Puella Magi Twilight Magica

By darkponyD

010 – There's No Way I'll Ever Regret It Part 2

Location: Ponyville Shopping Center, Café, Ponyville West

"You said you wanted to talk?" Fluttershy asked her purple companion.

"Um," Twilight stutters. "W-well... It's about Rainbow..." The butter-yellow filly raises an eyebrow, to which Twilight hastens her words. "S-she gets offended easily, and she's stubborn, and she's quick to start arguments sometimes, but..." She paused for a moment, evaluating the 'get to the point' look that Fluttershy was sending her way. "But she's really a wonderful pony! She's kind-hearted and brave, and if she thinks someone needs help, she'll try really hard for them. As she would say, 'she wouldn't leave Ponyville hangin'..."

"All fatal flaws for a Magical Filly," the pegasus replied icily.

"R-really?" Twilight mumbled, as her face fell.

"Unchecked kindness grows into naïveté," Fluttershy explained, eyes closed. "And brash courage often leads one to be caught off guard. Further, no matter how hard you try, there is no thanks or recompense. Those who cannot comprehend that are not fit to be Magical Fillies. That is why Pinkie Pie lost her life." She quietly took a sip from the drink on the table, savoring the bitter taste of black coffee, and easily taking note of Twilight's enraged expression.

"Don't talk about Pinkie that way!" She all but screamed, before composing herself, and getting a firm grasp on her emotions before continuing. "Anyway... Rainbow says she'll be alright on her own, but when I think about how what happened to Pinkie might happen to her, I just don't know what to do."

"You're worried about Rainbow Dash, then?"

Twilight nodded. "I can't do anything to help her myself, so I..." She paused, steeling herself before making her request. "I was hoping that I could ask you, Fluttershy... Please become friends with Rainbow. And please don't fight with her like you did with Pinkie. Because if all of us work together when we go to fight Night Mares, it's sure to be a lot safer for everypony."

Fluttershy's gaze hardened, fear and anger briefly flickering in her eyes before she closed them again. "I don't like to tell lies. And I don't make promises I can't keep, either." She paused as the hope drained from the face of the purple filly across from her. "Which is why I'm telling you to give up on Rainbow Dash now."

Tears began to stream from Twilight's eyes. She had expected Fluttershy to refuse, but to tell her to give up completely on one of her best friends...? "But why...?" She finally managed to choke out.

"She should not have made the contract," the pegasus stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I admit it was an oversight on my part. I should have kept a close watch on her, as I did you."

"Then - "

"But as I acknowledge my responsibility, you must understand as well," Fluttershy continued, cutting off Twilight's reply. She gave the purple filly a look that could easily be described as both sympathetic and hostile. "This is a mistake from which she can never be recovered. Just as the dead don't return to life, consider her fate sealed. Once you become a Magical Filly, you have no hope of salvation. When we make our contracts, we give up everything in exchange for a single wish."

Twilight's eyes closed in despair. "Does that mean you've given up too, Fluttershy? Both on yourself and on all the other fillies?"

"Yes," she replied. "I won't make excuses for myself. No matter what sins I bear, I must continue my fight." Fluttershy slowly got up from her seat. "It seems I've wasted your time. I apologize." With that, the yellow pegasus turned, and strode away, leaving a very depressed Twilight behind.

Location: Lunar Condominiums, Rainbow's Appartment, Ponyville East

Rainbow dash stepped up to the mirror in her room, a determined look on her face. Tonight was her first Night Mare hunt, the better focused she was, the higher her chance of surviving, or better yet, defeating a Night Mare.

"Are you nervous?"

Rainbow turned her gaze to her cat-like companion. "Yeah, kind of," she replied. "After all, one mistake and I'm done for." With that, she turned to the door and strode out, going down the stairs with thoughts of excitement, nervousness, and most importantly, fear running through her mind at a million miles an hour, not even noticing when Kyubey jumped up onto her back.

Finally, she came out the door of the apartment complex to find none other than, "Twilight?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Rainbow..." the purple filly paused. "Are you going to...?"

"Yep! Time to patrol for the darkest Night Mares!" Rainbow replied with a grin. "After all, that's a duty of any ally of justice!" Nopony noticed the slight shaking of her body as she said this.

Twilight bit her lip. "Will you really be all right on your own?"

"Pfft, please! I'll be fine! After all, Pinkie always did this on her own as well. As her successor, I can do that much, at least!"

"Um..." Twilight steeled her nerves. "I know I can't do anything to help, and I'll probably just get in your way, but..." She averted her eyes before turning them back to her friend, full of determination. "As long as I'm not being a bother, for as far as you can take me, will you please let me come with you?"

There was a long moment of silence. Twilight stared at Rainbow with a pleading in her eyes, while Rainbow stared with a frown on her face.

"Aren't you trying a little too hard?"

Twilight's face fell at this. "I-I'm sorry..." she stammered out. "I'm asking too much. I knew I'd be a bother..."

