Defying Fate: The Forgotten Son



'Demon/Summon thinking'

"Demon/Summon talking"

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DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately the only claim I have to anything in the realm of Naruto is my own original techniques or abilities. So yeah that isn't much at this point in time…

Prologue: The Best Laid Plans…

October tenth was a day of celebration, of festivities, and one of mourning. Five years ago the Yondaime Hokage gave his life for the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konohagakure no Sato, in sealing away the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Everyone knew that he had sealed it away into one Uzumaki Naruto, and the majority of the villagers as well as a portion of the Shinobi despised him and did their utmost to get rid of him one way or another. It was a repeating occurrence, but most especially on the anniversary of the bijuu's defeat.

ANBU were already on top of the situation, Dog and Weasel had stopped the torture and summoned assistance. Weasel took it upon himself to deliver everyone that they had stopped to Ibiki, while Dog had rushed Naruto off to the hospital, hoping to save his sensei's son from dying. Once he had turned the young man over to one of the very few doctors who actually saw him as a child and not the Kyuubi reborn, he shunshined to the Hokage's office to report.

"Hokage-sama, this is the last straw! If Naruto survives the night, I am taking him in and training him, the Council can go to hell for all I care. Naruto is the last piece I have of my sensei, and I will be damned if I let him get hurt or have his growth stunted any longer!"

Sarutobi Hiruzen sighed as he thought through everything that had happened over the past few years. "Agreed, Hatake, agreed. I do need to reveal some things to you however, and for me to do that, I need to look you in the eyes, so please remove your mask." While waiting for one of his top ANBU to comply, the old man activated the privacy seals in the office and sat back in his chair.

Waving his hand at one of the chairs in his office, Hiruzen ran his hand down his face and sighed. "Please take a seat, because this is an SS-ranked secret, and I am afraid you are NOT going to like what I have to tell you."

Sitting down heavily in the offered chair, Hatake removed the Dog mask and turned his full attention to the Hokage. "What is it that you would risk so much over to tell me Hokage-sama?"

Slowly looking up at the much younger man in front of him, Hiruzen gathered his thoughts for a moment. "Namikaze Minato, Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina, and Naruto's two triplet sisters, Natsuko and Natsumi, are still alive…"

At the Hospital

Narrowly hanging onto life and deep in a coma at the moment, Naruto was slowly succumbing to the massive amount of damage done to his malnourished body and the many different poisons that had been inflicted on him earlier.

As he slowly became more aware of what was going on again, he realized that he was in the sewers and he sighed aloud. The thing was that he had no one to turn to, as he had been living on the streets for the past year, unable to feel safe in the apartment that his Oji-san had provided for him.

After walking through the sewers for a while eventually he started hearing what seemed to be the sound of someone sobbing. He slowly started picking up speed until he entered a rather large room, where there was an area that was caged. Just beyond the bars he could vaguely see what appeared to be a young woman who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen years old. The only thing that prevented his approach was the fact that he could see several fox tails coming out from under her skirt and fox ears on her head.

Staring at her in shock, Naruto started connecting the dots and realized that somehow he had the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside of him. Slowly approaching her and watching her carefully as he did so, he worked through the issues that came to his mind. Naruto was a highly intelligent boy, contrary to the opinion of most of the villagers, he only hid his smart side due to the way the villagers had always treated him.

By the time he had reached her side he had come to a number of startling conclusions. First and foremost in his mind was the fact that the Kyuubi was indeed a girl. Second was that the Yondaime Hokage hadn't killed the Kyuubi but instead had sealed her inside of him, and that led him to believe that there was possibly more that he had been lied to about. The third thing was that with as heartbroken as the Kitsune sounded, there was a rather large possibility that she wasn't as evil as everyone believed.

Coming to a decision that would impact his life far more than even he knew at this point, Naruto crawled into her lap and did as he had seen many children and parents act. Slowly wrapping his small arms around her, he started to hug her and try to comfort her.

Miyuki slowly realized that there was someone sitting there with her, and opened her eyes to see a young boy hugging her close trying to comfort her. Red eyes met azure as she looked at him, and her eyes widened as she realized who it was that was there with her. "Naruto-sama, I'm so sorry!" was all she could seem to stutter out.

