:(... I am so sorry readers. I have tried FOR MONTHS to write and write and write for this fanfic and i just cant bring myself to muster up anything substantial enough for a good story. I've really lost interest in this story which really saddens me but i cant continue it if have no passion for it anymore. I am so sorry. If anyone wants to continue this story, by all means do so. I can email it to you if you want to continue it from where it ended or you can just make it up however you wish. I dont even remotely care about credit, just as long as i get to read it to tell you how awesome of a writer you are :) Again, i am so, so, so, terribly sorry for not continuing this fanfic.

I have given this fanfic to Eternal . Oncer . 1020 (no spaces) to complete. When it is updated, I'll post a link to where the new story picks up.