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Chapter III

Narrator: Welcome everyone to the last chapter of the Q & A story. I am glad at how well this has gone and how many questions we asked. They were all replied by the characters you know and love. A sad thing that no one asked a villain any questions. Oh well, maybe next time. Anyways, let's start off with Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint: This one is for the YJ cast em if your mentors either died or retired would you take their roles like Robin becomes Batman, Conner becomes Superman, Wally becomes Flash etc.

Nightwing: Well, Bruce I don't think will ever retired unless someone kills him. Still, if he did retire I wouldn't mind being Batman. Although I would want someone to take my place as Nightwing.

Conner: Being Superman, I think that is something I wouldn't mind doing and then people would stop calling me Superman's clone.

Narrator: Technically you are.

Conner: Shut up!

Wally: Well, if they didn't kill me off I wouldn't mind. The only problem is I told Artemis we would retire after saving the world so nope. I wouldn't be able to become Flash, especially since I gave my promise.

Narrator: That and you like keeping your hot blonde girlfriend happy.

Wally: That too, you don't want to see her when she is pissed off.

Narrator: Oh I think we can guess how that might go. Also here is the second question from Greymon Leader, he has a third one but let's go with the second question: Does Teen Titan Robin know that Starfire is dating Jason Todd in present comics?

Robin: WHAT!...I mean um I did not know that where exactly did he read that?

Narrator: Current comics I guess I don't know I haven't read those comics. If it's true then wow she is dating Red Hood…what if Jason is Red X.

Robin: Not possible, still I can't believe it. What about me? What happened to me?

Narrator: You died.

Robin: WHAT!

Narrator: STOP YELLING!...anyways I don't really know, but your probably paired with Barbara aka Batgirl aka Oracle.

Robin: Really? Me and Barbara? Huh, that sounds…

Starfire appeared with her eyes glowing angrily.

Robin: Bad really bad I love Starfire and I'm so glad that she is my girlfriend and no one else.

Starfire returns to normal and hugs her boyfriend.

Narrator: Nice one and I say Barbara is better than Starfire. Just my opinion, anyways the third and final question from Greymon Leader is: If the Teen Titans and Young Justice teams could have a member that wasn't part of their teams in their shows who would it be?

Nightwing: We would probably Supergirl or Powergirl either way. I think she would fit in with the team.

Megan: I wouldn't mind having Thor join our team. He is strong, handsome, and looks good swinging that hammer.

Conner:…is that really the only reason you want him on our team?

Megan: Y-yes of course.

Robin: Well we wouldn't mind having Batgirl join our team.

Starfire's eyes begin glowing angrily again.

Starfire: Why Robin?

Robin: S-she has helped out in the past when I was still in Gotham and with her hacking skills she can help us gain any information for a mission.

Starfire: Oooooh that makes sense. Well I would want the man of spider to join us.

Raven: You mean Spider-man?

Starfire: Oh yes he is small yes, but is witty, smart, and can help us kick the butts of the bad guys.

Deadpool: Hey, how come no one wants me to join their team?

Narrator: You are a loose cannon dude and you kill. No one of their teams kill.

Deadpool: So? Is there another reason?

Narrator: No, time for the next question which is from ThisIsWheretheNameGoes and there are two of them. The first is to Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg: Why exactly do you think that the Young Justice characters would beat their Titans counterparts?

Raven: I guess Nightwing in Young Justice is taller and looks more experience that our Robin in a fight.

Starfire: I think our Beastboy and their Beastboy would be evenly matched, except our Beastboy can turn into the Beast which is his strongest form. So I believe ours can beat their Beastboy.

Cyborg: I agree with Star and Rae. I think their Kid Flash would also beat our Kid Flash since theirs looks more mature, smarter, and has more experience than our Kid Flash.

Kid Flash (TT): Hey, I'm smart too and my girlfriend is way hotter than his.

Kid Flash (YJ): Yeah, I highly doubt that mine is hotter.

Narrator: Guys, both are hot but to be fair Megan and Raven are the hottest from both sides.

Megan: Awwww thank you.

Raven: I don't care, but thanks anyways.

Narrator: Your welcome girls and now the last question is for Bumblebee from Teen Titans: What is your opinion on YJ Bumblebee's boyfriend, Guardian?

Bumblebee: I think that guy needs to relax and let the girl do her thing. I mean I get it he wants to spend time with her, she should spend less time working and more time with her guy, and the two have problems. However, I think they are good together and it's better than the pairing people have with me and Speedy.

