Snowfall: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! Or any of the characters but I do own Nanu, Femi, Sudi and Atsu.


Hello my name is Nanu Muto and no I am not related to Yugi Muto from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series. My name means beautiful in Egyptian. That's right I am one hundred percent Egyptian and that is not the half of it. I lived in Egypt until I was seven years old. I loved going into the Valley of the Kings with one friend and that friend's name is Atsu Jabari. His first name means twin and his last name means brave in Egyptian. He has short brown hair, light brown eyes and tanned played until sunset every day. Then one day my parents and I had to pack up and move to Japan. I even had to go say goodbye to Atsu. Before I left he gave me a gold bracelet that he put on my left wrist, and on the bracelet was the eye of Horus. After he gave me the bracelet I asked for his email address so we can still keep in touch with each other. I then told him thank you and left Egypt with my parents.

I was born with long black hair, blond streaks going through the hair and blond bangs, hot pink trims, light purple eyes and tan skin . Also my parents say that I got neko ancestors and I might have neko in me. Well they are right I am full Egyptian but full neko as well, crazy right. The reason I found out I was a neko because on my eighth birthday I ended up with a long black tail with hot pink tips and black ears with hot pink tips as well. On the same day my parents gave me a golden chain necklace and hanging from the chain was a baby blue tear drop that had the eye of Horus inside. I had to wear it all the time because for some reason it hides my ears and tail. Also I can see Spirits, look into someone's shadow, read people's minds, talk to them inside their heads and turn invisible so when I sneak out of the house to have some fun. Alright that is enough about me and if you want a little more info about me you have to read the story know it's time to introduced you to my parents and what they do. My mom is a dancer/singer and she travels around the world for it. She has long black hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. My dad is an Archeologist and he is always in Egypt digging. That is how I got my necklace because my dad found it in a Egyptian Queen's tomb. He has short black hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. I am still wondering why my hair and eyes are different from there's. My parents' names are Femi Muto and Sudi Muto. My mom's name means love in Egyptian and my dad's name means lucky in Egyptian. If I am lucky enough my mom and dad will come home for a bit.

Even though I am different I can't meet new friends at my new house or go outside because my powers might scare them or something will happen to my necklace. That's what my parents say, so I stay home to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0-5 on my PC but my favorite season is season 0. Every time I watched it I always wish to go to school, hang out, have fun, playing cool games, go to amusement parks to swim and play. That's right I am home schooled and I am now sixteen years old. Also you will be reading about my personality's inside the story.

What will Nanu's adventure take her? Will she have friends or will she still be alone? What will happen when Yami meets Nanu? Let's find out.

Also their will be Anzu bashing :)

Snowfall: How was the prolong because this will be my first time making a Season 0 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Story. To also tell you some parts of the main characters mayn't be right but I hope you will like the story. please comment. One more thing I might be going into second person in the next chapter. Sorry about that but I am not really good making first person story.