselves on every column, making the room glow. More golden doors were around the room, and a floating, glass-like staircase let to a pair of tall doors on the far end.

However, the team's attention was directed towards the single plinth in the middle of the room, and on it stood a young woman who could only have been the Goddess of Light herself, Palutena.

She looked like she was in her early twenties, and she had long green hair that reached her lower legs, which matched her eye color. She wore a white dress with red and gold hemming, and it was under numerous gold ornaments that decorated across her waist, chest, and arms. She also had some similar styles that Pit had, such as the golden laurel crown, a red fibula and the brown-colored footwear, which were high heels. In one hand, she carried a gold staff with a blue handle and a floating blue crystal, and on her other arm, she had on a mirror shield.

As soon as they came near her, Pit immediately fell to one knee and bowed his head. "Lady Palutena, I have brought these people, as you requested." he told her. "Thank you, Pit." Palutena responded, stepping forward and floating down from her plinth. She landed neatly onto her feet as she smiled at the group, who looked to one another before deciding to mimic Pit, and get to one knee before her.

"It's an honor to meet you, your highness…I mean, your godliness…no wait…um…" Sora tried his best to make a good greeting. "Oh, don't worry about that." Palutena reassured his, "Just call me Lady Palutena." "Okay, Lady Palutena." Sora responded, getting up to his feet again. "But in any case, it's an honor to meet such a goddess as yourself." Kirito told her as the rest of the group stood up. "The pleasure is all mine." Palutena replied, smiling at them, "I am surprised to see so many chosen wielders of the Keyblade before me."

"How do you know about the Keyblade?" Kirito asked, startled as the others were that the fact she knew. "It's all through my goddess wisdom." Palutena answered in an ethereal voice. "Really?" Sora asked, amazed. "No, though that would be something." Palutena replied, making the other comically fall backwards.

"Actually, you aren't the first Keyblade wielders I've met." Palutena continued, "We aren't?" Kirito asked, rubbing his head as he stood up again. "There was another person long ago, who told me about the powers of the Keyblade." Palutena explained, pacing towards the floating stairs, "She also told me about Kingdom Hearts, and what powers are contained within it. She also told me a good way to make a tasty strawberry shortcake as well." "Seriously?" Kirito muttered, sweat-dropping.

"So who was this person?" Asuna asked, stepping forward. Palutena stopped to look at her, "Oh, I don't know." she answered carelessly, "It's been so long that I've already forgotten her name." The six heroes sighed. "For a Goddess of Light, you sure are forgetful." Asuna sighed.

"But I take it that's not the real reason why you brought us here." Kirito assumed. "Correct." Palutena answered, "The truth is that I need your help." "If you need our help, then we'd be happy to do so." Sora responded without a second thought, "So what is it?" Both Pit and Palutena were startled at Sora's immediate agreement. "Aren't you even curious about what Lady Palutena gonna ask?" Pit asked Sora. "If it's trouble, then we'll help out!" Sora responded, leaning back, "Besides, you saved us back there, so we should at least return the favor, right?"

Kirito shook his head in disbelief while Asuna giggled. "That's just like you, Sora." Kirito sighed, "But once his mind is set, there's no stopping him." "So we might as well listen to your request, since Sora is so eager." Asuna followed. Donald, Goofy and Yui all showed signs of disbelief before, but they smiled and nodded as well.

"You're just as resourceful as Pit." giggled Palutena, "It's odd to see such helpfulness from a human as young as you." "That's just a mixture of his childish, naive and friendly nature." Kirito stated bluntly. "Hey!" Sora moaned, turning to him, making Donald and Goofy giggle, since it was true. "Then he even more like Pit." Palutena followed, making Pit flinch from being dissed by the goddess. "C'mon, Lady Palutena. That's a bit harsh." he sighed, drooping his head to one side.

"But back to the subject; what do you want us to do?" Kirito asked, getting serious again. "You see, unknown enemies have aided the Underworld Army and the Forces of Nature in their destruction of the humans. They are attacking immensely, now including those new monsters as well." "You mean the Heartless and Unversed?" Sora asked. "Yes. And what's more dangerous is that these new enemies have divided themselves among the two leaders; the one controlling the Unversed are sided along Viridi, the Goddess of Nature, while the ones controlling the Heartless are siding alongside Hades, Lord of the Underworld." "Hades?!" Sora gasped. "Not the one we know, Sora." Yui reminded him.

"I get that the Underworld is aligned with them, but why are the Forces of Nature going along with this as well?" Pit asked, "Those Unversed don't sound like they fit in with her style." "I'm not too sure, but now both forces are attempting to get to this palace." Palutena replied, "This doesn't stop both sides from fighting with one another or the humans, but now they are more compelled to attack here."

"I bet it's because they wants to get rid of the you." Goofy guessed, looking to Palutena, "After all, you're the Goddess of Light." "Oh, what do you know?" Donald asked. "No, he's right." Asuna agreed, stepping forward, "You see, both the Heartless and Unversed want corruption and darkness. But with the Goddess of Light in the way…"

"Maleficent sure wants to have nothing more than darkness." Sora added. "And I think Vanitas wants the same." Kirito followed Sora's train of thought, "With those two aiding the opposing forces, it's only a matter of time before they reach this palace!" "Then, we gotta do something about that!" Pit declared. "I couldn't agree more." Sora replied, "There's gotta be a way for us to stop them."

"We could start by stopping one of the armies." suggested Kirito, "If we stop them, that'll be less enemies to deal with." "Then lets start by attacking Viridi." Palutena decided, "As Pit said, those things are not the natural kind of thing that she would be interested in." "Unversed are anything BUT natural." Yui muttered. "Which makes them easier to take out." Sora stated.

"So what are we waiting for?" Pit asked, "Let's move out!" He started rush up the floating staircase. "Hold on, Pit!" Palutena called out, "Do you even know where they are at?" Pit stopped after the fifth step, realizing his mistake. "Actually, I have no idea…" Pit replied, rubbing his head in embarrassment.

"Sora, are you sure you don't have an angel for a brother?" Kirito asked sarcastically, "Honestly, It's like I'm seeing twins." "What's that mean?" Sora snarled. "Oh, nothing." Kirito replied, looking away from Sora's gaze.

"Don't make fun of him!" Asuna told Kirito, "If I recall correctly, you've done your fair share of jumping into things without thinking." Kirito turned to retaliate, only to see Yui, Donald and Goofy nod their heads in agreement. Kirito bowed his head in despair.

"If it's the Unversed, then we have to find Vanitas." said Sora, "But where would he be?" "The Lunar Sanctum." Palutena answered, "I've been tracking the movements of both parties, and the Unversed are more than likely to be coming from there." "Then that's where were heading!" Sora declared.

