AN: I'm doing more skipping.

As for why Junpei was smarter than usual last chapter...I noticed when watching the cut-scenes when he joined; he was rather humble about admitting to crying and wetting himself during his first conscious experience in the Dark Hour, so I decided to play up that aspect of his personality.

Minato had scrounged the school library for a book about the arcana but found nothing.

He sighed and had turned to head to another aisle but stopped. A girl he had seen before had been watching Minato with curiosity, recalling her appearance, she had been with Mitsuru on the day of the fight.

Minato smiled and waved.

The girl returned the wave with a weak one of her own and didn't smile.


Minato had looked at her figure. Her frame was small, her hair reached her shoulders and she wore a timid expression.

He took one step closer to her and asked a question aloud.

"Do you know of a bookstore that is old?"

She nodded and motioned for him to follow.

Minato had kept his distance, just in case.

The walk out of the school and to the station, had him lost in thought since she wasn't trying to engage him in discussion.

He had thought back to the days when he was living with his uncle and aunt. Despite the fact that he had been shy and suffering from trauma, he knew now that they were trying their best to draw him out of his shy self.

He entered the correct train towards downtown.

He had spent that time reading, mostly psychology and learning how to be prepared for situations.

He had even asked his uncle to enroll him in some sort of self-defense courses and ended up practicing Kendo. It was difficult but he had read books to practice and that took up most of his childhood.

The girl had lightly patted his shoulders.

"We're here."

"Huh?" He had looked around to find that the train car was empty.

They had entered a somewhat cluttered bookstore where an elderly man with a sweater, a small patch of white hair on his head who was wearing glasses had greeted the two.

"Ah Chihiro-san!"

She bowed.

"This is Mr. Kitamura, he often-"

He held up a bag of peaches with a toothy grin.

"Gives peaches to customers."

She walked to the counter and took the bag graciously.

"Such a sweet heart as always. this your boyfriend?"

Chihiro turned a shade redder than Mitsuru's hair and tried her best to use words but ended up making her arms move all over the place.

Minato chuckled and introduced himself.

"She was showing me where the book store was actually. I was hoping you had a book on mythology? Specifically the Arcana."

"What a kind couple you will make. Sure, let me check."

While waiting, Chihiro had hid behind the bag of peaces while an elderly women in a purple dress and blue apron came out of a door behind the counter.

"Greetings, I hope my husband hasn't been teasing you."

"Just a tiny bit," the old man said with some playfulness in his tone.

"Is this the book you're looking for?" He asked holding it out, but still facing the self.

He held up a book that had some cards on it, one was the Magician.

Minato searched for his wallet...

"Oh no. This is embarrassing." He said to himself.

"Don't worry..." The old lady started.


"Minato. We will old it on to you. For a price."

Minato chuckled.

"How about a story sometime?" He asked.

"Oooh, how did you know I love stories?" The old man said, climbing down the ladder with a tinkle in his eyes.

Minato looked around and smiled.

"Just a hunch."

The old man smiled and his wife wrapped the book in a plastic cover.

Things began to gray as he saw them stop.

Thou hast the permission to access Personas of the Hierophant arcana.

His wife had finished covering the book.

"We're open all week except Sundays." She said smiling.

"I'll visit over the weekend then." He said with a bow.

"Please, there's no need to be formal. We're not the Emperors."

Minato smiled and thanked them.

He left with Chihiro in tow.

They had walked back to wait for the train.

"It would be nice to do this again." He said aloud.

"Y-you know. I-I-I'm usually shy."

He nodded.

She looked at the floor and held the peaces to her waist.

"I used to be shy as well."

"R-really?" She said surprised.

The train had arrived and stopped in front of them. They both got on to go back to school.

"I used to have my head in books but I grew out of it thanks to my hobby of kendo."


"If you would like, maybe you could show me around again?" He said smiling.

"S-sure." She blushed.

The trained had stopped moving and Minato had accidentally collided into Chihiro but she didn't seem to mind since she was frozen in place.

A voice had boomed in an echo in his mind.

Thou hast the permission to access the Justice arcana.

He hurriedly fixed himself and sat straight up.

Gray vanished from his sight, time resumed resumed and Chihiro looked a bit hurt; by wincing.

"I feel as though I got hit by a mountain." She said, holding her sides.

Minato just sat there sweating trying to keep a straight face.

He had walked the girl home, where her apartment room was and thanked her.

"You know, despite being shy you helped me."

"I-its my job as a student council member to h-help."

Minato shook his head in disagreement.

"We didn't have to walk all the way out there but for now, I owe you one."

She looked at the floor and smiled.

" do."

Minato felt nervous at her slightly sadistic tone, but she ran into the dorm while saying in a hurry; I too wish to hang out again.