Watching as she opened her eyes, the first thing that came to his mind was that she was quite pretty, but he quickly got rid of that thought when he heard her apologize to him. "None of that Sama stuff please. I am not important enough for that, but that isn't important right now. I have questions that need answers and I'm hoping that you have some if not all the answers I am looking for."

Nodding and wiping away the tears, Miyuki sat back against the wall, still holding Naruto. "So what would you like to ask me first, Naruto?"

"Do you know why the Yondaime Hokage chose me to seal you inside of?"

The Hokage's Office

Hatake Kakashi was a person who didn't get angry easily, this was something that just about everyone knew. However at that particular moment in time he was seething in rage, most of that directed at the man in front of him, since the source of his ire was nowhere around.

"So what you're telling me Hokage-sama is that my sensei and his wife came up with this cockamamie plan to strengthen their clan's bloodlines by separating the Kyuubi no Kitsune's soul from its chakra, sealing the soul into my Otōto. Then they were going to separate the Yin and Yang chakra and seal one into each of their daughters?" Kakashi glared at the older man until he responded.

Sighing as he nodded, Hiruzen couldn't help but feel partially responsible for what had happened considering the fact that he had argued against their entire plan. "Hai that is an accurate summation of what they had planned. However, far worse is what else they had planned. They would act as if the remainder of their family had perished in the attack so that they could train their daughters to use Kyuubi's chakra as well as to train them in their clan's ways. They didn't feel the need to take their son with them because they thought that if he was trained too soon that the Kyuubi would try to corrupt him and take his body over. I argued with them for hours after they had accomplished the sealing, telling them that their plans to have the villagers see their son as a hero would never work, but unfortunately for Naruto and myself, Jiraiya and Tsunade sided with Minato and Kushina and left with them to help train their daughters."

Gritting his teeth, Kakashi growled deep in his throat. "So just when were they supposed to return and what did they plan on doing to get him to accept them as his family when they just abandoned him?"

Bowing his head in regret, Hiruzen shook his head. "They had planned on returning shortly after Naruto makes Genin, and putting him on a team with his sisters. They were supposedly going to betroth him to his two sisters as well as one or two other girls in order to preserve their bloodline and to expand their clan, and that, along with teaching him the Hiraishin no Jutsu and the Rasengan, were supposed to make it up to him. I cannot be held blameless in this, no matter how much I argued with them, they were stubbornly set on this course of action, and I fear for Naruto's sanity when he learns what they have done."

Standing up and beginning to pace, Kakashi thought about what he could do to help Naruto. Spinning on his heel, he looked up at the Hokage. "I have an idea, and it will be painful at first, but it is better than the alternative."

Intrigued, the elderly man looked up at Kakashi and motioned for him to continue.

"The problem with what Namikaze-san is planning is that he saw things turning out much differently than they have. I say that we act accordingly, seeing as how nothing has gone right where Naruto is concerned, and talk with him about everything as I'd rather him hear about all this now, rather than later. This way we can help him while he's still young enough to learn that not everyone is against him, and we can also keep him here instead of possibly pushing him away."

Opening his mouth to angrily retort, the Hokage paused as a thought struck him. "You intend to start training him as soon as he gets out of the hospital, don't you Kakashi?"

As the younger man nodded, Hiruzen sat back and thought about what Kakashi had just hinted at. From the examinations he had seen done on Naruto, he already had Chunin level reserves, and he was only five. Looking back up at the younger Shinobi, he opened his mouth, paused, cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his chest. "What is your goal in doing this Kakashi?"

At the Hospital

In Naruto's mindscape the positions were reversed now. He was still sitting in Miyuki's lap, but this time he was sobbing his heart out about everything that she had told him. The fact that his parents were still alive and had practically abandoned him tore him up inside. Then there was the fact that his parents had come up with a stupid plan to train his sisters for almost ten years and then show up like nothing was wrong. To top it all off, they just wanted to use him to improve their bloodline, like he wasn't even a person to them, just something that they could use.

