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Chapter I – Prologue

Katy slashed through the last Noise Symbol before it could touch her; another clean Erasure, but she wasn't done yet; she kept running.

"Where's the source...?" she whispered, talking to herself.

Years of being alone will do that to you.

Wait! She thought to herself. Skidding to a halt, Katy whipped around and ran back the way she came, and stopped in front of an alleyway that she had just passed, but it wasn't the alleyway itself that was interesting.
Katy didn't have time to waste, but she stood there anyway; she thought she'd heard it...

Katy waited silently for the next 3 seconds. Eyes closed, ears open.

"... -o ar-... Other girls?"

"Jus-... -ight?! It's-... -g on bet-... -Us!"

Katy opened her eyes, which were shining their usual bright violet, and grinned triumphantly.
That way!

Wasting no more time, she dashed down the narrow space, following the muffled noises of...

"An arguing couple..." Katy realised as she broke into a wide street and paused to catch her breath, slightly harsher than usual.
Classic, she mused as she made her way over to them: A short, thin teenage girl and a tall, wiry young man.

The girl was yelling something about the man, who was doing a very poor job of defending himself, spending too much time with other girls.
Katy wasn't really listening to the noise though, it'd be gone soon.

"Just like you," Katy spoke to the Noise attached to the couple. Not 'noise' as in a sound, of course; a Noise: An ethereal manifestation of stray Imagination, or strong negative emotions. This one was made up of both, however; a Negative Noise.
Katy raised her hand and pointed at the Noise with the object grasped in it:
A plain, black designer's pin.

Registering the Pin as a threat, the Noise launched itself at Katy; although 'tried to' would've been more accurate: The Noise moved no more than an inch before being Erased by a bolt of flame from Katy's Pin.

Instantly, the arguing stopped.

"I'm... Sorry Michael, you're right... I should just trust you."

"I'm sorry too... Let's spend more time together, Camila," breaking into twin smiles, the couple shared a hug that Katy thought should definitely be captured and pasted into some cheesy love film.
Wearing a slight smile of her own, Katy eyes dropped down to look at her right hand; the Mission Timer, which had stopped on 28:26; it blinked once from deep blue to light blue before rapidly dropping to 00:00, and vanishing.

"Noise Erased, noise erased," Katy chanted, permitting herself a small, yet dignified giggle at her own joke.


Katy had pulled her Re:Phone out of her shoulder-bag before it beeped, since she had been expecting it to, but having her attention didn't stop it from making its familiar call. Someone once told her that 'Re:Phone' was meant to be the portmanteau of 'Reaper' and 'phone'; her normally ladylike manner had been momentarily shattered upon hearing that:

"That's... Unbelievably stupid," she had said.
Regardless of how bad it was named, the Re:Phone did its job and displayed what the message she was anticipating.

[Seven-Star Mission Erase the Noise Cleared. Time Retrieved: 11942 Seconds. Bonus Time: 22848 Seconds. Total Time Reward: 9:37:02]

About nine and a half hours... I suppose it'll have to do.
Katy's Existence Timer rose to 15:00:32, but she wasn't looking at it, her shining violet eyes were instead directed skyward, gazing blankly at the clouds, a carefree expression on her face.

So sad... All this negativity... I haven't changed anything.
Katy closed her eyes, hiding their brilliant violet glow beneath her gentle eyelids.
Same streets... Same crowds, too... Same Noises... Same buildings zig-zagging across the sky... Yeah...
Katy lowered her head, opened her eyes, and faced forward; her carefree expression replaced by one of bittersweet frustration.

Shibuya hasn't changed a bit.

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So yesss, mysterious~
'Existence Timer', 'Re:Phone', 'Seven-Star Mission'
The rules of this Game will be quite unfamiliar to you.

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