You walked down the stairs, seeing Mey-Rin carrying some dishes, and stumbling all the while. Rushing to her to perhaps catch some of them, you screamed as she slipped and the dishes shattered all around you two. Looking around at all of the shards of the once beautiful dishes, you felt like crying.

"O-Oh my! I'm terribly sorry, Miss (Y/N)!" she exclaimed, helping you stand up.

"It's all right, Mey-Rin. However, we should clean these dishes up before Sebastian finds out." you said, beginning to pick up the pieces.

You felt a breeze, which softly ruffled your hair. A hand took your wrist, taking it away from the shards.

"Too late, my dear. I have already found out.." Sebastian murmured in your ear, and a shudder of fear shot through you.

"Mey-Rin, go get something to clean this." he ordered and she scurried away. With that he turned to you, an amused look dancing through his eyes.

"Now..." he said, after she had run off.

You noticed that his eyes were bright red, and a dangerous smirk was on his face.

"S-Sebastian, it was an accident! You need to calm down!" you yelled, but still he advanced.

"I don't think so, kitten. You see, if you make a mess, then you must be punished for it."

Your eyes widened and you blushed slightly. "S-Sebastian!"

He smirked and his eyes stared at you. "I'll give you five seconds to run, little one."

You turned and started running, not looking back. You knew that Sebastian was in hunter mode and would do anything to catch his prey.


You tried to run out the door but found that it was locked. You turned around and saw that Sebastian was gone.


You grew more nervous as you looked around for a place to hide. In your innatentiveness you didn't notice that the counting was already down to 2 seconds. You rushed up the stairs, trying to push your legs faster, although you were almost out of energy.


You had almost reached the top of the balcony when you heard Sebastian's voice sounding throughout the room.

"I'm afraid that your time is up, my kitten~"

A force pushed you off of the balcony and you shrieked as you landed in someone's arms. Looking up, you saw Sebastian, a victorious look on his face.

"That's not fair Sebastian!" you said, crossing your arms.

He chuckled. "If I couldn't control a little kitten, what kind of butler would I be?"

You sighed, he always wins. Although it's no surprise.

"Now.." he said, holding your face carefully. "What should your punishment be, hmm?"

You sighed angrily. "Sebastian, I didn't do it!"

He merely chuckled and pressed a kiss to your lips. "I know, dear."

He set you down and you got a miraculous idea. "Hey Sebastian! Bet you can't catch me a second time!~" you challenged, running down one of the many hallways.

Another smirk bloomed on his face and his eyes shined fuchsia. "Don't tease a demon, my kitten. You may not like the outcome.." he cooed, pulling off his gloves with his teeth, showing his contract mark.