Narrator: What is your problem with the pairing idea?

Bumblebee: I don't like the guy, he acts always so cocky, acts immature, and doesn't clean his dishes!

Speedy: I'm busy helping protect the city and fighting monsters with you guys.

Bumblebee: Well there's no fighting right now, why don't you wash them now?

Speedy:…look it's the Thor shirtless!

Bumblebee: Where?

She looks back and sees Speedy is gone.

Bumblebee: Son of a…how could I fall for that?

Narrator: I don't know, but it's funny. Anyways on to the next question from SweetyKinz. I like that name and it's for the Young Justice team: If Trigon attacked Earth 16, how do you think you guys would do in a fight against him?

Nightwing: I think we would last longer against him than our Titan counterparts.

Aqualad: We would our team effort to weaken the demon and then once he is weakened we will incapacitate him.

Miss Martian: When we first started we didn't do so well, but once we learned how to work as a team we took down a lot of major bad guys.

Kid Flash: I think with all the members we have we will take Trigon down.

Narrator: Love it, well I for one think you guys can indeed take down Trigon. Heck, I'm sure Zatanna could use her magic to send him away.

Zatanna: Thanks, now I need to find a spell to get rid of him.

Deadpool: Oh come on baby, go out with me. I promise I won't bite…unless you're into that.

Zatanna: Em morf yawa toidi siht hsinab

Deadpool vanishes.

Narrator: Yay! Now pull a rabbit out of your hat.

Zatanna: No, what's the next question.

Narrator: Awww, your no fun. Anyways the next question is from Ghastly bloody blade: This is a scenario from the upcoming fic. The mercenary son tells the team his name is Sparrow. On how he was discovered is that he was hired by Death stroke to take out Batman. Sparrow sits on the clock tower with a plasma sniper rifle ready to shoot Batman for a quick buck. How does the team approach the situation? And a warning his accuracy is sharp and a quick to shoot.

Nightwing: Wait, is this guy or gal asking us this question?

Robin: Or us from the Teen Titans?

Narrator: Obviously Young Justice since they are called the Team.

Nightwing: Well, we would have Megan try finding the guy using her telepathic powers. Then we would have Kid Flash would go where Batman is to get him out of the way. Or we would have Zatanna create a shield to protect him. Then Artemis and Red Arrow can track where the guy is hiding out and then we take him in.

Narrator: You guys will have to make sure the plan works otherwise you'll get one dead Batman.

Nightwing: Well, I have other plans but I'm not sure if I should tell this Ghastly Blood Blade person.

Narrator: Ah I wouldn't worry about it. What's the harm? Anyways time for the final two questions for the Q & A. This is from Wolf2: Was Red-X Jason Todd?

Robin: Who is Jason Todd?

Narrator: He is one of the many Robins that came after you.

Robin: Oh, well is he?

Narrator: Wolf2 is asking, is he?

Robin: I don't know who he is.

Narrator: Well keep in contact with Gotham to make sure you know who is who.

Robin: Well I'm busy taking care of stuff like protecting the city. And I do keep in contact, but I never heard of a Jason Todd.

Narrator: Well look it up so you can know.

Cyborg's head blew up from the back and forth banter.

Beastboy: CY!

Narrator: It was Robin!

Robin: No it wasn't.

Narrator: Yes it was and now you must pay for the crime.

Robin: Crime?

Robin is locked up in prison with the Warners locking away the key.

Yakko: If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime or in this case don't eat the pie.

He hands the pie over to Robin and it springs into his face.

Narrator: Nice one, well sorry Wolf2 I guess Robin couldn't give you your answer. Hopefully the Young Justice team can give you your second one: And was the movie "Batman under the Red Hood" set in the Young Justice universe?

Nightwing: No, if it was we would have helped Bruce take Jason down before he killed those people.

Batgirl: I actually felt bad for Jason. I mean he was killed by the Joker and then was brought back insane my Ra's.

Nightwing: Yeah, Bruce even showed despite everything that happened he wouldn't resort to killing.

Batgirl: At least be glad we don't live in the universe where he has his son Damien.

Nightwing: I heard he killed me in the game Injustice.

Narrator: Yes he did and he became the next Nightwing, except changed the color to red.

Nightwing: Ah, of course.

That's the end folks I hope everyone likes how this ended. I want to thank everyone for all the awesome questions you send. So thanks to Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint, ThisIsWheretheNameGoes, SweetyKinz, Ghastly Blood Blade, and Wolf2 for all the questions guys they were awesome.

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