Bellatrix's POV

This can't be happening. I gag at that word. I can't be in love. It goes against the laws of nature. It's disgusting. How can people enjoy this feeling? It feels all mushy and warm and whenever I see him I feel a sudden rush of happiness. I hate how I love him. Its infuriating. His dark brown eyes are full of mystery and his hair falls just above them. He's just so...perfect. You can't not love him. Don't even get me started on his personality. He is kind when he's not in front of people but there's a slight darkness in is soul which scares me. Its just a shame he doesn't love me back.

Tom's POV

Her dark hair falls in perfect ringlets around her pale face. Dark, full lips that make you dream about kissing them. Her eye's are so dark they are almost black. I love the way they sparkle when she smiles. I can't even hide it from myself anymore. I'm in love with her. Bellatrix Black is the perfect. She is completely and totally endearing. Her beauty has no comparison. But no matter how much I love her she will never love me back.