As Naruto was emotionally venting, his mind was speeding through possibilities when his brain stopped as he remembered something that Miyuki had mentioned in passing. Wiping his eyes as he slowly put himself back together, he looked up into her eyes. "Ne, Miyuki-chan, didn't you mention earlier that because you are a tailed demon that you regain your chakra over time, and that the bijuu were the source of all bloodlines?"

Watching as she tried to figure out where he was going with this, he waited for her to respond. "Hai, because there were faults in the sealing array that your parent's used as they were trying to avoid having to summon the Shinigami, there was an error made that allowed me to gain my chakra back. The reason for this and another very important error is because they were rushing and didn't have the time to really closely double check everything." Here she paused and squeezed Naruto close to her. "The other thing that you wanted to know is yes, I and my brothers and sisters are the origin of most if not all the bloodlines in existence. Why?"

Closing his eyes and laying his head on her chest, Naruto sighed as he thought about what he wanted to say. "Miyuki-chan, is there any way that you could not only give me a bloodline or two, but also change my body or my blood so that I am not in any way, shape or form related to them?"

Rocking him gently as she thought about it, she racked her brain thinking about the possibilities and the risks. Finally looking down at him and smiling, she brushed her hand against his cheek. "Hai there is a way, but just to let you know, there are risks associated with this procedure. The other thing you need to know is that we will need to do this soon, as this last attack is more than the healing ability I give you by being inside of you can handle."

Taking a moment to think about what she had just said his eyes widened as he realized that he was slowly dying. "I think I want to get Oji-san's opinion on this, is there any way that we can bring him in here to meet you and talk to him about this?"

Nodding her head, she winced as she thought about what he was going to need to do to make this happen. "Okay, first you are going to need to be awakened, so that you can let the Hokage know what he needs to do. It is going to hurt a lot, and you will need to focus on telling him that he will need to channel a little bit of chakra and put his fingertips on your forehead. I will do the rest from there, ok?"

Quickly agreeing with her, he braced himself for the pain as she forced him awake.

Hokage's Office

While they were discussing some of the things that they would need to accomplish, an urgent knocking sounded at his office door. Motioning to Kakashi to open the door, the Hokage quickly released the privacy seals which allowed them to open the doors. An ANBU with a Cat mask was standing at the door; anxiously waiting for them to open it, and once it was open she immediately bowed. "Hokage-sama, Naruto has awakened and even though he is in agony, begged us to come and get you. He…he said it's to do with his tenant…"

She hurried out of the way as the two occupants rushed out of the room for the hospital, both so stunned that they forgot about anything but moving as quickly as they could.

At the Hospital

Moments later, the two men were standing in Naruto's room, eyes wide in shock at the amount of pain the young man was in. Kakashi walked closer and took the boy's hand in his own and squeezed it.

Turning his head to see who was there, and seeing Kakashi and the Hokage, Naruto tried to grin and failed miserably. Looking from one to the other, he licked his lips as he struggled to talk. "Closer please…I'm dying…is still a chance…need to channel your chakra…touch my forehead…lot to discuss…please hurry."

Quickly moving closer, the started to channel a tiny bit of chakra and touched their fingers to his head while they watched him bite back a scream of agony. As soon as they made contact with his skin, everything went black momentarily…

Naruto's Mindscape

They appeared in front of a cage in his mind and they gazed about momentarily in awe, before they focused on the voices they heard in front of them. "Please Yuki-chan; please make the pain go away…"

"It's going to hurt worse before it gets better Naruto-kun, first we need to talk to the Hokage and Hatake-san." The voice they heard this time was feminine, low and melodic, which drew their attention.

Walking forward towards the cage, the scene in front of them stunned them. As soon as they could see beyond the bars, they saw a young woman with stunning red hair cradling Naruto to her. He was lying there in her lap, his little body shaking from the pain, when they noticed her ears and tails. That was when their minds had to stop and reboot.

Of the two of them, Kakashi was the first to recover. "Kyuubi…is a…girl?"

Naruto groaned and glared at him for a moment. "Her name…is Miyuki…not Kyuubi. Kyuubi is a title…"

Nodding at the young man, they both sat down right next to the cage. The Hokage gently placed his hand on Naruto's head, and smoothed down his hair trying to give him some comfort. "Naruto-kun, why did you need to talk to us?"

