365 Letters

Chapter One

Part One

West Monroe Louisiana, 1940

"Who is she?" Percy Jackson asked his best friend, Nico DiAngelo. He was staring at a girl, a girl unlike any he has ever seen before.

"Annabeth Chase, she just moved here from South Carolina," Nico replied.

The girl, Annabeth, was walking with one of Percy's best friends, Thalia. She had long tan legs and blonde hair. Her curls bounced when she walked. She was wearing some high-waist shorts and a blouse, not unlike Thalia, or any other girl on the streets of West Monroe, Louisiana.

It was a gorgeous day. The date was June 1st, 1940 and the sun was shining and the birds chased away all the rain clouds. It was a perfect day to find a girlfriend, is Percy's opinion, and he was hoping that it would be Annabeth.

But the problem was, she didn't want anything to do with a certain green eyed American.


"Hello, there," said Percy as he slid into a booth. The warm day had turned to a cool night and Annabeth and Thalia were seated in a diner, where Percy showed up.

Annabeth bent over the booth and whispered to Thalia, who then said, "Go away, Percy."

"Thalia," He groaned, "I wanted to meet Annabeth."

"Annabeth, Percy, Percy, Annabeth," Thalia said, getting annoyed. "Now, get lost please."

Percy scoffed, acting fake hurt. "Excuse me, but I would rather meet your new acquaintance myself, thank you. Hello darlin', I'm Percy Jackson." When Annabeth turned to look at the male beside her, Percy's eyebrows went up a little. She had grey eyes. They were a startling grey, like one that you would see in a storm could during a hurricane. Yet, they were absolutely beautiful.

"Annabeth," She smiled, shaking his hand. Percy knew that she was only being nice to get rid of him, but it wasn't going to work.

"Percy is a neighborhood flirt, so beware," Thalia warned. Annabeth laughed a little, thinking it was a joke, but Thalia was serious. Percy was her best friend and all, but she wanted a friend that didn't talk about Percy.

"Hello," Nico said as he slid beside Thalia. Thalia smiled and kissed him. It last a few seconds. Percy naturally turned away; he didn't really like seeing his two best friends kissing, it was quite awkward. Annabeth blushed a little; turning away also.

Percy cleared his throat, cuing his friends to stop, because it was obviously making Annabeth uncomfortable. Nico pulled away and blushed a deep red, but Thalia looked unfazed, as always.

"So, did you guys already order?" Percy asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence that hung in the air.

"Nope, we weren't going to order any food, just hang out," Thalia rolled her eyes.

"Well that's no fun."

"Well, maybe that's why you're fat," She retorted. Annabeth stifled a laugh.

Percy scoffed. Thalia knew that he was smirking, thinking of an innuendo to say, so she just shook her head warningly. Percy laughed her off.


Later that night, Percy sat down at the desk in his bedroom. He took out a pen and a piece of stationary and started what would be the first of many.

Dear Annabeth,

I don't honestly know exactly what I'm doing, but I figured I would occupy my free time like this; writing letters to you.

The date today is June 1st, 1940. I met you today.

Thalia told you that I'm the neighborhood flirt. Even though that may be true, I was looking for someone perfect. I think you may be it.

Listen, I don't know if you're eighteen now, reading this letter, I don't know if you are thirty with kids of your own with a different man or if you are eighty, living in a retirement home alone, I just want you to know that on June 1st, when we first met, I felt like it was love at first sight.

You're beautiful, Annabeth, and I hope that one day you can be my girlfriend or maybe even my wife.

Read these letters, and I don't care where I am. I will always come back to you, Annabeth.


He never did send that letter, well, at least not that week.


"Annabeth, don't fall for Percy, don't do it!" Thalia warned/commanded. "I saw the way you were looking at him!"

They were walking down the pavement to Thalia's house from the diner. "I do not look at him at all!" Annabeth defended.

"Oh, shush," Thalia smirked. "Listen, you're going to fall in love with him one way or another. They always do." She concluded.

Annabeth chuckled. "Who are they?"

"Oh, all the girls. Whenever I get a friend, Percy always swoops in and take her on me," She said a little angrily.

"I thought he's your best friend?"

"Oh, he is, but that doesn't stop him from being an absolute flirt and occasionally, pardon me, always an ass."

Annabeth thought to herself for a moment. Percy was pretty gorgeous. He had dark, messy hair and mysterious green eyes. He was tall and lean and, oh god, those abs …

"Annabeth!" Thalia said.


"You were thinking about Percy, weren't you?" Thalia cackled.

"No," She tried to lie, but the blush that crept to her cheeks begged to differ.

"Please don't," Thalia joked. "I really was hoping not to puke up that ice cream."

"Thalia…" Annabeth whined.

"C'mon, we're at my house."

Thalia lived in a large stone house with a lovely porch and red shudders. Annabeth loved it.

She knew that Thalia's father a wealthy business man, so Thalia came from old, southern money.

When they entered Thalia's huge bedroom, Annabeth said, "So, let's get to know each other."

"You are so boring," Thalia rolled her eyes.

"No seriously! I'll go first. My mom is named Athena, and my dad is a professor at a college. His name is Patrick. I have twin brothers, Bobby and Mathew, who are ten. Your turn."

"Alright. My dad is a business man named Zeus and my stepmom's name is Hera. I have a brother named Jason. You'll see him around," She rolled her eyes. "Jason is everywhere, drives me crazy."

"What about Percy? What's he all about?" Annabeth inquired. Thalia laughed.

"Excuse me?"

"I dunno, he just seems really cocky, like, has he ever hit on you or anything?"

Thalia threw her head back and cackled. "I guess I'll tell you a little about him. His dad is a commercial fisherman named Poseidon and his mom owns a candy shop and her name is Sally. He's got an eleven year old brother named Tyson. He's pretty boring."

"His mother works?" Annabeth acted a little shocked. Women were supposed to cater to their man's needs, not work, but clean and cook and have children.

"Oh, yeah, Sally's big on women rights."

"So you say that he's the neighborhood flirt, but he's never tried anything on you?"

"He won't dare, I'll whip his skinny butt all the way to Mississippi. Besides, I've got Nico."

"Oh right! He's a little odd," Annabeth remembered. "Perfect for you," She concluded.

Thalia shoved her a bit. "Go away."

"Alright, I better go home now, bye Thalia."

"Bye Annabeth. And listen!"


"Don't fall in love with Percy!"