I want to give Minato a different personality from what we all know.

Bonus Info: Ikutsuki loves the film Frozen.

On Iwatodai Island, Minato Arisato had long been used to the pale green moon revealing onyx coffins that were once people. Wearing his black school uniform, he thought that he had been dressed ready to go to a funeral.

Raining blood did not phase him either. What did however was the fact that electronics slowly shut down during this time. He had made sure to charge his MP3 this time and was saddened by the phenomenon of his one defense against the quiet night leave him. Left with the silence of the streets he hurried on his way to the dorm while rolling his bags of clothes.

His thoughts came rushing to him like a train. Not wanting to focus on what lie ahead, he recalled taking a train from the countryside to his new school. He had no prior knowledge of enrolling, nor did his aunt or uncle but they were all surprised when the beige wearing man appeared one day at their door step. He introduced himself as Mr. Ikutsuki, chairman of the board of education and sold them all on the prestigious school. He said that he could stay for free but had to stay in the dorm for the first year. It sounded too good to be true but the man told them puns and sang popular songs with parody lyrics which made them agree to send Minato get him to stop.

Sighing softly, he had rounded the corner when he noticed that there was a women in blue with short silver hair. She seemed to be longingly looking at the moon from his view.

Seeing her move her face towards him, he dived towards the side of a stoop and forgot his bags were there. He peaked out to see the women was still there but didn't turn. He slowly tip-toed and tried to get his stuff.

Looking towards her location, she had vanished.

Slowly he looked across the street to find a park that was empty and looked behind him to just see a wall to a building before stepping out towards his bags. He had nearly screamed when he came face to face with the women's smiling face.

"I am Elizabeth." She said with a curtsy and grasping a shining card?

Minato gulped and inspected her closely. She didn't wear the school uniform nor colors. The smile she wore was one of sincere excitement, it made him nervous as her golden eyes bore into his gray ones. She was clutching a book the size of a bible but it had a lock on it.

A cosplayer at this time of the night?

Before he could open his mouth, she had produced a sheet of paper from her pocket and on it was the word contract followed by one sentence: "I account for my own actions and consequences."

Minato raised an eyebrow and promptly tried to side step the strange women before she produced a quill from her hat and shoved the contract closer to his face. Fearing that his organs may get taken he slowly reached out to the quill and sighed as he signed on the dotted line.

He pointed towards the dorm and Elizabeth held out both her arms in a swaying motion towards the building and bowed. Minato walked up to the door, turned the bronze knob and took a quick glance back. Elizabeth had vanished.

Minato knew that entering a dorm at night, especially in such a suspicious hour when the lights were off would label him a burglar or worse. He turned the knob and opened the door after a quick glance to see Elizabeth gone.

What he had not expected was end barrel of a silver gun. Filled with a cold sweat, he swore he hear a voice in his mind.

Do not be afraid.

He didn't have a the time to process the words before the person, a girl in pink, held the gun at her head instead. Confused, he held up his hands with a shaking motion and head nod; as the girl looked at him with a pained look akin to a fearful cornered animal.

Closing her eyes, she put her finger on the trigger.


Minato's mouth had opened but the voice had not been his. Instead if came from the stairway. The lights turned on and there he saw two beautiful robust girls. One a brunette, wearing a pink uniform. Probably the school color for girls.

He's our new house mate. The red head informed her while approaching the two. She wore a white fluffy robe. Unlike the other girl who was normal aside from the gun, this girl exuberated an aura of classiness.

The girl in pink lowered the gun and sighed.

She turned to Minato and apologized, "Yukari Takeba."

Same year and knowing the cliches of manga and anime, probably the same class.

The red head introduced herself after.

Mitsuru Korijo, a year older than us. Probably a lonely rich kid. Wait why is a rich kid living in a dorm as average as this? Was she staying for free?

He looked around to see that the place might have been a hotel in the past. There was a time stamp journal, some potted plants, the middle of the room looked like a waiting room and there were some cards and others games on a distant table near the stairs. He also saw a retro dial phone.

Yukari motioned to him to follow her. Minato grabbed his things from the still open doorway before closing it and followed.

There was a tense silence as they climbed the stairs. Only the sound of Minato's bags hitting the steps sounded.

They both said something at once but Minato deferred to let her speak first.

"I apologize for scaring you. I thought you would be a-"


"Rapist." She responded instantly with a flat tone.


They continued upon a second flight of stairs. The floor was colored a mix of pink, yellow and orange. They went up another set of stairs.

"Who is the women in blue outside?"

Yukari looked at him in a panic.


"This women she had me sign-"

"I know things are weird and you might have experienced these things before but for now you should rest."

Minato nodded in agreement and was allowed to pick a room on the blue, green and white floor.

He opened a door to find a silver haired teen in his heart boxers. Yukari looked at through the door and took a picture on her phone.

Blackmail, She explained. "This is Akihiko Sanada. He's also a year older than us."