"There's one problem; you aren't able to fly." Palutena continued, "If you had a pair of wings, I would be able to bring you up there." The team looked to one another sorrowfully.

Then Kirito had a realization. "Wait, maybe we could." he suggested, indicating himself, Asuna and Yui. "How?" Asuna asked. "With our fairy wings." Kirito answered, "If we could somehow conjure them up again, we can fly again." "I could be able to use the power of flight like how I did in Agrabah!" Yui suggested. Back then, she mixed her powers with the power of Aladdin's magic carpet to give the team the ability to fly again.

"But what power could Yui use to grant our wings back again?" Asuna asked. "I could help." Palutena answered, "I'll grant you some of my powers to aid you in your cause." "That's perfect; fairy wings by the goddess's powers."

"Wish I could help you guys out." Sora moaned, "But Donald, Goofy and I don't have the power of flight like you guys have." Kirito, Asuna and Yui looked to the other three, worried they might hurt their feelings if they leave without them.

"Don't worry about it!" Sora continued, knowing what they were thinking, "We could stand here and guard Palutena from the Heartless while you're gone!" "Good idea." Pit agreed, "We can't just rely on the Centurions a lot. They aren't exactly strong on their own. You protect Lady Palutena, we'll handle the Lunar Sanctum."

Kirito, Asuna and Yui gathered themselves around Palutena. Yui held out both hands, and Palutena took them. They closed their eyes in unison and concentrated. Instantly, they begun to glow a shining light that emanated that radiated itself upon Kirito and Asuna. The energy started to swirl around the four, making the other two glow as well.

After several seconds, Kirito felt something on his back, and he turned to see his black Spriggan wings produce themselves on his back. Asuna looked to see her blue Undine wings appear as well. Finally, Yui's clear-pink pixie wings appeared as well onto her back. The light died down between Yui and Palutena, and they opened their eyes.

"We got our wings back again!" Asuna cheered, looking back both sides to see her wings. "So is it like with Carpet before, and there's a radius to how far we can fly?" Kirito asked Yui. "Yes, but since Palutena's power is so immense, your radius reaches just beyond the atmosphere of this world." "That's quite a distance." Asuna commended.

"And it is just like before, your flight time last like it does in the game; fifteen minutes." "F-Fifteen minutes?!" stammered Pit, "But even with Lady Palutena's Power of Flight, I can only last for five." "Guess fairy wings are sturdier than angel wings." Kirito replied, "Besides, can't you fly on your own?" "No. I can only with Lady Palutena's powers. It's sad really. I'm the only angel in her army who can't fly on his own. But I know that someday, I WILL be able to fly on my own!" The team smiled at his determination.

"One last thing…" Palutena told the six heroes, raising her open palm. Six lights emerged from it, and dove into Sora, Kirito, Asuna, Donald, Goofy and Yui. "What was that?" Kirito asked, feeling his chest. "That was the Dazzling Godly Communication Light." Palutena said in her overdramatized ethereal voice, "It allows you six to communicate with me, or with any nearby gods or goddesses."

"You just made up that name…" Kirito muttered, as he and Asuna sweat-dropped. "That name is so awesome!" Sora exclaimed as he, Donald and Goofy had sparkles in their eyes. "She just made it up!" Kirito barked at them.

"We should hurry!" Pit exclaimed, "We need to go to wherever the Lunar Sanctum is at." He raced up the stairs towards the pair of tall double doors. "Thank you so much, Lady Palutena." Asuna thanked her, bowing to her before she, Kirito and Yui raced after Pit and up the stairs.

As soon as they got up, they opened the doors to reveal the open skies before them, with the clouds floating like fluffy plains. Pit immediately jumped out the door, and his wings started to glow brightly, allowing him to fly. Kirito, Asuna and Yui followed Pit in leaping off the edge, their wings at the ready as they took off. Sora, Donald and Goofy raced up the stairs to watch the four fly away into the sky. "Good luck, you guys!" Sora called out to them.

Chapter 3: The Looming Lunar Sanctum

Pit was whooping for joy as he soared ahead of Kirito, Asuna and Yui. Pit's wings were being guided by Lady Palutena's Power of Flight, so he had limited control over where he could fly. Night had fallen, and up above they could see the clear night sky. Kirito and Asuna were use to flying with their wings. Yui only had to get use to the fact that she grew in size since the last time she had flown. Nevertheless, it felt good to fly through the skies freely like this.

"Hey, Pit, you did say that you could only fly for a short amount of time, right?" Kirito asked as he came along side him. "That's right." Pit replied, "I can only fly for five minutes. If I try flying any further, my wings will burn up, and I will fall." "Sounds a lot like Icarus from Greek mythology." Asuna compared. "That kinda sucks." Kirito sympathized with Pit. "I wouldn't know what I would do without Lady Palutena's power of flight." Pit stated nobly.

That's very kind of you, Pit. Palutena's voice called out to the four, surprising Kirito, Asuna and Yui since it was so sudden, But let's get back to the agenda, and that's to stop the Unversed. I was also planning to have Pit go to the Lunar Sanctum anyways, since that's where one of Viridi's commanders is at, Arlon the Serene. "Take down two birds with one stone? That works out nicely." Kirito stated.

"So where is this place?" Asuna asked. It is close by. Palutena answered, You see the moon? The team looked up to see moon shining down like a beacon in the night. "Yeah, it's really pretty tonight." Pit acknowledged.

And what about that? Palutena asked, angling Pit towards a second moon. "Like I said, they're very…" Pit started, then he stopped, "Wait a sec… There are two moons?!" "That's not natural, is it?" Kirito asked. They're like eyes watching you. Palutena stated. "That makes it sound a little creepy." Asuna said nervously.

The team followed Pit up towards the second moon. Suddenly, the moon started to split in half, revealing something mechanical from within. "What the…?" Yui gasped. "What kind of moon IS that?!" Pit gasped. THAT's Arlon Lunar Sanctum. Palutena answered. "It looks like it came out of a Sci-Fi movie." said Kirito. "Very cool." Pit stated with amazement.

"Look out!" Asuna shouted, seeing the central mechanism of the opened moon charging up. It fired a large beam at the group, who quickly dispersed in order to avoid it. "I take it back, it's not cool at all!" Pit corrected. We're going in! Palutena declared, and Pit charged ahead, avoiding the random laser fire. Kirito, Asuna and Yui all charged in from behind.

Dealing with the laser fire wasn't as difficult as what came afterwards; flying Unversed, which not only contained Archraven, but now Axe Flappers and Glidewinders. Amongst the Unversed were a bunch of unknown creatures to Kirito, Asuna and Yui. Palutena described them as the Forces of Nature, and Kirito could understand why. Despite being live beings, they were made of organic material like plants, dirt and rocks. There were mainly one-eyed, flying acorns called Nutski. Then there were others like Bladers, Parashooters, and many others. Regardless, they had to be taken out.

