"I can explain-"

"How can you possibly explain me walking into my own home and seeing you, my fiancé, cuddled up on my couch, with another woman!"

"Fine! You want the truth? You are impossible! You always want to go into the woods and that's not fair, since I'm allergic to every possible type of tree in existence! You read all of the time and I'm sick of it!"

"So you're solution to this is to date other women behind my back?"

"Actually, YES! And you know what else-"

Enough was enough. Emma was to upset to deal with this anymore. If her fiancé couldn't accept her for her than it was best to end this now. She felt like she was going to cry and she would not do it in front of her soon-to-be-ex fiancé, so she smoothly interrupted him.

"You know what? This-" Emma gestured wildly around with her hands, "This, is over. NO! I don't want to hear it! If you can't except me for who I am, then this sure as hell can't continue. It won't continue. Now get out of my house, NOW!"

She ripped off her ring and threw it at his chest. When all he did was stand there glaring at her and breathing heavily, she spun on her heel and ran out of the house.

As she ran towards the woods in the back, she let her tears fall freely. She had come home from Georgia early, hoping to surprise her fiancé of two months. When she walked into her living room, imagine her surprise, she saw her fiancé (now ex-fiancé, she couldn't forget that) curled up on the couch with another woman, watching sappy romance movies. She recalled the look on his face when he had seen her standing there in the doorway, it hadn't been scared, it hadn't been guilty, heck, it hadn't even been surprised. It had been smug, combined with an, oh-there-you-are type of look.

She had been horrified, quickly morphing into livid. She had started to scream at him, not noticing the other woman, slipping out the front door.

Emma couldn't believe that this was over. That they were over. She had wanted to spend the rest of her life with this man, have children with him. And now it was all over. Every single one of her hopes were crushed.

Finally she had reached the forest, the tall trees that usually brought her comfort, for the first time, didn't. Heading towards her favorite tree, a large oak with huge sprawling roots, she listened to the crickets. Crickets, that's what she had heard after her rant at Jared. That though brought on a fresh wave of tears. Still sobbing, she disregarded the dew that was making the bark dangerously slippery and began climbing. She had almost reached her favorite resting spot when both her feet slipped. With a scream, she fell backwards, arms and legs flailing wildly.

The last thing she remembered was hearing a horrible snap and feeling brief pain in her neck. Her last thought was, Boy, falling is uncomfortable.

And then nothing.

A/N: I know, I know. You guys are probably thinking, 'wait a minute, I thought I saw humor as one of the genres' Fear not! Humor will come. So will the Partay-King of Smirkwood (just so you know, I won't be referring to him as that, for the most part. *evil chuckle*) I hope you peeps liked this. I think this will take place during the events of the Hobbit (and, perhaps, beyond) And this is a Thranduil/OC fic. Let me know if you want more.