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"Let us take this cycle to celebrate all those who lost their lives in this war and know that their sacrifices were not in vain. Our home is restored and we will no longer be oppressed by a caste society that stood for inequality," Optimus began as he addressed the others.

Optimus and the others had been on Cybertron for several weeks and immediately set to work on repairing Iacon's main landing dock so other Cybertronians that were scattered to the universe could return. Optimus himself sent out a transmission saying that the war was over and that Megatron had been vanquished. It truly was a happy occasion for all.

But, Optimus could still see the sadness in some of his teammates' faces. They missed their human charges fiercely and he was sure the feeling was mutual. So, he and Elita One conversed and deemed to give everyone a respite from their labors.

Darkstorm, who had been working heavily in her spare time on an exosuit for the other humans since Cybertron's atmosphere was still being replenished, was thrilled at an opportunity to test her creations and a chance to see them again. They were light-weight, converted Cybertron's atmosphere into a plentiful oxygen supply, and worked perfectly.

When the humans arrived, everyone was thrilled to see them and Ratchet. And, having Raf there, made what came next all the more meaningful.

"But, today is not only for honoring the past, but also for moving forward to a brighter future. Bumblebee, step forward," Optimus smiled. Bumblebee gazed at the Prime questioningly but complied. "Kneel."

Bumblebee did so, curiosity but also in awe in his large blue optics. Was he really going to-?

His silent question was answered when Optimus lifted the Star Saber and gently tapped each of the scout's shoulder plates. "In the company of your brothers and sisters, and in the presence of our true maker, God, I hereby charge you to arise, Bumblebee, a warrior."

Bumblebee grinned wildly. "Thank you, Optimus. It's… It's a real honor."

Everyone moved forward to congratulate the young scout. "I knew you could do it, 'Bee!" Raf grinned.

Bumblebee chuckled and embraced his charge. "Thanks for believing in me, buddy."

He turned as Darkstorm kissed his buccal plating. "Was there ever any doubt?" she smiled warmly.

"Now, let's get this party started," Wheeljack smirked and held up a detonator.

Ultra Magnus immediately went on guard. "And what do you think you're doing, soldier?" he demanded.

"You'll see."

"Trust me, you'll all like it. And if you don't, well… you had better. Wheeljack and I didn't get to recharge last cycle because we were wiring these slagging things," Flareup donned a matching smirk and put her hands on her hips. "But, the end result'll be worth it."

And, before Ultra Magnus could object further, Wheeljack detonated the explosives. The grenades were hooked up to a statue of Megatron that had been erected near their location. Everyone watched as the statue crumbled and eventually disappeared, leaving only debris and smoke.

"Whoo! Take that, buckethead!" Miko cheered.

"Not so tough now, are you?" Skybreak grinned.

Darkstorm chuckled and too clapped at the scene before turning to her charge. "Now that you're here, what say you to that trip we talked about?"

Skye's face lit up. "I say let's do it!"

"You're leaving already, 'Storm?" Bumblebee asked, nearly pouting as his optics pleaded for her to stay.

"We won't be gone too long. Besides, I wouldn't miss celebrating this with you for the world." Darkstorm grinned and kissed him. She felt his spirits lift through their bond. "Why don't you and Raf join Smokescreen in visiting the Helix Gardens? I'm sure our dear youngling would love to see them."

"You bet I would! Can we go, 'Bee?" Raf asked excitedly.

"Alright. Alright," Bumblebee chuckled.

When Darkstorm and Skye turned to leave, they were stopped by Moonracer. "Wait! You think I can join you?" When Dreadwing's gaze met hers curiously, her cooling fans subtly activated. "I… well, I've always wanted to visit Vos."

"But you do not have a flight mode and I am unsure if the stairways leading to the city are free of debris," Darkstorm began.

"I can take her with us, Dar'sain. I am a strong enough flier to carry us both," Dreadwing interrupted.

Moonracer's optics widened. "No, Dreadwing. Y-You don't have to do that for me. Really."

"I insist," Dreadwing smiled softly. "Please, it will be no trouble at all, I assure you."

Moonracer smiled gratefully at him before turning to Flareup. The red femme smirked. "Try not to go too crazy and make sure you come back before dark."

"Will do," Moonracer grinned and saluted.

