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"Nanu time to wake up for breakfast!"

Nanu rolled over on to her back before she looked over at her clock. Her clock showed that it was 8 am in the morning. Nanu yawned before she got out of bed to get ready for today. She walked over to her dresser to grab out some clothes then she walked over to the closet to grab a hat. Then Nanu started to get dressed, she put on a baby blue tank top, baby blue skirt that had pockets, baby blue hat, white socks and white shoes with baby blue strips on the side. She was still wearing the golden bracelet on her left wrist and the necklace. After she looked in the mirror to make sure she had everything on and that nothing was missing. Nanu then walked over to her bedroom door to open it then closed it right behind her. After the door closed Nanu headed down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Good morning mom, dad," said Nanu.

"Good morning sweetie," said dad.

"Good morning dear," said mom while finishing cooking breakfast.

Nanu walked over to the kitchen table and sat down in a chair for breakfast. Her father was busy reading the newspaper while waiting for breakfast to be done. Once her mom was done cooking she brought the food over to the table and set them down. When Nanu was eating she was wondering if she should tell her parents or not. After she finished up her food and looked at her parents for a few minutes before asking," Mom, dad can I sign up for school?"

Nanu's parent's stopped eating and looked at their daughter.

"No sweetie and you know why," said her dad.

"But I promise to be careful. Please can I sign up?" asked Nanu.

"Honey your dad said no, so stop," said her mom.


"No but's Nanu. We don't want you to get hurt or taken," said her mom.

"I won't mom, but I have never gone outside since my eighth birthday and I want to see the world," said Nanu.

Her parents finished up eating up eating and then her mom got up to pick up everyone's plates before heading over to the sink. After the dishes were in the skin her mom turned around to look at her daughter.

"Sweetie, stop now. We already told you no," said her mom.

"Fine I will stop. I won't bring it up again," said Nanu.

"That's good and Sudi we need to go pack," said her mom.

"That's right, so where are you going this time Femi?" asked Sudi.

"I am going to Los Angeles that is in America," said Femi.

"You guys are leaving already?" asked Nanu.

"Yes Nanu and make sure that your homework is all done," said Femi.

"I will and have a safe trip you two," said Nanu.

"We will. Let's go get are bags Sudi," said Femi.

"Alright Femi I am coming," said Sudi.

Sudi got up and followed Femi out of the kitchen to go to their room. Nanu just watched as her parents left the kitchen. She just stayed in the kitchen thinking about how she can go outside but she decided to just go watch some Yu-Gi-Oh! A few minutes later Nanu heard her parents coming down stairs so she got up to go meet her parents at the front door. When she reached the front door Nanu saw her mom fixing her dads tie.

"Mom, dad when are you coming back home?" asked Nanu.

"Well your mom and I will be back next month," said Sudi.

"Alright have fun and I will be good. I am going to finish my homework and then watch some Yu-Gi-Oh," said Nanu.

"Remember don't go outside and make sure that you are on your best beaver for your teacher," said Femi.

"I will be good. You guys better hurry before you miss your plane," said Nanu.

"Alright bye Nanu and be good," said Sudi.

Sudi and Femi grabbed their bags, kissed Nanu goodbye and left the house to go catch their plane. When the door closed Nanu ran upstairs into her room and closed the door. She walked over to her desk and pulled out her Yu-Gi-Oh cards to put on her skirt and her iPod and cell phone in her skirt pocket.

'Nice, I got my cards and iPod, my parents are gone and I am going to watch some Yu-Gi-Oh on my PC'

Nanu walked over to her PC and turned it on so she can type in Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 episode 1. When the episode started up she started to sing along.

'I wish I can go out, have adventures and go to school like Yugi and his firnds'

A few minutes later Nanu saw her PC screen go white, so she tried to figure out if something was wrong but right before she figured it out a bright light surrounded her.

~Yu-Gi-Oh! World~

She woke up in an ally way and got up on her feet. Nanu looked around and started to wonder where she was at. So, she started to walk out of the ally way. Nanu then stopped and looked around again but her eyes fell on a tall building it said KC (Kaiba Corp) in big letters.

'Am I in Yu-Gi-Oh but that can't be right because if I am in Yu-Gi-Oh then where is Yugi'

She started walking again but this time down the sidewalk. When Nanu passed an ally way she stopped when she heard voices.

"Yugi, where do you think you're going?"

'Yugi, but that means I really am in Yu-Gi-Oh!'

Nanu looked inside the alley way and saw no other than Yugi Muto himself.

"I…I'm heading home now so please let me go," said Yugi.

"No you are not because today is the day I beat you."

She walked into the alley way and saw Yugi getting beat up. So, Nanu walked up to the bully and said," Hey you stop picking on him."

The bully stopped what he was doing and looked over at Nanu. Yugi fell on the ground when the bully let go and then he turned to look at Nanu.

"What did you say little girl?"

"I said stop bullying him or I will make you stop."

The bully started to laugh before saying," You should go home before you get hurt."

"No I won't, I can't stand it when a person gets bullied"

"Last chance, go home or else."

"No I won't."

"Fine you asked for it."

The bully started to run up to Nanu to punch her but she dogged and punched the bully in his gut. When that happened the bully crouched over while holding his stomach.

"Now leave him alone or else this time I will punch you in the face"

The bully looked up and stared at Nanu while holding his gut. He stood up still holding his gut before he ran up and hit her. Nanu fell on to her back and started to hold her nose. She got up and removed her hand from her nose. She was shock when she saw blood in her hand so she ended up getting mad.