Air battles were more difficult to deal with than land battles to the three SAO fighters, especially for Yui. Pit was a master in the air, slashing close range enemies while firing from a distance. The trio eventually started to master their skills.

While Kirito was more fighting up, close and personal, Asuna was imitating Pit's style of combat; fighting close enemies while firing Blizzard spells from a distance. Yui used her Whirlwind technique to blow the opponents out of the way while striking up close with her tessen.

"We're getting close!" Pit shouted as the team started to get a clear view of the surface of the Lunar Sanctum. I'll get you there. said Palutena, Just follow Pit, and focus on avoiding fire. "Roger!" Kirito responded. The team dove under the main laser cannon of the base, but there were other lasers that were being fired from it as well. The four fliers flipped and rolled to dodge the attacks as they flew underneath the main cannon and around the base.

"This is quite the security system!" cried Asuna. "Your telling me!" Kirito agreed. With all THIS firepower, Arlon must be preparing for a massive attack. Palutena assumed. Why on earth would I be attacking? said a new, male voice, I'm far too busy…defending, my dear. "Who said that?!" Kirito demanded.

You must be commander Arlon. Palutena assumed. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Palutena. greeted Arlon, And yours too, young master Pit. And these must be the troublemakers my guest warned me about. "I'm guessing that would be Vanitas." Asuna growled.

Lady Viridi said I mustn't let your attacks spread chaos HERE of all places. Arlon continued, Though the young master Vanitas says he welcomes you to enter in and face him. "Really?" Asuna asked confused. "Good! Cause he's gonna wish he didn't say that once I'm done with him!" Kirito barked, gripping his Keyblade firmly.

The team continued to circle all around the base, taking out enemies and avoiding laser fire. Palutena explained she was trying to find a way in, so in the meantime, they had to take out as many of their forces as they could. At one point, they nearly got caught in a blast from the main cannon, but they avoided the attack. Finally, Palutena stated she found a corridor they could use to enter the interior of the ship, and they dove in.

The corridor had several enemies waiting for them, but the team quickly dispatched of them. At one point, they though the enemies were thinning out, but instead there were hidden Forces of Nature called Flages that nearly surprised them. Arlon stated how he was fond of them, and mistaken a sarcastic remark from Pit as a compliment, to which Pit barked he didn't like them at all.

They found an entrance into the interior of the base, ran through another corridor, blasting through closing gateway, avoiding more laser beams, and finally making it into a large opening inside where they started flying through. Pit's Power of Flight was almost over.

"Okay, now where do we go?" Asuna asked. There's an entry point through a duct up ahead. Palutena told them, It's tight, so watch out! She guided Pit through a grated duct, and forced him to ram right through it, followed by Kirito, Asuna and Yui.

Once inside, they found the interior to be much different to the outside. "Wow, quite the ritzy place." Asuna stated. It's like a whole other world. A classier world. Palutena complimented. I'm deeply flattered by your gracious compliments. Arlon replied. "With this place and Arlon's talking, it makes me think he's more of a butler rather than a commander." Yui stated. "Who knew the Lunar Sanctum would be so nice?" Pit questioned. I could get use to a place like this! Palutena stated.

"Stop your gawking, kiddies!" said another voice, only this was over a loudspeaker, and it was definitely familiar. "Woah, who said that?" Pit asked. "Vanitas!" barked Kirito. "Well, hello there, you three." greeted Vanitas, "What, is Sora not with you? That's a shame. Still, my main prize is still among you, so I await for your arrival with Arlon. Get here soon, okay?"

"What do you mean 'main prize'?" demanded Asuna. "All in good time." Vanitas answered, "Though you will figure it out once we meet." They heard the loudspeaker turn off. "C'mon! We gotta get to where Arlon and Vanitas are at!" Kirito told Pit. "Right. Those two are going down!" Pit agreed.

The four started running through the immense interior of the place. While running, Pit found some food that was dropped on the ground thanks to Palutena. "Ew! Is that ice cream you're eating off the floor?!" Asuna asked disgustedly as Pit grabbed the ice cream cone and started munching it down. "Don't you know? Floor ice cream is good for your health." Pit answered while eating.

"Do you ever keep track of what he eats, Palutena?" Kirito demanded. Personally, I find his eating habits a little disturbing. Palutena answered, But I learn to just deal with it. I prefer a different kind of taste, like the Forces of Nature go really well with cheese. "Seriously, are you really a goddess?" Kirito asked as he shook his head in disbelief, "I never knew gods and goddesses who talk like this!"

They continued racing throughout the Lunar Sanctum, fighting off more Unversed and Forces of Nature. There were even holograms of the enemies that distracted them a lot. Palutena made a joke of using a 'Super Sensor', but it wasn't real. Really? Kirito asked, Do all of the deities in this world act like this, or is it just her? He looked to Asuna, who was just as dumbfounded as he was at Palutena's attitude.

They kept going through one pathway to another, going down a hill of slipping sand while avoiding cannon-like Forces of Nature and new Unversed called Red Hot Chili. Next, they had to slide on grindrails while hitting switches to keep the rail going to their next destination while taking down more enemies. After that, they had to deal with mirror tricks, and find the inconsistency in it, allowing them to find where to continue next. There were switches and floors that weren't really there. This place was full of trickery.

After several minutes of running and puzzle-solving, the four finally found themselves in the control center. However, they weren't alone. There was someone else in the room, but it wasn't Vanitas or Arlon.

"What?" gasped Asuna, seeing the black-winged angel in front of a blue orb of energy that could've only been the control center's power source. "He looks like Pit!" Yui pointed out. "Pittoo!" cried Pit, readying his weapons. "Seriously, that's the last time I want to hear 'Pittoo'!" barked the dark angel, pulling out a bow much like Pit's, "It's Dark Pit, and don't you forget it!"

"I don't know why he looks like you, Pit, but I don't really care." Kirito stated, getting right next to him, "Asuna! Yui! Take care of that core. We'll handle Dark Pit!" "Right!" the girls responded, and they ran to the side while Kirito and Pit charged at his darker form. The three engaged in a heated battle, and Dark Pit's fighting style was a lot like Pit's. Kirito couldn't help but think of Sephiroth when he saw this angel, since he looked like a fallen angel character, except this guy was way weaker.

Meanwhile, Asuna and Yui did there best taking down the control center, but it was difficult. Every time they attacked at close range, it shot out a shockwave that damaged them. And whenever they attacked from afar, it would shoot meteor-like projectiles at them in response. They just had to read the pattern of the machine as their attacks were changing it from blue to violet.