Shaking his head to clear his mind, Naruto opened his eyes to look at the Hokage. "I know Oji-san; I know everything about Minato-teme and Kushina-baka. Their plan, the way they abandoned me, I know everything. What I need from you is for you to listen to Miyuki, because she has a way to not only save my life, but a way to make it so that they lose any and all say or control over my life. I will be able to receive a new bloodline, which would allow me to start my own clan, right Oji-san?"

Stunned beyond all belief, the two men stood there in silence as Miyuki told them briefly about her history with Konoha and what had happened that night when she had attacked. She also told them about the Kitsune summoning contract that she would have him sign, gaining Konoha a sixth summoning contract, and also about what would need to happen in order for him to survive the night.

The two men were skeptical at first, but as they talked and discussed everything in depth they soon came to see that this seemed to be the only way to help Naruto out.

Thinking about everything that they had talked about, the Hokage leaned back against the bars of the cage. Turning his head to look at the Kitsune, he realized that there were a couple of other matters that they needed to discuss. "Miyuki, I only have a couple more questions for you, the first is will he be able to choose his bloodline or will it be something totally at random? Secondly have the two of you discussed any names since I am quite sure that Naruto would prefer to distance himself as much as possible from them."

Taking a moment to think about her answer very carefully, Miyuki sighed and shook her head to clear it. "There is only so much manipulating I can do. Given that his chakra affinities are Wind, Water, and Fire in that order, I can tweak his affinities to give him a Hyouton Kekkei Genkai using his wind and water affinities, a Futton Kekkei Genkai using his water and fire affinities, or even a Shakuton Kekkei Genkai using his wind and fire affinities. The only definite abilities that will be included are a remarkably fast healing ability combined with an extended lifespan and slowed aging, as well as enlarged chakra reserves and a new Dojutsu."

Both of the men there stared at her in shock, though Kakashi recovered faster. "That more than anything will get the Council's favor quicker than anything though will it be a single stage like the Byakugan or an evolving one like the Sharingan?"

Smirking at their stunned faces, she chuckled lightly. "It will be a single stage like the Byakugan, with two lesser abilities and one major. The first is that it will be able to cast some rather difficult to dispel genjutsu on a target, which is a huge plus for anyone like Naruto whose large reserves generally prevent the usage of genjutsu. The second is the ability to target an enemy, and attack them with either thrown weapons or ninjutsu and have them locked onto the target. What this means is if the target creates bunshin or they kawarimi with something or someone the attack will follow them because it will lock onto their chakra signature."

Both men whistled as they thought of the possibilities, when Hiruzen realized something. "You said that there were two lesser and one major, and only described the two lesser abilities. Would it be too much trouble to ask about the final ability of his Dojutsu?"

She smiled as she saw the grimace cross Kakashi's face. "I will give you the general over view of this last ability. It is a bloodline key, meaning it can be used to unlock someone's bloodline ability, or seal it away either temporarily or permanently."

Gasps were ripped from the throats of both men, as they began to fully realize the full scope of this new Kekkei Genkai. "This is an amazing opportunity for you Naruto, have you decided on a new name and surname for yourself and your new clan?"

Naruto simply looked to the old man and gave him a small smile. After tonight my name will be known as Sōjin Ikari and our Kekkei Genkai will be known as the Seigi no Namida, or the Tears of Justice." Pausing here he turned to look at Miyuki, and tilted his head a little. "Ne, Yuki-chan can you make my eyes a different color, like green? And make it so that when my dojutsu is active the only thing that changes is the shape of my pupil?"

At this point he was picturing it in his mind's eye, hoping that she would pick up on it. As he gazed up at her he watched as she giggled slightly and nodded at him. "Can do Naru-kun, but since we have agreed to get this done; I must ask a favor of both of you. I would like for you to push him in his training, which should start once I fix his body and he is out of the hospital. The biggest upset that I can think for those two is for them to come back and he is already a Jonin or in ANBU. Think you can make it happen in the next seven years?"

The two older men looked at each other, smiled and turned back to Miyuki. "Most definitely, Miyuki-san. Ikari-kun, you will be working yourself into the ground if you want this to happen, understand?"