"Okay if you want it that way so be it."

Nanu wiped her nose on her arm and walked up to the bully. She started to punch him in the face, stomach and to finish it off sweeping his leg. The bully fell down and started to cry because Nanu punched his nose a little too hard. After the bully fell on the ground she walked over to Yugi to see if he is alright and not badly hurt.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, thank you for helping me"

"No problem, so what's your name?"

"My name is Yugi, Yugi Muto. What is your name," said/asked Yugi.

"My name is Nanu, Nanu Muto," said Nanu.

Yugi looked at Nanu shocked because they had the same last name. He kept on staring at her and wondering if he had any other relatives besides his grandpa. Nanu started to get a bit mad at Yugi's staring because she did not like to be started at.

"Yugi can you please stop staring at me," said Nanu.

Yugi snapped out of what he was doing and said," Sorry Nanu, I never meet someone with the same last name."

"It's alright but please don't do it again," said Nanu.

"Okay, I won't do it again I promise. By the way do you want to come over to my place," said Yugi.

"Sure I will come with you," said Nanu.

'No way, I am going over to Yugi's house and meet his grandpa Solomon Muto' (getting too excited. So what if Nanu is a huge Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan)

"Alright let's go then," said Yugi.

Nanu and Yugi walked out of the alley way to head over to Yugi's place. They walked down the street, while talking to know more about each other.

"So, Yugi how old are you?" asked Nanu.

"Well I am also sixteen years old," said Nanu.

"Cool so do you go to school?" asked Yugi.

'Should I tell him the truth or not'

"Yugi can you keep a secret?" asked Nanu getting a little nerves.

"Yes I can keep a secret," said Yugi.

Nanu got up her nerves and said," W-well I am not from here. I come from a different universe. I-I just don't want to keep that from you."

Yugi was a bit shocked what Nanu said, so he asked," I see, but where do you come from?"

"Well…I come to a place that you are just a TV show. Every time I see you on TV I get really jealous because you go to school and hang out. My parents never put me in school because they were afraid that something bad will happen to me so when my parents left for their trip, I went up too my room and put on the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0. The next thing I know was that the PC went white and then a bright light shot out at me. When I woke up I was in your world and it kind of shocked me. Please don't think that I am wired from telling you this and hate me," said Nanu.

"I won't hate you Nanu because we are friends but I have to ask if it is okay to tell my grandpa because you won't have a place to stay," said Yugi.

"Thank you for calling me your friend Yugi. I also will give you the okay to tell your grandpa about me," said Nanu.

"You're welcome Nanu," said Yugi.

Nanu and Yugi kept walking until she saw Yugi's house. Yugi walked inside and Nanu was right behind him.

"Jii-chan am home and I brought a friend," said Yugi.

Nanu saw Yugi's grandpa walking into the shop. He is wearing a pink shirt, light brown overalls and a bandanna on his head.

"Hello Yugi and how was school?" asked grandpa.

"It was fine Jii-chan. This is my new friend Nanu Muto," said Yugi.

"Muto? Wired I only have one grandchild," said grandpa.

Nanu walked behind Yugi to hide (she is three inches taller than Yugi but one inch shorter than Yami.)

"Well Jii-chan about that….

Yugi looked at Nanu behind him to get an okay to tell his grandpa. Nanu looked at him and gave him a nod to tell him it is okay.

Go back and re-read what Nanu said

After Yugi was done telling his grandpa about where Nanu came from, he just stayed quite from what his grandson said. Grandpa looked at Nanu and asked, "Is this true Nanu?"

"Y-yes i-it is t-true Mr. Muto," said Nanu shyly.

"You don't have to call Mr. Muto. You can just call me grandpa (Jii-chan) and if you want you can stay here," said grandpa.

"T-thank you g-grandpa," said Nanu.

"No problem and Yugi will show you to your room," said grandpa.

"I will Jii-chan, come on Nanu follow me," said Yugi.

"Coming and thank you again for letting me stay," said Nanu.

Grandpa nodded to her before disappearing out of the room to follow Yugi. Once up stairs Yugi showed were the kitchen, living room, bathroom, his room, grandpa's room and her room was at. When Yugi got to a room across from his room, he opened it up and said, "This will be your room Nanu."

"Thank you Yugi," said Nanu.

"Sure and my grandpa will sign you up for school so you can go on Monday with me," said Yugi.

Nanu was really happy about what Yugi said. She even started to cry a bit. Then she said,"t-thank y-you Y-Yugi t-this m-means s-so much to me."

"Of course and tomorrow I will go with you to go shopping to get some clothes and the school uniform," said Yugi.

"Thank you Yugi. This is really great," said Nanu after she stopped crying.

"Sure, well good night see you tomorrow," said Yugi before walking over to his room. Once Yugi was in his room, Nanu went into her room and closed/locked the door.

'This is so cool. I am in Yu-Gi-Oh! In Yugi's house and next I am going to meet his friends to be on Monday'

She walked over to the bed to sit down and then she took her iPod, cell phone, game cards, bracelet and her necklace on the side table. Once the necklace was off, her ears and tail appeared (she takes her necklace off when she goes to sleep.) For some reason she can sleep more comfortable in her Neko form. Nanu then fell asleep in the bed as a Neko.

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