Minato nodded slowly. The jock type. Hope he's friendly.

Yukari slowly shut the door as Minato picked another room. This one was covered in red and some stuff was in it already.

Minato sighed and at last found a light blue and brown room where he deposited his stuff and fell on the bed with his butt sticking up in the air. Yukari closed the door as he started to snore.

Several hours later...

Minato had at last gotten to school, he had been stared at and he had not been sure why. When he asked Yukari she wasn't sure either. It wasn't until a boy in a cap approached him in class had told him that he was walking and talking with one the most popular girls in school.

Minato shrugged, "I stay in the same dorm as-" His mouth was silenced and an eager smile lit up on the boy's face.

Minato bit his hand.

"Ow." Junpei said holding his hand. He grit his teeth to see the bite mark.

Minato looked bored giving a what look.

"I like rumors as much as the next guy but if this gets out, you might be targeted among the jealous guys. I think its best if you stick with me and-"

Junpei's ear was yanked by Yukari. "What lies are you telling him?"

"Noth-ing, I'm being nice! I swear!" He sang, like a child about to be grounded.

Yukari gave a glare to Minato.

"He was being nice but pinch his ears a bit harder for me." He said adjusting his bangs.

The day slowly passed after introducing himself to his classmates.

That night.

"Come with me if you want to live!" Yukari exclaimed bursting through Minato's bedroom door.

Minato had been wearing a onesie of Jack Frost and had some drool coming out of his mouth. One of his eyes was partially closed and the other adjusting to the intruder of his sleep.

She grabbed Minato's left hand and placed a short sword within.

She grabbed his hand and started to run with him upstairs.

Minato didn't process what was going on, he still thought he was dreaming but ran to match her pace.

He heard nothing but Yukari's frantic breathe as she lead him upward to the roof top.

She began to talk with Mitsuru...without her phone?

Yup, must be dreaming.

She had said something mid-sentence before the sound of glass broke from the end of the hall they came from. It seemed to have come from an empty dorm room.

A second glass broke as the floor began to shake. Yukari slowly started climbing the stairs as the frequency of the glass got closer and closer.

"COME ON." She screamed as she shoved the door to the roof open.

She leaned against the wall nearest the door; catching her breathe. Minato was on guard with the sword, taking a kendo. The roof was slowly rumbling and Minato could feel his knees slowly buckle.

He was sweating now. It was that weird time he was used to but this was...different.

He had never experienced an earthquake or was chased but his questions were answered from the corner of his eyes a black hand appeared and grabbed on to the edge of the roof. He had forgotten Yukari was there but heard her say: Those monsters are shadows. There's one of two ways to fight them." She told him slowly put the gun to her head.

Minato looked slightly unnerved as the black blob with a mask saw them. It stopped momentarily, as though if it was sentient. Minato blinked then saw it "running."

Yukari was about to pull the trigger but the Shadow had used magic to knock the gun skyward. Yukari was thrown aside but Minato who had been keeping his eye on the gun the whole time instinctively caught it.

The shadow was nearing Yukari who had closed her eyes on instinct.

She opened them a second later to see Minato put the gun to his head with ease despite his shaking hand.

Minato smiled.

Yukari was watching in horror.


The shadow switched its sights towards Minato.


Yukari had used a wall to help herself get up. She was slightly shaking from being hit. What she heard next, made her jerk her vision from the blood on the ground to the boy in front of her.


Pulling the trigger, Minato heard a voice call to him, his senses had registered nothing else. A flurry of wind had surrounded him. The shadow in front of him shielded it's mask and threw one of it's blades at him.

A humanoid in sepia white emerged above the boy's head, catching the blade sideways and crushing it in two.






MASTER OF STRINGS. He bellowed as he stood in front of Minato.

What had occurred next had baffled Yukari.

Minato had stabbed Orpheous in the head with the short sword causing another Persona to emerge. Orpheous and Minato screamed in unison as the second one emerged the same way the shadow in front of them did.

A black hand emerged first, then Orpheous broke into pieces as something came out of it's head.

A scream of rage came from Minato and the new being which had the face of a white mask, a body that seemed to be wearing a cloak and coffins for wings. He hovered in front of Minato and lunged towards the shadow.

The being tore into the shadow in front of him and a mass of black was sent flying in all directions but behind it, protecting the slightly slumped Minato. The blades the shadow held dropped to the floor. One hand which landed- in front of Yukari- squirmed erratically.

She had been sweating profusely and could not find the courage to open the door and escape and watched in terror as the being in front of her crushed the hand and let out another cry.

Minato was an after-thought at the moment until she looked to see him charge at two shadows which seemingly appeared from nowhere. He ran towards the shadows and shot himself in the head. Two lightning bolts vaporized the shadows in an instant.

Minato let out one last cry before darkness filled his vision.

Minato is able to kick ass in a onesie.