"No, no," Rainbow replied, a relieved smile on her face. "I'm really happy you asked, and a little relieved too!" The blue filly quickly pulled Twilight in for a hug. "You could tell, couldn't you? That I was shaking. I haven't stopped this whole time. Pathetic, isn't it? Even though I've become a full-fledged Magical Filly, I get so scared when I'm alone." She grinned as she released her grip from Twilight. "You wouldn't be a bother. I'd really like you to come. Just knowing I'll have somepony with me makes me feel incredibly brave! I feel like I could take Ahuizotl and all his minions at once!" Her grin fell, replaced by a look of pure determination. "I swear I'll keep you safe. So come with me, and don't worry about a thing. Let's go hunt Night Mares together, just like we used to."

With a smile on her face, the purple filly nodded happily, glad that she would be able to help her friend, even if it wasn't much.

"You understand how dangerous this is, right?" The question, directed towards Rainbow, came from Kyubey, who had gone unnoticed on Rainbow's back.

"I'm kind of an idiot," the blue filly replied as the pair began their hunt. "So if I went alone, I'd probably do all sorts of reckless things and get killed. But with Twilight there, I'll think harder about my actions and focus better."

"I see," the cat-like creature replied thoughtfully. "Well, as long as you've thought it through, it's fine with me." He then turned his head so that his gaze was focused directly at Twilight.

"After all," he continued, with only Twilight able to hear him. "You've thought up your own plan too, haven't you, Twilight? I understand your desire to protect Rainbow Dash. Actually, just by coming with us, you'll give us a trump card that we can play if things really get bad."

"I..." Twilight tries to come up with a response to that, not wanting to be thought of as somepony's trump card, but is unable to, settling instead for sending feelings of annoyance Kyubey's way.

"You don't have to say anything about it now," Kyubey responded. "Rainbow is sure to be against it, after all. But if ever the time comes when you decide upon a wish, I will always be ready for you."

Location: Ponyville West

The pair had been walking for quite some time, following the glow of Rainbow's Soul Gem, dangling on a chain around her neck. They were just passing a rather dark alleyway, when it suddenly glowed brighter, emitting the bright blue light that usually signaled that a labyrinth was nearby.

"This is it," the blue filly stated, a grin of anticipation on her face. With a burst of cartoony, crayon-drawn stars, they were in the labyrinth.

"This labyrinth was probably created by a Familiar, not a Night Mare," Kyubey analyzed as the labyrinth finished shaping. Crayons fell from the sky, and the walls took on a bright green color with foalish pictures of animals, stars and shapes decorating them.

"It'd be nice if I can beat it easily then," Rainbow replied in disappointment. "Even though I'm still new to this, I'd rather have more of a challenge."

"Getting caught off guard could be fatal."

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

The pair continued their trek into the labyrinth, not noticing the color of the walls behind them growing darker, or the odd yellow ball bouncing after them until the ball propelled itself forward to smack the back of Rainbow's head.

"Ow!" she cried, whipping around, only to grow pale at the sight of a crayon-drawn airplane dive bombing Twilight, giggling fiendishly. "Get down!" She cried, tackling Twilight to the floor just before the familiar passed through the where she previously stood, giggling maniacally.

Rainbow growled in response before tossing her Soul Gem above her head, allowing it to bathe her in its blue glow, her clothes changing to her Magical Filly attire. As soon as the glow faded, she took to the air, summoning hoofblades, and throwing them like frisbees. The blades each missed their mark, embedding in the walls behind the Familiar as it makes its escape.

The blue filly narrows her eyes and throws a few blades ahead of the Familiar, effectively cutting off its path and forcing it to stop. She grins as she throws one last hoofblade, the metal sparkling and shimmering as it soared through the air. Rainbow grinned as her first kill was about to be imp-


A spear point on the end of a long chain deftly knocked the blade to the floor, allowing the Familiar to recover and make its escape. This went unnoticed, however, as an orange earth pony dressed in red robes and carrying the spear used to knock the hoofblades to the floor carried in her tail, dropped in from above.

"Hey, hold on now," the filly said roughly with a glare. "What do you think you're doing?"

The Labyrinth soon dissolved around them with the familiar no longer there, prompting Rainbow Dash to growl. "It's getting aw-!"


Before she can move a muscle, the end of the orange filly's spear pricking her neck, just barely drawing blood.

"Can't you tell just by looking at it?" She demanded. "That was a Familiar, not a Night Mare. You weren't gonna get any Grief Seeds off of that one."

"But if we just leave it alone, it might go off and kill somepony!" Rainbow retorted, painfully aware of the glare of the newcomer, and the spear at her throat.

The orange filly just lazily pulls an apple out from a pocket in robes, taking a bite. "I'm telling you," she calmly replies, taking another bite. "You should wait for it to eat four or five ponies and become a real Night Mare. That way, you'll be sure get a Grief Seed when you kill it." She twirls her spear around, allowing it shrink a bit before resting it on her back. "Seriously, what were you thinking killing the goose before it laid its golden eggs?"

Rainbow and Twilight stare in shock. "But, what about the ponies it'll attack?" Rainbow demands. "Are you just gonna sit back and let them get killed?"