Her cooling fans activated slightly as Dreadwing gently placed her arms around his neck. "Now, make sure you have a tight grip, Moonracer. I would hate to have you fall."

"Umm, y-yeah. Sure thing."

She gasped as Dreadwing activated his thrusters and took off. Her grip tightened and she offlined her optics as the wind whipped around them. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. I'm gonna die, she thought.

"Moonracer, do not be afraid. Online your optics and look around you," Dreadwing yelled above the wind.

Moonracer shakily nodded before hesitantly doing so. "Don't look down. Instead, look up. Tell me what you see."

Moonracer followed his advice and grinned at what she saw. The sky certainly wasn't a brilliant blue like Earth's but a gold color. Still, she thought it was beautiful. She could make out the outline of Cybertron's two moons from there, and she never felt more free.

"It's amazing!" Moonracer exclaimed. "Do you always feel like this? When you're flying?"

"It is one of the advantages of being a Seeker," Dreadwing smiled.

Meanwhile, Skybreak, Darkstorm, and Skye followed close behind. "Well, look who's trying to make a move," Skybreak smirked as he commed his sister.

"Brother!" Darkstorm mentally rolled her optics.

"What? Like I'm the only one who's noticed it. Come on, Skye. Back me up here."

She giggled. "It's too beautiful a moment not to appreciate. I'm taking Skybreak's side here, Dar'sain."

"Ha! Two against one, Sister! I win," Skybreak grinned.

"In your dreams perhaps," Darkstorm muttered. "But, I do suppose it is…" She smiled. "I am happy for him."

"I'm just glad it sounds like things are going smoothly here." Skye's smile diminished slightly. "Though it sounds like there's still a lot of work ahead."

"True, but now that your exosuit is functioning, you can visit here whenever you wish," Darkstorm replied encouragingly.

The girl's smile returned full-force. "There is always that."

"And, you know, you could always have a permanent home here if you wish."

Before Skye could reply, Dreadwing commed Darkstorm and her brother. "We are here. Behold, the home of all Seekers, Vos."

To say it was dazzling would be an understatement. Dreadwing was right in telling Darkstorm it was a citadel in the sky. The entire city-state was built on a large platform that was suspended several thousand feet in the air. Surprisingly, the platform still held strong. Most of the buildings were destroyed due to bombings in the early days of the war but those still standing were magnificent, graceful. A large energon fountain lay in the center of the city-state with a large Roman-like metal building behind it. The royal palace.

The Seekers landed near that very place.

"It's… even more magnificent than what I had imagined," Darkstorm whispered in awe.

"Ditto," Moonracer nodded slowly before wincing as she caught sight of several still decaying offlined Seekers.

"Far before the war, Vos continually battled with a neighboring city-state, Tarn. And then the bombings began…" Dreadwing vented. "Then the war which brought more destruction. Tired of the destruction of our home and hearing Megatron's promises of peace, the Seekers led by Starscream quickly pledged their allegiance to him." He composed himself. "But, this cycle is not one that should be spent grieving. Come. There is something I must show all of you."

Darkstorm gently picked up Skye in her servos and followed Dreadwing, Moonracer, and Skybreak as they entered the royal palace. They passed a main courtyard where hundreds more dead Seekers could be found until they entered the throne room. Two large elegant metal thrones embedded with crystals lay against the far wall and portraits of Vos' previous rulers were on the walls.

Skybreak focused his optics as he found a picture of a young Starscream with his carrier, sire, and his… "Brothers? 'Screamer had brothers?" he quirked an optic ridge.

Dreadwing slowly nodded. "Yes. My brother and I may have not stayed in Vos very long but all were aware of the young princes. That is Thundercracker," he pointed to a blue and black Seeker with a solemn countenance before pointing to a black and purple Seeker who was making faces just behind him. "And that is Skywarp."

"They looked so happy there," Moonracer observed.

"We all had different lives before the Great War," Dreadwing replied softly.

Darkstorm paused to study the portrait once more before following Dreadwing as he walked behind the throne. "Come. I must show you this," he said.

The others watched as he deactivated the metal curtain to reveal a window that glistened with various colors. Through the crystal, one could see the vast extent of sky and the earth below.

"What is this?" Skye asked as she placed a hand against the smooth crystal.

"Zxiroanian glass. It is very costly and rare to come by," Dreadwing replied.