After a while, the core exploded, destroying it. "We did it!" cheered Yui. They turned to see Kirito and Pit standing there, while Dark Pit fell to one knee, beaten up from their attacks. "How's that, fool!" barked Sora. "I'll get you next time, Pit!" he growled, "You're lucky your little crowd was with you here!" His wings started to glow, and he took off out the door they came in, and out of sight.

"Should we go after him?" Kirito asked. "No, just leave him be." Pit replied, "We got to go to where Arlon is." "Right." Kirito agreed, turning to Asuna and Yui, who ran over to them, "Lets get moving!" The team raced through the next door, and continued on their path.

They found themselves on an elevator that went up to the surface of the Lunar Sanctum, where it felt like there on the side of the moon. Pit found himself a godly vehicle called the Exo Tank, and used it to shoot all the opponents. Luckily, Kirito, Asuna and Yui were able to catch up with him by flying. "I've always wanted to go to the moon." Kirito stated as they struck down enemies.

While they were racing around, Palutena attempted to get some information on why the Lunar Sanctum was being built, but Arlon was firm on not telling them, promising Viridi not to say anything about the place. However, he did tell them that the Lunar Sanctum did run on HIS power, so without him, the base would be useless. "So if we take him down, no more Lunar Sanctum." Kirito summed up. "Then lets keep fighting!" Pit declared.

They continued on their path, taking down Forces of Nature and Unversed in their way. Pit was way overjoyed to find a hot spring on the moon, which was able to heal all of their wounds when in it. "Ah… This feels so good." Asuna sighed as she knelt down to get more of her body in the water, "I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time." Yui sat down in the springs as well, relaxed.

"I admit, it feels great to be in here." Kirito agreed, "But we gotta get moving to Arlon and Vanitas. We don't have time for relaxing in here. Right, Pit?" He turned and sweat-dropped. Pit was floating on his back, with a content look on his face.

After persuading them, Kirito got the others out of the hot spring so they could continue forward. they slid down a sandy hole, entered through several room where they had to deal with tons of enemies before continuing. Finally, they found themselves in front of another door that stuck out from the others. Arlon's quarters are just ahead. Palutena told them, Here, drink this. It'll heal you up. Four drink fell to the floor near them out of nowhere. The team took one each and drunk it. It tasted really good, and it healed all of their wounds. Fully recovered, they continued into the next room.

Chapter 4: Vanitas' Target

The team entered through the doors, where they found Vanitas and Arlon the Serene waiting for them, both underneath a spotlight. Vanitas stood in front of Arlon, who was floating and sitting in midair. He was tall and lanky, and looked rather elderly. He had purple skin and white hair. His attire truly made him look like a butler. The black suit, pointed shoes, even a monocle over one eye. The only thing different from him to other butlers was the white, gauntlet-like gloves with purple flames emanating from under the sleeves.

"Vanitas!" barked Kirito, raising his Keyblade up to him. "Arlon!" growled Pit. "Congratulations! You made it all the way here." Vanitas answered with a sarcastic tone, producing his Keyblade. "Welcome. Please make yourself comfortable." Arlon greeted them, getting his feet on the ground and bowing to them, "It is my great honor to represent Mistress Viridi and the Forces of Nature."

"We'll take you both down!" Pit declared. "Heh, I didn't expect you to be such a team player, Vanitas." Kirito stated. "You know what? You're right, I don't like it…" he responded. To everyone's surprise, he whipped around and struck Arlon hard in the chest. Arlon's visible eye bulged out, damaged immensely from the attack. Vanitas twirled around and slammed his Keyblade onto his back, causing Arlon to fall to the floor. "Blast." he coughed, then he fell unconscious.

"There. All better." Vanitas stated, facing the team. "He just…defeated Arlon. And so easily!" Pit gasped. But why would he do that? Palutena asked, Aren't they suppose to be on the same side? "I was never working for them." Vanitas answered, "Truth be told, Viridi had no idea that I was sending my Unversed from here. Arlon was gracious enough to allow me to stay here, and 'aid' the Forces of Nature."

"But why?" Asuna asked, stepping forward, "What would you gain out of this?" "A distraction." Vanitas replied, getting into battle position, which was a lot like Riku's, "While you four are away, Maleficent's Heartless should be attacking your goddess's temple. They should be there right now. Finding their way towards your 'Lady Palutena'." "What?!" gasped all four of them.

The four turned to the door, but it closed upon them, not allowing them to escape. They turned back to Vanitas, who held his position as he chuckled a bit. "Damn you, Vanitas!" growled Kirito as all four of the them raised their weapons, ready to fight.

Kirito charged head-long in first, bringing his Keyblade upon Vanitas. Vanitas blocked with his own, and shoved Kirito back. He tried slashing at him, but Kirito backed off as Asuna and Pit came flying in. Asuna fired a Blizzard spell while Pit fired a light arrow. It looked like they got him, but instead they hit an afterimage of him. Wondering where he went, Pit and Asuna looked around. Vanitas came from behind, slashed Pit and kicked Asuna, sending them in two different directions.

Yui hurriedly rushed over to Asuna's side as Vanitas walked up to her. "Looks like I got my eyes on the prize." he chuckled, holding his Keyblade forward. He shot a fireball at Asuna, who immediately slashed it to block it and got to her feet. "Me? You mean you were after me?" Asuna asked. "Of course." Vanitas answered, "After all…you were my target before." Asuna was shocked. This was the reason why the Unversed targeted her a lot more than the others. What Vanitas said when he was finding another target in her dimension. He was after her.

He attempted to strike Asuna while she was in a state of shock. "No!" Kirito barked, stepping in and blocking his attack. Kirito struggled to hold on while Vanitas tried knocking him down. "Kirito!" Asuna gasped, realizing the situation. She and Yui dove in and struck Vanitas hard with their weapons. The attack made him skid back, and he got hit by a triple barrage of light arrows from Pit.

Pit came to their side as they saw Vanitas brushing off his shoulders before raising his Keyblade at them. The four charged in, and the battle continued. Vanitas was plenty strong and swift, with quick flurry of attacks, dark thunder spells, fireballs, and afterimage counter strikes. The key was to keep an eye on his movements, strike when he paused between attacks, and after striking him, back off immediately.

"This battles gone on long enough." Kirito stated, focusing his power as his body started to glow. "NORA!" he shouted, and his body bursted with energy.

In a cutscene, Kirito's uniform changed from bottom to top. A blizzard storm formed an ice barrier in front. Kirito shattered the ice with his fist, making his appearance. He brought his fist back, and thumped both fists together as he casually stepped forward. "Time for the hero to make his appearance!" Kirito quoted, his Keyblade appearing in his hand as he hooked his fist out front.