"Listen, kid - you've got this whole thing all wrong from the get-go," the newcomer calmly replies, popping the last of her apple into her mouth. "Ever heard of the food chain? They taught you about it in school, right?" She turns back to the pair, slowly trotting to them, a predatory grin on her face. "Night Mares eat weak ponies. And in turn, we eat those Night Mares." The orange filly was now directly in Rainbow's face, towering over her. "It's the basic rule of this world." She soon starts backing the blue filly towards the exit of the alley. "The weak have to give way to the strong."

Almost as soon as Rainbow and Twilight are separated, a red energy field sparks into being, blocking both the exit, and the possible collateral damage that is Twilight and Kyubey.

"Don't tell me," the orange filly went on. "You actually believe in all that 'saving ponies' and 'justice' horseapples? You didn't actually make the Contract over that load of ponyfeathers, did you?"

"So what if I did?" Rainbow snarled, charging at the newcomer, only to have her blade strike blocked by the shaft of the newcomer's spear. Rainbow struggled against the orange filly's strength, teeth gritted, and wings that she could have used to her advantage forgotten in her rage.

The orange filly sighed in exasperation. "Come on. Just give up already. The way you're butting into this and acting like it's a game, its really ticking me off." With a deft shove, she threw her opponent away from her. She quickly followed it up by having her spear divide into multiple sections divided by chains, striking her with more power and sending her into a wall, breaking a water pipe and leaving the blue pegasus sprawled on the ground. "Hmph, amateur. Go cool your head for a while."

The orange filly turns to leave, when a small grunt catches her ear, followed by slow and steady hoofsteps, making her scowl. "Strange," she states, not turning around. "That should have put you out of commission for at least three months."

Back with Twilight and Kyubey

"Is Rainbow really OK?" Twilight asked as she and Kyubey watched.

"Yes," the white cat-creature replied. "It's because she made her Contract wishing for somepony to be healed. She heals twice as fast as a regular pony does now."

Back in the battle

"Who," Rainbow grunted in anger. "Would lose to you? It's because of Magical Fillies like that Pinkie..."

The newcomer scowls. "That pisses me off." She whirls around, twirling her spear with her tail. "That REALLY pisses me off!" She growls as Rainbow is bathed in a soothing blue glow, healing her multiple injuries as the orange filly starts to rant. "But seriously - you sure have a mouth on you. That's not how you're supposed to speak to your elders."

"Shut up!"

With those words, the two began a dance of steal and sparks, weapons clashing in anger, with the newcomer clearly holding the advantage of greater reach.

"This ain't the time to be jumping around, plot head!" The orange filly taunts, attempting to get under Rainbow's skin, and quite obviously succeeding as more openings appeared in Rainbow's defenses.

Back with Twilight and Kyubey

"Rainbow!" Twilight cried, ready to charge in.

"Twilight, it's too dangerous for you to get any closer!" Kyubey protested.

Back in the battle

Rainbow grunts in pain as she's knocked into the air, then wrapped in the orange filly's chain and slammed into the ground.

"You don't get it when I try to explain," the orange filly grinned in victory, her chain spear floating around her, waiting for the command to finish the fight. "You don't get it when I beat it into you." Her spear straightens, the chains disappearing. "Guess there's no choice but to kill an idiot like you!"

She charges at the blue pegasus, prepared to finish the battle. She grinned as it seemed like her prey had given up, until a small flash of steel appeared between the spear and its target.

"I won't lose," Rainbow murmurs as she blocks the orange filly's strike with the flat of her hoofblades. "I won't lose to you!" She screams before charging at her, nimbly avoiding another spear strike, and putting the newcomer on the defensive.

Back with Twilight and Kyubey (I'm doing this a lot, aren't I?)

"Why?" Twilight mutters. "Why is this happening? She's not a Night Mare. Why are the two of them fighting when they should be allies?"

"It can't be helped," came Kyubey's apathetic reply. "Neither of them is willing to back down from the other now."

The two watched as the two fillies put all of their rage and, in the orange filly's case, bloodlust into their battle, neither one of them giving the other any quarter.

Please, Kyubey," Twilight begged. "Make them stop! This can't be right!"

"I don't have the ability to stop them," he replied, turning his blood red gaze to the purple filly's eyes. "But if you're determined to stop them, even if it means using force, there IS a way. Only another Magical Filly could get between them now. But you have the qualifications to become one, after all. If you truly wish it, that is."

'That's right,' she thought. 'I can make the Contract...'

"It's over!"

Twilight's attention was drawn back to the battle, as the orange filly jumped into their air, aiming her spear at a grounded Rainbow Dash.

She swallowed in fear. "I-"

"That won't be necessary."

Twilight's voice was halted in its tracks as a new voice, this one cold and apathetic, made itself known. She only caught a glimpse of what happened next, since it happened faster than the eye could ever hope to follow.

Somehow, Rainbow Dash was pulled several meters away from where the orange filly's spear impacted the pavement, confusing the orange filly, and all who were watching, as a yellow pegasus with a long pink mane and wearing a Magical Filly uniform touched down between the two.