Tim has a bad habit of barging into his brothers' rooms without knocking.

Chapter 33: Behind Closed Doors

Tim's POV

Opening the door to Jason's room, I froze as my mouth dropped open. No freaking way. Not possible. I'm dreaming. Not happening. Not real.

Jason was seated on the window bench completely engrossed in the copy of Beowulf. He glanced up at me briefly before his eyes landed back on his book. He then realized I was there as his eyes flickered back up in horror.

"I knew it! You're a nerd!" I yelled as his eyes narrowed.

"Am not. I merely… mistook this thing for porn."

Completely ignoring his chance at redemption, I replied, "Jay, you do realize that it's okay to like reading, right?"

He shut his book and dropped it back on the window bench before moving past me. I hurried after him and grabbed his arm.

I asked, "You know, there's something I can't figure out. Why is it that you're so good at calculating distance and guessing your enemy's next move and forensics and everything else when you're Robin but you're barely a C student?"

Jason merely shook me off before muttering, "I have no clue about what you're talking about."

"Yes you do. Why don't you care about your grades?"

Shrugging me off, he replied, "Tim, I have my image to maintain. Do you think guys like me are supposed to get good grades or like old books or even be smart?"

"Why should it matter if it's who you are?"

"You're really campaigning for Annoying Little Shit of the Year, aren't you?"

"As defending champion, are you nervous?" I quipped before barely dodging the pillow thrown at me.

"Stay out of my room, brat!"


As I pushed the door to Dick's room open, I instantly wished that I hadn't. I stared in horror as Dick and Kori were both completely naked on a yoga matt with a goat standing on top of Dick's back.

The two of them stared at me in shock before Dick yelled, "Tim! What do you think you're doing! Knock before coming in! Can't you see we're doing goat yoga!"

I didn't even respond. I merely closed the door before slowly backing away. I'll never look at goats the same way.


"Hey, Jay, can I-" I began as I pushed the door to Jason's room open only to find him quickly change the tv channel to wrestling. But, he wasn't fast enough. There was no mistaking the fairy godmother, talking mice, and twirling blue ballgown.

The two of us stared at each other before I finally asked, "Were you… were you watching Cinderella?

"Bippity boppity back the fuck off, Tim! And knock next time!" Jason shouted before throwing a pillow at me.


"Dick, can I-" I began as I opened the door to his room to find him singing to an old Lady Gaga song.

Dick stopped singing and sighed as he saw me awkwardly standing there. He shook his head before saying, "You've really got to start knocking, Timmy. Oh well, while you're here, you may as well come and karaoke with me."

"Never mind. I'm not really that-"

"Tim, you have no choice."


Jason's POV

Dick and I nodded at each other as we stood outside of Tim's room. I said, "All right. It's our turn to catch him doing something embarrassing. His door is closed. You ready?"

"Ready," Dick replied before pushing the door open.

We both frowned as we opened the door to find Tim asleep with his stuffed monkey in his arms. Well, that's lame.

"He's asleep," I groaned as Dick smiled.

Dick cooed, "He's so cute though."

"Well, I guess we'll get him next time, right? Or we could just-"

"We're not doing anything while he's asleep. Besides, if we really want to get him back, we'd just send him to Bruce's room without knocking."