Kirito charged in at Vanitas, Keyblade at hand. His attitude changed along with his fighting style. Kirito was smirking a bit more, and had a more optimistic vibe from him. His combos also changed as well; the moment he got in close, he tossed his Keyblade high, causing Vanitas to look at it go. Kirito used this distraction to get in close and unleash a punching combo with his bare fists, ending with a kick flip, sending Vanitas flying.

"Guys! Care to help a hero out with this?" Kirito asked, jumping back to grab his descending Keyblade, and firing an amplified Blizzard spell. "You got it!" Pit replied, running at Vanitas, who shot lightning bolts to block the Blizzard. He turned his bow into twin swords, and started slashing greatly at him, Asuna followed Pit's attack with a triple dose of Thunder. The third Thunder was canceled out by another afterimage, and Vanitas appeared behind Asuna. He was about to strike, but Yui dashed in with a Fan-Fair combo to stop the attack.

Kirito ran at Vanitas, his fists at the ready, and unleashed his ground Finisher, Icicle Drift, making Kirito be surrounded by an icy aura and ram himself into Vanitas. The attack froze Vanitas, and Asuna unleashed a storm of Thunder spells onto him.

Kirito went in and shattered the ice with his fists, then sent Vanitas flying into the air, unable to recover from Kirito's relentless assault. Kirito jumped after him and thumped his fists together, powering up his aerial Finisher, Powerchain Storm, unleashing a barrage of fists, flying all around Vanitas to strike him at every angle, finally ending by hammering Vanitas to the floor.

Kirito backed off as Vanitas laid there, seemingly lifeless. Kirito's Soul Drive wore down, and he reverted back to normal. "That was so amazing!" Pit gasped as he came up to Kirito's side, "It was like a different kind of you out there. More happy and…icy." "It kind of was." Kirito agreed, rubbing his head, "Man, Snow is a real strong physical fighter. I'm glad to have his Soul Drive."

Asuna walked forward to get a closer look at Vanitas. Yui walked at her side. "Why did he say he was after me?" Asuna asked, looking at the visor. "I don't know." Yui replied, "But at least we stopped him." Just then, Vanitas started to chuckle, startling the two. They backed off to see him flip onto his hands, spin around and land on his feet again. The four fighters were surprised to see how much stamina he had left.

"You put up quite a show there, Kirito." Vanitas acknowledged, forming a black portal behind him, "I'll have to keep an eye on you as well. Who knows; I might change my target to you instead." "I'd like to see you try!" Kirito growled.

Vanitas looked to the spot where Arlon laid, raised his hand, and fired a fireball at him. Arlon grunted as he was sent flying over the edge of the platform and out of sight. The others gasped as they saw this. Vanitas turned his back to them, walked through the portal, and disappeared.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake from under their feet. The lights were starting to go out, being replaced by signs of fire. "What's going on?" Asuna shakily asked. "The Lunar Sanctum's falling apart!" Yui answered, "Without Arlon's power, this place is unable to sustain itself. We need to get out of here!"

"Palutena!" Pit shouted. I'm here, Pit. Palutena answered, I'll get you out of there! Pit's wings started to glow as Kirito, Asuna and Yui produced their wings. Together the four flew upwards and out of a newly made crack in the wall, leading them outside. "Lunar Sanctum defused!" Pit cheered. "And the Unversed will haunt this world no more!" Kirito exclaimed.

The team looked back at the Lunar Sanctum. It was literally falling apart, broken pieces flying all over the place. As the team watched, an explosion on the side of the base drew their attention. Something fast and green shot itself out of the broken base, shattering through the exterior wall. What's that…THING breaking free? Palutena asked. "Dunno." Kirito answered, "Yui, do you know." "I'm not sure." Yui replied, "But I can tell it's alive." The being turned itself and rocketed towards the surface below.

"I'm sure it's nothing." Pit replied. I'm not so sure. Palutena retorted, But Viridi's forces are still a threat. What's more, hundreds of Heartless are attacking Skyworld. I need to get you all back here right away. "Let's hope Sora took care of most of them." Kirito hoped as the four were being enveloped by Palutena's light, teleporting them back to her temple.

Chapter 5: Vs. Behemoth

This moment took place while Kirito's group entered the Lunar Sanctum. Down in Skyworld, the centurions were scrambling to take out all of the Heartless that had appeared around the place. In front of Palutena's temple, Sora, Donald and Goofy were rushing out to a scene of total warfare. The two centurions that were guarding the gate before were knocked out. Several Heartless stood in front of them, ready to charge into the temple itself.

"What going on?!" squawked Donald. Looks like the Underworld are taking advantage of Pit's absence to attack Skyworld. said Palutena. The trio looked behind them and around them to see where she was at. "Where are you, Lady Palutena?" Sora called out. I'm still inside the temple. Palutena answered, Did you forget that I gave you the power to hear my voice or any other voice? "Oh, right." Sora remembered, chuckled in embarrassment.

"C'mon! We gotta protect the temple!" Goofy declared. "Right!" agreed Sora, pulling out his Keyblade, "Pit told us to protect Lady Palutena, and that's what we're gonna do!" Donald and Goofy whipped out their weapons as well, and the trio charged ahead at the Heartless.

It was composed of the same sort as before; Shadow and Air Pirate Heartless. There were also now Tornado Steps and Soldier Heartless, and leading it was an Invisible Heartless. Sora, Donald and Goofy were taking out the enemies left and right, and Sora targeted the Invisible. The Heartless shot dark energy orbs at Sora, who avoided them as best as he could, and sliced right through the Invisible. He came from behind and sliced it several times from the back, making it disappear.

More Heartless appeared, along with new creatures; ones without Heartless symbols. "What's with those floating eyes and mouths with tentacles?" Sora asked as he continued to fight. Those monsters are part of the Underworld Army. Palutena explained, It looks like Hades is bringing in his forces into the mix of Heartless.

Of course. a male voice replied, After all, what better way to get the job done than to add a little more chaos to the mix. "Who said that?" Sora asked. Hades. Palutena answered. "That voice is Hades?" Sora gasped, taking out another Underworld monster.

You have quite the price on your head, pretty Palutena. Hades continued, Honestly, I thought when Pitty Pat went away, I though it would be perfect to finally get you. Of course, I didn't expect these 'otherworlders' to be much of a problem. I guess I should've been more cautious when my book of foreboding weapons told me about the dangers of the Keyblade. "The Keyblade's in a book?" Goofy asked, slamming upon two Shadows. "I wonder what library has this book?" Sora asked casually.

What do you mean I have a price on my head? Palutena demanded. Just the fact that these people, who were gracious enough to grant me access to their army of Heartless, said that I must bring you to them. Hades responded, I know it's a bit of a stretch, but these Heartless certainly are worth it. Just look at how much devastation they can bring. "Which is why we're here to stop you!" shouted Donald. "We will not let you cause any more havoc in Skyworld! And we will not let you take Lady Palutena! Captain Pit's orders!" yelled Sora.