Nodding he carefully stood and then walked towards the two men. Walking back through the bars Ikari hugged each of the men for a moment thanking them profusely and asking them to thank Weasel and Cat for helping him as well. Turning back to walk into the cage, he stopped and tilted his head back to look at Sarutobi. "Oji-san, we will give you approximately five minutes to setup the chakra containment seals you will need to ensure that no one outside of this room will feel the procedure. Will that be long enough?"

Thinking about it for a moment, he nodded to them. Bowing to Miyuki he smiled as he rose. "Please take care of him, he is precious to me and I have much to atone for where he is concerned."

Simply smiling at him in turn, she nodded once and then ejected them from his mindscape. She then turned to her container. "Okay Ikari-kun, I need you to prepare yourself because as much as I might wish it otherwise, this is going to hurt you. What needs to happen is that you're going to rip as close to a third of the seal off as is possible for you. This will allow enough of my chakra and intent out to repair the damage done to your body as well as overwrite your current bloodline. This will also have the side benefit of making it a dominant male trait, meaning that any children that you or any male descendants have will have your bloodline over any other bloodline ability that marries into your clan."

Nodding as he walked over to her, he wrapped his arms around her. "I'm a little nervous, and worried Yuki-chan. You promise that I'll be ok?"

Wrapping her arms around the little one, she squeezed him gently as she laid her cheek against his hair. "I promise that not only will you be ok, but that all the pain you are going through will be worth it." Pulling him away from her for a moment, she smiled down at him, and motioned towards the seal on the bars. "It's time Ikari-kun, please be careful and pull at it from this side so that I can catch you, ok?"

Taking a deep breath, he nodded at her and turned to walk towards the seal. He ripped off almost the perfect amount of the seal and turned towards Miyuki right before he passed out as at that exact moment in time all he knew was pain.

Three Days Later

His eyes fluttered open as he woke, and he struggled to recall where he was and what had happened. As everything finally came back to him, his eyes shot wide open and he quickly shut them and went into his mindscape.

As soon as he showed up there, he raced back to the room he wanted and stopped just in front of the cage. Frowning as he looked at it, he closed his eyes and willed the room to change to match his imagination. Shortly afterward he opened his eyes and smiled widely as he took in the scene in front of him.

Centered against the far wall of the bedroom was a king sized bed with crimson silk sheets on it. The door on the left wall lead to a rather spacious bath and onsen, while the door on the right wall lead to a kitchen and small living area. He stuck his head out the front door and there was a small clearing next to a lake, with a forest that seemed to stretch for miles.

Smiling brightly, Ikari walked back to the bedroom and sat down next to Miyuki. Gently shaking her shoulder, he woke her up and sat back a bit as she snapped upright and looked around blinking in a confused manner. As he took in her state of confusion, he noticed that she had on a leather choker with the kanji for seal engraved on it. "Ne, Yuki-chan what do you think of my new and improved mindscape?"

Staring up at him she squealed and glomped onto him. "Ikari-kun this is amazing! I have to say though, have you looked in the mirror since you woke up? You look totally different…"

Hearing that he tore out of the room and into the bathroom, where he stood there stunned for a few minutes. He was a little over four feet tall now, and definitely looking healthier. His hair was straight and smooth, unlike before, and it was black with some red highlights. The eyes were no longer the cobalt blue that they were before, but were a deep and vivid emerald green. The biggest change though was his face as it was more rounded than before, and his whisker marks were far less pronounced.

Following along behind him, Miyuki had watched as he took in all the changes to his body. Smiling ever so slightly, she walked up behind him and gently embraced him from behind. "You like what I did?"

Nodding rapidly was the only response she got since he was rather speechless at this point in time. "I think you'll like what I did as far as your bloodline abilities as well Ikari-kun. You now have both the Hyouton as well as the Shakuton Kekkei Genkai, and when you channel chakra to your eyes, your pupils will change to a silver cross shape."

In the next instant she was nearly bowled over by the young boy as he had whirled around and thrown his arms around her. She merely held him as he sobbed tears of joy, it was cruel beyond measure what his parents had done to him, and he finally had the love and care that he should have had from the very beginning.

