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Attention Student! This year on our Halloween feast, we request that everyone dress up as someone. Robes will not be required. No sexual refrences, and no costumes suggesting violence will be allowed. We trust your judgement. Have fun! Professor Mcgonagall Albus Dumbledore

Hermione stared at the sign. Dress up? This was turning into a muggle school. Yet she had always wanted to dress up as someone for Hogwarts. The question was, who? She had some thoughts in mind, but she couldn't decide.

"Herm! Come on, there won't be any food left!" Ron pushed her along with the rest of the crowd into the great hall. Ron, always thinking with his stomach. Hermione loved Ron to death, but sometimes she wished he would just leave her alone. Ever since fifth year, Ron had been stalking Hermione everywhere she went. Hermione confronted him once to tell him that they were just friends. Ron never got the message.

"So Ginny, what are you going to be for Halloween?" Hermione asked.

"Oh I don't know. maybe a clown." Ginny said.

Hermione laughed at the thought of her best friend being a clown. She began eating the delicious food. The Gryffindor table was in deep discussion over what they were going to dress up as. Hermione suddenly had that feeling that someone was watching her from behind. She turned around slowly. Malfoy? Why was he staring at her?! He had his usual smirk on his face. She locked eyes with him for a minute or so, and felt herself turning pink. Draco had changed a lot over the past years. His slicked back hair was now loose and tangly, and it was no longer as white as snow. It had brown highlights, and was very sexy. His silvery eyes matched perfectly with his face. Most girls considered him to be the hottest catch in the school.

All of a sudden, Draco raised his hand in a beckoning motion. He wanted her to come over to the Slytherin table. Hermione's mouth fell a mile to the ground. She turned bright red and quickly left her table. She walked out of the Great Hall in great puzzlement. Why would Draco want to talk to me?!


The next day, Hermione woke up quite early. She took a shower and got dressed quickly, putting her robe on top of a brand new pair of Mudd Jeans, and a black tank top. Her hair, once a fuzzball, was now perfectly straight, with blond highlights. She hadn't done anything to it, she just woke up one morning to find herself looking gorgeous. She loved her hair now, especially when it was wet. She left it wet and in loose curls. Putting on a touch of lipgloss, Hermione walked out of her dorm and into the common room.

"Morning 'Mione." Ron exclaimed. He was chewing on something, and having great difficulty doing it.

"What are you eating silly?" Hermione asked teasingly.

"Magical Chewing Gum. Never looses its flavor, and once you eat it, you won't feel hungry for the next 12 hours." Ron grinned from ear to ear.

"Why do you need it? From the way you eat, you will never go hungry."

"Well, I figured that normal people get hungry every 4 hours. I get hungry every hour. If you divide 12 by 4, you get three. well anyways according to Harry's calculations I will be hungry soon." Hermione laughed as she watched Ron chew the gum. Harry came down the stairs, and yawned.

"Morning Herm, Ron, Ginny, Neville." Harry now too, had shaggy brown hair, and contacts, which made his green eyes look amazing. He had grown muscly from all the year of Quiditch practice. He smiled warmly at his friends.

Hermione sat down at her normal place in the Great Hall. The mail had just arrived, and Neville had gotten letters of recommendation over what he should be for Halloween. He read one aloud.

"Dear Neville Sweety, Don't forget last time when you were a gorilla. It was truly wonderful, I say you try it again. You fit the role perfectly. With love, your Mother." Neville coughed.

"Well then." Once again, hermione felt Draco's eyes on her neck. She spun around, hitting Ron in the mouth with her hair.

Draco was staring at her with mild interest. Once again, he beckoned her to come over to the Slytherin table. Hermione cast him a dirty look and attempted to stand up. This didn't quite work, because of the fact that Ron had somehow managed to get her hair stuck inbetween her teeth.

"Ron, kindly let my hair go."

"I kann go dat Derm!" He mumbled, while trying to untangle his mouth.

"AAA!" Hermione let out a scream as he pulled hard on her hair. She toppled backwards on top of the table.

"Geez RON! Must you do that everytime something happens to me?!" She spun around once more, and stomped out of the Great Hall, in hope of finding some peace. Little did she know, that a certain someone was waiting outside with a very special request.

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