The sun shone high in the sky over a beautiful forest. Suddenly a shriek was heard throughout the forest, scaring many pokemon into hiding. "I've run out of food!" a 16-year old brunette shrieks again. She sighs and looks up at the sky 'come on May, the towns only a few miles' she thinks. May smiles at the thought of food then starts walking again. She was traveling through the Setta Region, just starting to participate in contests there. She had just finished the Grand Festival in Kanto, getting beat by her rivil, Soledad in the finals.

May started walking again, heading towards Romet Town to visit Professor Violet. She had been advised by Professor Birch to visit her lab for a look around. As she walked through the forest, her sparkling sapphire eyes taking in the scenery, something caught her eye. It was a sign that led just a little of the road. Curiosity got the better of her as she looked at the path and she started walking down it. After about 18 minutes or so she came around a corner to look at a small shop nestling along the road. She tilted her head to the side a bit as she read the sign. 'Mellots Shop' it read and she wondered if she should check it out.

She decided to go inside and as soon as she entered an old lady walked up to her and gave her a smile. She seemed to be about 70-years old and was wearing a long dress. "welcome traveler" she said, looking at May a little surprised. May smiled "Hi, do you have any food that I could buy?" she asked nicely, smiling back. The old lady lead her to a small corner of the shop. "here" she said gesturing to the small piles of rice balls sitting on a tray. May smiled happily "Yay! Food!" she payed the lady while eating a rice ball and started walk out.

"wait, I think I might have something to interest you with" the old lady said. May turned around, tilting berry head curiously. "what?" she asked as the old lady held up a necklace. "its beautiful..." may muttered as she gazed at the necklace. It was very simple but bad an emerald hanging of the end in a sphere shape. It had blue roses surrounding it in a simple yet elegant manner. May gazed at the necklace and felt a strong pull towards old lady smiled and said "I can see the longing in your eye, take it" she put the necklace around mays neck. "no, that's way to generous. I'll pay for it" may said hurriedly taking out some money from her pocket.

"its fine, I told you to keep it" the lady says. "I sold the other necklace in the pair to a young boy, just like you. Kept trying to pay me too. Green eyes with a Roserade" she said happily. Instantly May's thoughts were filled by a certain green-haired boy. She blushed a bit then shook it of 'its not him' she told herself as the old lady watched her, amused. "thank you!" May said as she walked out of the store and back onto the road. 'Ah, so the legend finally begins. I can see that she knew him. The legend...' the old lady thought. "The two rivals, Emerald and Sapphire , will come together to save the regions from the wrath of the Shroul" she whispered the legend into the air.