"It's so beautiful. I've only ever seen it once or twice when I worked as a sanitation bot in Iacon and never as big as this," Moonracer said with a grin.

"Thank you, Dre'wan," Darkstorm smiled. "For showing us this."

"Anything for you, my little storm," Dreadwing donned a matching smile.

Smokescreen stood next to Bumblebee and Raf and studied what remained of the Helix Gardens. True, the Decepticon bombs had decimatated Praxus but the flora was stubborn. A few blossom covered metal vines still grew through the wreckage.

"Cool!" Raf grinned.

"You should have seen this place before the bombing. The Helix Gardens were the pride of Praxus," Smokescreen smiled.

Bumblebee knelt down to a vine and gently picked a metal flower. Smokescreen donned a knowing expression. "For 'Storm?"

"I-I figured she'd like one," Bumblebee's cooling fans activated.

"Hmm," Smokescreen mused. "Maybe Skye will, too."

"When's the wedding?" Bumblebee joked.

Smokescreen rolled his optics at the scout. "Very funny." He paused before too picking a flower.

"Now come on," Bumblebee grinned. "Let's head back before the others send out a search party. Besides, I promised Raf a race."

"Pfft, you just want to see your sparkmate. Admit it," Smokescreen smirked as he transformed.

"Like you're any better!" Bumblebee retorted as he too transformed.

"He does have a point, 'Bee," Raf chuckled as he entered Bumblebee's vehicle mode.

"Not you too, Raf!"

"At laaaaast. My love has come along," an Earth song began to play on Smokescreen's radio. Both Raf and Smokescreen began to laugh as Bumblebee's cooling fans loudly activated.

"Oh, you two are so going to get it," Bumblebee replied as he zoomed forward. "Remember that as you choke on my dust, Smokes!"

"You're just afraid that I'll win!" Smokescreen said as he internally grinned and followed suit.

"So, you have fun?" Flareup asked once Moonracer and the others returned.

"It was so beautiful, Flare!" Moonracer grinned and did a little twirl on the heels of her peddes. "You should have been there."

Flareup chuckled at her friend's excitement. "Thanks, but I'll pass. It's good to see you so happy though, Moon."

"Well, Dreadwing is a good tour guide," Moonracer smiled.

"It was my deepest pleasure," Dreadwing chuckled and bowed his helm.

Darkstorm turned as she saw Bumblebee, Raf, and Smokescreen approach the compound. She ran to embrace her scout. "Bee! It's good to have you back. I trust everything went well?" She smiled and embraced Raf with a servo. "Did you enjoy yourself, my dear youngling?"

"Yeah, the Helix Gardens are amazing, 'Storm," Raf grinned and returned the embrace.

Darkstorm raised an optic ridge however as she saw her scout's countenance become that of nervousness. "Bee? Is there something wrong?"

"I uh…" Bumblebee cleared his throat before handing Darkstorm the blossom. "We found this at the Helix Gardens and I… we… figured that you'd like it."

Darkstorm's optics widened before she grinned widely and kissed her scout. Bumblebee smiled wildly, his spark soaring. "It's beautiful. I love it," she said.

"And I got this for you, Skye," Smokescreen said as he handed Skye a small blossom.

She stared at it in wonder before accepting it with both hands. "Th-thank you, it's gorgeous!" She smiled up at him before tapping on the headpiece of her exosuit. "I would follow Darkstorm's example, but it may be a bit problematic."

"Just a thank you can do for now," he grinned wildly.

She smiled, allowing it to reach her eyes for the first time since her encounter with Knock Out. "Thank you."

Smokescreen's grin broadened, impossible as it previously seemed. He wished she smiled like that more often.

Megatron lay at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, seemingly offline until a single powerful voice broke the silence that had begun to reign in his processor.

"Your spark has become hardened, Megatron, to all sense of reason and right and even My own Voice. But, I shall have pity on you. I shall heal you and, through this trial, you shall be changed."

Who is this? he silently yelled before he could feel his optics online. Strength slowly returned to his frame as his wounds were healed but then… pain. Just like the pain he felt when Unicron attempted to control him because of the Dark Energon in his blood. He screamed under the water as the sheer agony consumed him.

Against his will, he transformed and took to the skies. With unnatural speed, he began to travel to the one place he thought he would never lay his optics on again: Cybertron.

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