"Red... He did it again..."

Without question, I knew it was Harley on the other end of the phone. Joker's beatings are coming more and more often, and every time I hear her whimpering and shaking voice over the phone, my heart melts. I slipped on a long coat.

"Are you okay, Harl?"

"Just please come get me." She hung up. I rush to my car and speed down to retrieve my (most likely bleeding) blonde- haired harlequin. I knew Joker was mad at the Bat; even I was furious at him. But this does not and will never justify trying to kill my Harley.

My car skid to a stop in front of a back alley next to Joker's warehouse, the only sign of movement in the dark isle was the small shadow of a shaking figure, curled up in a ball against the wall. I got out of my car and jogged while keeping my coat closed toward Harley's fragile and bleeding frame. She looked up at me, tear marks knifing down her cheeks; blood seeping through her suit from an unknown place. I knelt down, Harley whimpering my name as she jumped up and hugged me tightly, clawing at my coat for life as I picked her up and walked to my car, laying her carefully in the backseat.

"I'm cold, Red." Harley whispered as she shivered violently, grabbing at her arms. I took off my coat and wrapped it around her.

"You've lost a lot of blood. Don't worry, we'll be there soon." I cooed to her as I fixed the rear-view mirror so I could see her.

"Where are we g-going?"

"I'm taking you to my house."

"But Puddin'-"

"Shut up, Harley." I said bitterly, flooring the gas and watching Harley begin to softly cry again into my coat. I reached behind myself to her with one hand, rubbing her knee gently. She whimpered in pain. "It's okay, Harl. I just don't want to hear about Joker right now, okay?" Harley stayed quiet for most of the ride, her hand gripping tightly to mine the whole way.

I parked my car in front of my greenhouse, lifting her carefully up and carrying her through my garden to my mansion, then to my bedroom. I carried her to the bathroom, lifting my coat off of her gingerly and zipping her suit down, the leather falling onto her ankles and her body exposed, save for her undergarments. I gulped, watching the blood drip slowly down her side. She gasped in a sob as I removed her bra, watching her small, bruised breasts bounce out of the garment. I removed her panties, the small puff of blonde hair emerging from the blood stained underwear. I felt my heart race at the sight of her naked form, though I've seen it before on nights like this one, it still makes my stomach churn in suppressed desire (and disgust at the Joker for what he did to my Harley).

"Hey Ivy, can you help me?" Harley asked me quietly as I turned on the fossett letting the warm water pour from the shower head. I nodded without a word, helping Harley in the shower as she shivered at the sudden contact of hot water on ice cold skin. I undressed slowly, my heart pounding knowing the only thing to separate me and Harley's bodies were thick layers of steam. Which would never be enough to keep me from staring. As I stepped in, Harley covered the bruises on her chest with tightly- crossed arms, which were also sprinkled in cuts.

I came up from behind her, turning her toward me and seeing even more tears slick tracks down her cheeks. I felt my heart swell as I gently removed her arms from her chest, hearing Harley sniffle through the running of the water. I ran my hands down her sides slowly, seeing her wince in numerous accounts of pan as some dirty wounds opened again, only to be cleaned out by the steaming water that ran over Harley's small, damaged body. I looked into her eyes, Harley's puffy big blue's making me sigh. Harley began to sob again, leaning into me and nuzzling my neck as she clawed at my back to bring me closer. I laid my head on her shoulder, holding her close as blood and dirt went down my the drain.

"He's never gonna let me leave, Red! Never ever!" Harley desperately clung to me, her nails digging into me like a child into their mother's dress. I backed away slightly, now noticing our naked bodies pressed together as Harley's cheeks flushed a delicious pink as she noticed me smirking at the delicious feeling of her soft breasts rubbing into mine. Enough to make me bite my lip at the pleasure that rocked to my core, at least. I looked into Harley's eyes, which were searching mine for any type of resistance.

"He'll let you leave if I have anything to say about it." I told her, taking her cheek into my hand as I grabbed the soap with the other, Harley looking down in shame at he lack of self-respect she showed to me. I knew she loved Joker, but he couldn't just treat her this way. I would treat her so much better. If she only knew that. After washing Harley off, we dried ourselves and I dressed in only green underwear, Harley still naked as I sat her on my toilet and pulled out a first- aid kit. Mending to her small cuts and bruises, Harley stared at me the entire time. I glanced up at her every once in a while, watching her eyes follow my every move. I smiled, Harley blushing when I finished slapping band-aids on her.

"You okay, Harl?" "

Yeah, I guess so. I'm tired, Red."

"Okay. Come, baby." I lifted her up, Harley cuddling into my neck as her eyelids drooped in her sure exhaustion.