You sat in the dining room of the Phantomhive Manor, as bored as you have ever been. You were just dying to go outside but you couldn't because of the rainy, gloomy weather. Sebastian, the Phantomhive butler, was busily cleaning the dining room. He did it in a very efficient and fast way, as always. You, being a demon yourself, weren't surprised at all. Although, you did have a bit of a friendly rivalry with the crow demon. Let's face it, you were a fox demon, it was in your nature.

Sighing with a huge breath, you looked down at the silverware that was set out on the table for lunch. You flung the fork and knife at him, waiting for them to hit their target, However, he caught it, as was expected, He walked over to you, smirking and placing the silverware in its proper place on the table.

"Very amusing, my lady. However, lets save the games for later." he said, walking back to his original spot.

"Nothing fun happens when I'm around!" you complained, your fox tail swishing about in annoyance.

"Then why don't you find something to find something to entertain yourself with?" Sebastian asked, wiping off the counter again.

Your eyes lit up as you thought of a fun game. It was called: Challenge the Butler~

Soon, it was teatime and Sebastian brought the tea to the young lord, Ciel. It seemed that the tea served today was English Breakfast, not the usual Earl Gray.

Ciel nodded. "This is fairly good, Sebastian." he commented, sipping the tea.

Sebastian bowed. "Thank you, my lord."

As Sebastian left his master's office, you followed him again.

"At least Master Ciel liked the tea." you said nonchalantly.

"Why of course, if I couldn't make something as simple as tea, what kind of butler would I be?" he gloated.

You smirked. "You're good, Michaelis, but not that good."

He turned and his eyes narrowed, slightly flashing fuchsia.

"Is that a challenge I hear?" he inquired slowly.

You shook your head playfully. "No, I'm just stating that I'm better than you."

Your ears flattened against your head as he laughed. It was a dark laugh, one that scared you.

Sebastian lunged at you but being a fox, you had quick reflexes. You jumped out of the way and quickly turned into your fox form, running quickly down the stairs and into the kitchen, hiding in one of the many cabinets.


The darkness of the cabinet seemed to swallow you whole. You tilted your head curiously, listening for sign of Sebastian. After what seemed an eternity, you decided to leave the cabinet and look for somewhere less cramped to hide.

As you discreetly traveled up the stairs, hiding in the shadows, you kept an ear out for Sebastian. Walking into a dark room you hopped onto a couch and laid down, dark eyes blinking in awareness.

Just as you were about to leave a hand grabbed you by the scruff of your neck. You growled at the offender and tried to clamp your teeth around their hand or arm.

Sebastian's smooth voice calmed you a bit. "It is only me, _."

You calmed down but still growled softly at being handled like a common animal.

"Original form, please. I do not find one sided conversations appealing at all."

You snarled at him. It was your way of saying "Leave me alone, or else."

His eyes flashed dangerously. "Now. I'm waiting, and it is not good to make me wait."

You reluctantly transformed back, seeing that he was serious.

"That's a good little demoness.~ he taunted, his eyes glowing.

"Now, I believe that we had a little matter to settle. You think that you are better than me? Even though I am the most efficient?" he asked, staring at you.

If he wanted to taunt you, then you would do the same!

" Exactly." you growled.

Who would have thought that one little word would have set him off? Nevertheless, he lunged for you, trapping you against the wall. You tried to run again but he slammed his hands on both sides of your head, leaning dangerously close to you.

"I don't think so. You'll play by my rules." he said smoothly.

Your gaze turned into a steely glare. "If I choose not?" you asked.

He growled. "Then I'll have to show you who's in charge around here, won't I?"

He slammed his lips onto yours and you squeaked in surprise. After a few minutes of endless kissing Sebastian pulled back.

"Do you see now? I'm the boss." he hissed, pulling you closer.

"Hm, no. I don't think I do. Not. At. All." you growled, leaning in closer.

He grabbed your chin and kissed you forcefully. "Then I suppose we'll have to stay here until you learn your lesson."

You bit his lip. "I will never believe you, Michaelis! Not in a million years."

He smirked. " You're playing with fire, little girl. If it takes that long to get it through your pretty little head, then so be it."

With that, he pulled you onto his lap, sinking his teeth into your neck, beginning what was to be a very long and very effective lesson of who's in charge.~