"Emmmmmm." groaned Manny, her costume on and she looked like a true beauty of a mexican women in the cowboy days. Rose in her dark curled hair too.

Emma came out wearing a Ridal cheerleading costume from Grease. She was gonna be Sandy and Peter...well he couldn't really be Danny Zuco, so he was gonna be that football jock from the Grease that Sandy dated for like a second (Hmm could this be ironic ?)

She curled her hair and pined it in a nice high ponytail and some hair framed her face.

She smiled but even blushed a bit as Manny laughed and the door bell rang, "whose that?"

Manny went red, from embaressement and guilt, "My date. Our ride."

Emma raised her eyebrows shocked but also impressed. Cool.

On the way down, Manny was putting on her coat as she wondered out loud, "You've said a few times that you never really likedliked Jay right?"

Emma wrinkled her nose at the wierd question, "No, not really. He was just there for me.. just awierd friendly connection I guess hidden by hate for another." she joked.

Manny nodded then opened the door. Emma frooze.

Jay. And not just a Jay... he wore all black, black jeans, shoes, loose dressy shirt and a long cape with his backwards hat (ofcourse, but he made it work) and black zorro mask on with a sword in his jean pocket.

"Oh my god." Emma had to say outloud.

Manny's eyes darted between them, wondering if this was a bad idea. Maybe Emma DID like Jay- but then she watched as Jay knew exactly what Emma was choked up about and he gritted his teeth.

"You'll tell no one." he ordered of her and Emma bursted into giggles, looking at Manny and tried to cover her mouth.

She laughed so hard her stomach hurt and she put a hand on it, trying to calm down.

Manny laughed and blushed a bit for Jay. He did look good though and he wouldn't be the only guy dressing up, but it was just s SHOCKING that Manny could force HIM into doing it?

Emma had to shrug. . maybe there was hope for this new couple...she could kinda see the spark when Jay finally let out a smile and locked eyes with Manny.

"Lets go." Emma insisted, opening the door and watched them go and she smiled, shaking her head and eyed them.

Actually, Jay could be perfect for Manny. They both had their promiscuous ways and honestly, she thought they just wanted badly to b that loved... but love came to you...in time. As she watched Manny giggle, and Jay actually OPEN a door for her..she insisted that love may of been found.

Lucky them.

"you look great!" Peter yelled over the music inside the gym at the dance, to Emma.

Emma smiled and nodded, "You too." she joked as he wore a Grease jersey over his football gear and slicked his hair the way he usually did. So clean and cut.

Emma looked around and he coughed, "you wanna dance?" he asked. She swallowed hard, but nodded. That's what you did at dances right?

She had to be normal..she promised her family and Manny she'd be normal. healthy.

She tensed, as his arms wrapped around her in the dancing crowd, and he felt it, smiling softly, "It's okay." he said into her ear.

Emma blinked though and wasn't sure if it was, but wrapped her arms around his neck

She then looked down, and noticed a small bandage on Peter's top of the hand, "What happened?" she asked.

He looked down and laughed a bit, "No biggie. Small paper cut...thanks for worrying tthough." he brought her in closer.

Emma tensed again, but stayed with him, but memories flooded her head painfully.

Sean's voice haunted her head, "I thought if I let you go and stayed away, hung around with another crowd, my feelings would go away but they wouldn't. They won't." he told her.

Emma looked sadly away and he frowned deeply. They sat in his room back in the hospital, it was just after he bashed his hand in and saw her with Jay, and his hands were so torn up with a bandage wrapped around it.

"I was selfish and mad because you weren't giving me attention when you had better things to worry about." Sean said and he looked so mad at himself when she looked back at him and she softened, seeing tears forming in his eyes and she noticed some in hers too.

"It's ancient history." Emma insisted.

He looked up at her hopefully and helplessly. He'd always be inlove with her, wouldn't he?

He moved his arm off around her and cupped her face, one with his busted hand and she took that hand after a moment of gazing in anothers eyes and kissed it gently. He then crashed his lips to hers.

Emma shook her memory from her head and seemed to cling to Peter, "Woah, you okay?" he asked.

Emma darted her eyes up at him and tried to calm down, nodding but he could see something wrong.

"Emma, I've heard things... and I'll never judge you." he promised, and raised her chin, "You're beautiful."

She softened, giving him a look of graditute...but it didn't make her heart skip. Would any boy be able to make her feel that way again?

She still softly smiled though and leaned up, letting him kiss her.

"Come on, kids." teased Manny, breaking them up and she held ontos Jay's hand as they both eyed Emma with Peter.

This may of gone too fast..

Emma nodded and pulled away and Jay informed, "Dance is ending soon, there's a party."

"I think I'm gonna go home." admitted Emma, passing Peter a small sorry look but leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks for tonight." she said and turned, leaving after a small wave to Manny.

Manny sadly looked to Jay who shrugged at her, if Emma wanted to go.. it was best to let her and not push her. It was a good thing she even came.

Emma sadly walked home alone but happily breathed inn the night air..

I see your face in strangers on the street
I still say your name when I'm talking in my sleep
And in the limelight, I play it off fine
But I can't handle it when I turn off my night light

But I can't handle it when I turn off my night light

They say that true love hurts, well this could almost kill me
Young love murder, that is what this must be
I would give it all to not be sleeping alone