Another person had died, exactly the same as the first. Undertaker was examining the corpse with joy, happy to have something to work on.

He hummed happily and turned to you.

"Could you do me a favor dear?~" he asked, tilting his head.

"Yes. What do you need, Undertaker?" you asked.

"I need you to go and find Sebastian." he answered, smiling creepily.

"What do I need from Sebastian?" you asked, ignoring the creepy smile. You were far too used to it by now.

"Get some black roses from him. I do need to make this guest look beautiful~"

"Why can't I just get some from the florist?" you asked, wondering what he was up to.

"Because, Sebastian's roses are of the finest quality. No mere florist will have flowers with beautiful quality, such as his!~ Undertaker chuckled, smiling a mischievous smile now.

You sighed and nodded, walking out of the shop.

After a while of walking, you finally reached the Phantomhive Manor. Walking into the garden you saw the butler tending to a fire that had started on one of the smaller trees. You watched as he moved at the speed of light, putting it out.

You weren't surprised. After all, you were no stranger to the world of shinigami and demons.

You patiently waited for him to finish and he turned to you.

"Yes? What do you require, Miss _?"

You began to speak. "Undertaker sent me over. He wanted me to acquire some of your special black roses for one of his...guests.~

Sebastian chuckled and produced a beautiful bouquet of black roses, tied together with a crimson ribbon. He handed them to you with a smirk.

"Here you are, my lady."

You carefully took them.

"Thank you, Sebastian." He bowed and you started to head back to Undertaker's.

Upon arriving back at Undertaker's, you noticed something strange. Undertaker's door was shut.. His door was never shut!

After a few minutes, you finally managed to push the door open and shrieked as you were scared out of your mind. A bunch of people, demons and even shinigami were here!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" They all yelled and you silently smiled.

"All of you guys are here for me? Thank You!" you laughed. You couldn't believe it! Even William, the uptight leader of the shinigami dispatch was here!

"Enjoying yourself, my dear?"~ Undertaker asked from behind you.

"Yes! Thank you so much Undertaker!" you cheered, hugging him.

He chuckled, hugging you. Then, he bowed regally.

"May I have this dance, my lady?~" he asked, offering his hand to you.

You took his hand happily. "Of course!".

You laughed blissfully as the two of you twirled around and he softly whispered and 'I love you'. Which you happily returned.

On the last twirl he gently dipped you and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

"Not even death will keep us apart." he chuckled, holding you close.

"It's bound to happen sometime." You whispered sadly, but he held you tighter and sighed.

"Not on my watch, dear. I'm afraid you're stuck with me!~" he laughed.

"Now…." he whispered, a hint of mischievousness in his voice. "What would you like for your birthday, hmm?~"