Oh, you are quite the feisty human. Even more so than Pitty. Hades responded, Very well then. Let's see how long you can last against my Underworld Army and Heartless invasion! More Heartless and Underworld creatures appeared. Donald and Goofy continued to struggle, but Sora was full-fledge diving into the fight.

Sora entered his Limit Form, and started striking hard with his series of attacks, striking all of the enemies with his Limit techniques. Wave after wave kept coming at the trio, but they didn't back down from the fight. Sora, Donald and Goofy kept striking down every opponent that came at them.

After several waves, the trio stood there in battle position, waiting for the next to come. You three are starting to become a nuisance. You're just as enduring at Pitty. Hades acknowledged, But lets see what you can do if I send in the big guns to stop you…

A rumbling from underneath the trio's feet got their attention. The rumbling stopped after a few second, only for a monster to leap into the air and land heavily onto the stone grounds of the temple. It was large, purple, and it was on all fours. It had two-clawed feet on both front and back, larges curved tusks that came from its' lower jaw, a black horn, yellow eyes, and a Heartless symbol on its' chest.

"Wah! Not this one!" Donald squawked in fear. "I remember this Heartless." Goofy recalled, "It's the uh…Be…Behe…" "Behemoth!" Sora finished, raising his Keyblade. The monster let out a roar of fury, ready to face the trio. The Behemoth made its' move by leaping at the trio, who dispersed as it crashed into the ground.

Sounds like you've fought this thing before. Palutena assumed. "Ugh! Don't remind me." Sora sighed, "It was so long ago, back when the Final Keyhole was unlocked. It was just me, Donald and Goofy back then." "But I remember that its' horn was its' weakness." Goofy recalled. "But we have to get to it, first." Donald told the two. I believe jumping onto its' back might be a start. Palutena suggested. "Oh right!" Sora remembered, "Then let's get to it!"

Sora made his move, leaping onto the stationary Behemoth. He got onto its' back with Goofy in tow, and got to the head. They started striking heavily onto the Behemoth's horn, damaging it continuously. "It's working!" Donald cheered. Even a giant monster like this has its' weak spots. Hades sighed, Are there any beings that can't be taken down?

The team continued to attack the Behemoth, who had begun charging up energy in its' tusks, then firing a rain of energy balls down upon the trio. Sora and Goofy leapt off the Behemoth's back as Donald scrambled to avoid all of the fire. "Gotta get onto its' back again!" Sora declared, running back at it again. Just as he drew in close, the Behemoth leapt high into the air, landing close to the temple doors.

"Oh, no you don't!" barked Sora, charging after the Behemoth. Donald raised his staff and brought down a Thunder spell upon its' horn. This didn't even phase the beast as it stood there, facing the doors. Hurry, Sora! Palutena told Sora. "I know! I gotta stop it from getting at you!" Sora responded. Not just that, I had those doors remodeled. Palutena corrected him, And with those horns, it'll scratch them badly. "You're more worried about your decor than your own life?" Sora asked. Even a goddess needs her home to look presentable. Palutena said defiantly.

Sora got onto the back of the Behemoth again, and started striking the Heartless heavily with his Keyblade. "Back off, you overgrown monstrosity!" shouted Sora, flipping over the horn in front of the Behemoth's face, and struck it hard, causing it to skid away from the door and collapse to the ground. Donald and Goofy went to work, hitting the horn with everything they got. Sora rushed in to join the fray.

The Behemoth recovered from the attack, and unleashed a thunder attack from all around it, causing the trio to go flying. The monster roared in fury as the trio got to their feet again. Sora used Cure to heal all of them. "We have got to take it out!" squawked Donald. "I still can't use a Drive form since I used the Limit Form before." growled Sora. "Hey! I think I can do a Limit Break with ya, Sora." Goofy stated. "Really?" Sora asked, surprise, "Then let's give it a shot!"

Sora used an Ether as Donald unleashed his attacks on the Behemoth to give them time. Once Sora was prepared, he and Goofy got together and raised their weapons. They started to glow, and they went into the 'Knocksmash' Limit Break.

Goofy tossed his shield into the air, to which Sora smacked it like a baseball batter, hitting it continuously at the horn on the Behemoth's head. The duo then followed with a Duo Raid, sending their weapons flying at the Heartless several times more, damaging it even further. Finally, Sora sent Goofy flying like a rocket at the Behemoth's horn, damaging it immensely until finally, the horn broke off.

The trio got together again as they faced the stumbling Heartless, who was unable to bear all the damage, and fell to the ground. A large, crystalized heart came out of its' body, and disappeared into the air along with the body. "Hooray!" cheered Donald. "We did it!" whooped Goofy. "Team Sora: one. Heartless: zip!" Sora counted. Nice job, Sora. Palutena complimented him, I'm glad you came to stop this. "Hey, I'm just glad you're safe." Sora responded.

The Heartless and Underworld Army were in retreat, falling below the clouds again. "They're runnin' away." Goofy pointed out. "Looks like Hades recognizes how strong we are." Sora stated. I have to admit, you are a pesky fly, even if you don't have wings. Hades stated, But you will eventually be swatted down, one way or another. "Just try and swat me!" barked Sora.

"Sora!" shouted Kirito's voice. Sora, Donald and Goofy turned to see Kirito, Asuna, Yui and Pit race out of the temple, joining up with him. "Hey, guys!" Sora greeted them, "When did you get here?" "A little while ago." Kirito responded, looking around. "I heard that there was a bunch of Heartless here. But it seems like you took care of it."

"That wasn't even a challenge!" Sora stated strongly, punching the air, "So what about the Lunar Sanctum? Did you destroy it?" "Absolutely!" Pit replied eagerly. "Actually, Vanitas stopped Arlon, who powered the base." Asuna corrected him, "We just gave Vanitas a beating. He escaped, but it looks like the Unversed won't be as bad as it was before." "That's good to hear."

But we have a more serious issue on hand. Palutena told them, Come inside, so I can explain better. "Roger." Sora and Pit responded in unison. Together, they led the team into the temple doors. As they did so, three magic orbs appeared before Kirito, Asuna and Sora. "Those are Fire Elements." Yui explained, "You now can use Fire magic." "Good thing, too." Kirito answered, taking the orb. With that, the group entered the temple, and closed the doors behind them.

They entered Palutena's room, where the goddess herself was waiting for them. "So what's next on the agenda?" Kirito asked, folding his arms and awaiting orders. "I'm afraid I have really bad news." Palutena told them, "Hades has sent a private message to me personally." "What did it say?" Pit asked. "After removing all of his puns, I was able to decipher this; that he will send an even bigger army to attack Skyworld and the human world within the next two hours, one that not even we could stop." Palutena explained, "And the only way he would stop it is if I turn myself in."

