Please Read!

Before you read, I was to warn you that some of the characters are completely OOC (out of character), like Thalia, Nico sometimes Percy and Annabeth, Calypso, Jason, Poseidon, Sally, Tyson and many more.

I will be posting a chapter every week on Thursday

I repeat ^^^^^ that's on Thursday

It is also AU (alternate universe). I just wanted to clear that up

In this story I used a lot of ships that don't exist, like Thalico (Nico/Thalia).

I used scenes from the Notebook in here too, so yeah. This is also in the 1940's, in World War II. (I also found out I like putting words in unnecessary bold font)

There are some things in here about history that are incorrect. In this story, I had America join the war in July 1940, but it was really December 7 1941.

Thank you, happy reading!

Ps: I have nothing against Jason Grace, but love him very much, so no flames about his character! Thanks

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians or the Heroes of Olympus series, Rick Riordan does. Nicholas Sparks owns the scenarios that I used from the Notebook.