A few minutes later he stepped back and smiled at her, while wiping his tears away. "Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, I just wanted to know if…if I could call you kaa-san…"

Shocked beyond belief at what he had just asked, she simply nodded and slowly started smiling. "If you want to you can call me your kaa-san. Can I ask why though?"

Cocking his head to one side he gave her a small foxy grin. "Because of you I have been reborn; I have been given opportunities that I never would have otherwise. Then there's the fact that you have always been there for me, healing me and taking care of my like a mother would."

Wrapping her arms around him, she smiled and closed her eyes. "I promise you that you will never be alone again. Now there is one more thing we need to accomplish before you wake up from here, and that is getting you signed up as the Summoner for the Kitsune clan."

Shifting her body so that he could watch what she was doing, she slowly ran through the hand seals that were required for any summoning and explained all this to Ikari. Once the contract had appeared, she instructed him to bite his thumb and place his handprint on the scroll along with his name signed in blood.

They both watched as the scroll disappeared and then walked outside. "I will help you in whatever way that I can, most of it will be when I feel you're ready to actively use your dojutsu though. Although I will say that you can show them what it looks like when they ask you. One thing you must never do though is use your eye's abilities against someone who has a larger chakra reserve than you do, as it will literally backfire on you. It will only be a temporary effect, but it will happen." She looked at him seriously while waiting for his response, which was a rather rapidly given nod of affirmation.

Grabbing him into one last hug, Miyuki squeezed him one last time and then held him at arm's length. "Go ahead and go, Ikari. Both of them are out there waiting for you to wake up." He simply nodded at her and focused on leaving the mindscape, smiling gently at her as he disappeared.

Back In the Hospital Room

Yawning slightly as he opened his eyes he slowly sat up and stretched, smiling up at the four people who stood around his bed. "Oji-san, Weasel-san, Dog-san, Cat-san good is morning right?"

Slipping around to hug him, Sarutobi Hiruzen smiled as he nodded at the young boy. "Hai, it is morning Ikari-kun. How are you feeling this morning?"

"Great Oji-san, now if I could just get out of here I would be almost perfect!"

Gentle laughter greeted him as he spoke, causing him to smile brightly up at everyone. "Ne, Oji-san would you like to see my new dojutsu?"

Two gasps broke the silence that followed. The Hokage glared at the two who had made noise and cleared his throat. "I expect you to keep silent on this you two. The Kyuubi confirmed for us that the Bijuu are the source of a great many bloodlines, if not all of them, and because of the way he was injured several nights ago, the Kyuubi no Kitsune was gracious enough to give him a new bloodline including a never before seen dojutsu."

He paused here and smirking slightly, chuckled at the look of surprise on Ikari's face. "It's already active? I thought it would be some time before it could be activated?"

Shaking his head at the older man, he smirked back at him. "Nope, apparently the dojutsu will be activated when our ability to use chakra is unlocked. Take a peek if you want." Here he closed his eyes for a moment to focus a bit of his chakra to his eyes, and as he opened them back up he looked at each of them in the room and chuckled mentally at the looks in their eyes.

All four of the other's in the room were shocked beyond belief at the sight in front of them. His once blue eyes were a brilliant and piercing green, and with his dojutsu active, his once round black pupil changed into a brilliant silver Maltese-style cross.

Glaring with it active, he sat up straight in the bed. "From this day forward, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto is dead. I have been reborn as Sōjin Ikari, and my clan's abilities and Kekkei Genkai are to be held a secret until the Hokage and I deem it time to reveal some but not all of the abilities."

Hiruzen chuckled softly as he nodded in agreement. "Well said Ikari-kun, very well said. I can foresee you becoming a very capable clan head and leader in the future. Gather around and I will explain what I'm allowed to about what could become one of the most powerful clans and bloodlines here in Konoha…"

A/N: I really like the way this one is starting off, and just a heads up he will end up activating the CRA. The one solid girl I have in mind for him is Haku, and I am currently tossing around ideas for a second and third, like maybe Tenten or an OC that I come up with off the top of my head. This will be it for him as this will not get too crazy with having a crap ton of women!