"Okay, either Hades is obsessed with you, or Maleficent is getting really serious on wanting to get you. The question is why?" Asuna asked. "I don't know." Palutena answered, "But for whatever reason, he is serious on getting to me." "Even if you're the Goddess of Light, there's no way Maleficent would want to destroy you this much!" Yui stated, "There's got to be a good reason why she wants you." Everybody thought the same thing.

"Regardless, if Hades and Maleficent attack Skyworld with a huge army, then there's no way we can stop it." Sora pointed out. "You're right." Palutena agreed, "Then there's only one way I can stop this." "No, Lady Palutena!" Pit cried abruptly, "If you turn yourself in, then the humans won't have anyone to protect them. Plus, I won't be able to help without your Power of Flight either." "I know." Palutena replied, "But if I don't turn myself in, then both Skyworld and the human world will be in grave danger."

"There's…just GOTTA be a way to prevent this!" Pit stated. The all eight people in the room started to think of a plan. Kirito was deep in thought, thinking through every possibility of stopping the attack. He looked up at everyone else. Sora, Donald and Pit were deep in thought. Goofy was scratching his head as he looked upwards. Yui was scratching her chin, hoping to find a solution. And finally, he looked to Asuna and Palutena, who were in the exact same position of thought.

"Wait…" Kirito muttered, looking at the two, "Maybe…we could do that." The others looked up at him. "Do what?" Sora asked. Kirito gave a confident smirk. "I think we should go with Palutena's idea; we're turning her in." Everyone gave huge looks of surprise as Kirito smile grew even wider.

Chapter 6: The Bait & Switch

Palutena sent the message back to Hades. She agreed to his terms, and said that she would be waiting out in the same spot where the six heroes appeared in this world. Hades responded that he would be bringing Maleficent's lackey, Pete, to pick her up in fifteen minutes. Pit and Kirito escorted Palutena over to the meeting place, and waited there for Palutena's pickup. They stood there, waiting, while Palutena stood still, her eyes shadowed as she looked down.

After fifteen minutes, Pete arrived to the scene, a half a dozen Air Pirates at his side. "Well, it looks like you didn't chicken out at the last second!" laughed Pete, "I gotta say, you look like a real gem. But like all gems, they gotta be stolen away!" "What're you gonna do to her?" demanded Kirito. "That ain't none of your business." Pete responded. "It is my business!" barked Kirito, stepping forward. "Lady Palutena must not be harmed, you understand?" said Pit, also stepping forward.

Palutena stepped forward, passed all of the Heartless, and right next to Pete. "Right this way, your godliness." Pete said, opening a portal before him. Palutena looked back at the other two, then stepped forward into the portal. Pete walked in afterwards, then turned to his Heartless and said, "Make sure they don't follow us!" The Air Pirates responded by attacking Pit and Kirito, who had their weapons at the ready. They took care of all of them easily, but the portal had already disappeared. "Let's get moving." Kirito told Pit. "Right." Pit responded.

In the Underworld, Pete led Palutena along a dark path, with dark red emanating from below. They reached an open platform, where they walked to the center of it. At the edge of the platform, Maleficent stood there, waiting for them. Just then, an immense, humanoid, demon-like deity appeared before them. He had purple skin and red tattoos, wild red, green and pink colored hair, and black eyes. He wore a rather unusual-looking robe that was made out of darkness and fire. He was Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

"So, you're the Goddess of Light." Maleficent assumed. "It's been a long time since we got to meet like this, Pretty Palutena." said Hades, "In fact, I don't ever remember meeting you like this. We're you always this tiny?" "Not all gods and goddesses are as big as you, Hades." Palutena responded, here eyes still shadowed, "But even one so small can topple you down."

"Oho! I'd like to see you try to face me." chuckled Hades, eyeing her, "Speaking of which, I noticed your hair is a lot shorter than I remember." "What's wrong with a girl like me getting a trim?" Palutena asked, "I should look my best, after all." "I'll never understand the reasons why you women fuss over your hair." Hades stated, "Honestly, do you want to look your best before you die?" Palutena said nothing.

"Enough of this squabbling!" barked Maleficent, stepping forward, "Time to get what I want!" Maleficent stated. She raised her staff, and pointed it at Palutena. "Before you do whatever it is you're planning to do to me, let me remind you that you gave me your word that you would not hurt Skyworld nor the human world with the army, Hades."

Hades boomed with laughter. "You actually bought that?" Hades asked, "Really, there's no need for such petty deals. The army was a fake! Maleficent was quite ingenious in making that plan. Give a big enough bait, and the fish will be swimming your way!" Palutena looked down to one side. "I see. So this was all a trap." Palutena stated. "That's right!" Pete replied, patting her shoulder, "Now it's time for you to pay the price for being here."

Maleficent raised her staff, the green orb starting to glow. Suddenly, a blast of dark energy appeared from it, hitting Palutena. The goddess rose into the air, crying out in pain as she squirmed in the aura of dark energy. Maleficent continued this attack for a second, then she stopped it. Palutena fell to the floor, her face to the ground, panting in pain.

Maleficent gave a quizzical look. "What is the meaning of this?" she demanded, "I was sure that this goddess would have the key. Where is it?" "You…want a key?" Palutena panted, raising her head, "What key…are you talking about?" "The Key of Darkness." Maleficent replied, "There is more than one, and you possess one of them." "Seems to me like your research just exploded in your face." Hades replied, "Then again, something does seem off about her. She doesn't show that…godly sort of feel to her." "What?" Maleficent asked, turning to Palutena, who got to her feet.

Palutena stood up straight, and revealed her shadowed eyes. They weren't her green eyes, but hazel eyes. Asuna's eyes. "Sorry, but the only key I have is this one." she said, revealing her Suite Harmony Keyblade. Pete, Maleficent and Hades were shocked beyond belief.

Just then, Palutena's light appeared from behind, and Sora, Kirito, Yui, Donald, Goofy and Pit made their appearance. "How is this possible?!" Maleficent demanded. "What's goin' on here?" Pete demanded. "What's goin' on is that you got tricked." Kirito answered, stepping forward next to Asuna, facing the stunned Maleficent, "I gotta admit, I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did. I saw how Asuna and Palutena were quite similar figures, so add a change of clothes, die the hair, and voila! Instant duplicate." Not as good as the real thing, but it sure worked on you. Palutena's voice followed.

"A HUMAN outsmarted me?" Hades asked, "Maybe I'm losing my touch." "You said that I fell for your little trick, baiting me with a fake army?" Asuna recalled, "Well, it would seem that the catch you were getting was swapped. So sorry." "Following Asuna's position was easy enough for Yui and Palutena." Sora added. "And now that I know that this whole army was a fake, we don't have any more business with you, Hades!" Pit finished, raising his bow, "Prepare to meet your judgement, Hades!"

"I think not!" Hades responded, waving his hands. "Heartless! Pete! Destroy these vermin!" Maleficent ordered. A bunch of Underworld Army and Heartless appeared around the platform. Pete got in front of the team, and thumped his fists together. "You lousy punks! I'm the one who's suppose to trick others around here!" Pete hissed. Maleficent whipped around and disappeared in green flames. "I'll just sit back and watch this show." Hades stated, moving aways and sitting in midair with his legs crossed.

The team dispersed all around, taking on the Heartless and Underworld Army. Sora and Pit directed their attention towards Pete, charging at him with their weapons raised. Pete bowled a bomb at them, but the two quickly dodged the attack. Pit came in with a storm of slashes, while Sora came in from behind with his combo attack from his Keyblade. The two backed off as Pete made a tantrum. The two waited for his tantrum to be over to continue their attack.

Kirito and Yui were attacking one side of the platform while Asuna, Donald and Goofy took on the other side. While they kept taking out all of the Heartless and Underworld Army, more kept appearing after them. "Jeez, this Underworld's more dangerous than the Underworld in Hercules' world!" cried Asuna. "Except this place doesn't have a curse added to it." Kirito responded. "Actually, the next installment of the Underworld will be adding a curse to it." Hades explained, "Once it's complete, I do hope you'll come by to see." "Think I'll pass." Kirito replied.

Sora and Pit were definitely wearing down Pete, who could only deliver some minor damage to them. "Pit, let's take out the trash together!" Sora suggested. "You got it." Pit responded. Sora and Pit raised their weapons together, making their bodies glow. "Let's go!" Sora shouted. "For Lady Palutena!" Pit declared. The two entered their Limit Break 'Skyworld Assault'.

A dozen archer centurions magically appeared around them, Pit and Sora looking around at the forces before nodding to one another. Their attack combos were composed of 'Rain of Arrows', in which Pit ordered the centurions to fire arrows into the sky, only for them to fall around the stage, hurting the enemies.

Then there was 'Diving Angels', in which Sora ordered the centurions to charge around him and Pit in a circle, creating a golden ring that damaged nearby enemies. They continued these set of commands, striking one after another, quickly knocking away all of the Heartless, Underworld Army, and Pete.

Their final attack 'Glam Blaster', in which the centurions dispersed, and an image of Palutena appeared above the group. She raised her staff, and pointed down below, firing a shining blast down upon them. Pit and Sora jumped out of the way as the shot hit the ground, sending a large blast radius around the area. Once the attack was over, the duo came together, sweating her foreheads as Palutena smirked and disappeared.

All of the Heartless and Underworld Army had been taken care of. Pete was on his butt, dazed from the attack. The team got together again to face the large deity of Hades. "Doooh! You pipsqueaks win this time. But I'll be back, and we'll settle this!" "Anytime, any day." Sora responded as Pete got up and disappeared into the portal.

"Well, that was rather boring." Hades sighed as he came in closer. "Hades!" Pit growled. "Since you took the time to actually come down here, I might as well destroy you all and take your souls!" Hades stated, reaching his hand out to the group. "Uh-oh! We better run!" Goofy cried. The team ran away as Hades' hand ever drew closer.

"Lady Palutena! Get us out of here!" Pit cried. You got it! Palutena answered, and she shined her light upon the group, and they teleported just as Hades hand fell upon them. He lifted his curled fist and opened it up. Not one of the team was there. "Those Keyblade wielders put on quite the show." he stated, "But I wonder what this 'Key of Darkness' Maleficent is so anxious about. Anything that is dark and dangerous sounds like something I should have as well."

Chapter 7: Take to the Skies

The team was back in Palutena's main room. All six heroes faced Palutena, with Pit facing the group as well. Asuna reverted her hair and garments back to normal. "Thank you so much for all that you did." Palutena thanked them, "If you hadn't arrived, I wouldn't know what we could do."

"Don't relax yet." Kirito warned her, "Maleficent is still after this 'Key of Darkness' you somehow possess." "Lady Palutena, do you know what kind of key they're talking about?" Pit asked. "I'm not too sure of it myself." Palutena responded, "But whatever it is, we can't allow Maleficent OR Hades get their hands on it." "Or Vanitas." Yui added, "He's still out there."

Asuna expression changed as she looked down, wondering. Why was Vanitas so interested in her? Why was she targeted by him before? She didn't know him long time ago, nor even about the Keyblade. She couldn't think of any reason why Vanitas would target her.

"Asuna?" Sora asked, bringing her back to reality. "Huh? Wha?" Asuna started, looking at the group. "You okay, Asuna?" Kirito asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." Asuna lied. "Anyways, we should get movin'." Goofy suggested. "Right. We need more information." Kirito agreed, "At least we now know what they're after. But we need to know what those 'Keys of Darkness' are."

Sora and Pit turned to each other. "Stay safe, will ya, Pit?" Sora asked. "I sure will." Pit replied, "And you do the same. Hopefully you'll come back with a set of wings so we can fly together." "I'll try to find some." Sora chuckled, "In the meantime, guard Lady Palutena with your life." "As I always do!" Pit responded, raising his bow.

"Sora." Palutena got his attention, "Before you leave, I have something that could come in handy." she held out her open palm, and in it was a keychain. It had two gold links on one end of a red cord, and one more link attached with the medallion, a pair of angel wings. "A new Keyblade!" Sora cheered, taking the keychain and looking at it. Yui examined it as well. "It's called 'Shining Wing'." Yui explained, "It's got great all around stats, and it adds additional strikes to aerial combos." Sora pocketed it, saving it for some other time.

"You know, it kinda felt funny when I was dressed up as Palutena." Asuna stated. "How so?" Palutena asked. "I never though I could actually wear the same size dress as a goddess." Asuna said amusingly. "Now that I think about it, you do act like Palutena as well." Yui stated, "You could actually replace her at some point." "Now let's not get ahead of ourselves." Palutena warned her. "I could never replace Palutena." Asuna responded, "I'm not that childish." "Hey!" barked Palutena. Everyone laughed at this, including Asuna and Palutena.

"Well, we really should get going!" Sora stated as Yui called for the Gummi ship. "Take care guys!" Pit told them. "May your journey be safe." Palutena added. They nodded in response as the light from the Gummi ship came down upon them, and they teleported away, going onward to the next world.

Well, that's another episode down. I'll have the Keyblade picture and Sora's Sky Pirate Form appearing some time this week. However this story also brings out more questions: Who told Palutena about the Keyblade? Why is Vanitas truly targeting Asuna? What are the Keys of Darkness? All will be revealed as the story continues. Leave a review, tell your friends, and wait patiently for the next episode.

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